ON FRIDAY 21st OF DECEMBER, the biggest non-event in recent history will unhappen. I’ve been tracking this for some time. Years, in fact. Based on a false interpretation of a Mayan calendar, it’s very interesting how it has evolved. First, there was the claim from some of a certain persuasion that there would be a kind of spiritual apocalypse with everyone being struck by blindness for a brief time, which would only be survived by those who had attuned themselves with the right kind of exercises to the “new vibration” overtaking the planet — as if that was the absolute beginning of the New Age. All the rest (those who had fear or who were not attuned) would perish. Then there were the earthly apocalypse stories of weird objects or planets hitting the earth and mystical galactic alignments and pole shifts and earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Sometimes those two stories would go together — sometimes not, with many variations in between. Now I observe there’s a lot of backtracking from these two positions, saying it will be a day which seems like any other but the shift in consciousness will have taken place anyway but only those attuned to it will feel it. A very neat way of sidestepping the whole issue. Talk about mind-control! 😉 One thing is certain: Many have made a lot of money out of this non-event. (Not for the first time either). There will eventually be a cataclysmic maelstrom on this planet; no doubt about that. But not on the 21st December 2012, for of the exact time when this will take place we cannot know. Besides, there are some other things which have to take place first, not least of which is the emergence of a world leader of the world government which will be. That will be even more deceptive than the installation of the lawyer Obama as US president, having been falsely presented to the people as a benign and peace-loving prophet-saviour. The Obama psyop is just a rehearsal for an even deeper deception. It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not. Time will tell. A friend of mine once said that in order to make sense of the world today one needs the hide of a rhinoceros and the abilities of a world-class spy. I know what he means. Mostly one needs wisdom, the capacity to see through bullshit and a love of truth. Everything being claimed today about the 21st of December is bullshit. Pure fantasy and surmising — wishful thinking or downright deception. We are in the midst of a vast battle between light and darkness which doesn’t only involve humans. We have to keep an eye on what’s really happening in this world rather than falling for stories invented either by people lost in the mysteries of their own navels or those who are the rulers of this present evil world-system. For some time, those rulers have been pulling off deceptions which have fooled most of the people all of the time. Their gullibility is gargantuan. They easily fall for preposterous lies from the media and their governments (and are even proud to do so); yet when good and wise people with no axe to grind show them the truth of what is really happening they yell “Conspiracy theorist!” How convenient. When the mass of the human race give more credence to lies than truth, call darkness light, think that evil is good, you know that the end of this civilisation can not be far away. But it won’t be in the next 48 hours! That I can guarantee 🙂

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