“THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!” Those were the words I wrote in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre at the beginning of this year, accompanied by a large article giving the background to the incident and putting it in its true context (that article is available to you if you ask me for it). Actually, IT had begun long before. The “it” to which I am referring is World War 3, which is not a war in the conventional sense, for it is the first war which solely involves mind-control and psychological operations (PSYOPS) carried out by the intelligence [sic] networks of the major countries in the world (with the CIA, MI6 (or SIS) and Mossad as the prime movers). The overall purpose of WW3 — its endgame, if you will (which is merely the prelude to a far more sinister phase which I will not speak of here) — is to render whole populations so cowed and fearful and proxy-vengeful by the acts of terrorism and chaos breaking around them that they will be perfectly happy for their governments to wage serial wars in countries which the power elite wish to destabilise and take over, as well as being agreeable to those governments implementing tentacular “security” legislation which could have come straight off the pages of Orwell’s novel “1984”.

As far as the earliest implementations of this mind-controlling, PSYOPS-based WW3 is concerned, one could mention Tony Blair being ticker-tape “enthroned” in Downing Street in May 1997, followed closely by the assassination of Lady Diana Spencer in August 1997. These were major events in the manipulation of history and minds by the power elite. The “death of Lady Di” was especially a prototypical mind-control experiment through which the power elite learned much about how to emotionally-manipulate the mass of people through grief-porn. As for Tony Blair, he was going to be a vital component in the war-making, post “9/11” agenda. Which brings us to the next major salvo in WW3: The debacle which took place on September 11th 2001, in which pseudo-jihadists were “allowed” (at the very least) by the US military/intelligence agencies to carry out their dastardly work, thereby frightening the US population into crying out for military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan and also being open to freedom-crushing security measures.

The purpose of this mind-controlling, PSYOP-based WW3 is to terrorise European and Amerikan/Canadian populations to such an extent that they will willingly accept and even cry out for a perpetual state of martial law. As you can see, I am not merely suggesting but actually asserting that the vast majority of the terrorist attacks in the last fifteen years have been (and will continue to be) perpetuated, instigated, organised and implemented by the secret intelligence agencies and special forces of these governments themselves — what are known as False Flag Operations. This is standard practice in warfare: To create atrocities then smear your enemy with their doing; and in WW3 PSYOPS, this is a flagship tactic. A small-scale example of this would be the way that, at a peaceful demonstration, police will disguise themselves as demonstrators and then commit acts of violence which makes the demonstrators appear to be very bad people in the eyes of the ignorant public. It’s a standard tactic which happens at almost every demonstration or protest these days. Most people realise and accept that this happens. Why can they not also realise that it happens at a much more serious level too?

Which brings me to the Paris atrocities of November 13th. It is hardly surprising that France should be the chosen initial tinder-point in Europe for these kind of attentats (attacks). “Les Banlieues” in Paris — the run-down suburban areas which are so heavily populated with poor and disaffected young men of Maghrebian (Tunis, Algeria, Morocco) extraction — provide rich pickings for those who want to recruit gunmen and suicide bombers off the streets to blow up/shoot out the French people who they hate. Leaving aside the theme of “payback time for cruel, rapacious colonialism” (for France has always been a particularly cruel, rapacious power), there are some deeper questions we need to be asking. For what we are now witnessing in Paris is part of the long-planned mind-controlling PSYOPS conjured up by the power elite which constitutes the real seat of “government” in this world. The bureaucrat, Hollande, is just a rubber-stamp lackey of that power elite. He has no power whatsoever and is just another spineless politician. Furthermore, the people of France didn’t give a damn about the attacks of so-called “Islamic State” until an atrocity happened in their own backyard. The power elite understand this well, so they will have to involve as many “backyards” as possible. But the first backyard is France (because of its mass of ready-made, off-the-peg Maghrebian potential terrorist recruits) — first in the Charlie Hebdo killings earlier this year and now in the massacre of November 13th. Allegedly these have been masterminded by the so-called “Islamic State”. Let me ask you a question: Do you know who has created, funded and armed the mercenaries of IS/ISIS/ISIL (as well as providing lots of identical Toyota pickup trucks and Muslim-chic uniforms)? If not, why not? Have you ever done any research as to the origins of IS? If you did, it wouldn’t take you long to discover, to your horror, that the agencies which are behind IS are the CIA, MI6 (SIS) and Mossad! “What???!” you would exclaim. “Why would they fund their enemies?” This is where your ignorance and naïveté should begin to dissolve. *They fund their enemies because they always have to control both sides*. In this way, they can control the mass mind of people and subsequently psychologically manipulate people everywhere. This happened in Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s in the Irish Republican Army, which was always hopelessly infiltrated by British agents from MI6 who would orchestrate bombings and other attacks, thus ensuring that public opinion was always against the cause of the IRA. If you don’t believe this, you can look it up and find it out to be true very easily. It has even been exposed in the mainstream media (because they don’t care about you knowing about it now, though if any journalist had reported it at the time, they would have denied it and that brave journalist would soon have died in mysterious circumstances!).

So, if the mercenary band of goons known as IS/ISIS/ISIL (or whatever other bullshit name it wants to be called) was responsible for the massacre in Paris yesterday and if IS/ISIS/ISIL is bankrolled, weaponised and controlled by Israeli and Western special forces/intelligence [sic] agencies, what can you learn from that? What does it tell you? Right now, suddenly, as if catching a fever, every French person wants to rush off to Syria and go on a killing spree there (armchair warriors). But if they connect the dots, their nationalistic anger should be directed towards IS’s paymasters in their own backyard! But that isn’t about to happen as the truth is too disturbing for them to accept. Really, when you look into all this, your whole world crumbles to nothing and you have to go right back to the drawing board with your understanding of everything, including history.

When surveying the many memed expressions of “solidarity with Paris” or “praying for Paris” on social media, with the Eiffel Tower rendered into a peace sign and people’s profile pictures being changed to a rainbow version of the French flag, it is clear that most people are ruled very superficially by a mixture of emotionalism and extreme ignorance. This is the perfect human being who governments can use as a pawn on their WW3 battlefield. The even more perfect human being for government manipulation is additionally one who, when they read what I have written in tis little piece, rejects it out of hand as the raving of a conspiracy nut. Yes, that’s what they want you to believe. They would want you to believe that I and the many others who say these things are dangerous fruitcakes who need suppressing or even locking up (or worse). They want you to believe that all these terrorist attacks are being masterminded independently by a council of nasty Islamic terrorists plotting in Syria. They want you to believe that a Syrian passport was conveniently found by a suicide bomber’s blown-up body last night! They want you to believe that the only secure thing for your government to do is wage a perpetual war against these people in countries you couldn’t normally give a shit about but which the power elite want to subjugate. They want you to believe that Bin Laden was an independent terrorist mastermind rather than the CIA asset that he really was. They want you to believe that the real reason they toppled Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadhafi and are trying to topple Dr. Bashar Hafez al-Assad is because they were and are terrible despots who must be taken out for the good of the world (rather than that they have to destabilise those countries and “bomb them back to the stone age” so they can control their resources and maintain a perpetual conflict there). They want you to believe that millions of refugees from the Middle-East are flooding into Europe because of the independent violent actions of IS rather than being manipulated to do so by the CIA/MI6/Mossad intelligence [sic] triumvirate in order create insecurity, instability, chaos, violence and counter-reactions in an overwhelmed Europe. They want you to believe that the only way you can be safe and secure is if you place yourself entirely in your government’s hands and let them implement repressive legislation which takes away all your freedoms (but you won’t care). They want you to believe that they are doing this for your own good and not to serve their own nightmarish purposes.

Believe me, “nightmare” is the right word. Because when they have subjugated the people of all the faux-democracies of Europe and pan-Amerika (that’s YOU!) and made them (YOU!) accept in their (YOUR!) own lands the very tyranny which they (YOU!) so-despised in all those Middle-Eastern dictators they (YOU!) were so eager to see toppled, then the stage will be set for a global phenomenon of which I shudder to speak about here. That will be for a future piece. For now, it is enough for us to know that almost everything is not what it seems. This is why it is so important to be educated so that you will not be swept away by what is to come. This is why it is so important not to react on the basis of ignorance and emotionalism, for that is the state in which the power elite wants you to be. They rely on ignorance and emotionalism in order for their PSYOPS to succeed. But, for the time being, this is the power elite’s hour as they enact the power of darkness of which they are current custodians. A constant stream of deception, disinformation and divide-and-rule is the name of the game. And they play it well. Will you see through it or will you fall victim to their persuasive propaganda? In order to stand against the tsunami of evil now overtaking this world, we will need integrity, honour and discernment, coupled with a calm and penetrative insight, as well as a passionate love of the Truth.

[To be continued…]

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