YESTERDAY, I SHARED WITH YOU A SONG I wrote exactly 7 years ago, entitled “You’re So Naïve”, immediately after Barack Obama was elected to office (you can find that just below this article on my Facebook timeline). “The world was riding on a wave of euphoria. The internet was awash with people thinking that the Messiah had come and that world peace was at last attainable. The naiveté was astonishing!” I want to go into this a little further today, because I believe that event can teach us much about how we are manipulated by mind-control and psychological operations (PSYOPS). I want to begin by sharing one example of the tsunami of negative messages I received back in November/December 2008 and January/February 2009 about the song and the detailed commentary I wrote on it. I fully expected such a backlash, given the depth of indoctrination to which mostpeople had been exposed and to which they had also completely succumbed. First, here is the sample message I received:

I will now conflate two documents here which I wrote at the time, seven years ago. One is the response which I gave to this woman’s words, which I published to my private investigative reporting email list and the other is a commentary which I wrote on the song. So, here is all that material:

“Thank you for your comments. Forgive me if I deconstruct them somewhat. I believe that it is important to do so for — judging from my recent mailbag — I suspect that your thoughts are representative of many.

You say that Obama’s inauguration resulted in “millions of people feeling inspired and joyful” and that it is “real”. You say that the “energy” involved in millions of people feeling inspired and joyful “made this world a better place”. I wonder what evidence you have for that. Seriously. I’m not being facetious. You see, when I look at that event, I see a great many people experiencing a feel-good factor because the man they supported won the race; but I didn’t see any evidence that the world actually became “a better place”. On the contrary, nothing really changed at all.

Politicians come and go. They have their moment. The inaugurations of presidents and other nabobs is a hollow affair, repeated every few years and generating the same “inspiration”, “joy” and “energy” on each occasion for their supporters (but great disappointment for those who supported their opponents). When a football team wins a match, all the supporters feel “inspired and joyful”, just like you did when Obama was elected. People can be made to feel inspired and joyful about all sorts of ephemeral events — even the death of gladiators in an amphitheatre. But that “energy” doesn’t make the world “a better place”.

A few years ago, to great elation, George W. Bush was re-elected to a second term of office by many of the same people who have recently elected Obama. This was despite the fact that he had even by then been proven to be a liar and a war criminal! Yet, once Obama had been elected, the same Bush who elated the electorate with his victory had his face presented as a cut-out funny mask in the UK Guardian newspaper. [“Dubya Souvenir Special” ]. (That bizarre link is still there 7 years later!). Once it was safe to insult him (i.e. now that the Power Elite has dispensed with his services) the media can indulge one of its greatest talents — smearing and denigrating people. In how many years will Obama’s cut-out funny-mask grace the front page of an “Obamarama Souvenir Special”? The “palpable joy and energy of hopefulness” will have turned to cynicism and ridicule once again, just as it always does in the sordid world of politics.

The “inspiration and joy” of which you speak are emotions which can be manipulated in people very easily. Hollywood knows that only too well. But politicians know it too and they cynically play on that fact in order to achieve their nefarious ends. Today, it is the easiest thing in the world to make people cry; and if you can make them cry, then you can manipulate them in many other ways after that. The masters of PR know how to pull us around emotionally. Their job today is so much easier, thanks to a number of significant factors.

One of the greatest signs of a dumbed-down community or degenerate civilisation is when emotionalism takes precedent over reason. It is also the most effective springboard for exploitation by unscrupulous politicians and other publicity-promoting people. Governments love their subjects to be hyper-emotional and sentimental. I am not saying that emotions should never play any part in our decision-making. Neither am I promoting rationality at the expense of any emotion whatsoever. It is just that when our emotions lead us into behaving irrationally then we should begin to hear danger signals.

Yet, blind emotionalism, sentimentality and irrationality are precisely what lies behind the huge wave of support for Barack Obama. I’m not speaking here about a mere anti-Bush vote (which accounts for it in part) but about the desire to ride a wave of sentiment in order to grab a feel-good moment for oneself while claiming that it has created “a wave of global, world-changing energy”.

Where does this way of thinking come from? A number of sources over the past decade have fed into this process.

First, most of the population has now been exposed to many years of mainstream motivational and New Age books which glamorise the idea of “the power of positive thinking” and — as an underkick to discernment — extol the reckless notion that it is wrong to judge anything negatively or critically. Such books are now big business in most large bookshops today and are read in huge numbers by the 30 – 50 age group — especially (and most tellingly) by women.

Second, I believe that a viewing combination of TV Reality Shows and such programmes as The Oprah Winfrey Show has significantly altered the ability of people to be rational and think things through from a premise to a conclusion.

The Oprah Winfrey Show and other similar programmes have rendered the population increasingly susceptible to a rampant wishy-washy new age sentimentality which blots out anything which may be potentially depressing or anxiety-producing and causes a person to seek only personal gratification — i.e. a constant surface “feel-good factor”.

If you have ever watched TV “reality” shows, you will find that most of the participants are extremely immature, childishly competitive, horribly spiteful about each other and guided solely by their baser emotions, superficial sentiments, vanity and often hysteria. Yet, these shows are a role model for many. Similarly, in the majority of Hollywood films you will see the increasing manner in which banal sentimentality and schmaltz dictates not only the storylines but the almost continuous slushy music score. Mawkish hype takes precedent over genuine emotions. Watching many films today is more of a mesmeric experience than a cinematographic triumph.

However, none of this blind emotionalism, sentimentality and irrationality has occurred in a vacuum. The frenzy and ‘religious’ fervour surrounding the campaign and election of Barack Obama is merely the latest in a decade-long line of increasingly emotionally manipulative processes in the population which have strengthened its desire for maudlin sentimentality over reason.

Back in 1997, three events took place which heralded an unprecedented expansion of large-scale mind-control. The first was the May 1997 election of “King” Tony Blair to office with his New Labour Party. We looked at this in our most recent article “Déjà vu”. No need to expand on that here other than to reiterate it as a peak point on a continuum which involves an emotional high for the population — mind-control on a mass basis — false relief to keep people believing in an unattainable dream. The second 1997 event was the death of Lady Diana Spencer in August 1997. Here are some extracts of what I wrote to my investigative reporting email list five days after that tragedy occurred:

“I am in no doubt that we are dealing with an assassination — how, and by whom I am not yet sure; but it could well have involved the chauffeur. However, all conspiracy theories aside, the entire episode has involved a very grave alteration of the national consciousness in the UK. We could also speak about the quasi-religious superstitions which have been conjured up among the crowds of so-called mourners — not to mention the vacuous trance-like response of so many normally rational people in the queues to sign the ‘condolence’ books. One said: “I don’t know why I’m here but I just had to come”. We have even already had reports that people have been having visions of Diana. Trance, altered states of consciousness, hysteria. I believe that this event will soon be seen to have been of great occult significance (especially when coupled with the death of that other puppet of the New World Order, Mother Teresa).”

Something definitely went forward a giant notch in human consciousness during, and as a result of, that grief-porn-laden event: The ability for millions of people not only to give themselves over to hypnotically irrational behaviour and desperate catharsis but also to crave it. [Incidentally, now, in 2009, nearly 12 years later I still think that the chauffeur was at the centre of her death and I’m not alone. See and ].

The third significant event of 1997 (within a few days of that involving Lady Di) was the death of Mother Teresa — one of the biggest frauds in recent history. Her so-called charity was among the richest in the world yet the inmates in her hostels lived in abject poverty and were even mistreated and abused. [ ]. She was the darling of dictators and corrupt leaders everywhere, of whom she spoke highly and many of whom gave her money. But she was a kind of icon of charity of the New World Order to make them look as though they cared and to lend their jamborees respectability (in much the same way that preacher Billy Graham was also a religious courtier of evil politicians). She was safe for the Power Elite because she posed no threat. It was as if they were saying: “She is an example of how we want do-gooders to be. You can rabbit on about giving and good works all you like, so long as you never criticise us, always patronise us and always give a good report about us to the people”. Her death gave leaders everywhere the opportunity to play on the emotions of the people. But it was really an event of the utmost banality and bathos.

The fourth significant event in this continuum was the death of Pope John Paul II in April 2005. This is extracted from what I wrote at the time:

“Have you wondered why all this is happening at this particular time? Although the events surrounding the death of the pope utilise the same mind-control techniques as the hoo-hah surrounding the death of Diana, the present scenario is one notch up from that. You will find that these staged global mind-control jamborees (usually consisting of the hyped-up deaths of major figures and/or horrific tragedies involving vast numbers of deaths) will increase in intensity as their goal draws near.

Now you may ask “Why? What’s the purpose? What function could they serve?” Good questions. Let’s take the death of the pope as a classic example of mind-control. The reasons behind the hype surrounding the death of the pope are as follows:

1) It promotes a false and corrupt religion.
2) It ratifies and validates the idea of domination by an absolute ruler (and in fancy-dress).
3) It draws the world uncritically further into a transnational, one-world, deceptively-false oneness.
4) It makes it possible for people to revere a person for precisely nothing whatsoever.

People in the crowds at Rome this week have been crying and saying that they feel they have “lost their father” and that they wanted to pay their respects to a great man. But he has not really ever done anything except to preside over a corrupt and decadent religious cult. Such obeisance to a hollow man is a necessary element in these closing pages of history. When popes are claimed to be great spiritual leaders, Presidents are claimed to be godly men and Prime Ministers are claimed to be “born again” evangelicals (as the UK media claimed about Tony Blair when he first came to office), it grooms people to revere the worst of all people as leaders, just like the mass of people who — for no reasons other than social conformity and emotional hysteria —revered the utterly evil Big Brother in Orwell’s book, 1984.”

That was what I wrote back then, after the death of the Pope. Loving and revering the pope was like loving and revering Lady Diana or Mother Teresa or, today, Barack Obama. These are the people with whom we are presented as heroes worthy of our reverence and tears, yet who have very little substance whatsoever in the profundity of life. This is all part of an important grooming pattern, which will eventually lead to the mass acceptance of a global leader presiding over a deceptively unifying one-world government.

Between the events of 1997 and the death of the pope in 2005, there lay another hugely significant event in this continuum of emotional manipulation and mass mind-control. That was the false-flag operation in the USA on September 11th 2001, in which some terrorists were either allowed to carry out their attacks or were even helped to do them. This shook the world so much that the USA was able to start two wars of a genocidal nature with barely a whimper at the time. That is the purpose of these events: To get the whole world behind them into a phoney oneness out of which the Power Elite can do whatever they want. The emotionally-vulnerable (but essentially awfully frightened and slavishly dependent) population will lend their support to anything proposed by unscrupulous government in the aftermath of such shocking events.

The most recent significant event in this continuum of emotional manipulation and mass mind-control was the election and inauguration of Barack Obama. Mind-control on a mass level. That is what you have been witnessing in recent weeks. It is but one more preparation for the future time when a world leader will take the stage amidst much deception, fear and emotional/psychological manipulation.

What is really interesting is that — true to form and riding on the back of Obama’s election and inauguration —Henry Kissinger (also known as “Doctor Death”, with good reason), has written an opinion piece about Obama’s election which was published in the Independent newspaper in the UK on January 20th 2009, stating:

“Not since the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy half a century ago has a new administration come into office with such a reservoir of expectations. It is unprecedented that all the principal actors on the world stage are avowing their desire to undertake the transformations imposed on them by the world crisis in collaboration with the United States. The extraordinary impact of the President-elect on the imagination of humanity is an important element in shaping a new world order”.

[Article link still available at ]

Did you note that last sentence? “The extraordinary impact of the President-elect on the imagination of humanity is an important element in shaping a new world order”. Henry Kissinger, a leading light of the Power Elite, is essentially endorsing the election of Barack Obama as a mind-control operation in the establishing of the Power Elite’s New World Order — an order which necessitates not only emotional and psychological manipulation of the mass mind but also increasing chaos and destruction to inculcate obedience and submission from the mass of humanity. You see, my friends, the presidency of Barack Obama is going to yield far worse (though more subtle) fallout than that of George W. Bush, precisely because of its deceptive nature. Bush was the bad cop warming you up for your cooperation with good cop, Obama, who everyone will trust and obey. When Obama speaks, even the peace movements will be quiet.

Most interesting of all, Obama can be shown to have used identifiable hypnotic techniques with which to woo his audience and have them eating out of the palm of his hand. A very interesting 67-page analysis of Obama’s speeches has been carried out by an expert in hypnotism who believes that they have deliberately used hypnotic techniques in order to enrapture the audiences. [See ]. This is well worth reading. This analysis is supported by many other experts in hypnosis — especially in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A certified master hypnotist and trainer of hypnotherapy decided to analyze speeches from each of the presidential candidates in the 2008 elections. He wrote:

“We’ve all heard rumors that governmental figures are using “mass hypnosis” to influence and sway the people of our great nations. Most of the time, this sounds like some silly conspiracy theory. But after all the recent news about the elections, I think it’s time to find out if there’s any truth to the rumors”.

[ ].

What he then discovered proves that Obama deliberately used hypnotic techniques to inveigle his audiences. He examined speeches by McCain, Hilary Clinton and Obama, comparing them for controls to speeches by Bill Gates (low use of hypnotic language) and Adolf Hitler (high use of hypnotic language). He then graded each of them in terms of a percentage of hypnotic language. The results? Gates, 12% hypnotic language; McCain, 18% hypnotic language; Hilary Clinton, 32% hypnotic language; Adolf Hitler, 45% hypnotic language; Barack Obama, 58% hypnotic language. This isn’t sensationalism; these are the cold, hard facts. Obama and his speechwriters plainly understand hypnotic techniques and used them to great effect on their naïve audiences. (Note: If this was the case in 2008, imagine how much more adept they are at utilising hypnotic techniques now).

The mind-control, manipulation and mass hypnosis which the Obama camp exercised during his election campaign and inauguration was merely a trial run for the mind-control, manipulation and mass hypnosis which it will exercise during his administration and beyond. He has everyone eating out of his hand. But let me ask you this: If Obama, as a preparatory experiment, is able to be projected as a Rescuing Redeemer who everyone would follow to the ends of the earth and the mass of people accept that — which they did — what does that foreshadow for the future, when absolute global deception and hegemony will prevail?

The song, “You’re So Naïve” is based on the fact that there are those who secretly hold the reins of power — people who have not been elected to hold that power but who hold it nevertheless — people who can control the media (and thus control what you think and how you behave) — people who can start and end wars at will (and who use the media to ensure that you will get the right ‘spin’ about it so you will support them) — people who can gain your approval for all the wars they start by staging false-flag operations which will make you fearful enough to give it to them — people who control the financial institutions and who can thus generate crises which will make you fearful for your wallet.

There are a few ways that rulers can intimidate the people and thus manipulate them more easily. In fact, they usually use a three-pronged pincer method of intimidation. The first way is through making the people fearful for their lives, which can be done through permitting or even actually committing widespread terror attacks (aka false-flag operations), resulting in their governments willingly being given vast powers of authority by the people. The second way of intimidating or manipulating the mass of people is to create a general feeling of alienation and anomie, via perceived chaos and disorder, which makes people become so traumatized that they are easily manipulated mentally and emotionally by the Power Elite and their lackeys in governments and media. (Just watching The News these days is enough to give you Post Traumatic Shock Disorder!). The third way is to make people feel so financially insecure and anxious that they will agree to any fiscal package which is proposed by their governments. When all three of these influences are brought to bear on a population, it is easy for a totalitarian (or emerging totalitarian) government to take the reins of power dictatorially.

The power structure of this world is not at all what it appears to be to the unsuspecting person in the street. It operates on a number of different levels. Externally, one has governments (propped up and lobbied by international bankers and corporations) manipulating and pulling the strings, with the media ensuring that the right spin is always fed to the people who must be kept in a continual state of ignorance and stupor. But at the next level down, below the level of visibility, there are the sordid intelligence agencies and organised crime cartels such as the CIA, NSA, KGB/FSB, MI5/MI6, Mossad and the US, Russian and Israeli mafias, etc. (and which all cooperate with each other to maintain the status quo). Then, at the next level down, way below the level of visibility, there are the power-cabals and secret societies such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Freemasons (especially the higher degrees), the Knights of Malta, the Skull & Bones, etc. At the back of all that, there are the elite dynasties (e.g. the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Harrimans and assorted royal families, etc.) — aristocratic family lines of the world who clandestinely control the direction of world affairs through the banking system and major corporations (of which especially those involved in defence components/contracts, energy production, pharmaceuticals, insurance, pensions, law firms), etc. Even deeper still are discarnate forces of such darkness that I will not speak further about them here, as that would require a whole essay in itself. Suffice it to say that all the levels of the power structure of this world that I have mentioned above are riven by such darkness, the outworking of which you see all around you in the world today.

It is all these hidden levels of darkness which constitute the real “Powers that Be” which make all decisions relating to your future and who will do all that they can to ensure that only the few truly curious and dogged (who can always be publicly derided as “kooks”, “fruitcakes” and “conspiracy theorists”) will ever know much about them. The people you elect in government are merely window-dressing and figureheads to provide diverting entertainment for the masses so that they will believe the lie that they have some kind of “say” in their affairs.

Please tell me how one little man or woman can stand up to such a vast network of corruption, which goes back into antiquity in occult shadows? Even a mass of people cannot overturn this leviathan-like monster. Anyone who has dared to take it on has been liquidated. This is the dark basis and foundation of our present civilisation, which is so established now in the fabric of life that the only way it could now be dismantled is by an overwhelming cataclysm — which will indeed come to pass, so that the new population of the new aeon can begin again on a different basis altogether, a world which we can barely imagine now.

The Power Elite feeds on the ignorance and naivety of the population. They stage an election campaign every few years just to give you the illusion that you have chosen your leader. This is the grand illusion. For they are simply getting you to endorse someone who they have earmarked for the job — someone who will do their bidding — someone who has already sold their soul to them for a position of power. When we play their game at election time, we feed their power-games.

Presidents and Prime Ministers also have no power whatsoever. They are merely figureheads installed at the bidding of the Power Elite. A President’s or Prime Minister’s only role, as far as the Power Elite is concerned, is to maintain the status quo. The status quo is about keeping the corporations swimming in money, keeping the military making perpetual war (which also keeps the corporations swimming in money) and keeping the people in ignorance and darkness (which also keeps the corporations swimming in money and enables the military to wage perpetual war).

The world is rapidly moving towards a scenario which will make Orwell’s masterpiece, “1984” (essential reading for all self-educators), seem like a boy scout’s garden party. All the elements are falling into place, with very few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle left to complete. We need to awaken from our slumber and see the 2008 election in the USA for what it was: The stealing of people’s minds and the swaying of their hearts to accept a Trojan Horse into their lives.

The whole Obamarama roadshow which we have exposed here is a mere rehearsal for the events of the future. The Power Elite — via their proxies, the intelligence networks — love to experiment with our psyches to see how far they can go with their audacious mind-control projects. At one time such experiments would be conducted mainly on a comparatively small, unknown and (from their point of view) ‘expendable’ element of the population (usually prison or mental hospital inmates and Californian hippies). Today the Power Elite brazenly toys with the mass of people’s minds in PSYOPS-based election campaigns, false-flag attacks, deliberately-created “terrorist” groups, chaos-inducing shock-events and financial meltdowns. Understanding this process is a vital part of our self-education. When we truly see and understand what is really taking place today and how, then we will not be thrown around emotionally like rag dolls when such events happen. We will be able to “keep our heads when all about us are losing theirs”. We will see even beyond mere world events and begin to sense how elements of light and darkness beyond physical sight and matter dovetail into these earthly processes.

Finally, as bad as these earthly processes are, they are merely the times of rehearsal for increasingly deceptive shenanigans in the theatrical production which is the unfolding scene on this planet today.

I’ve seen the script. But I walked out of the theatre a long time ago. Will you do also?

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