SOMEONE WROTE TO ME RECENTLY: “When things get really bad on this earth, I won’t stand a chance… I know that I’ll crack, because when I really look at myself all I can see is weaknesses. I am an utter disappointment, weak and full of shit.” Those are deeply affecting words. Yet it is the kind of self-judgement which I often hear from people who come to me for counselling about the state of the world and how to handle it. So many people perceive themselves as being fearful and so lacking in courage that they think when the heat is turned up in the rundown to the final denouement of this present aeon, they will acquiesce to the wishes of the power elite. For the time is coming when the cat will really be out of the bag and governments — instead of continuing their deceptive pretence of being benevolent and protective — will show their true totalitarian face and there will be mass arrests and the widespread persecution of dissidents (who they will class as “terrorists”).

This looming possibility — which will come to pass as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow — really frightens many people. They think they will “crack” if they are arrested and then betray their friends and even their relatives and own blood kin. For the time is coming when that will indeed happen. People will betray their friends, their relatives and even their parents and children. Betrayal will become the name of the game. If you’ve read George Orwell’s prophetic novel, “1984” — required reading for the self-educating soul — you will already be familiar with this phenomenon. For one of the principal underlying themes of the book is betrayal. Children betray their parents at the drop of a hat and parents even admire it. As one father tells the hero, Winston, “‘It was my little girl’, said Parsons with a sort of doleful pride. ‘She listened at the keyhole. Heard what I was saying, and nipped off to the patrols the very next day. Pretty smart for a nipper of seven, eh? I don’t bear her any grudge for it. In fact I’m proud of her. It shows I brought her up in the right spirit anyway’”. Chilling words but this is what’s coming. It happened with the Stasi in East Germany. It has happened under many oppressive regimes. Betrayal.

The book, “1984”, is not only a study of totalitarianism taken to the nth degree; it is also a shrewd study in betrayal. To read the book is to understand the process of betrayal. The smell of betrayal is everywhere throughout its pages. This is hardly surprising. For as soon as oppressive authoritarianism rears its ugly head, so will fear; and such fear always leads to betrayal. Governments have usually only been able to get into an authoritarian situation on the basis of fear. Either the governing bodies make or allow atrocities to happen on their territory so that people will demand to be protected, even if this means loss of freedom and curfews — thus playing right into their hands — or those governments will go on the rampage, committing terrible acts of cruelty and killing in order to obtain the acquiescence of the people. As soon as people are fearful they can be manipulated and coerced into anything. That is how political betrayal works: Through inculcating fear in the population. When people are afraid, they can be made to betray even their closest lover and their own flesh and blood. In “1984”, Winston’s affable work colleague, O’Brien, betrays him. The hero’s girlfriend, Julia, betrays Winston. Winston also betrays Julia so as to avoid having to confront his ultimate fear when being interrogated in Room 101. Finally, Winston even betrays himself by acquiescing to Big Brother at the end of the book. How was all that betrayal possible? Through fear.

When the correspondent I quoted at the top of this page says “When things get really bad on this earth, I won’t stand a chance… I know that I’ll crack, because when I really look at myself all I can see is weaknesses”, she is already anticipating and accepting the fact that she will betray whoever the totalitarian regime wants her to betray. She says she won’t stand a chance. She believes that it is inevitable that she will be a betrayer. But is it?

The answer has to be “No!” For one can so easily substitute cowardice for courage if one adopts a mindset of vanquishment rather than victimhood — a practical triumphalism rather than a morbid sense of defeatism. If you believe yourself to be a fearful coward, don’t settle for that and wallow as a victim in its unwholesome, ghoulish hold over you! Cowardliness is ripe for transformation! We are surrounded on all sides by those who would use guilt and fear to crush us into submission to government and betrayal of anyone who refuses to yield. Many are jealous of those who are independent, nonconformist, fearless and uncowed by hollow authority and they are only too happy to take them down. It takes real courage to stand up to both cruel government AND those who will despise you for standing up to it because of their own fears. Moreover, there are not only earthbound, physical forces rallied against you; there are also unseen discarnate entities on a parallel plane which are continually doing all they can to undermine the courage and insight of insightful souls on this plane who wish to serve others rather than themselves and whose lives are dedicated to Truth and Light. These entities want all humans to be in a sad, doubting, fearful and uncomfortable condition. In most cases they succeed. They are also responsible for manipulating those humans who have given themselves over to the dark side, operating as the psychopathic power elite of this world and all those who serve them right down to governmental and street levels. I have sometimes made oblique references to this discarnate reality but I have not recently given it an article of its own. That time is coming soon. One has to be careful when revealing these matters, so as not to cause hysteria or paranoia or to trigger people into a fearful defensive posture with their heads in the sand. But for now, it is important for all those who uphold Truth, who follow the Light and who work for it ceaselessly to be aware that the very act of doing so attracts the attention of these reprobate discarnate entities and they will do all they can to undermine you with fears, doubts and insecurities. However, if you are truly a follower of the Light then THEY CAN HAVE NO POWER OVER YOU OTHER THAN WHAT YOU GIVE TO THEM. This is the truth which must be understood and absorbed. If you always uphold Truth and Light and you do not indulge in fear, envy, jealousy, unrighteous anger, mendacity, deceit, cowardice and other similar manifestations of darker comportment, then they cannot touch you.

So, if you are like that correspondent who says “When things get really bad I won’t stand a chance” and yet you profess to be a follower of the Light (as she does), then you have ALL THE RESOURCES AT YOUR DISPOSAL to overturn that sense of fear, weakness and cowardice. All you have to do is ask with all your heart for courage. Truly, that is all it takes. If you feel that fear and weakness coming upon you, then rise to your feet and affirm absolutely in full voice: “I stand on solid ground in the protection of the Light, in the strength of my courage and I refuse to be broken by fear!” If you say that powerfully and mean it, your life will begin to be transformed. Believe me, you will receive great strength and the dark forces which were rallied against you will retreat into the shadows — at least for the time being, for if they ever smell a smidgen of weakness and fear in you again, they will return! But now you know what to do.

Here is a caveat: I can assure you that if you steadfastly stand up for what is good and true at any cost — upholding the Light and refusing to be intimidated by those who would clip your wings, gag you or tie you down to earth — there will come a time, maybe many times, when you will be betrayed by those from whom you least expect it. As the situation worsens on this planet, so will the spread of this betrayal. Do not fear it. This world is in its necessary transition. All the acts of horror that you can see in this broken world are evidence of this. But they are merely the birth pains of the new aeon in waiting. And this is how you should view them.

When I think of what will soon befall this earth — and, indeed, is already beginning to do so — I, too, as a sensitive soul, have a sense of foreboding and even a little dread. But this is not because I am afraid for myself. For what is the worst that can happen to us? Extreme torture then an inevitably horrific death? What greater outcome could there be than to stand up for Truth and Light without giving in or betraying on any level? That brings its own reward. My foreboding and dread is simply because I know what must be lived through — a temporary hell on earth. We must never let that foreknowledge become a crippling fear with the potential to betray; but we must instead hold on to courage as our natural ally through being upholders of Truth and Light.

This transformative process was wonderfully portrayed in the film, “V for Vendetta”, when the self-confessed weak and cowardly Evie (whose own parents were among the disappeared ones) becomes a strong and confident proponent of Truth and Light. Her transformation scene — powerfully played by Natalie Portman — must be one of the most convincing and moving in the entire history of cinema. It certainly gave me goosebumps; I think even my whole head of hair was standing on end! Sometimes, like Evie, we have to be broken before we can be put back together again in good order. If you ensure that you are surrounded and upheld by good people of the Light, then your transformation from perceived cowardice to practical courage will be all the easier.

So if you are among those who think that they won’t stand a chance and they will crack because they are weak and unable to withstand persecution for being a Light-server, the power is in your hands to turn all that around. Just get to know the Light even better and fill yourself with tokens of Truth; for Truth and Light are the best friends you could have. When that is what they have become, you will be unable to betray them. Then it will also follow that neither will you be able to betray your human friends either.

Once you have found your courage and felt its new blood coursing through your veins, it is like suddenly coming upon a wondrous bluebelled glade in a dark forest with a shaft of sunlight penetrating the wooded gloom. From that time on, that glade is forever there for you to return to and bask in. If you don’t already, you could even choose to live there. I hope you will! In which case, I will see you there…

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