WORDS ARE HUGELY POWERFUL (one could also say “magical” or even “alchemical”) and can have a mighty, life-changing effect on people. But behind that effect is something else which is even beyond the words themselves: a kind of “music” if you will. Words which do not in some way induce that effect through some unheard “music” (I speak mystically) are merely functional or communicational (which is fine on their own level and in their own ways). But if artists wish to find their way into hearts with writings and open up those hearts, then they must undergo some kind of transformation themselves before (or even while) they write. In fact, the amount to which people will be affected by a writer’s words corresponds more or less equivalently to the degree to which the writer was affected when s/he originally created the chains of words.

The serious writer who wishes to do infinitely more than titillate a readership will actually enter an altered state of consciousness while writing or preparing to write. This is inevitable if functionalism is to replaced by metaphor, symbol and enhanced allegory — thus entering the heart of the reader/listener by the back door, so to speak, and thereby bypassing defence-mechanisms, preconceived notions and base ego-reactions. If a writer wishes to take his or her readership by surprise, then s/he must also be surprised by what has been written, as if amazed that s/he could write such words at all. That is the true beauty of genuinely creative writing, which cannot be learned in a university or college for it comes from an unnameable place which lies outside this 3-D universe. Put simply… WORDS ARE MAGICAL if approached in the spirit of what I call “explosive alchemy”. That phrase always makes me laugh with joy. I’m laughing now. I hope sometime that you’ll join me… 🙂

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