PROLOGUE: What Astonishes Most About the US Election?

What is the most astonishing thing about the US presidential election campaign? Is it the fact that one of the frontrunners is a proven criminal, having a long background with her husband in the Arkansas mob (some of us have known all this for more than 20 years!), up to her eyeballs in corruption and nefarious activities (and you can easily check all this out for yourself, if you dare to do so)? Is it the fact that so many women are pushing to have her installed as president just so that, for the first time, there will be a vagina in the White House (a so-called “victory for women”)? Is it the huge number of well-meaning but naïve people supporting an old-fashioned socialist apparatchik who claims to be a peacenik but whose voting record shows him to be mainly a conformist hawk [see ] (as well as having one of the angriest mouths I have ever seen)? Is it the vitriolic and crude propaganda on all sides being passed so glibly around social media (even by supposedly tolerant and liberal people)? Is it the fact that this election campaign is more of a blatantly bizarre circus than ever before? No, it is none of those things — astonishing though they actually are in themselves. However, by far the most astonishing thing about the US presidential election campaign is that SO MANY otherwise intelligent and discerning people have been fooled into believing that presidents have any real power to change anything at all! It is THAT which astonishes me above all else.

I guess that will be hard to take if you’ve been raised on Hollywood fantasy movies which depict presidents bossing everyone around, with lackeys bowing and scraping before them and obsequiously calling them “Mr President” in hushed tones, waiting for whatever wisdom drops from the president’s mouth before any action is taken. That, my friends, is pure propaganda. Your president is just window-dressing for the masses to keep them distracted and in a state of what I call “celebrity mesmerism” — by which (as in Hollywood with its glamorous, spellbinding “stars”) one is almost hypnotised by the image of the president, who is projected as a huge celebrity. The White House Correspondents’ Annual Dinner is designed to foster that idea, with a stand-up comedy routine from the president each year in front of the whore media representatives. The truth is that your president has not only been carefully chosen and groomed for the role but he (and soon, I suspect, “she”) is also merely the ratifier and public endorser of what has already been decided behind closed doors by the people who really run the show (by which I mean the military, intelligence and corporate characters who themselves serve as conduits for the wishes and policies of even more secretive power-players in this world, whose fuel is darkness and whose desire is not for us all to be in a state of enlightened unity but, rather, to be divided, confused, distracted and in a continual state of fear).


When you vote later this year for a president, the choice you make will change absolutely nothing and is a complete waste of time and energy — despite all the glitziness over the last year on your TV screens and in the media. For the people who really (secretly) run the affairs of this world and your country will never be subjected to any vote. Neither will they be affected by any election or anything else that you can do, say or think. Your president is merely window-dressing — an artificial “saviour” whose role is to distract you and who has the power to save nothing. It is the height of ignorance and naivety to believe otherwise. This is the reality of political life.

All this is NOT conspiracy theory but reality fact, openly available to be checked and confirmed. In a mainstream book published eighteen months ago by Oxford University Press, of which 99% of the human race will most likely be completely unaware, written by a Professor of International Law and former Legal Counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the author shows why nothing of any real importance changes from one US government to the next, regardless of the professed political ideology and intentions of all the parties and presidents involved. This 260-page book is entitled “National Security and Double Government” and was published in November 2014. Although primarily addressing the situation in the USA, it is plainly applicable to any other nation. In its pages, Michael J. Glennon shows that the roles of President, Congress and the courts are an illusion built up by propaganda in the minds of the mass of people. “Presidential control is nominal, congressional oversight is dysfunctional, and judicial review is negligible”. In this book, Prof. Glennon proves that “security” policy has nothing to do with elected leaders and governments but is really made by several hundred prime movers in the military, intelligence, diplomatic and law enforcement agencies — hence, the idea of “double” government in the title, which clearly implies a “shadow” or “secret” unelected government.

Those who have reviewed this book have been entirely convinced of its veracity. Reviewer Jordan Michael Smith, in his “Books of the Year 2014” in The Boston Globe, wrote: “Elected officials end up serving as mere cover for the real decisions made by the bureaucracy”. Another reviewer, Andrew J. Bacevich, Professor of History and International Relations in Boston University, states: “In our faux democracy, those we elect to govern serve largely ornamental purposes, while those who actually wield power, especially in the realm of national security, do so chiefly with an eye toward preserving their status and prerogatives”. Faux democracy! Exactly. Strong words. But if even staid mainstream academics can understand this, why can’t everyone else, without making accusations of “conspiracy theory”?

Why do so many believe that a president is of any relevance whatsoever, other than as window-dressing — serving “largely ornamental purposes”, as Prof. Bacevich stated above? The president as “Commander-in-Chief” of the United States of America is a clever illusion fostered in the minds of the people in order to lull them into a passive mindset so that they will leave him to get on with the job which they imagine he will do while seeing only a romanticised character every time s/he appears on television. The stark reality is that if a president starts to act above his or her station and gets silly ideas about reforming or changing the world, s/he will get a terrible shock. This was demonstrated in the presidency of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who publicly declared he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds,” [“CIA: Marker of Policy or Tool? Survey finds widely feared agency is tightly controlled”, New York Times. April 25, 1966] and, with his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, that he would wage a war on organised crime. JFK even sacked the Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles! The Kennedy brothers were punching way above their pay grade in those ambitions and actions! Presidents are not placed in office by the power elite to reform or change the status quo. They are there to PROP UP the status quo and maintain it in the ways that they are instructed to do! If they try to step outside those limitations, they will soon wake up next to a hooker in a motel with a photographer conveniently present, or they will have a tyre blow out on a freeway over a bridge with a mistress in the car, or they will be shot in the head by a patsy in broad daylight in a motorcade on a street in Dallas! Job done.

The sheer naivety (or is it wilful ignorance) of people today is what is most astonishing about the US presidential election. So much do people want to be controlled and herded about by corrupt proxy governments like docile sheep that they would rather believe the lies issued by those governments than know the truth about them. Once, when I was speaking to someone about this matter of presidents, he said “I know what you’re saying is true but I refuse to take it on board”. He deliberately opted not to deal with it in his mind or in his life. Wilful ignorance. These are strange times in which we are living. A refusal to open one’s eyes to what is happening in a spiritually-insightful manner will eventually mean that one will be swept away on a tide of chaos and martial law with nothing but confusion and betrayal in one’s heart. How did we come to this vacuous state of affairs? In order to understand this better, let us go into it a little more.


First, in order to demonstrate the relevance and substance of these thoughts, I want to show that this is not merely a political matter; it is also of deep spiritual significance. To be a truly spiritual person does not merely mean being able to practise hundreds of yoga positions, or meditate using a certain technique, or sleep with the right essential oil under your pillow, or owning a bagful of crystals, or knowing how to travel on the astral plane, or being a Reiki master, or posting lots of quotes from Rumi, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra on Facebook. None of those things are definitive signs of being spiritually awake — although such fashionable “virtue-signalling” on social media is often mistaken for being so. However, the reality is that waking up spiritually has a huge “knock-on effect” on one’s perceptions in everyday life, which has far-reaching consequences and can be the cause of some discomfort and surprise. For waking up spiritually will naturally involve becoming acutely aware of all the deception and skulduggery in the world. It doesn’t matter how “spiritually-correct” one appears to be in one’s projected image on social media; the fact is that a spiritually-awake soul is one who refuses to be “taken for a ride” in ANY sense — whether by politicians, mainstream media pundits, doorstep confidence tricksters, phony gurus or evil spirits. Put simply, a spiritually-awake person will not fall for propaganda of ANY kind. A spiritually-awake person will not hold out false hopes for the world to be “saved” by some politician, party or president pushing an agenda within the same old set-up of greed, consumerism, corruption and hypocrisy. A spiritually-awake person will not settle for perpetuating the myths and lies of the present world-system through voting in a fraudulent political process. On the contrary, a spiritually-awake person will stand up for truth in every situation, regardless of the impact it could have on his or her life. A spiritually-awake person has completely washed his or her hands of passive participation in all national political systems and structures. A spiritually-awake person has as his or her desire the complete renewing of the world through personal INNER revolution leading to a complete outer world TRANSFORMATION from its current enslavement to darkness to a liberation into the light. The spiritually-awake person knows that all the inner work which s/he does has an effect not only in his or her life but also on the whole world of interplanetary matter, for everything is interconnected. Our effect, potentially and actually, on the astrophysical plane (stretching across the universe) is one of the most important teachings one can learn. For it is this remarkable insight which holds the key to all change. (One could devote a whole article to this extraordinary phenomenon — and I most likely soon will — but I merely mention it in passing now as the main focus here is the US presidential election).

The genuinely spiritual human being knows that a fundamental part of being spiritual is seeing through (and having no part in) deception of any kind. In fact, to be spiritual means awakening from deception of every type. One doesn’t just wake up spiritually and then continue to believe in and endorse a dark culture through participating unquestioningly in that culture. That would be impossible as it would be a manifestation of the very cognitive dissonance from which one has escaped. For cognitive dissonance completely contradicts the integrated mind of the spiritually-awakened human. Similarly, a spiritually-awake person could not spend an evening gawping at a television screen, being contaminated by its corrupting programming, or watching most of the movies which come out of Hollywood (which serve to programme the unawakened mind. Becoming spiritual means waking up from the slumber of illusion (Maya) — coming out of a state of sleepwalking through the wilderness of this world — not just in cosmic terms but also in an earthly context. For if we cannot penetrate illusion and deception on a simple physical level, how will we ever persevere with insight on the spiritual plane (where there is also much deception and distraction for the unwary soul)? That is a basic logical concept, arguing from the lesser to the greater. Thus, without becoming obsessed with (or morbidly interested in) deception, the spiritually-advancing person fascinatedly seeks to develop an awareness of how subterfuge works, where it exists and how to discard it from his or her life, inwardly and outwardly. In fact, it becomes a kind of game: Spot the illusion! If I can put it like this… we un-Maya ourselves — we dis-illusion ourselves — we strip off all illusions, intentionally and willingly, with a cool sense of detachment from their snares. Those who wish to bury their heads in the sand or only ever think about “positive” things will not only be deceived bigtime in their lives but they will also remain in an extremely immature spiritual and emotional state while perpetuating a corrupt and largely defunct political system. In other words, the spiritually-aware person has what I call a built-in “Bullshitometer” (pronounced like thermometer) within his or her being. It is simply *not* spiritually savvy to be taken in by bullshit on ANY level, whether spiritual or worldly. In fact, it is downright foolish and irresponsible!


This is a very dark world in which we currently live. I know you may want to believe otherwise and your positive thinking guru will have misleadingly told you that you shouldn’t ever think about all this because it creates “negative energy”. But exposing the negative is actually positive — whether it is revealing the negative elements in ourselves or in the world! This is the spiritually-mature view. For it shows us what we are really dealing with in the world, how to live in a right and authentic way while it is happening, as well as filling us with encouragement. Now you may say: “What! How could thinking about a dark world possibly fill us with encouragement?” It will do that because I will ensure that it is put in a beautiful context that will show you where the light is in all of this. So… please walk with me for a while…

I said above that it is a very dark world in which we live. Progressively so. I could have said “in which we live *today*”. But really it is no darker in relative terms today than it was in the so-called “Dark Ages” more than 1000 years ago or even 2000 or 3000 years ago or more. It’s just that there are many more ignorant people now to be manipulated and used and the power elite (both human and otherwise — yes, I said “otherwise”) has had a lot longer to perfect its hegemony over the masses (generations upon generations), as well as to create the technology and mass communications in order to make that possible. The aeon through which we have been passing for some tens of thousands of years — and which is soon to come to an end — is especially characterised by conflict, brutality, acquisition, vanity, narcissism, self-centredness, manipulation, deception, idolatry, wilful ignorance, domination, fear, authoritarianism, the ruthless accrual of power, competition, dependency, dread, materialism and, more latterly, compensatory consumerism. I say “compensatory” because we feel the urge to consume materially in such a voracious manner in order to compensate for the spiritual, existential emptiness which dwells within. With so many reduced to a mere shell and living in a state of alienation from an awareness of the stupendous, unifying, miraculous core of existence, it is hardly surprising that society in the more “developed”, supposedly “civilised” (but empty) world has become so rabidly consumerist. Emptiness in the immature soul always craves to be filled.

Of course, there is also much to marvel at within the confines of this world. Sunsets have not disappeared yet (not yet 😉 ). Fireflies still cavort luminously in the twilight. Baby elephants are still outrageously cute. Laughter (in between the tears) is still possible. Jupiter, Mars and the Moon look ravishing right now with the naked eye in the clear night sky. One can still be struck by the arrows of love (and fire them too!). Acts of kindness can still be found in the most unlikely places. And so much more! But none of that negates the burgeoning reality of an overwhelming darkness as the power-elite increasingly strengthens its hold on the world (clinging onto what it knows it can ultimately only lose) as the old aeon morphs into the new, while consciences are increasingly cauterized and the love of most grows cold on this planet. It is no coincidence that there are no great works of symphonic music being written anymore, while most of what passes as “art” in the public realm today is superficial, pretentious and meaningless — a true expression of the collective consciousness of old aeon humanity. When great symphonies and other wonderful works were being written and played and great masterpieces of art were being created, they were like shafts of light bursting through the darkness. But now we are in the midst of a downward spiral of increasing velocity and madness — a maelstrom of burgeoning but necessary chaos. “Necessary” because from out of the chaos — like a phoenix rising from the ashes — will spring a global society based on a completely different way of life and being, where government in the conventional sense will be completely unnecessary and anachronistic. There is a sense in which that new aeon society has already started subjectively in the minds, spirits and lives of many who refuse to participate in the old aeon ways any longer. Though there are tough times ahead before the new aeon comes to its completion and manifests in objective full-dimensional reality.

Our purpose on earth is not to hide in fear and ignorance from darkness (whether in ourselves or “out there”) but to be aware enough of it to avoid being bamboozled by it and even unwittingly overtaken by it (as is happening hugely today). For darkness most often disguises itself as light. This masquerade is the essence of this ageing aeon of deception and dehumanisation. This is what the power-players on this earth are engaged in right now: presenting darkness disguised as light. Thus, when they promise security they mean slavery. When they promise protection they mean subjection. When they promise prosperity they mean increased consumption and injustice. When they promise “full disclosure” they mean a whitewash and obfuscation. When they promise victory they mean genocide. When they promise a “New World Order” they mean global hegemony and totalitarianism.

Any seemingly major event in the world — such as, for example, a presidential election — has therefore to be seen against this backdrop of burgeoning mendacity and darkness. We must exercise the most extreme caution here. For one of the leading features of this darkness is deception. Behind all the front-of-house activities and even behind the theatre stage itself, there is a backstage where all the scriptwriting and casting takes place. A classic example of this at work can be seen in the field of politics. So accustomed have we become to being told “we live in a democracy”, we cannot see the trick which is being worked on us. There is no democracy. Anywhere. Period. A backstage elite of family lines, bankers, intelligence networks, corporate powerbrokers, armaments and pharmacological manufacturers and other movers and shakers hold the real reins of power in this world (though there is another, deeper, darker layer even behind that). However, in order to mask the darkness, a whole system of politics has been developed in which voting is a little theatrical front-of-house sideshow they have set up for people so that they imagine there is some kind of democratic process in which to be involved in order to change things. It doesn’t change anything. Ever. Haven’t you yet noticed that your vote changes nothing? Mostly, political activity is about as effective as moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic. You vote for some people who are full of promises and ideals. A few years later it is shown to be a pack of lies and hot air. So you vote for a new lot, which is then shown to be another pack of lies and hot air a few years after that. And so the merry show goes on… and on… and on.


The reason for this is because the people you vote for do not actually run your country. Congresses, Parliaments, Senates, Bundestags, etc. are just window-dressing. Your vote is what is known in their trade as “engineered consent” — a phrase first coined as an essay/book title in 1947 by the “father” of Public Relations (and nephew of Sigmund Freud), Edward Bernays. In that work, he argued that the consent of the people had to be socially-engineered in order for society to function properly. We can see the “engineered consent” taking place each election time, when people are made to think that they are deciding their future but the power-elite-owned media primes people on who to vote for. It looks like a serious business with all the commentary and razzmatazz surrounding elections but it is just one big show specially put on to drag you into the illusion that you have a choice in your future. The power-elite fosters this illusion because it serves their purpose, for the time being, as they drip-feed their way to their planned future totalitarian world government — all the while hiding behind this pretended “democracy” so as to conceal their hegemonic intentions as well as prevent the all-out popular rebellion which could possibly happen if they revealed their long-term plans too soon. In the meantime, the aim of the power-elite through their government lackeys is to make you feel that security from mayhem and chaos can ONLY be found in their protective shelter. They intensify that feeling each time they deliberately create an atrocity to shock the world (e.g. 9/11, 7/7, Paris attacks, etc.). When the time comes for them to reveal their true intentions, the world will — apart from any insightful dissidents remaining alive at that time — be so shell-shocked from the chaos which the power-elite will have induced that they will accept anything as being good for them — even a global totalitarian regime.

I know this is very hard for left-wing people especially to take in. Right-wing types vote to preserve a conservative status quo. Left-wing types vote to bring about social change. (So they think). The latter must therefore desperately hold on to the idea that by voting they can bring about social justice and the redistribution of wealth. But this is just an illusion, because the people they are voting into office have no real power and never will be allowed to have that power by those who really run the world. Thus, politics is a kind of stage where the illusions fostered by the power-elite are acted out. For the real decisions are made out of sight, backstage, by a power-elite which is ruled by the principles of darkness, obfuscation, disinformation, mendacity and deception. I cannot emphasise that word “darkness” enough in this context of the power-elite and what empowers them. It is a darkness which lies way beyond any horror/zombie/vampire movie you could see (and it is no coincidence that there are so many of those around today).

Thus, we can say that, whereas the law enforcement, military and security services are responsible for implementing and enforcing the plans of secret government, the politicians and senates or parliaments provide the entertainment to the masses for it, so that through diversion and distraction people imagine they are participating in some kind of “democratic” choice of government. Alongside of this, the mainstream media is the propaganda division of the secret government. So there is a kind of “triumvirate” of departments or divisions acting outwardly in the physical realm on behalf of the secret government power-elite in this world: 1. Enforcement (law enforcement, military & intelligence/security services); 2. Entertainment (politicians, government, parliaments, senates & congresses) and 3. Propaganda (newspapers, journals, TV & news corporations). For the real power in this world does not lie in the elected people in your parliaments and senates. Elections and the subsequent workings of those parliaments and senates are merely one huge charade, acted out in order to anaesthetize the mass of people into a crippling mindset of ignorance, illusion and passivity. Thus, it is fair to say that true democracy is entirely non-existent on this planet.

But this is not merely about the work carried out by the law enforcement, military and security services. For the people and institutions which control the direction of this world as it is presently constituted are the banks and corporate conglomerates which control finance and production. For the evil fiscal system (and its many tentacles) which has been globally installed is how the power-elite controls the world and every single one of us in this present age, through wages/salaries, consumption of products, credit and, most importantly, debt. Thus, the law enforcement, military and security services do not exist in a vacuum to promote only their own affairs. For their affairs are derivative of the plans and policies of the banks and corporate conglomerates and thus their work is primarily to enforce those plans and policies. This is what government is really all about: Promoting and maintaining the secret agenda of the banks and corporations which are the flagship institutions of the dark power-elite which lies behind them. Anyone of influence who gets in the way or who tries to expose what is really happening will be exterminated as quickly and efficiently as you may swat a fly. For death is the regular business of these organisations in their relentless and heartless accrual of wealth and power in the furtherance of their masterplan.

This is why neither a conservative nor socialist ideology can be of any significance whatsoever to world affairs. They are both used by the power-elite in the service of the charade by which governmental window-dressing is maintained. Communism was begun and used by them in Russia for nearly a century. The power-elite doesn’t care what colour a government is, so long as it is in their service — which it always is. Right wing, left wing, liberal, independent — they are all of no consequence whatsoever to the plans of the power elite. Republican/conservative, Labour/Liberal/Democrat. It’s all the same to the power-elite. They simply provide the actors for the stage production in the entertainment division of the secret government. The more colourful this is, the better it is to mesmerise the people. Diversity is the name of the game.


However, there is one primary element which is missing in all this which I need to address: THE SACREDNESS OF PUBLIC OFFICE. Civic or public service should be based on sacred principles. It is a sacred and holy thing to serve the people. There is really no need for “government”, as such. Government always becomes self-serving and hegemonist. Government is an excuse for domination and control by mainly psychopathic people with a narcissistic personality. It is not government which one needs but sacredly appointed administrative bodies dedicated to the people in order to deal with public services for those people. The current world-system of governance and administration is profoundly corrupt, designed to oppress and exploit and to protect itself in the furtherance of a very dark agenda propagated by an evil power-elite of satanic proportions — the very opposite of the sacred principles to which I am referring here. I would venture to say that public service is so sacred that it should either be performed on a voluntary basis or else its public servants should be paid a minimum stipend. Thus, only those who recognise the sacredness of public office and who are truly dedicated to that service without any personal ambitions or ego-desires would be interested and eligible.

The right questions are rarely asked about public servants. Are they self-aware? Are they narcissists? Are they spiritually-awake? Are they psychopaths? Are they dedicated to sacred principles? Etc. Only people who have said goodbye to their ego-based selves, who are utterly and completely dedicated to truth, who are not aligned with any party, ideology or outside interest, are eligible for public service in a public office. This could not happen today in the nationalistic governmental system as it currently stands. One cannot put new wine into old wineskins. They are not compatible. It would be naïve to think otherwise. One cannot reform the current system because that system is maintained by a thoroughly evil power-elite which will stop at nothing to prevent that reform. This has been shown over and over again. The whole world thought that Barack Obama was the Messiah when he was elected to office. We were told the world system would be radically changed and there would at last be peace in our time. People even claimed to have been healed when they touched his clothes! Some years later, people seem to have conveniently forgotten all this and nothing has changed. In fact, things are even worse now than they were then. Why? Because, firstly, one cannot place one’s trust in a single man to change the world. We have already established that presidents have no power whatsoever and to believe they do is the ultimate in naivety. Secondly, what the naïve voters didn’t realise is that Obama is just another lawyer who is a lackey to the system. He has played that role to perfection, while maintaining his outwardly affable image as a benign, laid back reality star/celebrity. To imagine that the career-politician, Bernie Sanders, is going to achieve what Obama didn’t (and couldn’t) is the height of naivety — one might even say stupidity (using the word in its connection to that of “stupor”, which is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “a dazed, stunned, or torpid state of mind”). Yet, so many are falling over each other to install him as another president-messiah in the mould of Obama. Sadly, they are simply going to be “burned”, yet again.

EPILOGUE: Only Complete Transformation Can Lead to Change

There is no justice anywhere in this world-system, nor democracy; neither are either of those things possible in this world as it is presently constituted. These things cannot be changed by outward revolution or reform. A complete transformation is needed at every level. This whole rotten show will play itself out until it disappears up its own backside, as it surely will. For we are fast approaching the climax of the old aeon, an order which is the result of a fragmented consciousness and ego-driven mentality — a temporary but necessary condition on this world’s pathway to the highest realization. The faces that you see on your TV screens right now and on election platforms and in senates and parliaments are a manifestation of all that. This projection of fragmented human consciousness is the real reason behind the overtly adversarial nature of party politics. The hustings, the heckling, the backbiting, the propaganda, the divisiveness, parties locked in confrontation, the media circus, the backroom deals, the scramble for power — these are all the natural outworking of a human consciousness which is dysfunctional, broken and cut off from Source. Above all, it is a system which cannot be mended.

Thus, what is happening this year in the US elections is of no consequence whatsoever to the direction in which the country or the world will be heading (other than to mask the reality). An election is the ultimate in Bathos — much ado about nothing. All the snobbery, greed for big wages and pensions, class hatred, tactical manoeuvres, propaganda, vitriol, partisanship and euphoria or disappointment (depending on whether your party wins or loses) are merely indicators of a fragmented consciousness and ego-driven mentality, lost in the clouds of myth and disinformation.

One needs to pull back and see the big picture in all this political commotion. For as far as the evil institutions and their servants are concerned, one can say that currently “this is their hour and the power of darkness” and has been for some while now. They are being permitted (so far) temporarily to fulfil their dark deeds. But it will not always be so. For darkness must always come to a head in order for it to be exposed as a sham, revealed for what it is and then toppled. Then, when this world and aeon has been wound up as easily as rolling up a scroll of parchment — having served its purpose in the movement from darkness to light — then a new world, aeon and order can properly begin.

In the meantime, even if we shun the corrupt and illusory system of voting, we do not have to be passive observers of the charade, as that would be as fruitless as being a duped participant. For running alongside the ongoing havoc of darkness, there exists in this world a global network of souls who are engaged in the very necessary gracious education, revelation and understanding, if the inheritors of tomorrow are to become a viable force of the future. Epiphany blooms today already in the dark forest! There is nothing more lovely than seeing the light shining in the midst of the darkness. Better still, we can actually BE the light shining through the darkness. If we do all that we can to ensure the growth of our self-awareness, insight, learning, intuition and understanding of the unique circumstances of this era, while gently encouraging others along the same pathway, then our work will be well done. Then — if we survive (as many will not) — we will be able to take our place in the completely new aeon and order which will emerge from the ashes and debris of the old.

We need to be aware of the fact that the next couple of decades or less are going to be mind-blowing in their development. There will be much turmoil and uncertainty but also much epiphany and visionary insight. There will be terror and there will be glory. Two streams running alongside each other as one aeon gives way to another. What we are going through now is the birth-pains of the aeon to come as it emerges through the womb of the old. May we be open to understanding all that will come to pass and have the necessary courage, love and shining passion for truth and wisdom!

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