DEAR PEOPLE WHO ARE EITHER DEPRESSED OR CELEBRATING TODAY as a result of the US election circus… I have a message for you: You have been played — deceived, taken for a ride, conned by propaganda and psychological warfare. It has all been a piece of entertainment to blind you to the reality of life in this world today. You see, presidents are of no original importance to the future of this world, for they have no actual power. They are merely puppets who have to do the will of the secret power elite which really controls everything. You refuse to believe that because your conditioned view of reality would come crashing down around your ears. But it’s time to WAKE UP! If you cannot see how the power elite has been messing with your minds in these elections (the same with the Brexit bullshit too) then you need to reassess your worldview.

This election process is a classic example of the literary device known as Bathos — when so much is made of something which is virtually meaningless that it becomes a manifestation of insanity. The campaign was insane, to take sides is insane, to vote is insane. Not only is it all a manifestation of insanity, it shows how much people love to wage war. Until we relinquish ourselves of this conflict-based way of thinking and living, war will proliferate and conflict will escalate. Yes, that is what we propagate if we partake in that circus, celebrating “victory” or going into meltdown at “defeat”.

I don’t know which is more of a disgrace — the US Election on November 8th or Armistice Day on November 11th. They are both the epitome of bathos — cheap theatres which glorify war, on which you can virtue-signal your dereliction of humanity with a meaningless vote or an artificial poppy. To commemorate these ludicrous events, I’m updating my book, “War is Who We Are”, to its second edition. Very grateful to have time in an airport and on a plane flight to complete this task. It will be available for free by the weekend. With love from me to you…

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