Satanism is Not What you Think It Is

In earlier sections, we have looked at how a fall of angels, under the archangel we now call ‘Satan’, came to pass, and the effect which it has had on the development of earth history and, indeed, on the entire cosmos. One could call that effect ‘Satanism’, for that is what it is. Yet, the idea of Satanism in the popular mind is very different to the real effect which the forces of darkness have brought to bear in this world.

Let it be said right here, right now: If any so-called ‘spiritual teacher’ is not presenting the truth about Christ as the victor over Satan and about the spiritual battle between darkness and Light, then they are in league with Satan and are actually promoting Satanism, either wittingly or unwittingly. This will come as a huge shock to many. For most people have a poor understanding of the true meaning of Satanism, which has little to do with black magic, churches of Satan or ritual evil. The real Satanism is not what one sees in a horror movie. That is just a diversion from the actual mass strategy of the forces of darkness, through which they present themselves as “angels of light” in order to inveigle as many as possible. Most religious practices and those of supposed spirituality today are pure Satanism, without ever mentioning Satan and always presenting themselves as beneficial and wonderful; for through such deception is how he really works. A true definition of Satanism — that which lies behind all manifestations of it — is identical to the definition of what the apostle, John, called “the spirit of the Antichrist” in the following text:

“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to determine if they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses Jesus as the Christ who has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God, and this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard is coming, and now is already in the world” (First Letter of John, chapter 4, verses 1-3).

I will be writing at great length about the Antichrist (and “the spirit of the Antichrist”) in a later section of the book. But here I want to emphasise, in this section on Christ defeating the forces of darkness, that Satanism is not what people popularly think it is. The true Satanism is not about dressing up in weird outfits and chanting Satan’s name in the ritual sacrifice of a virgin. If Satanism were merely that, then only a few warped crackpots would go for it (which they do anyway!). But from the beginning, Satan has been into dishonest recruitment in a big way, so he uses methods most people could not ever imagine. He gets people on his side through things which appear to be the very opposite of what most people believe that Satanism is. Behind all manifestations of Satanism, the foundation of his recruitment is to ensure that people never have a heart realisation that Christ came in the flesh as the divinely-appointed way to life and restoration (for individuals and for the cosmos). Just as John said above that “the spirit of the Antichrist” involves not confessing that Jesus is the Christ who has come in the flesh, so it is also the spirit of Satan. For the Antichrist will be wholly empowered by Satan. The Antichrist will be Satan’s man on earth — the usurper of Christ, claiming that he is God. But the Antichrist will simply be reaping what Satan has sown throughout history through many “mini-antichrists” in his rampage to prevent people from confessing that the Christ has come in the flesh as Jesus. The Antichrist is the culmination of Satan’s work on earth. Every single one of his endeavours is geared towards that end. Therefore “the spirit of the Antichrist” is actually the culmination of Satan’s teaching, which is Satanism. Thus, we are demonstrating that “the spirit of the Antichrist” is identical to Satanism. Now we can go even deeper into this…

Let me emphasise again: Genuine full-fledged Satanism is not really to be found in Dennis Wheatley novels, Bohemian Grove events, Anton LaVey’s antics in San Francisco or Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set. Those are red herrings — mere theatrical caricatures as a diversionary tactic (though still lesser forms of Satanism nevertheless). Even many church people think that Satanism is merely what happens when you play with Ouija boards or chant “All hail, Satan!” at a black mass ritual. However, the real Satanism — the one which is overlooked by the mass of people, whether within the church or outside it — is the celebration of the self and the denial of the incarnation of the Christ. Here we come to the heart of understanding the true meaning of Satan and the darkness he brings into this cosmos.

The Real Essence of Satanism Is…

Essentially, Satanism is Narcissism taken to its logical conclusion: self-worship, of which Satan himself is the master. Satan knows only too well that people who celebrate themselves by their very nature have no desire to confess that Christ has come in the flesh and will certainly not want to be His disciples on the true spiritual pathway. Therefore, that old arch-archon, Satan, has devised a dazzling array of methods to deflect us from the Light, keeping us from Christ and steeping us in darkness, without us even realising what has happened; for it is the ultimate sleight-of-hand. Whatever is our propensity, the forces of darkness will litter our paths with suitable ways to lead us astray into that twin-foundation of Satanism: The celebration of the self and the denial of the incarnation of the Christ… and then do everything they can to keep us there! The celebration of the self and the denial of the incarnation of the Christ is “the spirit of the Antichrist” and the essence of Satanism. On the other hand, the spirit of Christ is the denial of self and the confession of Christ as the saviour of the cosmos and harbinger of the new aeon. As He said to His disciples: “If anyone wants to become my follower, he must deny himself” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 16, verse 24); and when Christ asked Peter who he thought that He is, he replied: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 16, verse 16). That is the heart-confession on the lips of all of Christ’s disciples — the very opposite of “the spirit of the Antichrist” which seeks to deny Christ and celebrate the self.

Thus, Satan does not use ‘the black arts’ as his primary form of recruitment, for that does not have mass appeal but only entraps a small number of outright warped people. So, to cast the widest net possible, even inveigling many seemingly “nice” people, he uses religious and spiritual influences which appear to be benign. We need to realise that Satan and his millions upon millions of archons/demons have been working at all this for countless millennia. The forces of darkness were permitted to exercise a far-reaching power over the developing empires of the world in the past. In this way, they came to have control over the religious affairs, politics, amorality, power-elites and war plans of those empires, as well as over the lives of individuals through indiscriminate demonic possession and affliction, which had reached a crisis point by the time of the Christ’s incarnation, when He was confronted by a great many demons almost on a daily basis.

Human empires — despite the ignorant romanticising of them by so many — have consistently proven themselves to bear the hallmarks of satanic darkness: They are invariably an attempt by humanity to create a grand, collective powerbase, independent of the Source of life, God the Creator — the story of the Tower of Babel being a perfect example recorded in Genesis, chapter 11. The ultimate purpose of this has been the creation of a world-system of ‘antichrist’ concepts and practices, which would set itself up against the plan of God through the aeons, culminating in an actual Antichrist ruling over a one-world government. Such is the satanic agenda for this world. However, the good news is that very soon after it will have been established on earth, it will be torn down and hurled into oblivion when Christ returns in a cosmic cataclysm at the end of this present age to establish the new aeon.

Satanism & Religious History

As I showed in an earlier section of this chapter, Satan has been “the ruler of this cosmos” for an exceedingly long time. Thus, the major religious and spiritual influences throughout history have been largely under his domain. All the idolatry, false gods, sorcery, human sacrifice, priestcraft, temple prostitution, wacky mythologies through the ages across the globe, with vast war campaigns carried out in their name by emperors who demanded divine worship of themselves, have plainly been under Satan’s instigation — avatars of Satanism posing as religion and empire — right through to the present day. All those idols! People made their gods as projected images of their own twisted fears, desires and superstitions. Satan’s perfect work. This is why serpent-worship has been so prevalent in so many ancient religions. They were his babies. In this sense we can also include all religions (including the false-church version of “Christianity”) as varying forms and degrees of Satanism, for they fulfil Satan’s ambition to keep people ignorant about the true Christ yet, at the same time, imagine they are becoming “enlightened” or “loved by Jesus”.

All religions, without exception, are a warped exterior parody and caricature of genuine inner spirituality. Their robes, rituals, idols, oblations, animal and human sacrifices, superstitions, hierarchies, temples, etc., are outward tokens intended to provide a whiff of spirituality to the dead husk of religion. There are very many lovely people in the religious scene all over the world doing good, often in dangerous circumstances. But that is not because of their religion but because of their varying levels of internal light. The stark reality is that all religious enterprise outside of the Christ is ultimately going to be satanic because it denies the centrality of the Christ to the Creation and that He came in the flesh to transform the world; it nullifies human regeneration through the Holy Spirit, and it contradicts the Divine restoration of all things through a supreme act of recreation in both the metanoia and resurrection of humans and the cosmos. Here is the terrible Truth spoken by Christ Himself concerning all the teachers and gurus from the past who denied the incarnation of Christ: “All who came before me were thieves and robbers” (Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 8).

However, I am not at all writing off all the individual people who adopt religion in their lives. I know that there are many individuals whose hearts are in the right place and who are seeking the Light within the confines of their own limited constituency. They can make a difference locally through their idiosyncratic bending of rules or interpretation of dogma; but they cannot change what lies at the heart of their adopted religion. The nabobs and apparatchiks who run those religions will not let that happen. I do see some brave souls in mainstream Christianity at the heart of the false church who strive to harmonise its practice with the Light of Christ. There will soon come the time when those who unyieldingly dare to stand up publicly for Truth and Light will not only be denounced and ostracised but also incarcerated and ultimately even executed or assassinated.

Although there are many in religious circles who are valiantly trying to focus religion on Light rather than on illusory form, unfortunately, injecting gold into a putrefied body will not bring it back to life. In the perception of the untransformed mind, religion is safe, but spirituality is not. So, religionists will fight tooth and claw to retain the formalist and compromised identity of their religion. In his warped wisdom, Satan has provided a religion to suit everyone, according to their cultural bents and personal tastes. For, if I may put it like this, most people choose the religion which best suits their personality disorder, personal and cultural idiosyncrasies and social status. Raging, sexually-repressed people (mostly lower-middle-class or below or outright ‘redneck’) will go for the ones with a literalist, hellraising fundamentalist dogma. The more liberal ‘bypassing’ types who are sitting on a pile of anger but want to disguise it with an outward cloak of smiling benevolence and repressive pseudo-calmness will go for Buddhism and Zen (mainly middle-class and above) or wishy-washy Evanjellycal ‘Christianity’ (mainly lower-middle-class or below).

[I call them ‘Evanjellycal’ rather than Evangelical because of the way that they wobble around like a jelly about everything, fail to stand up unequivocally for Truth and Light, always sit on the fence and exercise compromised hyper-diplomacy instead of clearly ‘calling a spade a spade’ — all of this being done to show how ‘super-tolerant’ and ‘loving’ they are].

The hordes of poor people who need a load of amulets, statues, priestcraft, superstitions, worthless mythology, comforting afterlife fantasies about reincarnation, purgatory, idols, gods and goddesses, will go for Hinduism or Catholicism. Intellectuals who believe that organised religion is beneath them and who want to feed their egos with notions of penetrating realms normally hidden from the masses will go for Theosophy, Anthroposophy or Alice Baileyism. Trendy fashionistas (middle-class and above) who want to convince their egos that they are more spiritual than any of the rest (yet who still want to make loadsamoney out of it) will go for New Ageism, pseudo-shamanism, yoga and meditation (all of which, through spiritual bypassing, also mask a mass of unresolved baggage).

[‘Spiritual bypassing’ is when one uses aspects of what are generally recognised as ‘spirituality’ in order to cover up some interior darkness which needs dealing with. For example, a person with a great deal of inner anger, left over from early trauma which they cannot face, may practice something like meditation or Tai Chi in order to disguise his or her anger with what looks like outward calm. The person may believe that they are becoming more spiritual but all they are doing is growing more adept at disguising the turmoil within. They are successfully bypassing it with a veneer of spirituality and thus creating an illusion. It would be more honest of them to purchase a punchbag! Similarly, many spiritual bypassers set themselves up as coaches, therapists, mentors or healers in order to disguise their own baggage and issues].

 There is something for everyone on Satan’s religious or super-spiritual smorgasbord!

Religious Enterprise Obscures the Truth About Christ

All this religious enterprise — no matter how benign it may appear — has been enacted to obscure the true nature of the incarnation of Christ and the spiritual battle which lies at the heart of the universe. Even the mainline religion of ‘Christianity’ itself — the false world-church institutions of Catholicism and Protestantism with their Vatican, palaces, huge cathedrals, vast wealth, stocks and shares and portfolios of property, endless sectarian divisions, cardinals, popes, bishops, archbishops, silly hats, fancy garb (costing many thousands of pounds for a bishop), pomp and ritual — comes within those satanic auspices.

[Consider this: The Church of England currently has an £8.3 Billion GBP ($10.7 Billion USD, €9.3 Billion Euros) land and investments portfolio and the Catholic Church worldwide is estimated to be worth $140+ Billion while the Vatican behind it is worth $10-$15 Billion! Even the Mormon Church (LDS) has assets of more than $30 billion. How bizarre and amoral! Whatever happened to “the simplicity and purity which is in Christ”?]

We need to realise that the Christ never came to start a religion but “to destroy the works of the devil  (First Letter of John, chapter 3, verse 8), to gather His people and to herald “the new heaven and new earth” in the coming new aeon. What in the above list is necessary for that? Starting and maintaining religions is Satan’s province. The false-church organised religion that people call “Christianity” (what I call ‘Christianism’) is surely satanic — full of lies, in-fighting, dilution of Truth, compromise, malicious error-spotting, paedophilia, a false representation of Christ, even atheism.

[Yes! Atheism! According to a 2014 ‘YouGov’ survey, at least 18% of clergy (almost one fifth!) in the Church of England admit they are either atheist or agnostic! There must be many more who will not admit it publicly, and how that number must have grown in the last six years! How can one be a shepherd if one does not even believe in God or has doubts about the existence of a supreme Creator?]

The Satanic Lie of ‘Enlightenment’

Speaking of Satanism, in the present day, so many fall for the clever-sounding but misleading teachings of eastern mystical gurus who never tell the truth about Christ or the spiritual battle at the heart of the cosmos, but instead create self-obsessed narcissists who idolise their gurus, become obsessed with yoga and meditation while their gurus’ lead them round in circles with aphorisms such as: “Only when you know nothing can you know everything; therefore, seek to know nothing”, or “When you can hear the sound of one hand clapping, then you will have achieved self-realisation”. 😃 They encourage people to seek an unattainable ‘enlightenment’, which is like the donkey’s carrot on the stick which can never be reached. I know people who thought they were on the brink of that ‘enlightenment’ forty years ago when they were idealistic thirty-somethings. (I was almost one of them!). For decades they have sat at the feet of some charlatan who claimed that s/he is ‘enlightened’. Now, in their 60s or 70s, they have still not achieved that ‘enlightenment’ and live on the dreams of the past, never seeming to make the connection that they’ve been sold a lie! This is unsurprising, for it is an ultra-illusion (and a satanic one at that!). And they are still in the same state of dependency on some guru or other today, still imagining that he or she will give them that ‘enlightenment’. This is what people have been brainwashed to think of as being ‘spiritual’. But it is a total dead-end alley — a pretty cul-de-sac masquerading as a pathway but leading to nowhere.

Some gurus perform their transference of occult power by tapping their disciples on the forehead, giving them the illusion that they’ve been enlightened by the touch of a ‘teacher’. When they get zapped, they collapse and later claim they saw a flash of light. These are cheap tricks carried out via autosuggestion and skulduggery (or ‘jugglery’, as it used to be known). I have witnessed this trick done in both Charismatic ‘Christian’ meetings and Eastern guru settings. Illusions. Nothing but illusions achieved by tricksters. Try talking about Christ to these gurus and their adherents and they will witter on about Jesus visiting India and being a Buddhist (a falsehood which I have completely debunked elsewhere in this book)].

These days, an Eastern-looking guy merely has to grow a beard, wear a white robe and a beanie hat, buy some real estate in India or Bali, create an ‘ashram’ and start doing sessions in yoga and meditation and he will soon create a feel-good factor for people to plug into and he will thus have many acolytes who will give him all their money and unquestioningly watch him buying one Rolls Royce after another with it, then parade those cars in front of his adoring disciples every morning. I am speaking specifically here about that con-artist, Osho (aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), who you can see smiling smugly in the photo above while he abuses his deceived disciples with that crass show of wealth (mostly gained from criminal activity and conning his disciples out of their money)! Known as a ‘god-man’ by his devotees, he was the ultimate satanic leader. Giving just enough ‘truth’ in his words to inveigle people, he would then take them away into a plethora of false teachings, deft hypnosis, mindless adulation and extreme sexual promiscuity, while promising them ‘enlightenment’. Each morning, at his cult’s compound in Oregon, he would parade one of his ninety-three Rolls Royce cars along a stretch of road lined by his orange-clad devotees who would worship him as he passed by and throw flowers on the car’s bonnet (US: hood). Osho and the many who are like him act as archetypal satanic deflectors designed to get confused seekers hooked into darkness in a maelstrom of narcissistic practices posing as ‘spirituality’ and ‘light’.

This kind of carry-on — making pilgrimages to gurus and the like on ashrams — is taken for granted today as being the way to become super-spiritual. But we live in a world which is ruled by Satan and his fellow archons/demons. They have been around for an extremely long time, gaining much experience and knowledge about the stupidity and gullibility of humans (remember, demons do not die like us!) and are highly skilled at pulling the wool over people’s eyes with these religious practices from the past. They have had countless millennia of fooling people and they span the whole world with their deceptions. Having had complete control over the religious enterprises of the world for such a long time, it is hardly surprising that one of the most attractive ways presented to become spiritual should be indulging in a never-ending mystical roundabout of unattainable goals which still leave the deceived seeker in the dark after decades of practising them and yet still imagining that their gurus and their practices are amazing. You couldn’t make it up! Is it any wonder that Christ says, “How narrow is the gate and difficult the way that leads to life, and there are few who find it!” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 7, verse 14). Now that is the real unadulterated Truth, which comparatively few today genuinely want to hear about or find.

Everything which these gurus teach is a diversion designed to ensure that you never discover the true teachings of and about Christ and the spiritual battle which He came here to wrap up. Instead, one becomes lost in a labyrinth of pseudo-spiritual Hindu-spattered New Age jargon and narcissistic exercises such as the typical modern yoga and meditation to get into a blisslike ‘altered state of consciousness’ as the be-all-and-end-all of spirituality. They will tell you that “Christ was merely a prophet”, or “a great teacher”, or “a myth”, or “a Buddhist”, or “one of the Ascended Masters”. All of them delusions. These are all tools of Satan posing as angels of light which appear to be super-spiritual. We are warned about that in the Bible:

“Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore, it is not surprising his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will correspond to their actions
(Second Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 11, verses 14-15).

That “end” for the forces of darkness which “corresponds to their actions” is judgement and defeat. So, when Christ said, shortly before His death, “Now is the judgement of this world: now the ruler of this world will be driven out”, He meant business! And He fulfilled that business through His death, resurrection and ascension, as I have shown in earlier sections of this chapter.

It has to be said that mixed in with those who are just following trendy fashion by getting into Eastern mystical religion or New Age style practices are a number who do seem to be seeking Light, albeit in the wrong places because of the deceptive manner in which they are presented to them. I have known many of them personally. That is all they have known in the range of possibilities available. A number came out of chaotic drug-filled or hippie lives and to find themselves suddenly in the midst of people who accept them unconditionally makes them feel they have ‘arrived’. They have found a safe haven for themselves in some particular niche on the smorgasbord of Eastern cool. They do live clean lives and are open to Truth and Light without immediately dismissing it. However, Christ, for them, is so laden with the pollutions of the false church and the pseudo-respectability and hypocrisy which they cannot tolerate, that they would never (from a purely human standpoint), forsake their comfortable niches to embrace Him. Discipleship to Christ demands that one should leave behind all illusions and step out on one’s own, humanly-speaking. This is doubly-difficult for those who have built a whole subculture around their spiritual interests, such as a manner of dressing (e.g. robes, headgear), names used (it is very common to change one’s name to something Indian-sounding or exotic), jargon spoken (e.g. nirvana, chakras, frequency, vibration, dharma, mantra, sadhana), sacred spaces (shrines, crystal corners, etc.), and practices (yoga, meditation). But one has to be prepared to be ‘a fool for Christ’, to endure the inevitable ridicule from others (including all one’s oh-so-kewl friends) and ‘forsake everything’ — to regard all those secondhand religious trappings as worthless bullshit. Christ is not and never will be fashionable. This alone is enough to deter all but the most dogged Light-seekers. One of my missions now is to reach out to those who are genuinely seeking among these Eastern mystical/New Age people and present them with a Christ who makes more sense than Krishna. Explaining what Satanism really is to such folks is not easy because of what is at stake for them. But we are at a watershed crossroads in history and this is not the time to ‘pull any punches’. It is high time to leave behind the soft and trendy religious stuff and embrace the thorns of true spirituality.

Satanism Before the Coming of the Christ

Now at this point, you may justly ask, “But why should I be exclusively a disciple of Christ? Surely there are many other gurus and lightworkers that I could follow too?” Yes, you could; but they will not be bearers of the true Light. Until Christ came, almost the whole world had been under the thrall of spiritual darkness, sorcery and hedonism, captive to the false light of Satan, with only a comparative few dotted around here and there who had the courage to go against the grain and were faithfully devoted to God and dependent on Him for Light and revelation (and, of course, salvation). But Christ was the One who pierced this darkness and phony light. In Him alone is the way, the truth and the life. After Him, any other one claiming to be a ‘christ’ or ‘savior’ or ‘god-man’ would be an impostor. He warned us about that very carefully:

“Watch out that no one misleads you. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will mislead many… And many false prophets will appear and deceive many… Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe him. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Remember, I have told you ahead of time” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verses 4-5, 11, 23-25).

Thus, while all those who came before Christ who claimed some kind of messiahship, or who were ascribed with messiah-status, were, as Christ put it, “thieves and robbers”, all those who have come after Him making similar messianic claims have been “false deceivers”. (One would have to include Muhammad as one of the false messiahs who have come since Christ, for he called Christ a mere prophet and denied His Divine Messianic status as God come in the flesh). It is for this reason that one should be exclusively a disciple of Christ. All other teachers who do not teach about Christ are usurpers. You can be disciples of all the greatest gurus and teachers in the world, but if they are not bringing before you the truths about the ages-long spiritual battle, about Christ being God in the flesh and why He came to earth and what He did, and about the fact that He will be coming again in a cosmic cataclysm to judge the world, then they are spiritual ‘thieves and robbers’, false christs, false prophets and false teachers. It really is that easy to draw the line.

Satanism and the New Age Mindset

Another name for Satan in the Bible is “ruler [archon] of the power (or empire) of the air” (Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 2, verse 2). The “air” here is plainly not the physical atmosphere but a kind of unseen ‘envelope’ — another dimension or parallel realm — which ‘surrounds’ or infuses this planet like ether. From there, since being ‘cast down to earth’ in the wake of Christ’s ascension (to be discussed in full in a later section of this book chapter, “When Satan was cast Down to Earth”), the demonic forces operate and can manifest (i.e. poke through) into this dimension, either invisibly as a magnetic force (often masquerading as open ‘portals’ for the unwary) influencing people’s actions, or through actually possessing someone, or in a huge variety of captivating disguises, such as spirit-guides, aliens, ETs, crop circles, ghosts, apparitions, presences, poltergeists, channelled entities, dragons, unicorns, gods and goddesses; and they can even take on human form (like their unfallen angelic counterparts), either through actual possession, the phenomenon of ‘walk-ins’, or through some semi-material manifestation. This, too, is the real Satanism, by which almost the whole world is seduced. So many people probe into that dimension, not realising that there is a plethora of traps to inveigle those who are curious but who do not have the protection of the Light and are thus ‘sitting ducks’ for Satan. Such intrusion into ‘the Occult’ is a part of what Christ meant when He said: “I tell you the solemn truth, the one who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a robber” (Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 1). One could even say that attempting to climb into the sheepfold (i.e. to become part of the kingdom of God) some other way than that which has been laid out by Christ Himself is the left-hand path. It is forbidden. As I have already shown, Christ alone is the door (the “narrow gate”, in fact) to “the sheepfold”.

Disciples of the Christ and followers of His Light would never enter that forbidden dimension. They know that it is overrun by Satan and his cohorts and are thus satisfied with what is plainly revealed to them by God. They do not feel the need to be exploring hidden dimensions filled with spiritual traps and snares. They know very well that “the secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those that are revealed belong to us and our descendants forever” (Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 29, verse 29). Let us not forget that one of the insinuations of Satan to our first parents at the beginning of the human creation was that God was hiding something from them which they had every right to know. Consequently, one will find that faithless people who are not disciples of Christ will very often feel the need to explore realms that are ‘outside their paygrade’. It goes with the territory when one is enslaved to Satan.

So, if you are wondering where all those ‘ETs’ come from — such as Greys, Flatwoods Monsters, Hopkinsville Goblins, Nordic/Aryan aliens (‘Space Brothers’, Pleyjaren or Pleiadians, Venusians, Tall Whites, Agarthans, etc.), Reptilians or Reptiloids — they are archontic/demonic manifestations designed to draw in gullible humans with no spiritual discernment and lead them off amongst the fairies and obscure the truth about Christ and His having defeated the forces of darkness. They are certainly ‘extra-terrestrials’, in the sense that they are not from this earth; but they are not ‘space brothers’, astronauts or beings from other planets who have come to help us, or ‘aliens’ in the conventional sense. Yet that is how demonic forces are presenting themselves today to the naïve and gullible, who are just lapping it up. I have met large numbers of people who are dying to make contact with these deceptive beings. I have attended meditation workshops where such contact is positively encouraged through guided meditations; and I have marvelled at the way that those attending them will brag about their contact experience, as if it puts them on a higher spiritual level than those who have not undergone the encounter. It is like a competition; but, ultimately, the prize will be an increasing enslavement to the forces of darkness.

So many people are now trying to penetrate that ‘etheric envelope’, looking for spirit guides, ETs, ancestors, dead relatives, dragons (in the Bible, a dragon is actually a symbol of Satan), even unicorns! You can actually attend workshops to enable you to “connect with the Elemental Unicorns as well as other cosmic and nature-based allies who are ready to connect with you”. Yeah, they are only too willing to connect with you — but they will not really be ‘unicorns’, for that is merely the form that those archons/demons adopt to suck you into their sick empire! That is from an event which was held on 21st December Winter Solstice, 2018. £25 a head to be introduced to unicorns! (Click here for details). Frankly, this ‘etheric envelope’ is not for us to explore and is way off limits while it is so permeated by the forces of darkness, which so many imagine to be beings from the light, for that is how those forces present themselves to the unwary. The pitfalls are too many and those demons love posing in angel-of-light-garb, such as ‘elemental unicorns’, your so-called ‘power animal totem’, an amicable ET, or a long-lost relative waiting to greet you on ‘the other side’! They will never lead you closer to Christ or His Spirit, and they will never show their true face to these explorers, who will gradually be sucked (suckered) into a dark world with which they easily become obsessed, yet still imagining that it is a realm of the purest light that they are visiting. They are totally unaware of the deceptive time in which we are still living, in which Satan and his demons pose as angels of light.

I see all this in the world of ‘channelling’, which imagines that ‘wonderful spiritual messages’ are coming through from another world to bring wisdom to humanity. Just today, I saw a ‘channelled’ message coming through a popular New Age type figure on the Facebook social media website. Within very little time, it had accumulated hundreds of ‘likes’ or ‘reactions’ and dozens of ‘shares’ and sympathetic comments. Here is the message:

“It does appear that ‘something’ is about to happen. My feeling is that whilst this may appear to be one thing (and potentially a negative event/situation) it is actually not as it seems, and it is ultimately positive. Something took place last night in the world ‘behind the scenes’ (multidimensional wave of energy as well as physical events taking place). I was there, remote viewing and anchoring energy, as were a huge amount of starseeds also. Hence the reason why starseeds today are waking with the feeling that something is going to happen or that they feel elated or uneasy (as different perspectives create different emotional outcomes). A lot of clearing took place. I saw Donald Trump and got to read his fields quite clearly. Those asleep and believing the false narrative have no idea of the integrity and honour this man has and the things he is doing for our planet. He is a lightworker in the highest degree. All I can say here about what is about to unfold is, in the words of ‘Q’, ‘Trust the Plan’”.

[The reference to ‘Q’ in the above channelling concerns an anonymous character on the “4chan” imageboard claiming to have US government ‘Q clearance’ and that there is a deep-state conspiracy against Donald Trump. The entire ‘Q’ phenomenon is what I call ‘a psyop for gullible conservatives’, to inveigle them into believing messages from the dark side, and is only taken seriously by his acolytes and by those such as the above Facebook poster who allegedly channels information from ‘the other side’. This is why these people support Trump so avidly. Currently, as of April 2020, they are claiming that the ‘Coronavirus lockdown’ is really a cover for the mass arrests by Trump’s forces of big-deal paedophiles across the world — a certain lie to obscure the fact that the pandemic will be used to further the gradual formation of a one-world government].

All I can say here is that this so-called ‘channelled information’ involves the utmost deception, disinformation and lies. Another subtle branch of Satanism, in fact. I think it is highly likely that someone channelling this kind of material regularly is at the very least archon-afflicted, but more likely to be demon-possessed. These alleged entities which are being channelled always claim that “something is about to happen”, or that “codes are about to be activated” or that “a great shift is coming”. This is to keep the recipients of their social media posts continually enthralled and in a state of rapt expectancy for something which will never happen (rather like the ‘enlightenment’ of Eastern mysticism). Their purported coming ‘shifts’ and ‘activations’ are like ‘carrots on a stick’ for the gullible.

Even today, as I write, I see this post on Facebook: “Energy Update! New activation codes are being integrated into your physical body at the moment, so you might be experiencing some weird symptoms… The shadow of the Full Moon on the 24th of October is upon us, so push through the discomfort and understand that everything is happening FOR you and not AGAINST you. The more you surrender and allow, the easier the process will be”. The long list of symptoms mentioned reads like a hypochondriac’s checklist or all the signs of a personality disorder! One sees this continually from New Age people: They are forever on the threshold of ‘shifts’ or ‘activation codes’ which are going to take them to the next level (in a similar way to that of sannyasins who are continually thinking they are on the verge of an unattainable enlightenment). I believe that these are satanically-inspired false incentives designed to keep gullible people in a continual state of false expectation of spiritual ‘progress’. They will believe any old codswallop that their wacky (and clearly mentally-ill/possessed) ‘coaches’, ‘gurus’ or ‘shamans’ tell them. But if a kind, caring, sane person quietly tells them about what the true Christ has done, they will be filled with resentment, sneering disdain and even rage!

The Relation Between Satanism and the Antichrist

As I read those ‘channellings’ above, I realised how easily the world will be deceived by the Antichrist, when he is revealed. If people can imagine that a deranged, playing-to-the-crowd, billionnaire narcissist like Donald Trump is a man of “integrity and honour” and “a lightworker to the highest degree”, what will they imagine when the Antichrist is revealed, who will come falsely proclaiming “peace and security” using “power, signs and lying wonders”? (See the First Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 5, verse 3; Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 9; Book of Revelation, chapter 13, verse 14). For the Antichrist will not come appearing like some hyper-spooky Damien (as in the movie, “The Omen”) or a power-crazy, Orwellian Big Brother type (not at first anyway 😉) but with a mouth full of ‘wisdom’, performing what appear to be miracles (like that demonic, deceased, phoney ‘guru’, Sai Baba) and appearing to be the ultimate wise world leader. The Antichrist will be Satanism in its clothing of false light personified, who will demand veneration of himself (and thereby of Satan). He will not be presented as a character with horns, pitchfork and a pointy tail, but as “a being of light” with all the Luciferian connotations that go with that. As John puts it, in his vision of the Antichrist: “The whole world followed the beast [the Antichrist] in amazement; they worshiped the dragon [Satan]” (Book of Revelation, chapter 13, verses 3-4). Being taken in by the Antichrist will be the culmination of decades of all the grooming of ‘angel of light’ Satanism.

All these New Age people who claim to be ‘lightworkers’ and supposed ‘Starseeds’, along with all the so-called ‘Indigo & Crystal Children’, will be completely hoodwinked by his deceptions, along with a great many Jews (who will think that the Antichrist is their Messiah come at last, for they rejected Christ when He came the first time), plus a large number of the world’s population, who have been well-prepared by Hollywood, TV, the sensationalist media and their own wilful ignorance and emptiness.

[‘Indigos’ and ‘Crystal Children’ are fictitious titles given by New Age folks to children or young people who they claim to be ‘seeded’ from alien worlds, and who seem to be different or peculiar or, often, downright rude and arrogant. It just leads to an ‘entitled’ narcissistic notion that one is spiritually special and on some higher plane to everyone else. The number of youngsters who have proudly announced to me that they are ‘Indigos’ or ‘Crystal Kids’ has boomed in recent years. These are mostly misfit youths who have been roped into Satan’s realm, groomed by New Age parents or friends to be New Age acolytes, though it all masquerades as ‘higher’ spirituality].

When their ‘World Teacher’ is revealed on earth (alias the one the Bible reveals to be the Antichrist), the New Age folks will think that their ‘massive shift’ or bogus ‘Ascension’ is finally taking place and their ersatz ‘new age’ counterfeit of the Bible’s new aeon has arrived. But nothing could be further from the truth, for there will be no ‘golden age’ on this earth as it is presently constituted. Furthermore, that time in history may look as if it will be ‘the world coming together as one’ but it will turn out to be the total horror climax of “this present evil age”, only after which there will be any ringing in of the new. To put it even more succinctly,

“All those who live on the earth will worship the beast [the Antichrist], everyone whose name has not been written since the foundation of the world in the book of life belonging to the Lamb who was killed. If anyone has an ear, listen up!” (Book of Revelation, chapter 13, verses 8-9).

Those who are Christ’s disciples — whose names have been written in the book of life since the foundation of the world — would never indulge in such dark sycophancy towards an obvious tool of Satan, no matter how deceptive he might be (and they would also see right through it). But those who have by that time still refused to follow Christ and step through the narrow gate onto the pathway strait which leads to life will wholeheartedly welcome this Luciferian Antichrist empowered by Satan yet looking like an angel or even like God incarnate to the deluded souls who will then populate the earth. Listening to ‘channelled’ messages today is preparing them all for just that. To use a trendy expression, people are already being groomed to accept the Antichrist.

There will be much more of substance on this subject of the Antichrist and “the spirit of the Antichrist” in §5, part ii, of this present chapter. I am sharing a little of it briefly here to show how the real Satanism — in which Satan and his archons/demons pose as angels of light in a variety of disguises in order to deceive the maximum number of people and deflect them from Christ — will naturally and logically lead to the satanic angel-of-light manifestation of the initially seemingly-benign Antichrist, who will be received by so many as the ‘saviour of the world’. Satanism is simply “the spirit of the Antichrist” as it has acted throughout history. That there is currently so much ‘channelled chatter’ amongst the spiritually-deluded is a real sign of the times. As the apostle of Christ, Paul, prophesied:

“The Spirit explicitly says that in the later times some will be led away from the faith and occupy themselves with deceiving spirits and the teachings of demons, influenced by the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared” (First Letter to Timothy, chapter 4, verses 1-2).

All the above-mentioned ‘gurus’ and ‘teachers’ are certainly — wittingly or unwittingly — hypocritical liars and the channelled entities are ‘deceiving spirits’ imparting ‘the teachings of demons’. In the face of all that, let it be known that “there is one intermediary between God and humanity, the man Christ Jesus” (First Letter to Timothy, chapter 2, verse 5), and only one, who is also Divine. Thus, Brother Bartholomew, Moroni, St. Germain, The Nine, Abraham Hicks, or any other of the plethora of ‘channelled’ entities so rampant today are not genuine intermediaries between God and humanity. They are seductive impostors — deceiving spirits posing as angels of light by seeming to be really cool to those who are gullible enough to believe it. This, too, is Satanism. None of them can save anyone, regardless of their seductive promises of ‘ascension’ to their besotted devotees and they should never even be listened to. The Truth is that in this fallen world which is under the forces of darkness, other than the Christ, “there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among people by which we must be saved” (Acts of the Apostles, chapter 4, verse 12).

The Cognitive Dissonance in Accepting ETs & Unicorns but Rejecting Christ

So many people just accept, without question, outlandish ‘channellings’ from alleged extra-terrestrial beings, or information they are given in a book or ‘workshop’ about the existence of ‘Chakras’ or energy ‘meridians’ or leylines and crop-circles (and I do not deny that there is much of mystery in this world). But when a kindly soul gently tells them that the whole cosmos lies under the power of fallen angels — demonic forces of darkness responsible for the corruption of human civilisation and bitterly opposed to the Creator God of that cosmos, with whom they are intractably engaged in a spiritual battle for the souls of humans — and that the Creator God has come in the flesh to provide a way of salvation for souls who follow Him, they laugh that kindly soul to scorn and tell him or her that s/he has been duped by myths. They willingly accept outlandish ideas which are acceptable to them; but they bitterly reject cosmic spiritual information which could save their souls. Why should this be? It is because the outlandish ideas they so easily accept are no threat to their egos and, in fact, boost them and give them delusions about their alleged personal divinity — the essence of Satanism. Whereas to become a disciple of Christ involves a cost — the giving-up of their egos in dying to self, a rejection of the demons which control them, and the acceptance of their creaturehood in the hands of an omnipotent God who is other than the creation.

[This article is extracted from my book “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: The Road I Have Chosen”. The hidden connection between the New Age scene and Satanism (even hidden to its own adherents) is considerably developed in the sections of the book following the above extract. You can download the latest version of the book (v.2.0) entirely free of charge as a high resolution, interactive eBook from here: ].

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