[The article below is an extract from chapter 1 in my upcoming commentary on the Book of Revelation. I have now reached chapter 20 in that Book and it so far stands at 470 pages and 150,000 words in large-format paperback size. I hope to have a first draft sometime in March, God willing]


IN MY COMMENTARY on the Book of Revelation, in an introductory chapter on “The Purposes of the Book of Revelation”, I have listed five such purposes: “To Show that Christ is the True King of the World (Rather than Humans or Satan)”, “To Bring Assurance and Comfort to the Disciples of Christ in a Hostile World”, “To Show that the Evil of the World Can Only be Eradicated Supernaturally”, “To Show the Fountainhead of Freedom and Joy”, and the purpose that I want to look at here: “To Act as a Magnet to Attract to the Christ all Those Who Prefer Light to Darkness”. I believe this to be a most important purpose of the extraordinary contents of the Book of Revelation. There are many who seem to think it is simply a ‘handbook about the Endtimes’ for the initiated, and that only blessed Christians can receive it. I reject that notion completely, as the Book primarily covers the entire age, from the ascension of Christ to the final judgement, with special note of God’s sovereignty over all things, including evil. Many would say that the Book of Revelation is meant to provide comfort for the saints — for those on the inside. That surely depends on how it is presented. It is true that right at the outset John aims his words at the ekklesia —specifically the seven churches in Asia that are the subject of chapters 2 and 3. But the rest of The Book leads one on a journey into what I regard as the most stupendous material ever put to pen which is capable of awakening any soul which is predisposed to receiving truth.

After all, who would think that a vaguely New Agey 20-something reading ‘by chance’ the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, in a high street bookshop would be the spark which would set him on the pathway to the truth about Christ? Well, that was me. I believe that prophetic literature — which is a suitable description of both Matthew’s 24th chapter and the Book of Revelation — is a powerful catalyst for spiritual ignition in any human soul which has an attraction to genuine Light and a propensity for words which are laden with truth.

There are many who would avidly say that they have an affinity for, or love of, Light and an aversion for darkness. They may even expose darkness in some way as a service to the community or be whistleblowers of various kinds. These are all laudable characteristics and a sound starting point in the developmental life of any human being. However, it is not enough merely to see through conspiracies, discern media lies, and be disillusioned with governance and the direction in which this world is heading. It is certainly a great start, as the plethora of conspiracies, media baloney and governance are essentially of satanic origin filtered through the power-elite which is under satanic control. But it does not go nearly far enough. One needs to perceive not merely the conspiratorial or even satanic character of world affairs but also the supernatural origin behind them. For it is a predominantly spiritual battle which leads to mass warfare on the psychological level across this planet, and your mind — in the evil eye of the demonic realm — is the gateway to your soul. As an apostle of the Christ once wrote to the disciples of Christ:

“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the demonic powers, against the cosmic forces of darkness, and against the spiritual dominion of evil in the heavenly realms”.

Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6, verse 12

One can see through every conspiracy in the world, work through every trauma in one’s emotional life, detoxify one’s body with wholesome foods, and become a Thoreau-like monkish recluse in the midst of glorious nature — and those are all great things to do — but unless one becomes a disciple of the Christ, that will all be in vain as one will not have the protection to withstand all the hideous subtleties of the demonic realm, which are ramping up to an insane level right now. Neither will one escape the clutches of what the Book of Revelation calls “the second death” — complete separation from God after physical death in this world.

While the mass of people cannot generally discern truth from deception, reality from illusion, these others that I mention who have an attraction for light are not actually hostile to truth and can see that there is a foundation of darkness underpinning world developments, and they have some awareness of the difference between good ethics and hypocrisy. That they have this awareness and perception is a huge gift and should be regarded by them as a massive step on a ladder which can lead to an even deeper level of Light, should they so pursue it. They may not like me saying this (though that does not detract from the truth of it), but I regard them as ‘disciples-of-Christ-in-waiting’. However, there is one step further which needs to be taken in order to bring more completeness in that process. There is a door open in their hearts which is a huge preparatory blessing begging to be seized upon and flung open wide. Negative conditioning caused by a bad experience of religious lunacy can hold many back from this vital next step in their lives. The demonic realm is highly adept at exploiting such experiences, making people “throw out the baby with the bathwater”. They then reach a position in which Christ is simply not ‘cool’. This is where exposure to the Book of Revelation can have a transformative effect. For it affirms their correct perception that there is a global conspiracy afoot — and a satanic one at that — while at the same time revealing to them the role of the Christ in relation to their awareness of the forces of darkness in this world.

In other words, the Book of Revelation, when read correctly, actually reveals that the Christ is the ultimate in ‘cool’! I say “when read correctly” for good reason. For, unfortunately, there is a huge mass of Christian types who treat the Book of Revelation as if it was a to-be-taken-literally Marvel Comic Hollywood production rather than a majestic symbol-laden prophecy from Christ exposing the whole panoply of the redemption of the cosmos and glorious destiny of those who love Christ’s appearance in this world, alongside the gruesome fate of those who reject all that and follow their own hearts rather than God’s will. And all this in a series of grand ‘vignettes’ which are synchronized around the ascension of Christ, the age-long witness of the ekklesia, the fate of the satanic world-system, and the creation of a new heaven and new earth.

This next step which needs to be taken by those who I call “disciples-of-Christ-in-Waiting” is what is being proposed in the Book of Revelation: Namely, the recognition of the centrality of the Christ as that completion. For He is the fountainhead of all Light in this cosmos and came into this world as a total gamechanger. To appreciate and lay hold of this is the key to the beginning of spiritual wisdom. One may not grasp this when one first feels an attraction for the Light. One may never have properly heard about the Christ; in which case it is understandable that the connection would not yet have been made to what or who lies behind the Light and truth to which one is attracted. Or one may have heard about Him, but a knowledge of the antics of the counterfeit church down the ages may have given one an aversion to anything connected with the word “Christ”. This is understandable; but spiritual maturity and blossoming discipleship will only come if one gets past that aversion and receives the deep truth about the real Christ. This may take time as we are speaking about a major transformation process, which I will develop in full further below. What is more, one of the major parts of satanic conspiracy in this world is to prevent those who are not yet disciples of Christ from becoming His disciples. So it is a real battle in which one is involved when one starts to have an inkling for light and truth, and only those who persevere into that discipleship will win through and overcome.

Let’s be absolutely clear that when I speak of the Christ, I am talking about nothing less than God the Creator. As John puts it right at the beginning of his gospel:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made, and without Him nothing was made that has been made. In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not comprehended it…. The true Light who gives light to every man was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him”.

Gospel of John, chapter 1, verses 1-5 & 9-10

You see here that Christ is described as both “the true light” and “the Word of God”. This last phrase tallies beautifully with a passage in the Book of Revelation which is one of many describing the triumphant return of the Christ at the end of this age:

“Then I saw heaven opened and here came a white horse! The one riding it was called ‘Faithful’ and ‘True,’ and with justice He judges and goes to war… He is dressed in clothing dipped in blood, and He is called the Word of God”.

Book of Revelation, chapter 19, verses 11 & 13

This is the same “Word of God” which opened John’s gospel — the One who was there “in the beginning” and who created all things. Christ is not only the Creator of the cosmos but its microsecond to microsecond upholder too:

“In Him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together”.

Letter to the Colossians, chapter 1, verses 16-17

It is clear, therefore, that the Christ is God manifested in the flesh, which John actually states categorically: “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us” (Gospel of John, chapter 1, verse 14). So, when we are speaking or thinking about the Christ, we are doing so about God the Creator who “dropped in”, so to speak, as divinity clothed in flesh, in order to bring salvation to humanity by rescuing us from a vast swathe of darkness and death from which we cannot free ourselves, even though we may foolishly imagine that we can (as transhumanists certainly seem to do).

He also referred to Himself, saying: “I am the light of the world! The one who follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life” (Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 12). That act of ‘following’ Him is key, for it is the act of discipleship, and one which will transform one’s life. This has nothing to do with signing up to a religion and all that counterfeit nonsense; for Christ never came to start a religion. It is an inward realignment and transformation, which in the Greek Bible is known as μετάνοια, metanoia, which literally means a total change of mind and heart at the deepest level, as the word itself reveals when truly grasped, which goes so much further than merely being sorry for one’s sins, which is how repentance, a traditional translation of metanoia, is often inadequately portrayed.

The reason I say “inadequately” is because there has often been a very superficial approach to this metanoia. One can attend a ‘hot’ church meeting in which the preacher repeatedly calls you a “wicked sinner”, scares you with images of hellfire, then bellows at you to repent, then you are supposed to approach the podium and “pray the sinner’s prayer”, blub a tear or two and then BINGO! you are a Christian. All that is an awful caricature of how to become a genuine disciple of Christ. Firstly, one does not have to impress a preacher to give him the satisfaction of “another one reached”. One does not exist to be a preacher’s statistic. Secondly, becoming a disciple of Christ is a process, not a spontaneous decision made during an emotionally-manipulative sermon. Speaking about Christ to others should not be like an abusive parent yelling at a kid, “You wait till your father gets home. He’s going to KILL you!” Rather than threaten or try to frighten people with hellish images, I believe it is tremendously important to paint a true picture of Christ in all His glory. Bullying people into the kingdom is the lazy option and is often a dead giveaway about the disturbed nature of a preacher, not to mention a sure way of creating a pile of false disciples who will fall at the first hurdle. When one paints a true picture of Christ, that is what reaches into the soul. Sharing how Christ has not only created the world but has come into it to gather His people into His kingdom, choosing in the main a ragtag bunch of flawed little people rather than some hifalutin pillars of society, laying down His life for His friends, battling and winning against Satan on their behalf on and after the cross, overturning the hold of death during that experience, taking away the power of sin (the consequence of which is death), subsequently resurrecting and ascending to heaven, reigning over the earth and enabling His disciples to reign over it too, judging the world at the time of the end, and so much more. This is the breadth of information which attracts people to Christ!

My whole point here is that if one paints a holistic, balanced picture of Christ, one will be “the sweet aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one, we are an odour of death resulting in death; to the other, we are a fragrance that brings life” (Second Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 2, verses 15-16). One does not have to scare someone witless in order to encourage them into discipleship to Christ. That is just plain manipulative and even abusive and unlikely to have a long-lasting effect. One instead has to paint a true picture of Christ — to be “a fragrance that brings life”.

When one is acting in a framework of divinely-sanctioned spreading of truth (by which I mean that one is doing so prayerfully, empathically and sensitively), one does not need to use heavy-handed tactics to ‘get people to repent’. Before expanding on that statement, let me open up the true meaning of metanoia, the Greek word often translated as ‘repentance’. For some will now be itching to send me messages saying that I’m not “tight enough on repentance”, bla-bla. I am always amazed at the number of people professing to be Christians who are continually on the lookout for people they consider to be “in error” and they cannot wait to set them straight. Such rabid fault-finding is almost like a disease in certain churches. It is an attitude which says far more about them than about the ones they are so desperate to correct. All I can say is, “Pretended physician, heal thyself!”

So, about this metanoia: It is made up of two words, νοέω, noeo, to think or perceive, and the prefix, μετά, meta, which means ‘after’ or ‘beyond’, such as in ‘to transcend’ (e.g., metaphysics means elements which transcend or go beyond conventional physics). Thus, metanoeo literally means ‘to have a transformed mind’, a mind which transcends the conventional understanding of mind and the limited way that it works in this present evil age and the satanic world-system in which it operates. Paul referred to this when he said, “Do not be conformed to [the world-system of] this age, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind” (Letter to the Romans, chapter 12, verse 2). The ‘transformed mind’ which is involved here means a complete inner sea-change in one’s thinking so that one becomes a new kind of human — one who stops putting one’s ‘self’ on the throne and instead realizes total dependence on the Divine will and law — one who instinctively eschews evil and darkness and gravitates naturally to the Light without the need for any constraining human law or authoritarian bigwig telling one what to do. A human being who has gone through (or, rather is going through) this metanoia does not need to be told to change his or her comportment, for it will inevitably change hugely when such metanoia has been experienced for real.

Believe it or not, there will be uptight folks reading these words who will say I’ve “gone soft on the gospel or repentance”. This is because they see repentance as a one-time thing which ushers you into the kingdom of God and you have to blast people with it to get them to do it. But repentance is a process — once begun, it is a lifelong process and can even begin long before a person wholly gives themselves to Christ. This extraordinary process is at work when this metanoia first occurs. I say “first occurs” because, once started, metanoia is a never-ending process of life in this world. For you discover the astonishing fact that as soon as you begin even slightly to turn away from putting yourself on a pedestal and realizing the centrality of the Divine power behind the whole creation and feeling the urge to run towards that power and feel as if you are falling in love with it, then that power will begin to run towards you faster than the speed of light and shower you with insights about Christ and the cosmos! (I am almost melting here while writing those words!). This metanoia is the most dynamic, explosive process which a human being can undergo. Thereafter, in the wake of such a transformation, you will no longer be alone with all your former desperation, hellish stress, and nightmarish fears; but you will find yourself in the company of others the world over who are going down a similar road. This is what the ekklesia really is.

I said above: “When one is acting in a framework of divinely-sanctioned spreading of truth… one does not need to use heavy-handed tactics to ‘get people to repent’”. A human being who has placed a foot on this pathway of metanoia does not need to be manipulated or frightened or ‘guilt-tripped’ into changing his or her comportment, for it will inevitably change when it has been experienced for real. It seems to me that there is far too much reliance on human strategies (akin to devising means of selling soap-flakes) instead of relying on the Holy Spirit to ‘lead people into all truth’ (Gospel of John, chapter 16, verse 13; First Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 2, verses 9-13). We have to be prepared to allow the Spirit to do His work in people’s hearts instead of manipulating them. This is precisely what Christ did with the rich young man, who He allowed to go away sorrowful and mull over the need to overthrow his love of wealth (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 19, verses 16-30). Jesus did not harangue him with threats about hell. Instead, He fingered the next step on the spiritual pathway which was needed by this man. He used wisdom, knowing very well that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to human spiritual transformation.

When we follow Him or become His disciple, we are (as it were) holding onto His shirt-tails on the rocket-ride through life and are thus protected and kept secure. To have an attraction for spiritual Light — while being a good start in life — is really only an intermediate state of potential which awaits a secure and permanent state of protection through full discipleship to the Christ. For when one has an attraction for Light and then hears about the Christ, thus receiving a massively fuller understanding, it is as if something within has silently fallen into place. It is as if you are receiving primordial knowledge that you feel you must surely have known already but cannot fathom when or how. One cannot be a genuine lover of Light if — on hearing about Christ as the fountainhead of all Light — one fails to respond to that information by becoming His disciple. If one loves the Light and rejects darkness, then one will in fact rejoice to hear the fullness of truth about Christ and will be filled with love for Him, as He will for you.

This mutuality of recognition is specifically stated by John when he writes that Christ’s disciples “follow Him because they know His voice” (Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 4). That ‘voice’ can come to them in many ways. It doesn’t have to be a physical voice, but it could be someone speaking of Him or writing about Him, or recognizing His fingerprint in the whole creation, or just some other synchronicitous experience. Christ also says: “I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know Me” (Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 14). When one ‘hears His voice’ (either through reading about Him or being told about Him, or however it occurs), one will then realize that one has, in a sense, really been a disciple of His all along. It was somehow destined. It is as if the long-awaited teaching has finally arrived. The knowledge of Christ is the ‘missing link’, that final piece of the jigsaw puzzle, in the quest for the fullness of Light and truth.

Thus, if one really loves the Light, one will not need to  say, “Why do I have to be Christ’s disciple?” When someone who is attracted to the Light and who hears about the true Christ for the first time, a process begins whereby he or she begins to surrender his or her whole self to Him and dedicate their lives to upholding Christ’s name and doing His will. It might take some time before that process is apparent. It might even take years. Everyone is different. In some, there is more resistance than in others. But it absolutely will begin in those who are to be genuine disciples. I believe that as the world situation begins to disintegrate and intensify, this will convince many that proclaimers of Christ have been right, that the Bible prophecies are true, and they will be smitten by an epiphany which propels them headlong into the kingdom of Christ.

Therefore, why continue to settle for reduced light (or even false ‘light’) when you can get an infinite ‘upgrade’ to the full revelation of the real thing? It is impossible to claim that one is a ‘follower of the Light’ yet still reject the Christ and all He has done, for He is the source of all Light. When someone who has so far not fully heard about the Christ but is a genuine follower of the true Light (and therefore is really one of those ‘disciples-in-waiting’) then hears about Christ overcoming the forces of darkness and the hold of death and being the fount of all Light, it is like something inside one which says: “Aha! Now it all makes sense!” or “Ooh, that’s the missing part of the puzzle that I’ve needed to hear — the key to the door!” or “Somewhere inside me, I knew that already, though I’ve never heard it before!” Don’t you just love the inescapable transformative power of spiritual truth?

So NOW is the time to be a fearless Cosmic Warrior for Christ. We are all caught up in this battle whether we want to be or not and whether we know it or not. All we have to do is choose sides. To put it bluntly: Are you on the side of Satan or on the side of Christ? There is no other side. That is all the choice you have. But you have to declare your intention not merely outwardly but inwardly too. The awful reality is that if you have not yet consciously chosen to follow the Christ and made it your inner intention, then you are already a slave of Satan, to a greater or lesser degree, whether you realize it or not. For everyone is such a slave, until they choose otherwise. This is completely unheard of by most people, and I have set out to explain this whole process within the pages of this commentary in the way it is exposed in the Book of Revelation. An example of this in that Book is the ‘mark of the beast’ which, contrary to the nonsensical popular idea of it being a barcode or microchip implant on the head or hand (which is even touted in churches by ignorant Christians), it is actually symbolic of the allegiance a person has towards the satanic world-system, spiritual Babylon, and Satan himself. One either has the ‘mark of the beast’ or one does not; just as one is either a slave of Satan or a servant of Christ. There is no in-between, or partial mark. Having the ‘mark of the beast’ means going into the symbolic “lake of fire”, undergoing the second death — separation from God forever after physical death (Book of Revelation, chapter 14, verses 9-11). Whereas having the seal of the Spirit on one’s forehead is symbolic of belonging to Christ and thereby inheriting eternal life in the new heaven and new earth. (You can discover the full teaching about the ‘mark of the beast’ in an article on my blog, which is actually an excerpt from my commentary, by going here: https://diakrisis-project.com/2021/12/26/identifying-the-mark-of-the-beast-the-number-666/ ).

Thus, the difference between, on the one hand, those who perceive the ubiquitous nature of evil and are attracted to truth (and in some cases are even willing to risk their lives for it) and, on the other hand, those who have completely closed minds and blindly follow corrupt authority must surely be a spiritual difference. It is one’s inner spiritual compass, rather than intelligence or intellectual capacity, which determines one’s attraction to truth and Light. The remainder of my life is devoted to assisting the disciples-in-waiting into the deeper understanding, many of whom are already living outside corrupt societal norms, which is a great start in counterculture life, for the genuine ekklesia is the fulfilment of counterculture. All they need to do is to take the logical next step on the pathway of life. Namely, discipleship of the Christ as their ever-present Master. For He is there! You cannot see Him, but He is there nevertheless! I do not speak here of the neo-Gnostic teaching about so-called “Christ-consciousness”. That is a satanic lie to prevent you from discovering the real Christ who was manifested in the flesh. To disbelieve Christ’s bodily manifestation is what John called “the spirit of the Antichrist” (First Letter to John, chapter 4, verse 3). But the true Christ is present with His people through His Spirit.

As the world plunges ever deeper into satanic madness, the truth about Christ, and holding onto that, will be the only thing which will keep people sane. Sadly, there will be many (most) who will shake their fists at truth and the Author of it right till the bitter end, as the Book of Revelation graphically reveals on several occasions (e.g. Book of Revelation, chapter 9, verses 10-11 & 21). That is between them and their Maker. Do not let this hold you back from progressing in your own development. If you love truth but have not yet loved Christ, then allow this Book of Revelation to work its magic in your soul and see your current perception as a generous preparatory gift for doing so.

Reading the Book of Revelation will provide a massive key in this process to a genuine truth-seeker and Light-lover as it unlocks the revelation (aka apocalypse) of Christ as the King of the cosmos and the Light of the world. Thus, it acts as a magnet to attract to the Christ all those who prefer Light to darkness but who may have not yet realized the true source of that Light to which they are currently attracted and how important it is to recognize it.





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