FOR SOME DECADES NOW, I have intensely studied and written about cults and various forms of psychological, religious and spiritual abuse. I’ve also counselled many people who have fallen foul of such abuse. As you’re reading this you will probably have in mind that cults are merely pernicious groups which take over people’s minds and live in compounds in Waco and Switzerland and fortunately are not very common. Honestly, you could not be further from the truth. Most of the people I counselled had been abused in churches or families. Both of those have the potential to be the most pernicious cults imaginable. In many families, the parents are the ‘cult leaders’ and the children are its members. So often there is manipulation and control masquerading as love and care (what we now call ‘gaslighting’). There is coercion and emotional blackmail, subtle threats of deprivation or abandonment, contrived withdrawal of affection, the conditioning process of praise and punishment, the denial of freedom. Many people believe they come from happy families when it only appears that way because the offspring had ‘adjusted’ themselves to fit in with the parents’ expectations. In such situations happiness (or, rather, the illusion of it) usually comes through conformity rather than genuine fulfilment. The same regime operates in many churches, where there is also great potential for cultlike behaviour due to certain privileged people (pastors, elders, or a small controlling group in the church) wielding the equivalent of parental power, while the congregations are treated like children in any cultish family. And if anyone dares to ask questions, all hell will break loose. There is a lot of hell in a lot of churches. All of this I have seen replicated over and over again in families and congregations, and also had to deal with the fallout from it.

Now, you may say, “Well thank heavens that doesn’t involve me in any way”. Oh, but it does. And the reason for that is because the world itself is fast becoming one vast cult and you’re either in it or you’re not. Most are. And by “most” I do not mean 51% but more like 90-95%. Chilling thought, eh? I could write a book about all this. For years I had intended to write one about how spiritual abuse operates (which is even more pernicious than psychological abuse). But it didn’t happen — although I’ve penned many articles related to it. It is a subject which has weighed on my soul muchly. A major turning point was when I discovered that not only had the CIA created a number of religious cults (the CIA has also been heavily involved with the worldwide missionary movement), but it even ran the Cult Awareness Network (CAN), an organisation which is actually supposed to combat cult activity. [See where CAN appears in a list of CIA fronts]. You know the strategy. Control both sides.

The reason, of course, for CIA involvement in creating and controlling cults has been to develop a deeper psychological understanding of the human mind through such experiments of how mind-control operates. The knowledge gained can then be applied through the use of psychological operations (psyops) involving the populations of the world. This is what I mean by the world becoming one vast cult. The exercise of mind-control by the intelligence networks and their contractors over the global population through psychological operations (psyops), false-flag operations, terrorist atrocities (most of which are masterminded by government agencies), pandemics, wars and other incidents has been gargantuan. I have written about all this fully in previous articles with copious proofs. Two major turning points of that mind-control which happened within a few years of each other were the assassination of “Lady Di” and the staging of 9/11. Since then, mind-control experimentation on the world’s population has improved with each new operation. Most recently, this has been the case with the pandemic of the last two years and now the “I stand with Ukraine” psyop. They are getting really good at it. Soon their absolute control of the world will result in a global government, which the world will welcome, having been convinced that it is all “for the sake of world peace and security” (though the real woes of the world will only just be beginning).

Every element that I am writing about here could be developed into an article or even a book. But I know how the attention span of most is extremely limited due to the “dumbing-down” psyop which has been exercised with increasing intensity over the last few decades. So I will try to keep this short. 😉

There are certain characteristics which have been catalogued as being sure signs of cults or cultic activity. It has been traditional to apply these to the identification of actual cult organisations. But what would happen if we apply them to the way that governments and the media operate these days? Let’s very briefly identify those signs:

SUBMISSION: One must demonstrate compliance with the controlling narrative. It isn’t enough to submit in one’s mind. One must actually publicly demonstrate that one has submitted, with recognisable identification tokens, such as badges, written testimony, photos, etc.

CONTROL: Absolute control is exercised with penalties if that control is not submitted to.

EXCLUSIVENESS: The claim is made that “only through us and what we recommend will you be saved”. Outside the group, only danger and disaster lurk, so venture forth at your peril.

INDOCTRINATION: There is a relentless conditioning through lectures, written material, and other reinforcing data to bring about an adjustment in cult members’ thinking so they trust absolutely in, and conform to, the cult’s belief system.

ISOLATION FROM OUTSIDE THINKING: The cult will practise severe censorship of any material which does not conform to its own views and beliefs. Anything which is contrary to the cult’s belief system and goals, not matter how true it is, will be relentlessly ridiculed and debunked. Fear of those outside the cult will be ramped up in order to make cult members avoid all contact with them.

REWARDS FOR CONFORMITY: Cults have always operated a kind of ‘social credit system’, whereby the more one conforms to the beliefs of the group and propagates them, the more one will receive special benefits from those who run the cult.

PROMISE OF SAFETY WITHIN THE GROUP: In order to maintain adherence to the cult, members are told that ONLY within the group can safety and security be found. It is continually implied that outside the group there is only danger and even disaster.

MAINTENANCE OF COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: In order to maintain group adherence, the ability to engage in logic or critical thought patterns must be eliminated. Thus to be able to easily hold two or more opposing ideas in one’s head is vital. This is to prevent any constructive questioning of groupthink.

UNIFORMITY: Cult members develop a herd mentality and ways of thinking which identify each one to the other as united in a cause, while those who think or act differently are to be shunned. Which brings us to the final sign of a cult…

OSTRACISM IF YOU DON’T CONFORM: There will always be a system of shaming in place for anyone who does not toe the line and adhere to the cult. In short, you will be ostracised and treated like a traitor.

Now, answer me honestly… do any of these signs of a cult seem familiar to you when you think of the way that governments, newspapers and television, social media controllers and even your friends, family or colleagues have behaved during the last two years in particular? I hope I do not have to go through each sign individually with proofs in order to convince you that every single one of those signs has been in operation across the world and increasingly so. This is because the enforcers of the long-term goals of the power-elite are improving in their ability to deceive people and exercise control over their minds. This isn’t conspiracy theory; it is reality. And the discarnate forces of darkness which lie behind that power-elite and its enforcers in the world have been in operation for aeons, gathering data and improving in their ability to control and even possess the minds of humans. For this is a spiritual battle, my friends. How else do you think that such mind-control has been able to be exercised so easily. That spiritual battle will intensify as the remainder of this aeon runs by, climaxing at the end of it spectacularly.

The gauntlet in this battle was laid down by the Christ about two thousand years ago when He fooled the fallen archangel, Satan, and brought about the demise of his demonic realm, which was the very reason that He came into incarnation. The time since then has been a kind of “mopping-up operation” in which souls are being rescued and human evil (empowered by demonic forces) is being allowed to come to its head, as indeed it will, and is doing as I write. This climaxing of human evil is going to involve the most phenomenal mind-games and global deception. Really, we’ve seen nothing yet by comparison.

The only way to be protected from what is to come upon this earth (I mean spiritually protected not physically protected, for standing up for truth will eventually come at a terrible price) is to disciple yourself to the Christ with your whole being. Even if you believe nothing else that I say, believe this. To disciple yourself in this way, from your heart, is a dynamic spiritual action which will have immense consequences in your life and will spark epiphany after epiphany in your soul. Just seeing through the bullshit is a start. It means that you still have some critical thinking left. Taking the next step which I proposed above is the only logical one. If you do not do so now, just hold that thought in your head as you see things shaping up during the coming days, months, and years. Then, even if I am long gone, please remember these words and act on them.

What I am speaking of here has nothing to do with religion. Christ did not come to start a religion. A great deal of what calls itself “Christianity” is a counterfeit, which even the Christ prophesied would happen when He stood on the Mount of Olives. So just ignore all that religion stuff (as religions are part of the mind-games too) and make this vital connection between you and Him. He is there. Right there, right here, for the asking. I leave this with you and your own conscience. You know that I don’t mess about and that I am not taken in by bullshit. This is real.

As I write all these words I am contrastingly smiling as I watch the mating displays of a pair of chaffinches in the cageless aviary through my window. They dance the dance of nature by instinct. This created cosmos has so much beauty in it, untouched by the madness of this world. If you think this creation is beautiful, imagine how much more beautiful the new creation will be when the true new age comes. All that we are witnessing now in these upheavals — whether natural geophysical disturbances or unnatural human-made ones — are what Christ called “birth-pains”. Birth-pains of the new age to come, which is gestating even now in the death-throes of the old. Barbarism and beauty exist now side by side. But it will not always be so.

Having been writing a book about the Book of Revelation for the last nine months, which will be complete by the end of this month, I have been steeped in that barbarism and beauty, as that Book lays out the nature of the spiritual battle and the way that it has gone into overdrive since the ascension of the Christ. What a ride it is! Now I’m just writing about its final two chapters which reveal “the new heaven and new earth” after “the first heaven and earth” (the one we are living in now) has been destroyed and has “passed away”. It is basically about paradise regained, with the effects of the Fall of humanity reversed and all things being made new. There is a lovely line which says that the new creation, which is symbolically depicted as a city paved with gold, “has no need of sun or moon to shine on it, because the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its lamp”. This is a metaphor showing how in that new age there will be no gulf, such as there is now, between the inhabitants of that world and its Creator. Those who are disciples of the Christ will be those inhabitants. That is why “the Lamb is its lamp”. Christ is the Lamb — the sacrificial Lamb, God manifested in the flesh, who overcame the onslaught of Satan, burst through the limitations of death, resurrected and ascended as the forerunner for all those who will follow Him.

We are living in extraordinary times. I cannot decide if it is a privilege or a curse! Both, most likely. 🙂 I despise the curséd exercise of deception over so many minds, but I love having the privilege of being able to stand up for truth. That is my sole motivation in writing this little piece this morning — to stand up for truth. There is no greater privilege for any human than that. I hope you will join me in the exercise of it. Love to you all from me… 💝





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