MERELY BEING A “TRUTHER” can only go 1 of 2 inadequate ways: Slogans and false hope. SLOGANS = “Smash the New World Order!”, “March for Freedom!”, “Take Back the Planet!”, “You could be the 100th Monkey!”, etc. FALSE HOPE = falling for psyops like QAnon or the so-called ‘Coming Great Awakening’ or imagining there are ‘Ascension Codes’, ‘Transmissions’, ‘The Great Shift’ and ‘DNA Activations’, Ascended Masters, and a ‘golden age’ to come on earth. These are all chimeras designed to lull people into a false sense of hope.

All of the above adds up to the erroneous conjecture that human power alone can overturn aeons of satanic evil carried out by fallen angels (demons) who, over those aeons, have accrued a mass of experience in deception and duplicity which defies comprehension as the fallen archangel, Satan, with his cohorts, builds his pretended ‘kingdom’ on earth, often posing as ‘angels of light’. What “Truthers” have rightly observed is the conspiratorial nuts and bolts involved in the making of that satanic ‘kingdom’, which is building-up to a one-world government under Satan’s chosen leader. But they have also fallen for the deceptive strategies which I outlined as ‘chimeras’ in the first few lines above, which can only have been designed by the satanic realm as distractions from the truth through deluded provisions of false hope and sloganizing.

However, what “Truthers” (whether they are New Age or ‘anarcho-libertarian’ types) have NOT perceived is that the ONLY antidote to that ‘kingdom’ is the mighty being we nickname “the Christ” (which comes from a Greek word-root meaning “the Anointed One”), who has already overthrown the satanic realm 2000 years ago when He manifested in the flesh, died, resurrected and ascended to heaven. From that time until the end of this age is simply a ‘mopping-up operation’ in which rampant demonic and human evil is being permitted to come to its climax in order to be judged and destroyed, while at the same time human beings — if they desire it with all their hearts — are being brought into the kingdom of the Christ. When the end of this age has come (that is, when the very last human has been ‘enlisted’ for service to the Christ and His kingdom), then this present cosmos will be destroyed and a new one created in its place, in which those ‘enlisted’ humans will be the population in resurrected form, in which death and moral failure will no longer be possible. This is what the Bible is really all about from start to finish.

The greatest satanic conspiracy of this age is not the assassination of JFK or the inside job on the World Trade Center in 2001, but it is the false claim that the Christ never came in the flesh and that it is up to us humans to build a better world. While it is true that we must resist and expose the burgeoning evil darkness in this world, the power-elite behind it, and their puppets (for those in the kingdom of the Christ are counterculture through and through), we must never imagine that we are our own ’saviours’. As the Christ Himself said: “Separated from Me, you can do nothing” (Gospel of John, chapter 15, verse 5). Never has it been more important than to “UNseparate” ourselves from God as this age draws to a close. That was the purpose of Christ’s coming — to bring us back into being in sync with our Creator. This world is spinning off into madness, degeneration, debauchery and lawlessness precisely because of that separation (and the parallel doings of the demons). However, it is not nearly enough to be a “Truther”, although it is a start. For truth only becomes complete when one realises and proclaims the truth about the Christ.

If you think that everything I have written here is the deluded ramblings of a lunatic (and I will understand if you do, as the propaganda against Christ has been so deceptive), then hold these words somewhere in your mind and as the world becomes what it inevitably must become in the next months and years, please bring these words back to remembrance and, on your knees, call out to the Christ to bring you into His kingdom — because that kingdom is all that will continue out of this world in the one to come. Better still, do that anyway right now! For in that lies your only real hope.

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