ANYONE FAMILIAR WITH MY WRITINGS will know that some of them reference conspiratorial aspects of global development. But here’s the thing: I am only interested in conspiracy if it is clearly part of the agenda of the satanic world-system to create a one-world government leading to the revealing of the Antichrist. As far as I am concerned, any alleged conspiracy which does not impinge in some way on that agenda is more than likely to operate as a decoy (deliberately or incidentally), as an allurement, as bait to get you addicted to conspiracy purely for its own sake and to distract you from the spiritual reality of the fulfilment of prophecy. This, of course, is precisely what the forces of darkness want.

When one doesn’t have a spiritual overview regarding why global conspiracies exist and the spiritual reasons behind them, then one becomes a conspiracy addict and researching and espousing conspiracies becomes one’s religion. Some folks rise to the top and become sought-after experts in conspiracies (the high priests of the religion) and gain kudos on social media and as speakers. But those “experts” will never teach you about the real reason those conspiracies exist and they will always take you off into a welter of distracting “conspiracies” which merely act as decoys from the real deep truths of this world as this evil age runs to its inevitable conclusion.

The Conspiracy Religion has become the new victimhood to such an extent that absolutely anything which any official body espouses is regarded as nothing but lies and concealment. It is almost as if people want to feel cheated about absolutely everything which official organizations tell them. Even reaching the delusion that the earth is not a sphere and therefore everyone who doesn’t believe the earth is flat is denounced as a “Globetard” (as I have been a number of times, much to my amusement 😊). It is absolutely true that deception abounds in the most spectacular fashion in this world and is building up to such devastating subtlety that even faithful disciples of Christ could be deceived, if such a thing was possible (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 24). But we already have enough conspiratorial deception to deal with without the minutiae of invented, dubious or merely speculative conspiracies which so many are panicking about today. If you recall, I wrote an article about the difference between what I called “old-style conspiracy investigators” and “new-fangled conspiracy nuts”. [ ]. The outcome of this is what we are dealing with today. All the continual obsession with so-called chemtrails, 5G, and so on, which, while having a modicum of truth behind them in some instances, actually involve a failure to realise that the massive obsession with them is the result of originally controlled-opposition planting decoys either to put us in a self-centred, fear-driven panic (“They’re poisoning us! We’re all going to die!”) or to inveigle us with concocted distractions of a sensational nature in the case of such claims as e.g., shape-shifting lizard-people, flat earth, and the Sandy-Hook hoax (for which the obese motormouth multimillionaire shill, Alex Jones, is now having to pay some of his fortune). It is almost as if there is a competition to see who can champion the most outlandish conspiracy theory and thereby gain personal kudos from it.

So why all this victimhood in Conspiracy Religion? Two reasons: First, I believe that there is a pathological element to it. People who were lied to as children end up as adults who trust no one and are looking for a way to feel cheated at every turn to ‘act out’ their childhood deception. I feel there is an element of that in the “new-fangled conspiracy nuts” — the pathological need to feel cheated by authority or hard-done-by. Second, this victimhood over conspiracies is so obviously the perfect firestorm generated by the demonic realm to act as a decoy to distract gullible people from having their eyes on the real conspiracies which involve the building-blocks of Satan’s kingdom on earth — the way that the road is being paved to create a one-world government, at the head of whom will be revealed a leader who disciples of Christ will recognise as the prophesied Antichrist.

All this is because when the true spiritual background to conspiracy is either ignored, rejected or unknown, people will run around like headless chickens getting worked up about anything which smells of conspiracy and it becomes almost all that they think or speak about. Because there is no beautifully-solid spiritual foundation in their lives and hearts, they become addicted to conspiracy of any kind and the conspiracies themselves become their religion. The Conspiracy Religion. Or one could even say “the Conspiracy Cult”. When one hasn’t turned one’s life (mind and heart and all of it) around, left one’s previous godless life behind and become a disciple of Christ, one will be ‘all over the place’ and in a state of instability. That is what leads to the Conspiracy Religion taking over, for one is then highly vulnerable to demonic input as demons always home in on the unstable and Christ-rejecting soul.

Let us never forget that we live in a world of conspiracy because we are in the midst of a spiritual battle which is the left-over conflagration from the ousting of the fallen archangel, Satan, from his usurped ‘rulership’ of the world at the resurrection of Christ (as was plainly predicted by Christ in the Gospel of John, chapter 12, verse 31) and the eviction down to this earth of the satanic realm from their previous access to the heavenly realms (Book of Revelation, chapter 12, verse s 12-13) as a result of Christ’s victory in resurrection then ascension. Thus, for the last two thousand years, the satanic realm of darkness has been waging an all-out war of attrition involving a massive cover-up of the truth about Christ (which is the REAL conspiracy) alongside the gradual building of a phony powerbase on earth which must be approaching some kind of climax now that science, technology and human stupidity have reached such vast globally-syndicated proportions.

The irony is that all the folks who are addicted to conspiracy and who have it as their religion do actually refer to “satanic” things and claim that the upper echelons of power in the world sacrifice children to Satan and feed off their adrenochrome (another ‘red herring’ for conspiracy addicts with no solid evidence). They refer to things as being ‘satanic’ and even to Satan himself, yet they will not believe that the Christ came to destroy the works of Satan. They would rather believe in the psyops of ET’s, lizard-people, channelled intergalactic spirit-guides, and even unicorns and fairies rather than in the truth about the Christ.

There are so many sensational claims about conspiracies which can never be confirmed as true. One has to be so careful not to go down that line of mere gossip. For gossip is speculation and every bit as dubious as government propaganda. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional bit of speculation (so long as it is declared to be speculation rather than actual reality), when that which is mere speculation is presented as being fact to which one must conform or one is suspected of being a ‘shill’ then one is perpetuating a cult rather than proffering a genuine conspiracy. For this obsession with conspiracy has morphed from an obsession into a religion and then from a religion into a cult.

The very best way to deal with all this is to concentrate on one’s spiritual transformation and regeneration. That will not come through any of the New Age baloney to which many of these ‘new-fangled conspiracy nuts’ subscribe. New Agers (based on the false teachings of the theosophist Alice Bailey and the like) are looking forward to and avidly working towards a global oneness and the coming of the ‘World Teacher’ she wrote about (who disciples of Christ would identify as the Antichrist). The acute deception surrounding that event is being prepared for now in the many psychological operations fielded by intelligence agencies. Many of those with Conspiracy Religion actually spout ideas which are supposedly based on Bible prophecies, such as the so-called ‘mark of the beast’ (which they wrongly claim will be a microchip in the arm) and the number ‘666’ (about which they also have numerous misconceptions). Really, knowledge about conspiracies is of no use whatsoever (and is even deleterious to one’s soul) if one has no clear understanding of Bible prophecy and the work of Christ. This is one of the main reasons that I put out a book this year on the Book of Revelation, entitled “The Essential Apocalypse: Making Sense of the Book of Revelation” (available here for free download: ) . So much nonsense is believed about the contents of the Book of Revelation, both inside and outside the visible church (much of which is the false church). This is all part of the same instability which gives rise to the Conspiracy Cult. This is why I say that the very best way to deal with all this is to concentrate on one’s spiritual transformation and regeneration.

I am hoping that as the one great conspiracy of a one-world government begins to materialize, and thereby renders so many of the obsessions of the ‘new-fangled conspiracy nuts’ as being of far lesser importance in the prophetic scheme of things, a realisation will occur in the minds of many about the true nature of the spiritual battle and about the real identity of the Christ and the real reasons for the acute opposition to Him and the many falsehoods which swirl about this world as decoys and distractions.

Finally, I say this: If one’s interest in conspiracy is not Christ-centred, then it will inevitably provide a foothold for the satanic realm to take an interest in your obsession and use it to its advantage. There can be no neutrality in this spiritual battle. This is why I say that “I am only interested in conspiracy if it is clearly part of the agenda of the satanic world-system to create a one-world government leading to the revealing of the Antichrist”. This is because I know that this event will soon be followed by the one which will overrule it: The return of the true Christ, which is what the entire history of this planet and life on earth has been inexorably working towards for aeons.

So get yourself straightened out spiritually, then do not let yourself be distracted by conspiracies — bogus or otherwise — which make you take your eyes off the heart of spiritual truth, for there are many such distractions, all courtesy of the ‘spirit of the Antichrist’ and the ‘mystery of lawlessness”. Eschew all decoys, maintaining a quiet faith, in the knowledge that this present jumble of a fallen creation is just a prelude to the new one to come.