THE PHOTO ACCOMPANYING THESE WORDS is of an icon hand-painted on wood by a Greek Orthodox monk which depicts George slaying the dragon. This precious icon is placed on a shelf overlooking where I sit when writing, so as to inspire and encourage me in the formation of my words. Although based on a local myth, this icon is clearly rooted in the Archangel Michael battling successfully against the fallen, apostate Archangel Satan, who is depicted symbolically as a dragon in an account of that battle in chapter 12 of the prophetic Book of Revelation, which was written over nineteen-hundred years ago on the Greek island of Patmos. I have that icon near me as a symbolic reminder that the angels and I do battle against just the kind of empty darkness which so many people ignorantly celebrate today. “It’s all just good clean fun”, they say. “No, it isn’t”, I reply gravely (pun intended). If you study the real background to this day they call “Hallowe’en”, you will see that it is anything but ‘clean’. It is rooted in the pagan festival of Samhain, of which Halloween is a vague modern remnant. Like many pagan festivals it was rooted in dark superstition and enslavement to demonic entities. Samhain was seen essentially as a celebration of chaos and destruction, in which spirits of any kind would be unleashed on the earth. People would dress themselves as ghosts and ghouls to disguise themselves in the hope of not being possessed by the spirits. In order to depict the abolition of order and a descent into chaos, people would switch genders and cross-dress. (Does that remind you of our own perverted corrupt present time?). Animal sacrifice was practised. So when people say “Hallowe’en is good clean fun”, they are really just showing their ignorance and naivety. We are in the midst of a battle with the forces of darkness. This festival is based on superstition and ignorantly wallowing in that darkness.

When one has tasted spiritual cleanness and has had the desire for anything to do with ‘dirt’ removed from one’s heart, then what happens on the 31st day of October can be seen as the forces of darkness making fools out of those who are enslaved to them and who are manipulated like pawns on the chessboard of life to imitate part of the dastardly art of demons. It is all so incongruously anachronistic. For the Christ came two millennia ago to cleanse the world of filth, corruption and degradation — though the forces of darkness refuse to acknowledge it and rabidly continue with their futile rebellion against all that is good and Light, for they know that they only have a little time left to complete the building of their ersatz empire. Therefore, at a time when those same forces of darkness are so avidly building up to their climax of evil through their increasing manipulation behind the scenes to bring in a deceptive one-world government, it is an act of the utmost foolishness and even partaking in apostasy to impersonate theatrical caricatures of that very same darkness and evil and imagine that it is merely “good clean fun”.

It doesn’t matter if this fake day masquerades as the “Day of the Dead” or “All Saints Day”, it’s all still fake. The dead don’t need a day, especially not a day on which those who are alive make themselves look like skeletons. It is all just so bizarre and ghoulish. We need to celebrate the gift of life and be aware every day of what will become of us when we die and how that is dependent on the way we live our lives and how what we believe makes us behave. As for the idea of All Saints Day, it is a complete fiction because every single disciple of Christ is a saint, as the New Testament makes abundantly clear. Saints are those who are sanctified in Christ, chosen by God not those 3000 or so who have been canonized by any Pope, which is an impostor. The very office of the Papacy is an imposture into the Ekklesia with no justification for itself than the assertion of false authority. Christ needs no “vicar“ on earth; for Christ Himself is the one intermediary between humans and God.

If I were to dress up as anything today, it would be as the Archangel Michael. I would ride gallantly on horseback into the midst of every celebration of evil today with my symbolic sword (which is my words) and bring symbolic fire (which is the power of the Light) down from heaven to dress everyone as the angels who never fell for Satan’s filthy lies rather than as the demons who scoff at everything wise. They would be the best quick-change artists ever! That’s what I call clean entertainment. We should be imitators of good rather than of evil — of Light rather than darkness — not just today but every day in this countdown to the approaching time when all darkness will reach its climax and be eradicated from the cosmos forever in the inauguration of a new aeon: A new heaven and a new earth.

I sincerely hope there are those out there who can say, “Amen”, to these words.



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