WHAT IS IMPORTANT is NOT whether you are going to be living in a so-called “15-minute city”, or a cashless society, or transhumanist culture (or under any other totalitarian constraints advocated by the WEF or the CIA or the CFR or any other ‘ABC’ agency), but whether or not you are going to be a fearless, mighty disciple of the Christ in the midst of this fallen world which is under the power of the fallen archangel, Satan, and which is hurtling towards a global government with the satanically-energized Antichrist at its head. The maelstrom of evil coming upon this earth cannot be stopped by any human means, for that is way outside our pay grade.

So, instead of spending all your God-given time getting super-genned-up on all the godless developments that are surely coming in this world and posting about them hysterically on social media, realise that this civilisation and the cosmos in which it exists are doomed. The world in its present form was graciously given a ‘stay-of-execution’ after Christ’s ascension to heaven, in that the destruction of this present creation was ‘delayed’ in order to ensure that as many souls as possible would be gathered into His true Ekklesia, transformed spiritually, and earmarked to be in the new creation to come, which will be built on the ashes of this present creation when Christ returns cataclysmically “like lightning coming from the east and flashing as far as the west” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 27).

So do not spend all your time fretting about the demise of the present cosmos and all that this entails (including the degeneration of morals in an increasingly depraved and screwed-up society). Instead, ensure that you and everyone you know are on the right side — the Light side — the Christ side. A disciple of Christ, whose life has been completely turned around, sees everything in a very different way from a so-called “Truther”, who has no real spiritual context in which to understand the conspiracies and travesties of this world and who thereby gets stuck in the minutiae of them, with no hope.

To understand what is necessary to become a disciple of Christ, please read my article “Knowledge Which has Deliberately Been Kept from You”: https://diakrisis-project.com/2021/09/22/knowledge-which-has-deliberately-been-kept-from-you/ . To learn more about what is prophesied to come on this earth and how to handle it, please read my free-to-download 658-page commentary on the Book of Revelation here: https://diakrisis-project.com/2022/06/10/the-essential-apocalypse-making-sense-of-the-book-of-revelation-is-ready-for-download/ . Love to one and all… 💝

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