Below, you will find free download links for five books I have written during the last five years. They are all fully interactive PDF format eBooks in which you can activate “bookmarks” in your PDF reader app to see all chapter/section headings in a column on the left of the text. Please share these links far and wide.

Above are the front and rear covers of a new 120-page eBook. It builds on a much smaller essay which I created in 1998. A second expanded edition came some years later, still in A4 essay format. Now that second edition has been expanded even further with 25% more material into an attractive eBook in large paperback format for the third edition. And it is still entirely free of charge to download (see link below). Here is the Table of Contents so you can get an idea of what it contains:

If you’ve read a previous version of this book, please don’t think that you do not need to read this new, entirely updated edition. It is now much tighter and even more closely argued. It is a book you can feel confident to give to others to read. Due to peer pressure, so many Christians feel compelled to support the modern state of Israel, believing it to be a restoration of the Israel of the Bible. But the Bible’s own evidence defies that notion. Make no mistake, the new Judaizers have become like a cult and if you do not go along with them, they will try to crucify your reputation and become increasingly nasty, accusing you of adhering to a heresy they invented, called “Replacement Theology”. Please do not be distracted from your quest for truth by these fanatical tactics. Holding to truth has never brought popularity and you may find yourself “contra mundum”. So be it! Uncomfortable truth eclipses agreeable lies. Always.

The free download link for this new eBook is below. I hope you find it a rewarding read:

FOR MANY YEARS, it has been my custom to write a new war-poem each year to be published for November the 11th, the memorial date of the Armistice signed in 1918 at the end of the First World War. This year, I am doing something more substantial than a single poem. So I here present to you a completely updated and revised edition of a much smaller essay I wrote in 2014, with the provocative title, “War is Who we Are”, which I have now expanded into a 131-page eBook, with 38,000 words. It is available for free download in link at the foot of this page.

As well as the main text in the book, there are now 24 poems and sonnets at the conclusion of the book on the subjects of conflict and war, compared to just 14 in the 1st edition. The main text of the book, which contains a 25,500-word essay, is now 73% larger than the 1st edition from 2014. So this is a substantial rewrite of the entire work which I have just completed. Here is the Table of Contents, so you can see for yourself the kind of scope that it contains.

The 1st edition of “War is Who we Are” — due to my own intensive spiritual questionings, and more than a few dark nights of the soul at that time — concentrated exclusively on the psychological causes of conflict and war. This 2nd edition expands on those psychological causes, while also providing a thorough exposition of the spiritual background which has given rise to those psychological causes. For the psychological cannot properly be understood without immersing oneself in an understanding of the spiritual.

The power-elite warmongers and the masters of war gloat as they consolidate their satanic powerbase of evil ‘while sipping sherry and Vermouth on their lawns and at their garden parties’ — a conflation of lines in two of my war-poems at the end of this book. This entire work has therefore been written as a massive explosion in the faces of all those who contribute to the evil of war.

I now commend this little book to you, on this Armistice/Remembrance Day of the year 2022, in the hope that it will deepen your understanding of war as the macrocosm of the microcosm of our own conflict-stricken natures. Until those natures are totally transformed — for which copious guidelines and pointers are given throughout this book — war will tragically continue to be who we are… right through to the very end of this age…

This eBook is an ‘interactive’ PDF document, containing the following mouse-clickable or touchscreen elements: All bookmarks, headings on the Contents pages, email addresses and weblinks in both the main text and footnotes. It can be read in any PDF ‘reader’, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc. You can also easily import it to your Kindle reader or the Kindle programme on your desktop/laptop computer or phone. This eBook is best read on an iPad, tablet or laptop/desktop computer, though a phone can be used in landscape mode if necessary.

Below is the download button for the book ⬇️

Discerning the Signs of the Times: The CIA & Subversion through Mind-Control, Satanism, Sorcery, & the Use of Religion & Cults as Tools of the New World Order

A fully-interactive PDF format electronic book of 210 pages in large-format paperback size, consisting of 65,000 words with 340 footnote references.

Above, you can see the cover of this book, which has an ’abstract’ giving a summary of the contents. If you were to think that this is “just another conspiracy book about the CIA”, you would be sorely mistaken. It is so much more than that. In fact, I can guarantee that you have never read a book like it before. Superficially, a lot of it does reference the CIA and other influential agencies, but only to demonstrate the way that the satanic realm goes about establishing its kingdom in this world and how this process has accelerated to a massive degree during the last seventy years. Above all, my overall intention has been to place all the activities reported in the book into a spiritual context. Thus, the first 25 pages of the book are devoted to showing why it is necessary to expose the works of darkness and to demonstrate unequivocally that it is not a negative thing to do so but is actually very wholesome and helpful to one’s understanding and even one’s spiritual growth. That section also shows how infiltration and impostorship have been systematically carried out throughout the past two millennia and are hugely active today, both in the wider world and even in the visible “Church”. Here is an image of the full Contents pages so you can see for yourself what is contained therein:

In the book, you will discover many surprising elements, such as: The CIA’s involvement in the creation of the European Union and why. The connection between the CIA and the World Economic Forum. The CIA’s control of the drugs market. The CIA’s control of the media. The CIA’s tentacular use of mind-control programmes and their purposes. The connection between the CIA and Nazism, The CIA and Carl Jung. The CIA and Billy Graham, etc. The CIA’s use of religion, cults, churches, movements and missionaries. The CIA’s meddling with Satanism and its use of psychic powers and other sorceries.

As well as the research within the book, there are also two detailed Excursuses on “The Thread of Satanic Religion from Antiquity to the Present” and “The Cult of Subjectivism vs The Truth Which Sets You Free”. There is an Author’s Preface, in which I set out my stall at the outset. And the book is concluded with a section revealing the interface between the CIA and the demonic power-elite and showing how everything in the book is part of a much wider spiritual battle. Please peruse the contents pages above to see what I mean.

Really, the CIA aspect is just a peg on which to hang the hat of my real intentions in this book. It is not concentrating on darkness but is continually providing encouragement that the satanic realm is so rabidly active because it knows that it has been overcome. If I can put it this way, I want to drive my readers to Christ as a sheepdog drives sheep into the safety of the pen. For we are in the midst of a furious spiritual battle which Christ won 2000 years ago, and the years since then have involved a spiritual ’mopping-up operation’ during which the evil of humanity is coming to its head and showing its true colours while souls are being rescued out of the world by the Spirit of Christ. All of this is prophesied in the Bible and it is going to get a whole lot worse and to be forewarned is to be forearmed. (All this is dealt with in detail in my book on the Book of Revelation, which I completed just three months ago, which you can also download on this website free of charge).

Here is the bottom line: Without the protection of Christ one is at the mercy of the forces of darkness. After reading this book, I hope you will be convinced that the building of Satan’s kingdom on earth is real and that the kingdom of God is real too, and that Satan’s kingdom is doomed, whereas the Kingdom of God is eternal.

So, I here present to you this little book about the importance of Discerning the Signs of the Times. The download button is below and the book is yours free of charge. I hope you find it as helpful to read as I have found it to write. Remember to read all the footnotes and the external pieces to which they refer, if possible, as they add an important dimension to the text of the book. May God bless you.

This eBook can be read on a smartphone, but this is not the most ideal way to do it. Best by far would be a desktop/laptop computer or a tablet/iPad, where you can click on the bookmarks icon in your PDF reader to bring up all the chapter and section headings in a clickable list on the left-hand side of the screen. All the weblinks are clickable too, as are the headings in the contents pages at the beginning of the book. The file can also be imported into a Kindle device or a Kindle Reader on a computer.

Download Link Below ⬇️

The Essential Apocalypse – Making Sense of the Book of Revelation

HERE AT LAST is the first eBook edition of my 658-page book, “The Essential Apocalypse – Making Sense of the Book of Revelation”. (Front and rear covers left). 

You will find the download link for it below as a free downloadable, fully interactive PDF file.

This book was first conceived many years ago, but initially only as an in-depth article. It was finally begun as that article in June 2021. Then it quickly turned into a lengthy essay. Then it rapidly turned into a book — the book that you now see here.

The first draft manuscript was pored-through by proof-readers, two of whom have made comments which now grace the Readers’ Comments on page 4 of the book. They look like this:

You will see there that one of the readers had to adjust to my style, which in this book is informal and conversationally tries to engage with readers at a personal level. I wanted this work to be as jargonless and as free from classic ‘Christian’ clichés as possible. I am not ‘preaching to the choir’ but to the world. I have wanted to make the Book of Revelation as transparent as possible to anyone interested in it. And there is much interest in that Book today, mainly through certain elements which have caught the imagination of those who are interested in the many conspiracies which abound in this world, such as the number 666, the ‘mark of the beast’, the four horsemen, the “two witnesses”, and the so-called Millennium. So much baloney has been spoken and written about those elements that I wanted to set the record straight. I am not part of any sectarian belief system (e.g. dispensationalism) and have endeavoured to bring an objective, rational analysis to the text which is compelling in its presentation of what I believe to be the truth and heart of the text.

The Book of Revelation is not a mere florid analysis of the so-called Endtimes. It has been relevant throughout the entire age — from the ascension of Christ to His return, which period is the main focus of that Book. For it seeks to reveal what has been God’s plan of the ages in having what Satan usurped once more “become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ”. It is the revelation of how Christ has uniquely forged that restoration, which we see through His opening of the scroll with its seven seals, which open out into the seven trumpets, which open out into the seven bowls of Divine fury. I hope that I have conveyed that revelation in all its glory.

There are serious warnings in the Book of Revelation to anyone who adds to the text or who takes away from it. I can assure you that these warnings have continually been in the forefront of my mind as I wrote. Now, after having just gone through the book once more with a fine toothcomb, I am satisfied with the contents and it is being made publicly available, as you will see below in v.1.6. (If any readers have an earlier (therefore incomplete) draft of the book in their possession, please could you delete it now). After a few months of the book being available in eBook format (during which time any corrections could be made if suggestions are received), it could be made into a physical, printed book if funds can be raised. I present it to you now as an encouragement and it comes to you with all my love. 💝

Alan Morrison,
10th June, 2022.

This PDF file (now on version 1.6) can be read on any screen, but it is more relaxedly readable on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It can also be imported into a Kindle or Kindle Reader. Being fully interactive, you can click on “Bookmarks” in your PDF reader application and then see all the chapter and subject headings. Please now click on the link below to download it…

THIS NEW BOOK (available for free download as a PDF eBook (v.1.4) at the foot of this preamble), is both polemical (controversial) and didactic (educational). Standing at 167 pages with 61,000 words and more than 350 footnotes, it is based on a much smaller article I wrote exactly thirty years ago, which has been earnestly waiting to be born. My research was interrupted by four years of study in theological college and also while writing “The Serpent and the Cross” (published in 1994). In 1993, during my first pastorate (when I was still ecclesiastically naive), I privately penned an article which had the working filename “Charicon” about the whole Charismatic con(fidence trick) which had already seduced so many churches (though not nearly so many as now). The following year, the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ “revival”, which came out of that same stable, hit the visible church and I found myself having to spend the ensuing years proving that it was yet another confidence trick of Satan seducing huge numbers of professing ‘Christians’ (including many ‘evangelicals’) into behaving like lunatics to discredit the Gospel. I made three public video-talks about it all at the time which, amazingly, are still on YouTube nearly thirty years later!

That “Charicon” article remained lodged in my computer archives for all these years until I came upon it recently when I was writing the article, “Parallel Psychic Power-Games in the Church and in the World”, about the real “gift of Languages” compared to the modern gibberish ‘Tongues’, and the more than century-old fake idea of a ‘second blessing’ “Baptism with the Holy Spirit” compared to what the Bible says about the real Spirit baptism. It then became clear to me that I needed to resurrect the entire “Charicon” article rather than just the bits I used in the “Psychic Power-Games” piece and build it into the book that it was always meant to be. So, after adding tens of thousands of words more and updating it all with my current knowledge, it has superseded the “Psychic Power-Games” piece and now become the book you see here.

I believe that this is among the most important works I have ever written. It has needed saying for a very long time. The wilful ignorance of so many appalls me. Thirty years ago, I thought the madness might subside. But it has only gone from strength to strength because too many wimpish beta “leaders” in the churches lack backbone and resolve and only know how to waffle, with their collective ass stuck on the fence, just as they did when the “Toronto Blessing” hit the scene in 1994.

For example, the website Christianity dot com (which presumably imagines itself to be the main voice for the religion of Christianity) has an article about the Pentecostal/Charismatic ritual known as being “slain in the Spirit”, in which a pastor zaps someone on the forehead and makes them fall down. In that article it says that we should not be quick to judge and should listen “to both sides of the arguments”, which it then provides! The lack of discernment and wilful ignorance is breathtaking. Welcome to the modern religion of wimpish emasculated beta ‘Christianity’, in which there is no real leadership but only lily-livered tolerance of whatever is ‘the thing’ in the Christian scene. Research nothing. Accept everything. Offend no one. Embrace everyone. Does all that sound familiar? 😉 Satan has got them all by the short and curlies.

Where is the sweet scent of simplicity, humility and quiet strength which should form the spiritual backbone of gatherings of disciples of Christ? So much empty noise everywhere masquerading as “fellowship”. So much crass showmanship (and show-woman-ship) and vulgarity. The time has come to get back to ways of doing “church” which don’t look like they were designed in Las Vegas and don’t rely on psychospiritual antics and quasi-New Age techniques. It’s all in the book. Please check it out, download it, and share all this with your friends.

Anyway, blessings to you from me. 💝 Please read on through the images below and then freely download the book at the bottom of the page.

The front and rear cover of the book is the primary image attached to this post. Below are two images of the Table of Contents so you can see what is being covered in the book.

Below is an image of the two readers’ reviews given by two of the book’s proofreaders which appear in the front matter of the book.

As you can see from the Table of Contents, there is a mass of information and Bible teaching in this book. It is not merely a polemic. Below is the download link for the book, which is in fully-interactive PDF format as a carefully-designed eBook in which all links will open. While the format allows it to look neat on a good phone screen, it is best viewed on a tablet or laptop/desktop computer screen. Here is the download link, which is currently on v.1.4 (after having a section added refuting the claim that the gift of ‘Languages’ (‘Tongues’) is the language of angels).

Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait
The Road I have Chosen

This is an electronic book, in a high-resolution, interactive PDF format, written by me, Alan Morrison, in the form of a spiritual autobiography and presentation. 

To download this book, which is currently on the stable version v.2.4, please click on this word, “Download”, which will take you to the book’s dedicated website. If you have any questions arising from the book or the content of this website, you can contact me via the “Contact” page.

UPDATE: Version 2.4 of the book is now available for Download!


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