Welcome to the new website of the Diakrisis Project!

The Diakrisis Project has been created to provide a written commentary — through investigative articles and essays — on a wide range of topical, spiritual, social and pastoral issues, to hold out a hand of rescue to those who suffer psychological, emotional or spiritual manipulation and abuse in the religious scene, while providing counsel and encouragement for the confused. The website will carry out this work with a similar name to the original service, Diakrisis, which was established in hard-copy 30 years ago, while I was at theological college, but now with an even sharper focus and an even greater spirit of boldness and liberty.

The Diakrisis Project contains 300+ items related to spiritual matters or investigative commentary and exposition on issues in world developments which are of prophetic interest, while exposing deception and cultism both in the “Christian” scene and on the wider world stage. (If you are looking for my poetry and music blog, you will find that at https://thenakedtroubadour.com ).

Coupled with all this, I am offering to travel anywhere in the world to give public or private talks on the issues dealt with on The Diakrisis Project or in my book Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait (or on any other issues desired!). As part of this service, a quietly longstanding vision of mine has been the opening of a conference and study centre to provide courses and resources offering teaching about the living Christ and what it means to be a disciple of His, how to be effective as a forthtelling prophet in the world as it is unfolding now, as well as providing an oasis where people can come for spiritual and intellectual nourishment. Whether that stays as a dream (thus limited to this website) or becomes a concrete reality remains to be seen.

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If you have any questions arising from the contents of this site, or if you would like to be updated about any of my other writings and projects, or if you like to share your private thoughts or questions about the subject matter of any of the articles on this site, or if you just have questions in general, you are very welcome to send a message by filling out the fields via the “Contact” page.

Thank you so much for visiting this website! I give you my blessings and best wishes and hope that you will find the content interesting.

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