That’s me above. So you know there is a human behind all this! 🙂 Throughout 2018, I wrote a 672-page, 250,000-word large-format book which is both autobiographical and expository, entitled “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”, available for download free of charge here: https://narrowgate-pathwaystrait.com. This present website and blog, The Diakrisis Project, is building on the foundations of that book and is based on a service I originally provided from 1990 through the ensuing couple of decades. This new service will continue with the same name of Diakrisis but with an even sharper focus and an even greater spirit of boldness and liberty. The services offered by The Diakrisis Project are as follows:

  • Presenting original articles & essays as a commentary on a wide range of topical, spiritual, social and pastoral issues, coupled with investigative exposition on any world developments which are of spiritual and prophetic interest
  • Holding out a hand of rescue to those who suffer psychological, emotional, or spiritual manipulation and abuse in the religious or spiritual scene in general
  • Providing counsel and encouragement for the spiritually-confused
  • Exposing deception and cultism both in the “Christian” scene and on the wider world stage
  • Hosting a “Contact” page, where anyone can pose a question on a spiritual, global, or even a personal matter (anonymously or not) and they will receive a private written response
  • Offering public or private talks anywhere in the world on the issues dealt with in the book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”, or on The Diakrisis Project website (or on any issue of your choice)

People can sign-up on the website to be kept abreast with what is uploaded to this site and when. No monetary charges or subscriptions are involved. Like the book, the Diakrisis Project services are all completely free of charge.

Please tell your friends and publicise the Diakrisis Project website and its services wherever you can. Cross-communication in these strange and difficult times is vital. So I welcome being in touch with any other similar services which work with discernment and investigative perception, which are not hung up on smallminded shibboleths, and are not enslaved by any religious or pseudo-spiritual group or philosophy.

My experience in the spiritual scene over the years — especially in the “Christian” milieu and in my explorations of the last couple of decades — has shown me that there is a large number of genuine seekers and disciples of Christ across the world who have no spiritual home in which they can be nourished by more mature people and who receive little or no spiritual teaching of any depth or encouragement. This is partly because of the failure of so many churches generally to stand up for Truth and be faithful to Christ’s original commission to the ekklesia, which was to be a counterculture in this world. Consequently, many people are searching for nourishment from any source possible, either in written form or, most often, on the internet. Sadly, they often connect with misleading information (deliberate or otherwise) and become the victims of spiritual abuse or harmful teachings; or they are assailed by narrowminded people who want to force them into a religious straitjacket which has nothing to do with the spiritual freedom which lies at the heart of discipleship in Christ. Being present for such people is one of the main aims of The Diakrisis Project and is one of the primary catalysts in the setting up of this website.

I have also had a longstanding vision of opening a conference and study centre to provide courses and resources offering teaching about the living Christ and what it means to be a disciple of His, how to be effective in the world as it is unfolding now, as well as providing an oasis where people can come for spiritual and intellectual nourishment. But that is just a potential vision for now. The key principle is rescue and nourishment, and that is what lies behind the establishment of the services of The Diakrisis Project.

I hope you find it all helpful. Blessings to you from me.

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