TO SAY THAT THE UK HAS BECOME BREXIT-OBSESSED WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT. It’s just wall-to-wall BREXIT everywhere one turns. People are being driven to distraction by it. Families have been divided. Marriages have broken down. Friends have turned against each other. Communities have been divided. In fact, everything has gone more or less the way I thought it would when the original Referendum vote took place. There is nothing clever in that prediction because, as with any psychological operation (Psyop) involving mind-control and the clever use of Trigger-Stimuli, it is fairly easy to forecast how it will run because conditioned people are very Pavlov-doggishly predictable. After these nearly three years of mayhem, I still maintain that Brexit has been one big trap organised by the power-elite — for both those who voted to leave and those who voted to remain — designed to generate certain conditions which would be favourable to their endgame. I will say much more about this later on in this piece.

Twenty-four hours after the referendum about leaving or staying in the European Union in June 2016, I took up my pen to write an article outlining a few of my initial thoughts about the process. Before writing some more in this article, I’m first going to reproduce it here and then continue after it below. Here between the dotted lines is what I originally wrote in June 2016, nearly three years ago:-

25th June 2016


On the eve of the recent United Kingdom/European Union referendum, I received a number of communications from friends and relatives asking what I thought was going to happen the next day. My response was simply to say that the UK would never really be allowed to leave the EU. It’s a “Hotel California” situation: You can check out any time you like… but you can never leave! As you can imagine, after the vote had taken place, they asked me if I was surprised, now that the vote had been a majority to leave the EU. My response was “Yes and no.” Yes, because initially I was surprised that the power-elite had not managed to swing the vote to ensure that it went the way of the “Remain” camp. But I also know that NOTHING happens without the consent of that elite. As Michailo Sczerbiak, the disillusioned CIA sniper (played by Croatian actor, Rade Šerbedžija) in the brilliantly insightful film, “Shooter”, rightly said: “Nothing, no matter how horrible, ever really happens without the approval of the government, over there and here”. He didn’t only mean the phoney “government” made up of MPs or representatives in parliament chambers and congresses, as they are just puppets for the real (and unelected) government — what I call “the power-elite” — which lies BEHIND the phoney government (including the so-called “intelligence services”).

The more I pondered about this referendum, the more it became clear that the power-elite not only knew very well that there is a huge groundswell of resentment in the UK against the European Union but they had actually ORCHESTRATED that resentment through the use of various tactics over the last few years (for example, the engineering of mass enforced immigration due to the illegal mercenary military exploits and interventions they have run and supported over the last decade and more in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc.). It was then that I realised a majority “Leave” vote would, in fact, be far more advantageous to the power-elite’s goals than a majority “Remain” vote — not only because of the unrest it would create but also due to the punitive measures which would be meted out by the EU to the UK for voting to leave (more on this later).

What was rather painful to see were the reactions of so many in the “remain” camp. I awoke on the day after the referendum to updates on social media making very unsavoury (and untrue) comments about those who voted to leave — literally calling them idiots, racists, fascists, Nazis or “Little Englanders”. Additionally, there were so many unwarranted overreactions, some of which bordered on the insane. One said: “I cried all the way through my shower this morning”. Another said: “I’m so angry that these pathetic bigots have destroyed our place at the heart of Europe”. Another: “I can’t stop crying. What have these idiots done?” Another: “I’m terrified. It’s like 1930s Germany all over again”. And another: “This vote has got to be reversed. There’s no way it should be allowed to stand”. What was clear was that not only did those people (who are all normally liberal-minded folks — many working in the arts — who publicly profess the wonders of tolerance, freedom and democracy) quickly and viciously smear those who voted to leave the EU, but they also refused to accept the results of the very system of democracy which they espouse! It was like a whirlwind of unfettered misplaced emotion — the kind of emotionalism one expects in the Big Brother TV reality show house but not from liberals on social media. Prior to the vote they had made no complaint about the process, presumably because they thought that their “side” was going to win. But as soon as it (surprisingly to them) went the other way, their resentment gathered steam. Really, they were reacting exactly how the power-elite wanted them to react. Knee-jerk overreactions. Mass unrest.

The characterisation of those who do not want to be part of the EU as being xenophobic, racist, uneducated, fascist, bigoted, old white men is itself racist, ageist, bigoted and downright untrue! Yet, this is the claim being made by so many who would normally claim to be liberal-minded, tolerant and honest. The present writer has no desire to be part of the EU (and he didn’t take part in a vote concocted by a corrupt system), yet he is neither xenophobic nor racist, nor is he uneducated, old or white (in fact, he’s kindof brownish at the moment in a melanin rush!). Yet, this is what I’ve been reading on the updates of social media. This, of course, is the trap the power elite wanted people to fall into. They are fulfilling their desires to the letter. Divide and rule. They sure know how to push people’s buttons!

Some of us have been watching the Euro-experiment for decades, many decades. Starting out as a rich man’s club, then carefully positioning itself in one of the most corrupt cities in the world (Brussels), where paedophilia is endemic in the establishment and practised with impunity (as indeed it is in Westminster too — for anywhere that “suits” congregate there will be much in the way of corruption and deeds of such darkness that to speak of them would offend even the angels, who know much more than we do). For years Brussels has gradually been accruing increasing power to itself while arrogantly pretending that it is Europe (rather than just a monolithic institution deceptively called the “European Union”). Yes, some of us have been watching this gathering storm for decades, never being fooled by what it represents and where it is all heading.

THE UK/EU Referendum was a “Psychological Operation” to Further the Power-Elite’s Goals

The entire Referendum exercise was so obviously one huge psychological operation (known in intelligence circles as a “Psyop”) organised as yet another exercise in mind-control and manipulation of a mass of people in furtherance of creating the conditions most suited to the dark aims of the power-elite. It was nothing whatsoever to do with “an exercise in democracy in a democratic society” so that the people could decide their future as generously accorded to them by a kindly government! That very idea is just a joke. When you see what the exercise has yielded in society, you also see that the fruits which it bore were deliberately very dark, disturbing and chaotic.

This Psyop had a number of objectives which were all fulfilled to the letter. The powers wanted to make people feel fearful and insecure. Check! They wanted to upset people deeply. Check! They wanted to make people feel as if they are grieving. Check! They wanted to offend people widely. Check! They wanted to make people angry, resentful and discontented. Check! They wanted to create a division of people. Check! They wanted to create a false sense of euphoria in the “victors”. Check! They wanted to create even more chaos than they have already been successfully creating in recent years through their serial wars and false-flag operations. Check! Above all, they wanted people to falsely identify the leave voters as being fascists and the villains of the piece, in order to continue to deflect the fact that the real fascism and true villainy in Europe lies at the heart of the European Union (and that heart is just as much in Langley as it is in Brussels).

Yes, that’s right; I said Langley (the national headquarters of the US Central Intelligence Agency). You see, the European Union has been an enterprise of the CIA from its very inception. It was originally the CIA’s idea which was then implemented by them too. Some of us have been aware of this for decades, though this is generally hidden from public view. I was therefore surprised to see it admitted in a mainstream newspaper earlier this year. Check this piece from 27th April 2016 in the UK Daily Telegraph: . The author, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (who has worked on the Daily Telegraph newspaper for twenty-five years and is its current Business Editor as well as being well-known for his damning book about Bill Clinton), although admitting that the CIA created the European Union (and even plotted long, long ago to create a European common currency by stealth), does a bit of back-pedalling trying to justify it as part of the CIA’s Cold War tactics. But the CIA very cleverly painted many of its European projects as being a defence of the West against communism (“reds-under-the-bed”), when the real reason involved the preparation for where everything was and still is inexorably heading, which had nothing whatsoever to do with standing against communism but everything to do with the creation of a totalitarian one-world government, in which the EU has been one little cog along the way.

What was most interesting was the way that this psyop brought out so many people’s true colours. We saw how those who regularly profess tolerance and democracy were angrily decrying the vote because it had not gone their way. If the Remain-in-the-EU camp had won the vote by a narrow margin, they would not have complained about the result and would simply have crowed about their victory and a triumph for democracy and common sense, etc. But I’ve noticed that there is one “democracy” for the goose and another for the gander. Many only like the voting system when it goes their way. When it doesn’t, then the sour grapes come out. Democracy in action. Right!

A number of updates on social media said: “I’m leaving the country as soon as possible!” adding that this vote represented the march of fascism across Europe and they were frightened that a Hitler would come to power in the UK. (Actually, if that was the case, is running away really a moral response?). The only fascism marching across Europe has been the corrupt European Union, stifling individuality and the sovereignty of nations, power-building and overrunning those nations with masses of usurping legislation. People in the main voted to leave the European Union not because they are “uneducated idiots” or “racist bigots” (as I saw many claim) but because the EU represents unwieldy behemoth government interfering in ordinary people’s lives. They voted that way because they want a return to small government, where officials are accessible, bureaucracy is kept to a minimum and democracy can be more realistically exercised (not that such really exists in the UK, but you get my drift!). But here’s what I’m wondering: why do so many otherwise liberal people, who would normally espouse “alternative” ideas and speak enthusiastically about smaller government being cool and green, want to be in the tentacular EU so much? Surely, it must be because of an extreme naivety about (or refusal to accept) what the EU represents. Or is it because pseudo-liberals are really what I call “neo-Stalinists” who want to control others and what they think or do? Which brings me to my next heading:

The European Union is Drip-Feeding its way to a Neo-Stalinist Superstate

The CIA, which originally created the European Union and controls it in many ways even to this day, is not some patriotic US government agency standing up against the forces of darkness in the world. It IS a force of darkness in itself! The CIA (alongside other intelligence agencies such as Mossad and MI6/SIS) is the enforcing agency for the power-elite — the unelected principalities and powers which currently run this world (though their power is really a usurped one and will one day be smashed to smithereens in the last days of this world as we know it). The European Union had its background in the American Committee on United Europe (ACUE), a CIA front organisation founded in 1948. It is now openly accepted that the ACUE had as its aim the promotion of a United States of Europe while channelling huge funds to pro-federalists in Europe. In an article in September 2000, entitled “Euro-Federalists Financed by US Spy Chiefs”, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard laid all this out by examining official papers which had been discovered revealing the plot. (  ). Even the U.S. State Department had been involved. A memo from the European section of that department, dated June 11, 1965, “advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union by stealth. It recommends suppressing debate until the point at which ‘adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable’”. That is the kind of foundational fascism and neo-Stalinism — the use of skulduggery par excellence — on which the corrupt EU has been built. It is this kind of history, the real history behind the false history espoused in schools and universities, which the naïve and overly emotional supporters of the EU have no idea whatsoever. When I have tried to talk about these matters I have often been dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”. Yet, these are conspiracy facts, not theories! Check them out yourself. Do not fear the truth! Using such spook-fronts to germinate projects on the ground is how the power-elite controls everything. The EU and its forerunners such as the European Economic Community (EEC) is how they have controlled Europe and will continue to control it. This is why no member can be permitted to leave the EU without draconian penalties and punishments. (Yes, that’s right. The UK will not really be permitted to leave. This vote will come to nothing. Either the UK will be brought back into the fold by a revote or by parliamentary overruling, or a useless compromise, or it will be sequestered into another equivalent of the EU, which will be created if the present EU collapses).

The CIA has its fingers in every dirty pie imaginable, from the growing, distribution and sales of most of the world’s drugs to destabilising countries and regions through subterfuge and coups d’états, controlling the banking cartels, as well as supporting all sides in the world’s conflicts, major and minor and organising hideous mind-control projects in the laboratory and in the wider world. This EU/CIA connection is what lay behind Obama’s threats to the UK if it left the EU. [See ]. For the aim of the power-elite in Europe is the creation of a federal superstate — a “united Europe” which supplants the power of its member-states — which will be one of a small number of superstates in the world and thus able to be controlled more easily when the planned world-government under a single world leader is enacted (a scenario which will fool many, just as Obama fooled the world when he was first elected as the modern “messiah” who would bring peace in our time. Quelle blague! La stupidité est incroyable!). The aim of the power-elite has always been the gathering of all European nation-states into one rigidly-controlled monolithic superstate under the tight control of its agents. It has had to use a “Drip-Feed Strategy” in order to achieve that end. It could not be made to happen immediately. People have to gradually be prepared and pre-programmed for it as they would object if the idea was implemented before the mass of people had been brainwashed into accepting it. Thus, what started out as a trade agreement between European countries to make rich men richer has morphed into a monolithic institution in the pit of Brussels gathering increasing power to itself.

The EU is actually a facet of the kind of Neo-Stalinism which has become common today. Neo-Stalinism involves speaking as if one is tolerant, freedom-loving, liberal and democratic but then acting very differently; for when the democracy that they claim to follow doesn’t go their way they become extremely nasty and the very opposite of tolerant — even dictatorial. I have observed this increasingly today in the way that politics is conducted in quasi-liberal circles. (So-called “New Labour” under UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was a classic exhibition of this Neo-Stalinism, in which those who opposed the party-line could even be assassinated, e.g. Robin Cook MP and Dr. David Kelly). The EU is also a manifestation of that Neo-Stalinism, as has been the reaction of so many who object to the way the referendum vote went. The campaign to have a second Referendum because they were not happy with how the first one turned out brings to mind many amusing possibilities. Someone said it was like the losers demanding to play out the Battle of Hastings (AD 1066) all over again because they were not happy with the result. I had to laugh out loud at that one!

Many people who wanted the UK to remain in the EU are now complaining about the vote, saying how awful it was because now the UK will be punished by the EU. Think about that very carefully. For that in itself should give cause for concern. Why would anyone be so keen to remain in an organisation which punishes people who leave it? That smacks of the way that cults behave towards former members. It’s that Neo-Stalinism again. Why can’t people see that this is not the way that a benign, kind, caring, peace-loving, all-inclusive organisation would behave. It is pure authoritarianism. Yet so many who profess liberalism want to be part of it. There’s something wrong there somewhere. A disconnect. Some kind of serious cognitive dissonance.

Having spent some weeks quietly watching the palaver in the UK over the EU referendum, I was highly interested in the final result. That a majority of people in the UK should have voted to leave the EU is not in itself a surprise. They have rightly had enough of being controlled and legislated by a tentacular machine over which they have no control. Ordinary British people generally do not take kindly to threats. There is a history of resistance to encroaching authoritarianism (false authority) which has been suppressed for some time. An increasing number of people in the UK are now aware that a huge fraud has been pulled on them by the EU. Also increasing is the number who are now beginning to realise that the EU is a secret construct of intelligence agencies and one of a number of superstates which are being drawn up to make a single totalitarian world government easier to implement. This is indeed where everything is heading.

It may be that the EU will be dismantled and another conglomerate put in its place. There is talk of other countries holding similar referenda and the result could be the same, in which case a new union would have to be negotiated. On the other hand, as the power elite operates most powerfully through fear, it could be that an example is being made of Britain to show what happens to dissident states which will not play ball. One thing is sure… the next year or two are going to be fascinating in the unfolding developments of the world. However, you can guarantee this: if the EU collapses, it is because the power-elite have orchestrated it and will therefore already have something even more draconian to put in its place. The EU could well be a comparatively benign rehearsal for something even more akin to Orwell’s “1984”!

The EU is not Europe!

Let me say this first: Even though I am always travelling Europe-wide and love Europe, I am NOT a European! [For I am a Cosmic Warrior of no fixed abode]. However, if you really want to consider yourself as a European, here’s the news: You do NOT have to be in the European Union in order to achieve that! Why do all these people who want to be in the EU confuse that with being European? I say to them: just be a free European. Being European has nothing whatsoever to do with being part of the dark-suited, behemoth-like, pseudo-liberal, quasi-socialist, neo-Stalinist, narrow, corrupt institution of the EU. What a misconception it is to think that way! Mistaking the EU for Europe is like confusing sex with love. Worlds apart!

Painting your face blue then putting a circular bunch of stars on it and calling yourself a European does not make you European. It merely means that you’ve been hoodwinked by the European Union into becoming a Euro-slave. All those people complaining on social media that their European status had been forcibly taken away from them by the vote to leave the EU! How crazy can it get? 🤣 Can people not see that Britain has NOT left Europe at all? It is part of the psychological operation of the power-elite to brainwash you with their mind-control into equating the geographical continent of Europe with the chimeric, corrupt institution known as the European Union. Yet, they are not at all synonymous. Not one bit! The EU is a human invention created by spooks which has usurped what is naturally Europe. Leaving the EU is the first step in an act of political emancipation from skulduggery. One could even say that leaving the EU is a good prelude to being truly European rather than aligning oneself with the fake EU type of Euro-pean. If you are serious about wanting a better, more humane and idealistic world, then the European Union is a completely false emblem for that.

My earliest memory of anything which has been generated on a Euro level has been Euro-trash. Take the Eurovision Song Contest: This symbolises everything which is grotesque about Euroland. Vulgar, kitsch, camp-falsity with Euro-beat “music” to dumb down an already dumbed-down population even further. I have always felt too much repugnance and embarrassment to watch the TV productions of that contest for more than five minutes (and four of those five minutes involved me being too shocked to press the remote control to turn off the TV!). Euro-anything is an affront to any artistic, spiritually-intelligent person. In summing up the real Europe, one should take all that has been great about each country rather than the lowest common denominator. When one compares the greatest artists, composers and writers of Europe with the camp, false entertainment Euro-trash of today, one sees that Europe and “Euro” are worlds apart.

Dysbrexia Syndrome

Before winding up, I would like to say a few words about the word “Dysbrexia”. This is a portmanteau word which I created to denote the dyslexia and dystopia in relation to the Brexit vote. Dyslexia is characterised as having trouble with reading despite intelligence. In this whole UK/EU referendum debacle I have noted the trouble with reading the situation for what it really is in people who otherwise exercise intelligence. They fail to read the mind-control which is making them react so kneejerkingly — all the misplaced crying, anger, resentment, etc. They fail to read what lies behind the gathering European Superstate, which has been well documented. They fail to read their lack of democracy and hypocrisy in refusing to accept a democratic vote. They fail to read that they have become puppets on the strings of the spymasters who created the Brexit psyop. That is political, ideological and spiritual dyslexia. The dystopia lies in the apparent love of so many for a CIA-created institution which twists and complicates society, distorting it away from the free and small-based administration which would be most likely to lead to a peaceful community.

Dysbrexia Syndrome. The inability to read events connected to the EU correctly, coupled with an inappropriate admiration for a corrupt organisation hell-bent (literally) on creating the kind of society and world which George Orwell brilliantly portrayed in his book “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.


Maybe these words will attract some disapproval. Those with a vested interest in the EU have their emotions running high right now. The knives are out, and they are using them left, right and centre. However, whatever emotions anyone feels about this issue, the facts will eventually come to speak for themselves and all will be made perfectly clear. We are still living through an era when deception is at the forefront. In the next few years, as the battle between light and darkness on this planet comes to its climax, people will be able to look back on these times and see how fiendishly “clever” it all was in these years of the death-throes of the old aeon on the route to the cataclysm which will give way to the new.

Chaotic Uselessness of the House of Commons

Coming back to the present, I cannot for the life of me understand why otherwise intelligent people think that the world can be changed by all the scheming politicians, who are either corrupt and/or slaves to a rigid party dogma written by hypocrites who can never even CREATE the goods, never mind deliver them! Just look at the British House of Commons right now. The EU referendum has really brought out the true colours in every party. How anyone can imagine that ANY of those characters — whatever their alleged political allegiance — are of any use to the planet is a mystery to me. All politicians have to become liars and actors. I wouldn’t buy a used car from any of them. Even if they start off with some kind of naïve ideals, it will not be long before they become immersed in a world of mendacity, compromise to party dogma and grubby backroom deals. (Not to mention the fact that politicians can do nothing unless it is rubber-stamped by the power-elite which really runs this world, humanly-speaking). What a theatre-farce it all is! There will be no change for the better in this world until the present social/financial system has been destroyed, which will happen hopefully in the not too distant future, in readiness for a completely new way of existence in the new heavens and new earth which has barely been imagined yet. I lie in my bed at night thinking about that time with much happiness and longing.

Lack of Discernment & Spiritual Immaturity Go Hand in Hand

All the panic, hysteria and terror which has been promoted so easily in the aftermath of the EU referendum has occurred because of a lack of discernment and insight into modern public affairs. One of the first things to master if you want to be of service in today’s world is to render yourself as being fearless, unhysterical, unoffendable, triggerless and unbuttonpushable. One of the best ways to do this — instead of gazing out mesmerisedly at an insane world — is to go within. “Go within, young man or woman!” Above all else, get wisdom. Become self-aware, realising why you react the way you do, why you have the anger that you feel, why you have the tears that you shed. Trace your motivations. If you do all that with courage and conviction you will see the EU for what it is and give up on the idea that politically-created institutions can offer you anything more than conflict, illusion and treachery. Find out what *really* lies behind the machinations of this world. Discover the truth about the forces of darkness which have been attempting to usurp the True Light from long, long ago.

All the problems of the world, whichever area of life in which they occur, are the direct result of spiritual and emotional immaturity and ignorance. We will know that we have grown up and matured spiritually and emotionally when, instead of relying on political processes or politicians, parliaments, congresses, prime ministers and presidents to change the world, we will set out to be changed within at the profoundest level and then lead a life which matches those changes, thus transforming the world in ways unseen through normal eyesight. Make no mistake… world change is coming. Hugely. What passes as “normal life” today will one day be relegated to the history of once-necessary darkness. If we change ourselves now from the inside out, devoting ourselves to the discovery of Truth, instead of manmade institutions in a corrupted world-system, then our lives will be based not on endless conflict (which is the foundation of ALL politics today and much else) but on educating ourselves, developing our discernment and perception (inner and outer), unravelling our hearts from the clutter they have accrued, seeing quickly through all deception and skulduggery and understanding the true meaning of such astonishingly misunderstood elements as peace, love and truth and the place they hold in a world currently swathed in chicanery, subterfuge and darkness. That will then send untold waves across the world like ripples in a lake after a pebble has been randomly thrown. We will not be alone in that.

Above that dotted line is what I wrote in the days immediately after the referendum in June 2016. I see no reason to change my mind about any of it. In fact, I can go even further down the roads which were begun in the above piece. For there is a prophetic dimension to Brexit of which mostpeople have no clue whatsoever. In fact, the enactment of Brexit went hand in hand with the election of Donald Trump into office, as I will now show. One would have thought, if one was thinking purely in a linear sense, that the power-elite’s choice of outcome for the UK Referendum and the US Election would have been to remain in the European Union and for Hilary Clinton to be elected (she being part of the power-dynasty of political mafia and also corrupt enough to be able to control). However, although those two directions would appear to have been a smoother fulfilment of their interests on one level, the fact is that the directions in which they went were more preferable for the power-elite than many may realise. Let’s examine what those could be. The first reason why the power-elite allowed Brexit and brought Trump into office was:

To Divide People and thus More Easily Control them

An entity of power only rules fully when the people are weakened by the debilitating influence of division. With divide-and-rule policies in place there will be no social cohesion and therefore no credible resistance to hegemony or outside control. Therefore, divide-and-rule has always been one of the go-to strategies of any dictatorial entity — whether in small groups or mass populations.

Picture, if you will, the revealing scene near the end of the 1962 film, “Lawrence of Arabia”, when the Arabs had been handed Syria on a plate by an eccentric English military officer (nicknamed “El Aurens”, who himself had been a dupe of the power-elite who used him to engender this chaos) plus a few local warlords. Their time had come to run the country. All the leaders met in a makeshift Arab Council in Damascus. Within minutes, the place had descended into uproar and the meeting came to nothing. Why? Because they were divided by tribe and sect and could only see their petty cultural, bloodline differences rather than any imagined common humanity which they shared.

This carries the invaluable teaching that division creates confusion and, ultimately, chaos and thereby inaction. After that 1918 Damascus Arab Council debacle, the British were able to take the control they had always aimed for (having used Lawrence to that end, and who they most likely later assassinated) and, in fact, gave Syria to the French (much to the disdain of Faisal I, who they later made King of Iraq). Thus, the power-elite maintains control as if the world was their chessboard, dispensing its booty to whomever it wishes through the creation and maintenance of a climate of confusion and chaos everywhere via the undermining process of division. In their strategy, the people of the world must be made to feel that there is no hiding place from this confusion and chaos except in the safety that they alone can offer. We can call this the security of surrender, when people submit entirely to the power of the state as their nanny, guardian and overseer.

Thus, for every element that that the power-elite creates and controls, they also ensure that its opposition is in place which they then control too. This is the consummate work of divide-and-rule. In this way, the power-elite controls all political parties, whatever their ideology, plus it controls all the major religions, cults and even the cult debriefing networks. [Sidenote: For example, the anti-cult organisation, the Cult Awareness network (CAN), had on its advisory board Louis Jolyon West, a psychiatrist who had been infamously involved in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA experiments. In the late 1990s, the Cult Awareness Network morphed into the New Cult Awareness Network, owned and operated by associates of the Church of Scientology, itself a cult originally masterminded by the CIA!]. When the power-elite creates wars, they create anti-war movements too, compromised by their infiltrated assets. When there are peaceful protests (even if instigated by them), they will create trouble and even riots through covertly infiltrated agent provocateurs to wreck those peaceful protests and thereby influence the dumb wax nose of public opinion. When the power-elite creates pedophile rings to suit their depraved purposes, they also infiltrate child protection agencies in order to intercept any potentially troublesome exposés and ensure that the true extent of their exploits never comes to light. (They also occasionally throw a few low-order paedophiles — e.g. Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, etc. — to the dogs in order to deflect public attention from the real perverts in high office in politics, the judiciary, the military and law enforcement agencies).

Division is the perennial key to the successful ownership of the people by the power-elite. In this way, the Brexit vote and the thrusting of the ebullient narcissist, Trump, into the presidency has been the perfect strategy. For many women, Trump’s presence has reinforced the divisive gender war which the power-elite fostered in the first place [for feminism is merely a social construct by carefully-placed intelligence assets, as I showed in my article on “The Myth of the Patriarchy (and Matriarchy”)]. Through both the manufactured events of Brexit and the election of Trump, the lefties and today’s liberals (what I call “pseudo-liberals”, as I will later explain) have been plunged into a hysterical and divisive turmoil and are thereby as easy to control as mice in a shoebox. Communities at loggerheads. Families torn apart. Work colleagues pitted against each other. Friends becoming sworn enemies. There is no end to the divisions which the events of the past few years have created. The power-elite must be feeling very satisfied indeed.

However, just to conclude this subject of division, as a footnote, it has to be said that not all division is bad or serves the power-elite. There is a natural type of division which is inevitable in this twisted world. It is the division brought about by Truth. Truth sorts out the wheat from the chaff. Truth exposes and sets apart liars and their lies. Truth is the great revealer. It is a primary service of the Light. The Light shines in the darkness and unveils it for what it is. The division caused inevitably by the appearance and existence of Truth is a wholesome one, as natural as a sieve which removes rocks from powder — as natural as a filter removing impurities from a water source. Such a division I welcome, for it is conducive to the right development of this world. [This is the real reason why mostpeople in the world would never say a word against a false prophet like Muhammad but will gladly slag off the Christ, who is the Light of the world and the personification of Truth!]. But I will never concur with those artificial disunions concocted by the forces of evil which are currently in control of human affairs and which have duped so many with their dark divisiveness.

So the power-elite contrived to get Brexit to go ahead and Trump to be elected as president to divide people and thus more easily control them. The second reason those two events have happened has been:

To Mess With Your Head

I have had a long curiosity — going back to the 1980s — concerning “psychological operations” (known in the trade as “psyops”) and mind-control programmes run by intelligence agencies at the behest of the power-elite who really control this world (or think they do, for their power is only temporarily permitted by the real Overseers of this Universe). The enforcers of the power-elite’s psychological operations mind-control programmes love to mess with your head bigtime. I mean really mess with it. They have so many ways of doing this, of which most people are blissfully unaware. In a later section of this article, I will show how they achieve this with a barrage of disinformation and falsehoods through the mainstream media; and in the last few years, it has become clear that Brexit and the election of Trump have formed a major part of their global psyops.

Have you ever seen the way that the police will mess with criminals’ heads to break them down and confess by utilizing a “good cop – bad cop” strategy? They keep switching from one to the other. The bad cop roughs you up, shouts at you, threatens you. Then the good cop comes in and says: “Wow! He’s a bit of a lad. Sorry. Here’s a smoke” and offers you a cigarette. Then it all starts again. Well there’s a lot of that in the presidential arena too. You have Bill Clinton with the glintin’ teeth, playin’ a sax like a cool guy, getting blowjobs from his interns — Mr Silver Fox who is into human rights and other chic stuff. Then suddenly, the next guy, the uncouth, lying, George W. Bush, takes the US into an illegal war, keeps saying “No, you can’t!” and is unable even to string a few decent words together coherently. Then, into the spotlight steps a very smooth-talking Chicago lawyer who is black with an exotic name, who keeps saying “Yes, we can!” (even though they can’t) and gives eloquent speeches (even wins the Nobel Peace Prize before he’s done anything — and, in fact, never does anything to deserve it!). Then, suddenly, into the spotlight steps a guy with no written speeches, no political experience, totally rough around the edges, makes verbal gaffes constantly, has no finesse, upbraids the assembled media, just says whatever is in his head with no diplomacy whatsoever and is the ultimate narcissist (I would diagnose him with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and if anyone deigns to disagree with that I will show them so much proof that they will be eternally embarrassed!). So the political climate flips from one extreme to the other. Man, does that mess with your head! It’s like one big psyop flipping every few years. It IS one big psyop!

The placing of Trump in front of pseudo-liberals is like an Italian gigolo blowing smoke-rings into the faces of the members of a small-town public morals committee. 🤣 His very existence is an affront to them. Watching their reactions on social media has been quite an education. They take it all so seriously! It was always going to be explosive. One cannot deny that the forging of Brexit and then Trump as president has messed with a lot of heads! It must make a very interesting study in mind-control on the part of the power-elite. Heck, even I’m fascinated by it! 🙂

So another reason that the power-elite allowed Brexit to go ahead and Trump to be elected as president was to mess with your head. Yet another reason was:

To Generate Chaos, Insecurity, Fear, Cognitive Dissonance & Destabilisation

These generated elements, closely-related, are in the power-elite’s best interests because this is how people can be controlled. The more they generate these conditions, the greater their level of control. It is a psychological operation (psyop) on the part of the power-elite to generate these things. They are accomplished masters of it. They have been experimenting with such mind-control techniques for a very long time and especially using their vast resources in the so-called “intelligence community”. (Only very little research is needed to discover this, by the way. It is not “conspiracy” but proven fact, though most people don’t want to hear it).

A major sign of the countdown to the end of this dying aeon is the release of all restraints on the human ego, so that men and women will be seen for who they really are and no longer will be able to hide behind their “sweet” disguises and virtue-signaling. The human being who has no interest in true spirituality, or who has a false interest in it, or an interest in false spirituality, or is simply utterly materialist in outlook, will become unreservedly narcissistic in an increasingly grotesque manner. Those humans who can see nothing beyond themselves will develop an inflated sense of their own importance; and a kind of insecure chaos will deepen until the world will cry out for a solution and in will step government with the ultimate solution. They want to drive people so crazy with this chaos and insecurity and instability that they will fall right into the arms of the state, begging for security and a solution.

Chaos, crazy chaos everywhere. We see much of this around us already. People think they can decide for themselves their own gender rather than sanctify the one with which they’ve been sacredly gifted in this life by their Creator. Psychological conditions and sexual perversions are manifesting on a widespread basis, the symptoms of which are accepted as “normal” — something to be “proud” of — and, in some cases, even desirable. The huge prevalence of what is known as Borderline Personality Disorder (mainly among women) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (men and women) are classic examples of this progressive breakdown in the human psyche which characterizes the encroaching end of this aeon. Similarly, the big rise in sociopathic behavior in men is another symptom of human anomie and societal degeneration. It is as if a vast proportion of the world’s population suddenly developed a major dose of cognitive dissonance and is unable to recognize in any way the illogical nature of their beliefs and behavior. In fact, one of the key outworkings of the power-elite’s strategy to generate chaos, insecurity, fear and destabilisation has been the mass outworking of cognitive dissonance — the ability to hold contradictory thoughts in the head at the same time, coupled with a complete inability to think logically and linearly (are you making the right connections here? 😉).

As an example of that cognitive dissonance, it is strange that so many should suddenly develop a fierce conscience at the prospect of Donald Trump’s immigration policy, yet have shown no concern whatsoever that “the Obama administration has deported more people than any other president’s administration in history. In fact, they have deported more than the sum of all the presidents of the 20th century”. This is a fact. Yet the eyes of the cognitively dissonant pseudo-liberals of today will just fog over if you tell them that. Even if you direct them to a respectable source of that remark — a news report from August 2016 on ABC News which you can find here: — they will still not believe it. They want to play the victim, to have something to complain about. They are like toddlers who have a tantrum if their toys are taken away from them.

The cognitively dissonant morality of pseudo-liberals is so narcissistic that when it is revealed that Trump crassly spoke in the past about grabbing someone’s “pussy”, the women went into total meltdown, many of them so triggered that they booked sessions with their “coaches” and therapists! I kid you not! (See my analysis of how Trump’s “pussy” remarks were completely misinterpreted in my article on “The Myth of the Patriarchy & Matriarchy”, which you will find on here: ). Yet when Obama’s administration breaks a record in presiding over the sale of weapons around the world which has been more than any other administration since World War II, they do not find that at all obscene and, in fact, wilfully refuse to believe it. [Please see ]. You will see the same selective blindness in Sweden. There the myth is that Sweden is an exemplary loving country of peace and neutrality, when the reality is that a huge number of the world’s battlefield weapons have been manufactured by Saab-Bofors Dynamics at Karlskoga in Sweden. The world is drowning in a poisoned sea of hypocrisy and stupidity.

I watched with much bemusement so many profile pictures changing to a US Statue of “Liberty” (now there’s a joke in itself!) crying into its hands when Trump was elected. (Remember that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from French Freemasons!). Virtue-signalling how they despise “sexism” and “racism”. Crying over Trump’s use of the word “pussy”. What hypocrites! Who are these snowflakes with an ersatz social conscience? They suddenly get all bent out of shape, making a noise all over social media, because someone they don’t like got elected as president. Opposed to racism? Seriously? Where were they when every president since they’ve been alive has been bombing the hell out of brown and darker people around the world — not to mention subverting foreign governments and plundering their natural resources. That is what the presidency has been based on throughout their entire lives! Where were they in April 2003 when the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, conspiring with U.S. president George W. Bush, was declaring an illegal war using outright lies as a premise to do so? [When I and others were writing articles in 2003 proving that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, most of the lefties and pseudo-liberals we knew were either totally silent or accusing us of being conspiracy theorists!]. Where were they when scientist, biological weapons expert and U.N. weapons inspector, Dr. David Kelly, was cruelly assassinated in July 2003 for blowing the whistle on the lies on which that illegal war was based — a war which is really still being prosecuted by the US government to this very day? Where were they when a degenerate imbecile such as George W. Bush was elected for a second term of office? Why weren’t they on the streets then in their silly hats? Why were they recently campaigning for a woman who is part of a dark political mafia around whose family heaps of corpses have piled up during the last 20 years? How come they want to apply standards to Donald Trump which they have never applied to any politician or president before him? Most of all, how come they are utterly incapable of seeing their own hypocrisy and double-standards, which they won’t accept even if they are pointed out to them? By what kind of madness have they been afflicted? I would call this for what it is: Demonic!

The Pseudo-Liberalism of Today is a Psychological Condition Rather than a Political Position!

The unmasked truth about pseudo-liberals is this: They don’t really care about anything or anyone except themselves and preserving their own sensitivities. They have no real concern for social justice — as evidenced by the highly selective nature of their professed concerns. They only virtue-signal their bleeding hearts when people they hate do bad things. When people they love do bad things, they either ignore it or find a way of wriggling out of it. (Reminds me of the woman in the office who goes all coy and flattered when the office “Romeo” tells her how nice she looks today, yet when the office dork says the same thing, she goes into meltdown and calls Human Resources to take out a harassment order against him!). They will keep totally quiet while their fellow pseudo-liberals are doing the same things that they condemn in their enemies. These are proven facts that they will never admit. If you try and discuss this with them, gently showing them the illogical nature of their ideas and actions, they will change the subject or become exceedingly angry. When I’m dealing with pseudo-liberals, I usually feel a great sense of compassion for them as they are plainly deeply emotionally disturbed and have taken on the “caring” mantle of pseudo-liberalism to protect themselves from their inner pain. Liberalism today is not a political position; it’s a psychological condition! I always want to say to them: “It’s okay. You’re safe with me. You can take off your burden and unload your heart here”. But their wall of defence means that the chances of them recognising their affliction is virtually nil. They will always shift the attention off themselves by blaming others. Pseudo-liberals excel at blaming others. They are also obsessed with controlling others. That is the basis of political correctness. In spite of recognising the tragic damage which they have deeply buried within themselves, I have to say that they are out-and-out hypocrites who are a dark stain in the envelope of the earth. A pseudo-liberal is even more dangerous than a psychopath because pseudo-liberalism wears a disguise to hide its malice. It is darkness masquerading as light.

In many ways, all this has been socially engineered over the course of the last few decades by the power-elite. It forms part of their strategy to generate chaos, insecurity, fear and destabilisation. A demoralized people suffering from cognitive dissonance is one which will be very easy to dominate and tyrannize. When darkness reigns, then the people will seek shelter from any source. They will then conclude that only their corrupt government can provide the kind of security they think they need. Like Winston in Orwell’s “1984”, they will finally “love Big Brother” (actually, they already do but their cognitive dissonance hasn’t let them realise it yet). This is the darkness which is coming to prevail — yet with such hideous deception that the people will think the darkness is the light and they will even rejoice in it.

Another reason that the power-elite allowed Brexit to go ahead and Trump to be elected as president is:

To Further the Strategy of Distraction

It is as clear as a bell that in any US presidential election (or anywhere else for that matter) we are dealing with a warped “cult of the personality”. Party loyalties and unswerving ideological shibboleths seem to determine how people will vote. But here’s the interesting thing: So many were horrified at the prospect of Trump in office, yet they would have been perfectly happy to have as an alternative president someone who has not only proven to be dishonest but is part of a corrupt and murderous establishment mafia. They madly virtue-signal to each other how outraged they are by the campaign of someone they regard as “sexist, xenophobic and racist”, yet they have no problem with a candidate who is corrupt and dishonest (not to mention being part of a family around which a suspiciously large mountain of dead bodies has piled up over the years, known for at least two decades as “the Clinton Body Count”). Where is the consistency? Talk about cognitive dissonance! It is clear therefore that those who lament the day that Donald Trump was elected did not desire Hilary Clinton as president because of her morality and innate statesmanlike abilities. It is simply the cult of the personality and the satisfaction of their distorted mindset. Because of that, the whole run of a campaign for president is like one huge distraction of people’s minds away from the matters which really count.

Whoever Seduces the Eyes Can Own the Whole Soul

Distraction serves two purposes, in that it is both preventative and proactive. It prevents subjects from questioning their position in this world as an owned slave (body and mind). It also prevents them from ever connecting any dots and tracing them back to truth and reality. At the same time, it proactively maintains people as mindless drones while inducing a hypnotic, lifelong, clarity-clouding anesthesia. The fact is that whoever seduces the eyes can own the whole soul — which is how governments have come to own the souls of their subjects. They distract them first.

Vacuous women’s magazines, movies and awards ceremonies already distract the mass of people. So-called “celebrities”, the media, television, artless pop and rock music and much more suck them into a state of moral and artistic catatonia. A year-long election campaign is also perfect fodder for the mass of minds to distract them from truth and reality. The seemingly endless sniping about Brexit and at Trump is a further distraction of people’s minds away from the real issues of this world. All this is perfect for the power-elite who desperately desire the state of sleepwalking in the world’s populations.

Although the power-elite had been implementing this strategy by stealth, this is now — along with so many other evil influences — being exposed to the light. For the power-elite and the powers of darkness which lie behind them can never “pull a fast one” on the forces of Light. On the contrary, the former is under the control of the latter and are only able to implement their evil by permission. You may ask why such darkness should be permitted in the world at all. It is partly because only in the presence of resistance can the people of God in this 3-D world develop in maturity and strength of faith. This world is one vast gymnasium or school and we are here to learn the lessons which have been set for us by our Creator, if we will discover what it means to follow the one true God and unearth the true purpose of life. When we do so, we will find that it has been designed for us to go through the long, seemingly-dark way of misdeeds, trial and error, folly, stupidity, challenge, testing and even death, in order to grow in self-discovery and find our way to completion as human beings. This is precisely why the Christ came more than two-thousand years ago — to point the way to the Light that we should follow it (i.e. follow Him). Meditate on this: Angels have not had to go down this route and they are utterly fascinated by our progress, which they have been assigned to assist. (I could write reams about this, but if you want to know more, I already have written about it in my free-to-download book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”).

Thus, while the power-elite and their originating powers of darkness (demons/archons) revel in bringing out the worst in people through their strategies, the forces of Light (i.e. the angelic hosts under the rulership of the Christ) will use that in order to reveal the darkness behind it — if only people will open their eyes. In a number of ways, this is precisely what they have done with Brexit and even through the bringing of the inept and narcissistic Trump to office. This has especially been the case with Brexit, for this has happened…

To Pre-empt and Expose the Counterfeit Oneness of Globalism and Pan-Europeanism

The idealistic and left-leaning liberal mind wants the world to be as one. The same goes for the “alternative” kind of person, of whom there are many amongst my friends — both virtual and in real life. They want to see individual nations dissolve and a global oneness flourish. Any moral, decent thinking human feels the desire to see a coming together of the whole world in peace and unity. No one but the most warped psychopath deliberately desires conflict, violence and intransigence to prevail. However, although the world is eventually heading for such oneness — in its own time, when the moment is truly right, when its Creator chooses to intervene so as to make it so — the alleged oneness being forged through the bidding of the power-elite by ideologues and political movements at the present time is not the real thing but is a counterfeit. It is most important to realise this.

Separate nations have existed and continue to exist for a very good reason: It is to prevent the world from a premature oneness being forged by people of darkness who are not aligned with the Light — those who in fact are aligned with “the spirit of the Antichrist” and who are forging this oneness for very different ends than those which are in the minds of the idealistic left/pseudo-liberal/alternative people who are supporting it, who have not realized how they are being duped. They are supporting a oneness which is not being manifested mystically by the forces of Light (as the true oneness will be after the return of Christ) but is instead being enforced politically to fulfil the interests of the power-elite which is empowered by demonic forces of darkness. The two onenesses — counterfeit and real — are as different as chalk and cheese. Let me go into this a little more so we understand the significance.

Until the present world-system of corruption and evil has been dissolved at Christ’s return at the end of the age, separate nations play an important role in preventing a premature (and counterfeit) global oneness from occurring. This Divinely-appointed separation of the nations finds its origin in the debacle at the Tower of Babel which is outlined in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. One may kick against this idea, but it is nevertheless in place to prevent darkness from reaching its climax before the appointed time. But there is currently a process occurring by which the power-elite is trying to undo the current, necessary separation of nations through the creation of multinational superstates (of which the EU is a prime example) — which will eventually merge into a single world government. They are also fulfilling this through bringing in vastly more immigrants than these EU countries are able to handle. This is like a twin-pincer movement to destroy the integrity and independence of European nations: 1) Destruction from the outside, with superimposed legislation and rulership (in the case of the EU, from Brussels), and 2) Destruction from within, through an insanely huge influx of destabilizing immigrants who do not integrate, create a crime-wave and cause fear on the streets and whose culture is totally alien to the host culture (although the nations doing the importing of the immigrants are in total denial about the ticking time-bomb within their borders).

Let’s get this straight: This is a spiritual battle that we are dealing with. In these closing stages of this present age, the forces of darkness are set to attempt to overthrow God’s appointed order. This is what lies behind the undoing of male and female genders into anything which people imagine or desire themselves to be. It is what lies behind the turmoil in the realm of sexuality. It is also what lies behind the desire to prevent separate nation-states from existing as autonomous entities. For male and female and separate nation-states are God’s current appointed order. God works through men and women working together in complementarity. God works through nations on earth. Those nations will be blessed according to how they more or less adhere to God’s law. There are even angels appointed to oversee what happens in the different nations (and fallen angels, demons, oppose them too). This will all sound utterly weird to those who have never heard it before, but one must realise that this is a fallen world which lies under judgement. So far, the sledgehammer of that judgement hasn’t completely fallen. But fall it will! This judgement was sealed with the coming of the Christ, and we are now living in a lengthy “mopping-up period” during which the call has gone out into the world to follow Christ as His disciples living under the protection of His Light, awaiting the time when He will return to judge the world and bring about the new heaven and new earth of the new aeon, for only then will there be no more need for separate nations. So far from reality have we strayed that many will think all this to be totally uncool and even nuts. But I think it is all the coolest truth imaginable. We are now seeing prophecy unfold before our eyes as this corrupt “civilization” comes to the gradual climax of its downfall, as the Bible (and Christ Himself) very clearly prophesies.

This isn’t to say that everything about separate nations is all good. They are merely a temporary “holding pattern” until the time has come for the true transformation of the world as it transitions from the old aeon to the new. Of course, there are bad aspects when separate nations are taken to such extremes that they become harmful. I’m speaking here of “my country right or wrong” nationalism, in which the country is viewed in some weirdly mystical way as “the fatherland” to which one pledges blind allegiance — even makes an idol out of it. This kind of jingoism and dewy-eyed patriotism often becomes an extreme harbinger of division in the world and leads to wars and bloody revolutions. But because there is the potential for that kind of distortion of a single nation does not provide us with an excuse for trying to create an artificial oneness across the world, based on coercion and for the convenience of control. Yet this is what we are seeing. We are being told by a dark power-elite that separate nations are bad for the world and that the whole globe needs to come together as one. But the oneness they are proposing is infinitely worse than the current situation of separate nations because it is being forged in disobedience to Divine law and solely as a means for greater human control. The power-elite is not truly interested in overcoming separation and making the world as one out of idealism and universal vision. That idea is laughable. For them it is a means to an end — a dark end in which we will all be enslaved to a one-world government with extreme powers of control. The global “oneness” being pushed on the world by the power-elite is in “the spirit of the Antichrist” and is not at all about harmony but about opposing Christ. That is its real agenda. The starry-eyed lefties and pseudo-liberals of today do not understand this and have thus allowed themselves to be seduced by globalism and pan-Europeanism as some kind of utopian dream. From that illusory standpoint, it is easy for them to see Brexit as a terrible betrayal of that dream. This is why they portray Brexit as retrogressive, xenophobic, ultra-right, fascist-nationalist and dangerous. They are unable to see that integrity is actually being preserved by higher powers in order to prevent fraudulent world events from taking place. This is why it is so important to have one’s eyes opened to the reality of the world today and to the centrality of the Christ to both the history and the future of this cosmos.

The counterfeit oneness manifests right now as United Nations Globalism and the Pan-Europeanism of the European Union. Left-leaning, pseudo-liberal and alternative people imagine that the United Nations and the European Union are breaking down national barriers to create some kind of one-world hippie utopia. Thus, the appearance of Brexit on the radar appear to them like impediments to their dreams. They then speak about these developments as “a return to the pre-fascist conditions of the 1930s”. This is the height of naivety, for what they fall to realise completely, in a stroke of irony, is that the REAL fascism and totalitarianism has already existed for a very long time in the machinations of the very power-elite which they refuse to acknowledge. For the European Union is one of the superstates which will one day morph into one with a handful of other superstates around the world to form a one-world government under a single leader — the culmination of the counterfeit oneness which is being forged today before our eyes. Although, to the blind, that one-world government will look like the fulfilment of a utopian dream, it will be the start of a global nightmare. This is why it is so important to have the scales fall from our eyes so we can see what is really happening.

The United Nations and the European Union really have nothing whatsoever to do with unity, peace and freedom. All the left-leaning, pseudo-liberal and alternative people who look upon the European Union as a manifestation of loving oneness designed to counteract fascist nationalism have been duped into confusing the EU with Europe. They are not at all the same. Mistaking the EU for Europe is like confusing sex with love. They are worlds apart!

Just as fast as the powers of darkness enact their dastardly plan of a counterfeit oneness leading to a one-world government under the guise of world unity, the forces of Light are bringing their exposure of this darkness to fruition, to those who are willing to see. But a feature of the present time is that many will be hardened in their delusions and would rather believe the lie than Truth. This is what makes it so difficult to discuss these issues with mostpeople. They either close down, as if controlled by some other force (which indeed they are), or they become extremely angry and abusive. I am very careful these days with whom I engage in conversation on these matters. One needs to use a great deal of intuition. It will not be long before many you may think of as your friends (and even your family) will be betraying you to their governments under the guise of your needing to be reeducated. Already, many will report you to the authorities for breaching their political correctness madness under the guise of you having committed a “hate crime” or offended someone. For in their minds we are dinosaur subversives who stand in the way of planetary and universal progress.

The Intensification of the Bringing of Darkness to Light

In spite of all that, and in the midst of societal breakdown, there is a most important and dynamic process taking place on the earth at this time. The chaos which we are witnessing is part of what the Christ called “the birthpangs” which naturally accompany the acute tension between the end of an age of evil and the bringing in of an age of Light. This will intensify even more this year. A slang phrase I keep using is “We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” And this is true. But this is also why we must be informed, educated and bathed in the protection of the Light which is in Christ, for these are and will be fearful times. If we are not, we will be susceptible to deception and open to incursion by the forces of darkness. Very often that darkness actually poses as light. This is an element of world life which very many people have refused to discern. So exposing darkness to Light is a very necessary work right now and should be pursued with vigour by the bearers of that Light. This is actually a general influence which the forces of light have been bringing to pass recently. But certain events are accelerating it and will do so increasingly in the coming months and years. In fact, as darkness increases over the earth — as it is doing — parallel to that will be the exposure of that darkness in the light, revealing its true nature. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will do so.

Unmasking the Stalinesque Nature of Pseudo-Liberalism

Do you know when and in what context the term “politically correct” was first coined? It was part of Chinese and Soviet Communist ideology. Nikita Khrushchev used it publicly in his speech to the 20th congress of the Communist Party on February 25th, 1956, when he spoke of Stalin as not “proving his political correctness” as a good Communist. The following year, Chinese Communist leader, Mao Tse-tung, said in his pamphlet “On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People” (27th of February 1957): “Not to have a politically correct point of view is like having no soul”. And that sums up how you are viewed if you are not politically correct. You are anathematized —  regarded as not being fit to be part of civilised society. Those who push for political correctness are intent on creating a uniform world in which everyone behaves the same and conforms to the norms dictated by the pseudo-liberals who determine what is correct and what isn’t. Life then becomes just like being in Communist China or the Soviet Union. Thus, we see that a kind of Neo-Stalinist mindset has developed in pseudo-liberal circles in the last decade or so which is dictatorial, censorious and arrogantly autocratic.

Now you can see why I use the term “pseudo-liberal”. The vast majority of people who call themselves “liberal”, or who think of themselves as being “liberal”, are anything but genuinely liberal. Claiming to be “democratic”, the modern liberal-minded politically-correct masses today are basically very controlling authoritarian people who want you to conform to their “regulations” (disguised as ethics or “social justice”). If you don’t conform to their mindset, they call you “far-right”, “ultra-right”, “sexist”, “racist”, “something-o-phobe”, or a “privileged white man/woman” and claim that you are paving the way for the next “Hitler”. What kind of a mind-control stunt has been pulled to make controlling authoritarian people imagine they are liberal, freethinking and democratic? Their professed liberality is a clever disguise for a great deal of internal baggage, unresolved anger and primal fear — most likely stemming from early childhood trauma which are then picked up on by archontic/demonic entities which find it easy to manipulate the pseudo-liberal person at a very deep level into hyper-defensive actions against whatever triggers them. It is actually very easy to remove that disguise from a pseudo-liberal. They have so many buttons which can be pressed that there’s hardly anything but buttons about them! Essentially, pseudo-liberals want to close anyone down who holds views which they find offensive or challenging. They want to limit the words you can use by calling the offending ones “hate-speech” (“offending ones” = those words which trigger their unresolved anger). They are master calumniators (false accusers misrepresenting your words and ideas). This is why it is pointless debating a pseudo-liberal as s/he will always twist your words and create “straw-man” arguments to sidestep the issues. They will also miss no opportunity to call you racists, sexists, xenophobes, homophobes, islamophobes and any other ‘phobes’ they can dream up. I’ve always found that weird because a phobia is an acute fear of something and the people that pseudo-liberals accuse of one ‘phobe’ or another are not in the least bit afraid in any of those contexts. But this is typical of the exaggerated misrepresentational hysteria which pseudo-liberals apply to any situation or person which they find threatening. They want to legislate the balls and guts out of you. In short, they want you only ever to think and act like them. And it is this which makes them into Neo-Stalinists.

It is infinitely preferable to be a freethinker and truthseeker rather than a liberal. This has been my chosen pathway. A freethinker and truthseeker isn’t tied in any way to a particular doctrine or ideology. For some of my ideas I have been accused of being a liberal by dyed-in-the-wool conservatives. For other ideas, I have been accused of being a conservative by professional liberals. But I refuse to be categorised. A freethinker applies truth, light and reason to any situation and then sprinkles some grace, compassion and as much love as possible on it. (Please don’t confuse “love” with schmaltz or sentimentality). A freethinker and truthseeker will never ever submit to the prison cell of political correctness. S/he would rather be sent to jail or even assassinated than allow political correctness to prevail in his or her life. Neither will s/he accept the label of “conservative” or “liberal”. I cannot box myself into any manmade ideology.

Originally, the popular belief was that being politically correct is good and necessary to prevent people from being personally attacked or insulted or offended. But now it is being revealed for what it is: A manifestation of Neo-Stalinism. Neo-Stalinism involves speaking as if one is tolerant, freedom-loving, liberal and democratic but then acting in a totally despotic manner towards those with whom one disagrees. Neo-Stalinists also actively despise genuine freethinkers and truthseekers. They cannot tolerate anyone somehow breaking free from their diktats and seeking truth for themselves.

As another example of this Neo-Stalinism amongst pseudo-liberals, here’s a relevant little anecdote: I have a friend who works in a major international company in Europe and she wrote to me these words: “I was warned by work colleagues on Facebook that if anyone in their friend-list agrees with anything Le Pen or Trump says, they would get killed by them personally”. I asked her if they were serious. She said, “One was, yes”. Then she added: “Another colleague of mine explodes when I dare say anything about Trump. He calls me stupid and becomes aggressive. You can then see the anger in his eyes. Something switches. It’s like a light switch, very strange thing to see”. I have heard similar stories over and over again about such bizarre behaviour from pseudo-liberal people in the last few months.

I am no fan of Trump, who I see as a manic motormouth who is a master at playing to the crowd which he knows how to work as well as any Las Vegas theatre conjuror. But I have to say that the violent and abusive reactions towards him are not normal comportment, my friends. This is the worm eating into the brain which I spoke about earlier. It’s now like living amongst programmed people who can be triggered aggressively by certain things that you say to them. We are surrounded by Walk-Ins! Manchurian Candidates are living amongst us… in the majority! And the extraordinary thing is that they haven’t even had to meet their handlers. It’s as if it all happens in the ether via some collective unconscious. I have no doubt that it is the archons up to their dirty tricks. Just for the record, archons cannot touch you in any way if you don’t give them any opportunity. But the moment a human is filled with dark thoughts or feelings, rage, anger, greed, jealousy, envy, sexual perversions or unnatural lusts, fear, chaotic thought-patterns, rabid atheism, a spirit of antichrist, etc., they will take advantage and be that worm in the brain, in the heart, in the soul. Archons are parasites feeding on the unseen iceberg portion of human follies, transgressions and especially unresolved childhood trauma, in which they have a field-day.

I have noticed that the disguise of the pseudo-liberal is slipping increasingly as all is being exposed by the Light. The quasi-reasonable front of the pseudo-liberal is being unmasked. All that unresolved anger and resentment will come to play a much more obvious role and s/he will be seen for what s/he really is by those with eyes to see: An intolerant, dictatorial, narrow-minded, frightened reactionary. A Neo-Stalinist. One needs the protection of the Light these days to avoid becoming the equivalent of puppets or ventriloquists’ dummies at the hands of archons and their lackeys in the world. Now is the time to choose which side of the fence you are on.

Concluding Summation and Parting Thoughts

As far as I am concerned, Brexit has been one huge trap, like one of those scary plants which catches flies and ingests them. It was a trap for those who voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, not realising that “they can check out any time they like but they can never leave”. Those who voted to leave did not vote for any “deal”. That is something which has been seamlessly superimposed by impostors. Those who voted to leave voted for a “no deal” Brexit, basically. But the fine print was never shown to those voters. They never realised the ramifications of their vote, which would lead to punitive measures by the EU and a protracted round of nonsensical negotiations. They never realised that the Referendum was just an exercise as part of a psychological operation in which they were the naïve guinea-pigs. They naïvely believed that they were being given a “democratic choice”. But it was just a ruse to generate division and disappointment. It was also a trap for those who voted to remain in the EU, as they confidently imagined they would win, not realising that they were going to lose the vote, which then gave them such apoplexy that they suffered depression and frustration as all their inner anger came out — exactly as the psyop-planners intended. The only real winner in this Brexit debacle has been the media, who have had a field-day with all the material involved, as they fulfil their role as distracters and lackeys for the power-elite — its entertainment wing, no less!

There is only one thing which the EU has been about from its inception and that is the eventual formation of a European superstate as one of a number of superstates to lead the world into a united dictatorial world government under a charismatic world leader who initially poses as the answer to all the world’s problems but who will eventually show his dark origins as he sets himself up as “the god of this world” — a world which will in large measure welcome him with open arms. I am speaking here of the Antichrist (about which you can read a 70-page chapter in my free-to-download book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”). One can already see significant rumblings of this superstate process, for which we are being primed on all sides. On the 12th November 2018, a headline appeared in an article in UK newspapers: “France calls for Europe to become ‘an empire’ to rival China and the US” . This was a report of an interview given by French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, to the German newspaper, Handelsblatt, [see ]. Then, the next day, on 13th November, the headline appeared in the Guardian newspaper: “Merkel joins Macron in calling for a ‘real, true European army’” [ ], a concept which Macron had already mooted a week before that on the 6th November. The “European empire” being touted for the EU fits exactly into the multi-superstate scenario which will form the precursor to one-world-government. As well as the European superstate, there will be other “empire” superstates centred on the Americas, China, Russia, Africa, the Middle-East and India (just like in the book “1984”, with its three world-superstates: Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia). The formation of those superstates will merely be the harbinger for a one-world government.

This is why the farce of Brexit is being run in the chaotic way that it is: To demonstrate, as a warning, that any nation which tries to duck out of being part of any of the superstates-in-the-making will be made to sorely regret it and be punished as a pariah-state for their desire to divorce. This is the real framework in order to understand what is happening in the UK right now. For the UK is nothing more than a vassal-state of Brussels (by way of proxy to the power-elite) and was sold out to be that way some forty-five years ago in 1973, followed by a referendum held two years later in 1975, in which 67% of the UK vote was a big “yes” to EU membership. And here’s the bottom line: The UK can no more finally leave the EU superstate than, say, Ohio can leave the US superstate. This is not a whimsical game. It is not something which the public decides, or which is genuinely subject to change by any referendum.

Please get this into your heads: True democracy does not exist. The power-elite, the intelligence networks, the secret think-tanks — even the government itself — could not give a flying fig about what “the electorate” wants. They get what they want, regardless of which politicians get elected in the window-dressing process of elections. The elections and referendums exist solely to convince the gullible masses that they are being consulted in the dictatorial processes of governance. It is what the inventor of PR, Edward Bernays, called “engineered consent”. This is true also of the process known as “Brexit”, which will drag on until people will be so fed up of it that they will settle for anything — even another meaningless referendum. The way of the EU is to make people keep voting until they get it “right” — that is, until the masses do exactly as the EU requires, for that is what the EU regards as “right”. That is what they did with Ireland, whose people had voted against the EU’s Lisbon Treaty in a referendum in June 2008. Through threats and pressure, a second referendum was held in October 2009 which then was voted through. The people of Ireland got it “right” in the end!

The endgame of the book, “1984”, is that everyone should come to love Big Brother. The endgame of Brexit is that everyone (or at least the vast majority) should be somehow enforced into ‘loving’ the EU (imagining it to be synonymous with “Europe”). Brexit has just been one big strategy towards that end. And beyond that, towards one-world government. The dark process by which a single world government is being birthed on this planet is unfolding right before our eyes, but few want to believe it or admit it; for to do so would mean that one’s false conception of life on earth would be thrown into jeopardy on so many levels and one would be forced to awaken from one’s artificial slumber, cast off one’s manufactured (manmade) moorings and discover that what we are observing in Brexit and many other global developments is part of a much wider spiritual battle of cosmic proportions between darkness and Light.

For the chaotic conditions on earth that we are witnessing today and the formation of a world-government under a global leader posing as a “light-bringer” were prophesied two-thousand years ago by the Christ when He walked among us and the writings of His chosen apostles. The spiritual battle which He came to reveal, and its epic outcome, is precisely what the Bible is about from the first word to the last. But, as a key strategy of the forces of darkness in that spiritual battle, people have already been brainwashed to believe that the Christ is a myth and that the Bible is a forgery of priestcraft. Thus, people would rather believe in demonic ETs and fictitious unicorns than in the reality of the God-man, Yeshua ben Yosef (the human name of the Christ). It is not enough to wake up merely to the reality of conspiracies on earth (as an increasing number do) but one must also awaken to the reality of human war against Christ and His Light as the object of all those conspiracies. Deception lies at the heart of so many developments in this world, which most people do not discern, or they think that this state of affairs is normal.

The creation of superstates, in which the Brexit process plays its part, is the precursor to the climax of the spiritual battle. Therefore, rather than making us ‘get our knickers in a twist’ through our false notions of governance and “democracy” generated by a corrupted media in hock to the dark plans of the power elite, this farcical situation known as “Brexit” should be providing us with an opportunity to discover how the spiritual battle pans out on this living earth, and how we can get ourselves on the right side of it. Even the realisation that Brexit is part of a spiritual battle — between angels and demons, satanic forces of darkness versus the divine power of Christ — rather than a merely political one is a huge leap forward in one’s consciousness and awareness.

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