Dear Fakebook,

I understand that you are stepping up your game to eliminate profiles which you deem to be propagating fake news or false information. That is surely going to be counterproductive for you because most of the “informational” memes and many of the claims on Fakebook are fake, which would mean you will have to delete many of your subscribers! 😀 However, I think you may mean that you are going to delete profiles which publish information which you would like to fool the public into believing is fake, but which really exposes the truth about what is happening in the world 😉 Of course, you won’t be deleting those pages which belong to the mainstream media, even though much of what they publish is fake! So, if I can sum it up, in line with the demands of your masters, you want people to believe that what is fake is real and that what is real is fake. Nearly 3000 years ago, the prophet Isaiah declared: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who put darkness for light, and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” This is what I see all around me in the world today: It is the stench of apostasy; people revelling in darkness proclaiming it to be light, and evil proclaiming it to be good — many through ignorance or naivety (parroting others); but a significant number through downright dark intentions, having given themselves over to the ugly stain of demonic (archontic) influence which spreads through this creation like Stage 4 Cancer. As life on this planet gets curiouser and curiouser, I can only be astonished by the ingenuity of the forces of darkness in their ability to deceive souls. But I marvel infinitely more at the way that this “ingenuity” and darkness become transparent to those who follow the true Light rather than the phony light with which darkness so profusely masquerades.

By the way, speaking of demonic influence, I saw your boss, Mark Z, recently being questioned by some suits at an enquiry and as I gazed at his face and demeanour with X-ray vision, I didn’t see a CEO but I just saw a little boy who is totally out of his depth and “in over his head”. I realised the extent to which your company is massively bigger than Mark Z, who is just a little cog to act as an effete, castrated frontman in a data-mining machine owned by the intelligence “community” to keep tabs on absolutely everyone.

However, I was also thinking recently that you will have to juggle your priorities on profile-deletion very carefully, because if you delete all the profiles of truthtellers you will not be able to keep tabs on them so easily. But I guess you must have thought of that. So I presume you will only be deleting those truthtellers who actually have much influence. (That means I shall be okay to continue writing exactly what I want here and one day all these words will count in ways that you can never possibly imagine 😉).

By the way, I know that Fakebook is full of people calling themselves “truthtellers” but who are really working for your masters, as you know too. I call them “shills”. They put enough “truth” on their profiles so that people will be fooled into following them but also mingle it with a lot of outright falsehood and disinformation, not to mention the ludicrously nonsensical psyops about a flat earth and other insanities which your masters have carefully injected into the scene to cause deflection and division and bring Truth into disrepute! It reminds me of the way that people in the Churchianity scene are divided and fall out over non-vital or unknowable issues such as which bible version one reads, what one believes about predestination and freewill, or the identity of the Antichrist, or when the end of this age will be, etc. In the religious scene they are caught up with debating the equivalent of how many angels one can get on the head of a pin. In the Fakebook scene they are caught up in arguing whether legitimate cloud formations are chemtrails, or slurring people who understand science as “globeheads”, or flaming each other in a group. It’s quite a clever theatre here which you Fakebook people have created. The perfect tool for the mind-control of the masses, with your 2.2 billion subscribers.

Finally, I know I’m only small-fry of very little influence, but if ever you do happen to delete my profile on Fakebook, you will save me a lot of hassle. I have often thought about doing so but I could only make it “inactive”, whereas you will actually eject it into oblivion — a much more preferable outcome! 😀

I look forward to observing further developments. Your social medium is extremely entertaining. Thank you for that, at least.


Alan Morrison

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