I’VE BEEN MAKING THESE IMAGES AGAIN. Not a ‘meme’, strictly speaking; but consider it a prose poem, if you will. It is our solemn duty to free ourselves of such traits of character. That is what self-awareness is all about. I am referring in the post to those who exhibit any one (or more) of those traits as an unchanging part of their character. As far as I am concerned, anyone who habitually emits such destructive behaviour has no place anywhere near my inner circle. Anyone who puts up with that will inevitably find themselves in a codependent relationship where growth becomes impossible. I’ve uncritically allowed too many of such people to remain in my life in the past, all out of a misplaced patience and compassion. Inevitably, they will be time-wasters and will drag you down to their level.

Just to be absolutely clear, I am not saying that I would completely shun the people habitually displaying these qualities. I am always here for anyone who wants to be genuine with me. But I will not allow myself to be sucked onto the stage of their ersatz theatre. One cannot have a real relationship with such people because they are a mass of triggers, projections, and unconscious self-deceptions. I will never be unkind to them; but I will not give them a foothold in my life. Therefore, those immature, unformed people who practise such dastardly arts have to be removed from your sphere of influence and from your inner circle. This is called self-care, and it is more necessary than most seem to realise. So, if you like, the image of the post is my doctor’s prescription to you. No need to take it to a pharmacy. Just resolve to do it, and your life will take a turn for the better. It’s time to rise…

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