SO MANY ARE NOW CROWING WITH JUBILATION at the potential change of president in the USA (dependent on the outcome of any paranoid applications to courts to reverse the current presidential claims). I have witnessed such jubilation before many times during my life, but I have never involved myself with any of it.

I remember reading an account by the Russian composer, Dmitri Shostakovich, about how at the end of the Second World War everyone across the world was whooping for joy, hugging, kissing, singing, dancing in the streets for victory. But Shostakovich was not. Not in the slightest. He regarded it as a false jubilation. Why? Because an even worse evil than Hitler with far more deaths to his account (though it is not politically correct to say so) was still at large and even being feted by the West. Namely, the tyrant, Josef Stalin. When Shostakovich came to write his Ninth Symphony at the end of 1945, Stalin was expecting a superior Soviet epic along the lines of Beethoven’s Ninth. In fact, when it was given its premiere, it was a relatively slight piece in neo-classical style which started off sounding like a modernised Haydn symphony and culminated in what can only be described as circus music. What’s more, it was a mere twenty-six minutes long — the same as a Haydn or Mozart symphony rather than his previous symphony, which was more than an hour long (and banned by Soviet authorities until after Stalin’s death). Stalin was insulted by his Ninth. Even Western media denounced it: “The Russian composer should not have expressed his feelings about the defeat of Nazism in such a childish manner” (New York World-Telegram, 27 July 1946). What an ignorant statement from a total philistine. Instead of looking for the real reasons why the composer should have written such a work, they expected him to share their jubilation and were offended that he didn’t. But there was nothing about Shostakovich which was childish. Shostakovich was a serious human being who saw right through the bullshit of this world and he knew the smell of false jubilation when it hit his nostrils. And so should we!

It is so easy to whip people up into a frenzy of baseless optimism and false hero worship. I remember when Barack Obama was elected president for the first time in 2008. The whole world was taken up with it. People imagined that the Earth would be transformed into a joyful, peace-loving planet. At Obama’s rallies, people would be trying to touch him so they could get healed. That is no joke! He was treated as a messiah. There was even a website set up about this. It is still there to this day (see ). It started off as a tongue-in-cheek venture but grew into an extraordinary repository of the kind of obeisance which was being paid to Obama. If you visit this site, I promise that you will be astonished by the factual reports you find there. You will see that the phenomenon of Barack Obama was a clear psyop. It is a measure of the ignorant desperation in the USA that so many are so willing to ascribe virtual divinity to a man about whom they really know nothing and whose only relationship with them is the groovy repetition of a few empty phrases (e.g. “Yes, we can!”). Raised on soundbite TV, they easily come to worship a soundbite President. They treat presidents like they treat celebrities. For example, people say: “I really love Ryan Gosling” (or substitute your own “idol”). But they have never met him, nor do they know him at all. They are simply relating to images of roles he has played in movies or some interviews where the actor polishes his image before the crowd. So when people say, “I love Trump” or “I love Biden”, those are utterly meaningless statements and simply betray an extreme ignorance and folly of inappropriate virtual worship.

Obama was even awarded a Nobel Peace Prize before he had done anything, in anticipation of what he was expected to do. What madness! When I wrote a piece saying that people were caught up in a huge delusion and false jubilation, I was inundated with insults. (Nothing new there! That was in the exciting days when hundreds would read my articles on a mailing list and there would be insults and death threats. Nowadays, the world of words on social media is so bland and dumbed-down that just a few read them, and I get the occasional passive/aggressive comment! 😆 ). Folks do not want their toys taken away from them and they see straight-talkers as party-poopers! One woman wrote to me saying: “There was a palpable wave of positive energy which went out across the world when Barack Obama was elected.  How could you be against that?” My reply was, “Because it is not real. It is purely in people’s heads and has no basis in tangible fact. Such ‘waves of positive energy’ tend to be manufactured in order to delude people and I ain’t falling for it”. By “manufactured”, I meant a psychological operation (psyop). Well, eventually it turned out that nothing vital changed through Obama being there. A massive number of bombs were dropped, as usual. In fact, Obama dropped more bombs than his predecessor, George W. Bush (just as Trump dropped more bombs than his predecessor, Barack Obama! See e.g., ). All the “waves of energy” were just hot air; but people fell for Obama’s schtick (just as they do for Donald Trump’s) because he was a smooth talker and looked cool and, above all, he had darker skin — a great boon in these times. More madness. Obama was just a lawyer who came from a background in corrupt Chicago and he got where he did because he looked the other way when bad stuff went down. (And I have a LOT of documentation on that, if you want to see it).

Why am I sharing all this, you may think? It is because we have another situation today where people are riding on the crest of a wave because they think they got rid of who they regard as an unhinged egotist, Donald Trump, and put what they imagine to be a preferable alternative, Joe Biden, in his place. Here we go again. You see, Trump has served the needs of the power-elite very well, though his acolytes would not believe that. He created huge division and even violent dispute, which is loved by the power-elite. By spouting his empty rhetoric about corruption he had a whole raft of people eating out of his hand and imagining he was arresting every paedophile in the world along with the secret “deep-state cabal”. People’s gullibility is unbelievable. The power-elite will pull you around by the nose so that you despise who they want you to despise and rave about those they want you to. They can do that through the mass media which they control and by the innumerable military and intelligence agents they have placed online to troll and put out memes, hit pieces and videos to modify people’s thinking. But all the political characters can do nothing to change anything of any real significance unless their masters authorise it. To think they can is the result of sheer gaslighting and mind-manipulation.

I believe that many become so inveigled by these political smooth operators and the false jubilation which they elicit at election time much more because of wilful ignorance than mere naïveté. There are three kinds of ignorance in this life: happy ignorance, simple ignorance, and wilful ignorance. Let me just open this up a little:

a) Happy Ignorance. This is an ignorance which is actually profitable for us. There are unspeakable things in this world which it is better for us never to know anything about. The agonized screams of a raped child. The chaotic debacle of mortal combat in battle. It is better that we remain happily ignorant of them. I’m not speaking about escapism or hiding our heads in the sand; for that is something different. I simply mean not being exposed to that which sensitive souls have no need to experience. One can be happily ignorant of them.

b) Simple or Natural Ignorance. When we don’t really understand what binds particles together, that is a form of simple ignorance. It doesn’t affect me whether I know it or not. I can choose, though, to try and understand it. Simple ignorance is a desirable condition if the one afflicted by it is willing to learn! Simple ignorance is a great opportunity for us to do so. An empty vessel is no bad thing because it can always be filled and, indeed, should be.

c) Wilful Ignorance. This is when a person is so opposed to expanded knowledge or the rigours of truth that he or she is actually prepared to resist them. As soon as they hear views different from their own, they do not investigate them to see if they may be correct but begin to slander those who hold those views and then set out to destroy them. We see this very much exemplified in election hustings, with all the propaganda and calumnies. Wilful ignorance is always inexcusable, and it is what lies at the heart of so much stupidity in the world today. You can tell the difference between wilful and simple ignorance. Simple ignorance rejoices when it hears things explained more adequately. Whereas the one who is wilfully ignorant becomes puffed up with pride, refuses to accept instruction and even wrongly accuses those with whom s/he disagrees. It is said that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” — but it is much more paved with wilful ignorance! Wilful ignorance entails the deliberate eschewing of necessary knowledge — a highly contrived naïveté, if I may put it like that.

So, despite all the simple ignorance and wilful ignorance on display, I am watching with bemusement as I see the “waves of positive energy” on social media, as people stumble along from one false jubilation to another, falsely attributing world-changing abilities to utterly hollow men and women who merely jump to the crack of the power-elite’s whip (whether they know it or not), but who know how to deliver seductive oratory to their acolytes. The President of the USA is merely a rotating GUI (Graphical User Interface) to woo the gullible public while the tenebrous characters who really hold the reins of power behind the scenes remain unchanged and unaffected by any change in office of any politician. Once one realises that the President of the USA does not run the country but that the country is really run by powerful unelected people who run the President (whether that president knows it or not, because they run all presidents), then one also sees that there is a cleverly-devised scheme in place which ensures that those unelected people always get their way, no matter who is in office. It is in this respect that the dualistic two-party adversarial system is so helpful to their objectives. It appears to the unsuspecting public as though there is a choice, but Republican and Democrat (or right and left anywhere) are merely two sides of the same bent coin.

Although democracy per se doesn’t really exist anywhere in the Western world, the power-elite wants to maintain the pretence of it until such time as even all appearances of it will be ready to be dissolved by them, i.e. when the people will be ready to accept that. In the meantime, they work with the system as it is, milking it for all it’s worth. Thus, as a deceptive appearance, there is an consecutive alternating of blatant sociopaths (or warmongers) and seemingly reasonable liberal types as president in a classic mass brainwashing technique. (It functions rather like the “good cop — bad cop” technique of interrogation). Thus, certain requirements of the power-elite can be fulfilled during a more conservative Republican presidency. But the power-elite’s scheme caters for changes of presidency to what looks like a less conservative, more liberal one (which usually means a deterioration in terms of morality or societal ethics, which is also desired by the power-elite), so that people can continue to imagine that they have the power to change the direction of their country while also undergoing a degree of catharsis (false jubilation) after years of the policies of the previous years of dummy presidency.

The way that the scheme works can be illustrated by the changes of President over the past three decades. First, there was George H.W. Bush from 1989-1993. Then William J. Clinton from 1993-2001. Then George W. Bush from 2001-2009. Then Barack Obama from 2009-2017. Then Donald Trump from 2017 to the present day. After George H.W. Bush, people were crying out for change, so they got the saxophone-playing pseudo-cool Bill Clinton. And each time there is a change, their supporters crow with delight and false jubilation, believing that a new day has dawned for freedom, democracy and world peace. So, Clinton was greeted as a kind of saviour. (Yes, he really was greeted as such! See this video of the folk singer, Judy Collins, for whom Stephen Stills wrote “Judy Blue Eyes”, gushing over Clinton’s election: ). However, after eight years of that, the utopian expectations had not materialised, naturally, so change was cried out for yet again. But Bill had only been a cunning sideshow. Now the darker work of the power-elite could begin in earnest once again as George W. Bush was elected for a further eight years of destruction and war-criminality, beginning with the events on September 11th 2001 which created a convenient pretext for invasion and waging wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, killing more than one million people in the process.But then the people were crying out once again for change. They’d had enough. Too many were beginning to see through the parody of power and dummy democracy which created eight years of destruction and incipient totalitarian legislation. So the power-elite threw them a bone, as if saying, “You want a saviour — a Messiah even?  Well here he comes. The answer to your hopes and dreams”. A cool-looking dude who is young and with a darker complexion. What better way to make you think that you are on the brink of utopia in a ‘post-racial’ universe? Suddenly, all the damage done in the previous eight years is dissolved in their minds as they whoop with joy at the false hope paraded before them. But the power-elite was merely playing (preying) upon the hopes and dreams of desperate people. They have no intention whatsoever of giving up their positions of power. Not at all. But even though you are permitted the illusion of changing a crazy or warmongering President for one who appears to be more humane and liberal, the real work behind the scenes does not change at all. And any president who doesn’t play ball with them will be removed from office and from this life just like John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK went way too far in ringing in his changes. He had to go. A president’s only role, as far as the power-elite are concerned, is to maintain the status quo. The status quo is about keeping the corporations swimming in money, keeping the military and intelligence agencies involved in occupations and interventions (which also keeps the corporations swimming in money) and keeping the people in ignorance and darkness (which also keeps the corporations, one way or another, swimming in money). Anyone who tries to step beyond those demarcation lines will be “JFKed”. John Fitzgerald Kennedy — although he had his faults and foibles — was a president who sought to go beyond the status quo and interfere with the ‘toys for the boys’ and he paid for it with his life. He had already removed Allen Dulles from his role as head of the CIA (especially because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, not to mention the fact that the CIA was found to be enlisting Mafia hitmen as assassins) and JFK was even threatening to dismantle the CIA altogether. It was said that he was going to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds” [“CIA: Marker of Policy or Tool?”, New York Times. April 25, 1966]. Also, along with his Attorney-General brother, Robert F. Kennedy, he was devoted to bringing down the mafia and organised crime. You don’t last long in high office when you make threats like that. The heart of the dirty tricks, black ops and grubby business in the USA is the CIA/Military/Mafia enclave. Tinker with that sort of power and you’ll be brought down big-time. JFK must have been spinning in his grave to see Allen Dulles on the 8-member Warren Commission investigating Kennedy’s assassination, after he begged LBJ to be a part of it! Lee Harvey Oswald a lone gunman? Don’t make me laugh. Thus, any president who imagines that he can totally reverse the bad stuff of a previous incumbent will be taken down before you can say the words “Dallas 1963”. Real, lasting, permanent change for a more peaceful and free world will not — cannot — happen through politicians or presidents.

No doubt many people will be irate to read what has been written in this piece. Some will be incensed beyond belief. But not only will I not retract a word (unless it can be shown to be false according to facts and not the common rampant speculation of today) but I will go further than I have already gone by saying that the whole presidential election roadshow is a mere rehearsal for the events of the future. The power-elite love to experiment with our psyches to see how far they can go with their audacious mind-control projects. At one time such experiments would be conducted by intelligence agencies on a comparatively small, unknown and (from their point of view) ‘expendable’ element of the population (e.g. prisoners, or mental hospital inmates, or Californian hippies). [I can provide copious evidence of this if you doubt it]. Today they brazenly toy with the mass of people’s minds in election campaigns which are really psychological operations in themselves. Understanding this process is a vital part of our self-education. (And how crazy is it — and an affront to world hunger — that the combined election campaigns of Donald Trump and Joe Biden have cost a staggering $1.3 billion? That fact alone should disgust us).

We are living in an age in which evil is coming to its necessary head. No human being is going to come forward who will be able to change that in any fundamentally significant manner. The darkness is too intrinsically embedded. They may present themselves as if they can. But it is all a theatre, and the build up to the finale is happening and will continue happening until it becomes ready for the supernatural intervention at the end of this present age, which (please God) may not be too far away. The world is moving towards a scenario which will make Orwell’s masterpiece, “1984” (essential reading for all self-educators), seem like a boy scout’s garden party. All the elements are falling into place. We need to awaken from our slumber and see all election times for what they are: The stealing of people’s minds and the swaying of their hearts to turn them into obedient and deluded automatons who believe what they are told but are really bought and sold.

© 2020, Alan Morrison / The Diakrisis Project. All Rights Reserved. 
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