LET ME START BY SAYING that I have no illusions about the voting process — especially in the USA. The naivety and ignorance of so many on this matter is staggering. In the midst of all the commotion about “election fraud” at the moment, few seem to realise that ALL ELECTIONS IN THEMSELVES ARE A FRAUD, defrauding the whole population with a stupefying illusion! The losers in any election very often claim fraud by their opponents, depending on how gracious they are. Yet nobody seems to put it together, after years of voting, that the whole exercise is a form of “engineered consent” enabling the power-elite to continue its work unabated while the theatre of politics plays itself out, inveigling the masses with its bathos. Power does not come to the people (the true meaning, literally, of the word “democracy”, when traced back to its roots in the Greek language) by them putting a mark on a piece of paper every few years so that a bunch of bought and sold egotists can get paid handsomely to play musical chairs in a fancy building which houses a lot of empty waffle and nuanced distraction. That people could imagine such a system is “empowering” to them shows how low their standards have become, and how deep the mind-bending influence of delusion has penetrated the population on this planet. The power-elite backstage does exactly as it pleases — fomenting wars and coups d’états, exterminating, genociding, assassinating, manipulating governments and financial markets, controlling militaries and intelligence entities, generating endless corporate greed, moving ‘pawns’ around on the chessboard of this world, ensuring millions upon millions each year to starve and live in abject poverty — while parliaments provide the entertainment front of stage for the masses who imagine that their vote changes matters of consequence. This is the ultimate in gaslighting. In a further wince of entertainment, it was reported earlier this week that Trump’s wife, Melania, voted in Florida “looking sensational in a $4,500 chain-print Gucci dress”. What a decadent theatre it all is!

{INFO: By the term ‘power-elite’, I refer to the loosely-constructed conglomerate of banks and financial institutions, global corporations, a handful of billionaires, a plethora of organisations with the word “World” at the beginning (e.g. World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation, World Bank, etc.), the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, some secret societies, pharmaceutical companies and their advocates masquerading as scientists and medical officers and, binding it all together, the tentacular intelligence networks}.

But this particular delusion about the innate fraudulence of elections is not the principal subject of my writing here. Rather, it is a brief analysis of the strange phenomenon of the character on the stage called Donald Trump in this illusory and deluded world of humans. The very fact that so many should be beguiled by a character like Donald Trump and vote for him at all, or passionately tout him as a credible “leader of the free world”, is not merely a mystery to me but is a sure sign that a huge swathe of the world’s population has “lost its marbles”! The idiom, “lost his/her/its marbles” is defined in the dictionary as “to be or become mentally deficient, incompetent, or deranged; to become of unsound mind”. And this indeed is what has happened right across the world.

At first, I found it rather amusing to see Donald Trump calling out so many urbane White House correspondents for being “fake news”. But then I had the strong feeling that I was being drawn into something unsavoury — that there was a catch to this show. While it is perfectly true that the mainstream media is just the publicity wing of the power-elite, and much of what they put out is disinformation, misrepresentation, distraction, or downright lies serving the needs of that power-elite, I had the strong feeling that Donald Trump is not the right man to expose this at the level of leadership. I began to see him as a mere demagogue who was exploiting the disillusionment of many people by setting himself up as their bona fide leader. (Definitions of “demagogue”: Rabble-rouser, tub-thumper, political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions, baser emotions and prejudices of the people). The more I saw and heard of him, the more I did not want to follow him in any way at all. Everything about him rankled my soul in an extremely uncomfortable manner. He seemed uncouth, uncultured, highly vain, playing to the crowd like a cheap entertainer, and had not a whiff of poetry about him. The more I saw people I love, know and respect falling under his sway, the more uncomfortable I felt, and still do. I realised that some strong delusion was at work that was being energised on a subtle level to mesmerise the mass of people with its dark sway.

As examples of this “strong delusion”, not only are there so-called “Truth Movement” types and professing Christians hero worshipping Trump as a whistleblower, defender of morality and astute saviour of humanity, but many New Age leaders claim that he has been sent to earth from other worlds (e.g. Pleiadean or Arcturian) or that he originates from the constellation of Orion, having come to save this world, and that his wife, Melania, comes from the star of Sirius. I am not joking, even though it might seem like that! This is a big thing on social media. Hardly anyone thought-checks or fact-checks anything anymore. They pass around memes and claims without any discernment whatsoever and then scoff at fact-checking as if it was a bad thing in itself (presumably a disastrous overreaction to some alleged “fact-checking” being a way for propagandists to suppress truth on social media). That plays right into the hands of the power-elite. Perfect fodder for them. Many New Age folks have been channelling like crazy, prophesying that Trump was going to win the election big-time and ultimately take the world into “the next shift” or even into the promised false “ascension” of the New Age Movement. Now that it all supposedly hangs “on a knife edge” they are saying that he really did win the election, but low-level 3rd dimension folks conspired to steal the election from him as they always planned to do. Truly, the planet is descending into a dystopia — not merely because of the current and continuing Orwellian actions of governments but because of the delusional farce surrounding Donald Trump and political life in general.

Frankly, it would be a genuinely great thing to have truly authentic people of vision guiding humanity. A real leader has deep wisdom and integrity, is articulate and speaks with sagacity, is compassionate, has empathy, is loving, modest, humble, incorruptible, spiritually-minded, unpretentious, cultured, highly knowledgeable even if conventionally ‘uneducated’, and discerning to the highest degree. But the fact that so many believe a character like Donald Trump fits that sublime description is a testimony as to how far the world has fallen and how little discernment there is. Not merely Donald Trump but the entire panoply of “leaders” from across the planet bring the very idea of leadership into disrepute. Most people seem to have no clue whatsoever about what real leadership looks like. From the power-elite’s standpoint, this creates the perfect preparation for the future they have planned, as I will show below.

So how has this situation come about? Firstly, many are looking for a hero — a cavalry type who will ride in and save the world from the impending darkness which many can sense but not define. The desperation for that provides the perfect opportunity for exploitation by unscrupulous characters who pull the strings backstage. People have sometimes asked me why I have written that the power-elite would be incredibly happy to have a loose cannon like Donald Trump in the White House as a figurehead for the country rather than some obvious “safe” liberal “insider” who they have always owned, such as Joe Biden. The reasons are all too plain to see. Firstly, Trump causes huge division and unrest — conditions so loved by the power-elite because they destabilise society and bring out the very worst in people. (This is also clearly why the power-elite have engineered the delusory phenomenon of Brexit 😉). But even more important for that power-elite is the fact that so many hero-worship Trump in a plethora of delusional ways. “Truthers” imagine he is a Truther, “Conservatives” imagine he is a genuine conservative, “Christians” imagine he is a Christian, “New Agers” imagine he is a New Ager, “Libertarians” imagine he is (almost) a libertarian, and so on. This is perfect for the power-elite for two important reasons: First, it distracts people from realising what a real leader looks like. The power-elite is perfectly happy for an empty narcissist like Trump to be a role model for Truthers, conservatives, Christians, New Agers and libertarians. That way, the power-elite is never really challenged. But secondly, and most importantly, by having a hollow man as a role model of leadership, a powerful veil of delusion is spread even more across the world than it already is. Let me expand on that as we draw to a conclusion.

The very concept of leadership has been so distorted in the minds of the majority and dumbed down into the kind of political cardboard cut-outs for whom we vote over and over again (as if voting “a bit harder” may work this time!), that the very antithesis of leadership is what this world deserves and gets. You see, my friends, we are living in an age when the predominant quality is deception. For now is the time in which evil and darkness are by necessity rising to their climax. This is ‘the hour’ of the forces of darkness to show their true colours rather than hiding behind the lace-net curtains of a pretended “civilisation” and ersatz “democracy”. This necessary burgeoning of evil and darkness is the spiritual reality which few want to face. For there is a spiritual battle raging through this world (and through the heavens also) and one needs the hide of a rhinoceros and the skill-set of a world-class spy (I am using spiritual metaphors here) to discern how this works and to navigate through it without being distracted or even broken by it.

It seems plain to me that the phenomenon of Donald Trump is a clear “psyop” being cleverly permitted and energised by the power-elite to manifest itself to suit their purposes ‘to a T’. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever about that. What a boon he is to the power-elite, or “deep-state cabal”, as QAon cultists would say (QAnon being another clear psyop, running parallel to Trump, to fool the gullible). For if so many different types can be deluded, blinded even, into believing that a hollow man, devoid of poetry and beauty, the epitome of a narcissist, is a wonderful leader worthy of hero-worship — and can even have spiritual or extra-terrestrial credentials attributed to him — how easy will it be for the power-elite to convince most of the world that the future world leader of their one-world government is the ultimate hero and guide for humanity? For that one-world government leader will set himself up as virtually divine, like many emperors of old, and claim to have special “powers”, and to have been “sent” by spiritual forces to the planet, just as is claimed about Trump by many of his supporters today. When that leader is revealed, as he most certainly will be, it will be the greatest deception ever to hit the world, and most will suck it up like the manipulable little ‘suckers’ they have become. This will be the ultimate tragedy of humanity, and the phenomenon of Donald Trump is one of the cogs in the machine paving the way for that. For liberals are already in the pocket of the power-elite and eat out of their hand. Even though those who have fallen for the Trump delusion seem to be miles apart from the liberals who hate him, both camps are essentially deceived at a similar level which will eventually coalesce when the one-world leader is eventually revealed in a welter of monumental delusion. The trick has been how to deceive truthers, conservatives, Christians, New Agers and libertarians into falling for the same schtick as liberals. That schtick involves having a totally dumbed down view of leadership (thus a readiness to accept someone as leader who is the very antithesis of genuine leadership), coupled with a failure to fact-check and the false attribution of special powers to a leader they deludedly admire.

There will be people who will be mad at me for writing this piece. They will even question if I am working for “the cabal”! Such is the gargantuan force of this delusion, which is shaping up into a state of play which most cannot imagine would happen. This is why the utmost discernment is necessary at this watershed time. The deception is so subtle that it could even take in those who should know better, if they do not exercise that discernment. When the one-world leader is finally revealed, those who have the spiritual insight to see through it will then soon be (or will already have been) dispatched from this world in a welter of brutality such as that world has never witnessed before nor ever will again. By then, no one will care, for eyes will have been totally blinded and consciences will have been completely cauterized. One can see that blindness and cauterization in process today as half the world already allows itself to be mesmerised by emptiness and narcissism, calling darkness “light”, evil “good” and bitterness “sweet”.

One final word: Do not look to any human leader to save the world. That saving will only happen when the One who is the Light of this world finishes the job of overcoming the darkness, as promised in all the prophecies, in a cataclysmic and apocalyptic display of real leadership. This is the true hope of humanity — not some fictitious delusions energised by the forces of darkness.

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