WE LIVE IN A STRANGE AND CRAZY WORLD. I’m sure we can all agree on that (though you may diverge from me as I work my way through this little piece 😉 ). A strange and crazy world which prefers the song “A Whiter Shade of Pale” to the J.S. Bach music which influenced it! A strange and crazy world which doles out vaccines which don’t even stop you getting the disease concerned or passing it on to others! A strange and crazy world which stigmatises those sensible enough not to get whacked with the vaccine as if they were more infectious than those that did! (The frigging mind boggles!). A strange and crazy world which soaks up propaganda and lies rather than furrows its brow and does some serious personal research to get as near to the truth as possible. Where ARE the serious people? That is a serious question. Have we all been dumbed-down so much that we cannot tell the difference between a friend and a fiend? Bottom line: Nothing is what it seems. So please read on…

Well, that was a little introduction to this little piece which goes some way to explain what has really been going on in Ukraine. I’m no expert on anything. I’m a Jack-of-all-trades on some things. But one thing I am a little bit expert at is discerning truth from propaganda — a facility developed over seven decades of observing (and finding myself at the mercy of) mendacious cliques of subhumans. When the government-controlled Western media wanted you to support the invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the US, UK and “allies”, they fed you the lie about the country having weapons of mass destruction. Nothing was going to deflect from that narrative. Anyone who publicly deviated from that narrative either had their character assassinated or their body (dissident reporters even “falling” to their death off roofs). Every media outlet chimed in with it, as if orchestrated (which it was). This is the thing. The media is orchestrated. Powerfully orchestrated. And billions sit there gawping at it day in, day out, as if it was the bees knees! How can one explain such mesmeric madness? And so it is now in relation to what is being styled as “an invasion” by Russia which has even been said to be planned to go into Poland and other countries. I never condone war, but I do understand the strategies of world chess. And this is all one big game of chess.

So, first, before anything else, just for a little overview, I suggest you read this single paragraph by journalist Robert Bridge:

“Reminder to the perennial Russian doomsayers: the tragedy in Ukraine did not begin on February 24, 2022, as some people naively seem to believe, but eight years ago when a puppet government with known neo-Nazi affiliations (and apparent nuclear aspirations) was installed in Kiev by the usual suspects bearing golden promises and stale cookies. We are now witnessing the tragic consequences that come with the West’s reckless meddling in the affairs of foreign states, already proven disastrous in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere. Russia did not start Ukraine’s problems, which eventually would have dragged the world into a much more devastating global conflict, but has been placed in the unfortunate position of having to deal with them”.

That is the issue. This whole debacle is not something which has happened spontaneously in the last weeks without any context. It has been bubbling away for decades, going right back to the second world war, and especially through the last eight years. If you don’t know what I mean and you are serious about educating yourself, then please watch this excellent documentary by Oliver Stone, “Ukraine Under Fire”: https://vimeo.com/252426896 , which was made FIVE years ago! Even though the usual false “fact-checkers” have said it is untrue, you can smell the truth all over it (as is the case with anything these fiendishly-clever “fact-checkers” touch). Oliver Stone does not mess about in any of his films (e.g. “JFK”, etc.). Once you see the subversive role of the USA and the historical legacy of Nazism in Ukraine, then you will have a necessary understanding of what is really going on there. So-called “fact-checkers” will deny the relevance of neo-Nazism in Ukraine. Yet, even four years ago, the self-styled coevyd “fact-checker”, Reuters, published an article, entitled “Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Problem”. [See https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cohen-ukraine-commentary-idUSKBN1GV2TY ].

History is an interesting animal. I watch it all unfolding with objective interest. I have no ‘side’ except truth. But in this world of smoke and mirrors, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find it. In fact, uncomfortable truth is so feared and disapproved of that the palatable lie is the dominant world currency. To find pure truth in the world of politics is mostly almost impossible. But one can try and get as close to it as possible. Often it is easier to identify a lie than it is to identify truth. But at least that is a start. And I can tell you that what you are being told in your newspapers and on your televisions is 99% lies. About everything!

If you knew what is really happening in Ukraine and its historical background, then you might not be so quick to pawnishly place a Ukrainian flag on your profile pic. For the Ukrainian military has been bombing the shit out of the southeast of the country for EIGHT years. But I didn’t see any of you sympathizing about that. That’s because — like Pavlov’s conditioned dogs — you only sympathize about what your government tells you to. Then again, I fully realise that nothing I say here is really going to change the vast majority of malleable minds who would do such a thing. In fact, I’m really writing this piece for a dear human who wrote to me asking if I could explain what is really going on. I think if people watch the Oliver Stone documentary I placed above, then their minds will be far less malleable and more discerning. They are going to need it! For the coming years are going to shake you to your core. I have watched it all coming for decades. The more you hold onto truth and do everything you can to uphold it, the more you are going to find yourself driven into a corner. For this is the world of the Lie and of injustice. There is no place in it for those who love truth or justice. If you do not believe that, then please come back to me in a couple of years, if I am still around, and we can compare notes. If you want to know what the Ukrainian government has been doing to its people in southeast Ukraine for the last EIGHT years and you have Facebook, then please watch this little video. https://www.facebook.com/100062666924374/videos/480596566972731/ .

But, all this aside, like I said yesterday, I have no “skin in the game” as far as all the politicking is concerned. But history is always fascinating. Patterns, especially, capture my interest. So, what is the pattern in relation to the latest news about Ukraine? It is that the country is a magnet over and over again for conflicting interests wanting to use it for their own dastardly purposes. Especially, it has become the plaything of the USA in its classic method of subverting states in order to control them (as Oliver Stone’s documentary so readily shows). The USA condemns Russia for its stance towards Ukraine, yet how would it react if Russia set up weapons, biolabs and military bases in Mexico or even, heaven forbid, Cuba? (Bit of irony there). The USA has been heavily involved in the setting up of biolabs in Ukraine (even though the “fact-checkers” have poo-pooed it!). It even boasts about it. [See https://ua.usembassy.gov/embassy/kyiv/sections-offices/defense-threat-reduction-office/biological-threat-reduction-program/ ]. If you think they are only being used to fight disease, that’s what they also say about the Porton Down biolab in the UK, yet that has even conducted experiments against its own people. [See https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/how-the-british-government-subjected-thousands-of-people-to-chemical-and-biological-warfare-trials-during-cold-war-10376411.html ]. If the mass of people knew — really knew — what their governments have invented or actually done with technology, weaponry, biological experimentation, the subversion of nations, false-flag operations and psychological warfare, they would completely freak out. Frankly, mostpeople (to use an ee cummings portmanteau word) would not be able to handle it. So I can kind of understand the copycat way that so many are putting Ukrainian flags on their profile images (without realising that a flag is just a jingoistic rag, no matter what its colours). Ignorance is what lies behind it. And malleable brains made of jello. Also, the desire to have a childish simplistic way of viewing complex world events. Heaven knows how they will cope in the years to come. One day, I suppose, they will even have a photo of their hero, the Antichrist, as their profile pics! (I’m serious!).

I will probably now be accused of being “a Russian apologist”. But I am an apologist for nothing that is earthly or made by humans. I do find Russia to be a strange and interesting country. All that peasantish feudalism which seeded powerful poets and writers, the western-bankrolled Marxist Bolshevism which took over for decades (NB: everything has its birth and death), the madness of Stalin’s reign of terror, the hotbed of organised crime, and other extremes. There is an intensity about Russians with which I have always been fascinated. I do love certain things that have come out of Russia. I have even considered living there. But that is mainly from a cultural point of view. My favourite writer is Fyodor Dostoevsky and my joint favourite composer (with Gustav Mahler) is Dmitri Shostakovich. Russian humour is unique. Dry, acerbic, and very down to earth. I realised the fullness of that when I read musicologist Solomon Volkov’s interviews with Shostakovich in the book, “Свидетельство” (“Testimony”), which has also been challenged by “fact-checkers” who didn’t like its contents! 😊. I also feel a great affinity with the high theology and discerning eschatology of the Orthodox Church — infinitely more than with reactionary “Protestantism” or the corrupt Catholicism against which it was reacting. (Most of what is considered as “Church” in this world is counterfeit anyway, which would make Christ turn in His grave, if He was in it, which He isn’t!).

This whole world is a circus full of posturing and doubletalk. It’s a theatre following a script in which the figureheads of countries that you see are not the real players, so there is no one individual to support and they are all worthy of condemnation. This is a fallen world which lies under the power of the mendacious demonic realm of darkness. This is why the media is filled with lies and politicians speak with forked tongue. Whatever evil is masterminded in this world, or befalls it, does so because this is a materialist world which rejects its Creator and the Divine will. And to all the nutty Christians that I’ve seen ‘screaming’ hysterically on social media, “Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!”, please educate yourselves about what must happen first. This world is surging inexorably towards a one-world government involving all nations, which will be brought about through wars, false-flag operations, psychological operations, staged and real pandemics, global apostasy, increased widespread hardness of heart, wilful ignorance, geophysical catastrophes, demonic manipulations, and the background manoeuvring of power elites and secret societies. This is a process which will play itself out right to the bitter end. Only when the Antichrist is inevitably revealed at the head of that global government will we then be able to say with confidence, ‘The Christ is coming soon, like lightning flashing from the East to the West — a cosmic appearance to be witnessed by all’. That will be the transition point from this present evil age to the new aeon to come, with a wholly new creation. Wanna be part of that? Then ditch all the flag-waving and gullibility, reconcile yourself with your Creator and become a disciple of the Christ. That is the only way through and out of this debacle of a world.

To sum up: Nothing is what it seems on the surface. This applies to many situations and operates on many different levels. But as this ‘civilisation’ careers politically and militarily into its inevitable climax and denouement, one is going to need the utmost objectivity and the knowhow of a world-class spy to discern what is really going on. The lies are going to become even more spectacular. The obtaining of wisdom is the priority. I hope that the above words have gone some small way to assist in that capacity.

Love to one and all. 💝




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