[The “Dialogue to Nowhere” recorded below is loosely based on a number of dialogues I have had with people during recent times. It shows the arrogant, closed mentality that all genuine students of truth are up against, especially among the so-called “Truthers”, many of whom seem to prefer sensationalism to genuine truth. I don’t know which is more dangerous in this world right now — those who are completely subservient to the satanic world-system or those who claim to be “awake” but have no true spirituality and a dearth of knowledge of the sacred texts underpinning that “wokeness”].

SHE: “What do you think of Revelations?”

ME: “Revelations of what?”

SHE: “You know, the book”.

ME: “You mean The Book of Revelation”.

SHE: “Revelations”.

ME: “Well, it’s the “Book of Revelation”, singular.

SHE: “No it is Revelations, just Revelations”.

ME: “May I ask if you have actually read the book?”

SHE: “I don’t need to read it. I watched a video on YouTube about it. The guy said it’s called revelations”.

ME: “What revelations do you mean?”

SHE: “All the things in the book about the end of the world. Like the four horsemen, the mark of the beast, the apocalypse, which is the end of the world, etc. I mean the mark of the beast is now, they are putting chips in us!”

ME: “Well, I’m sorry to have to say that there are a lot of misunderstandings in what you’re saying. Firstly, it is called “The Book of Revelation” because the opening words of the book are “The revelation…”, and what that revelation is about is also in the opening words of the book: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”. It is not a kind of manual solely about the Endtimes. The book reveals how God through the Christ has devised what should happen throughout the whole panoply of time. That’s why we read in chapter 5 of the book that Christ is the only one who can open the scroll which symbolises the whole plan of God for the ages of this world, culminating in the Divine judgement on it and on the satanic world-system which has usurped control of it. Those first few words of the book, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” are translated from the Koine Greek of the original manuscript. The Greek word translated as “revelation” is apokalypsis. That’s why the book is called the “Apocalypse”. It is revealing the truth about Jesus Christ. It is not “revelations”. It is THE revelation (singular) of how the Christ, as God, is the real ruler of this cosmos and will also be the dismantler of it and the creator of a new cosmos. This is what the book shows. All those things you mentioned are just little parts of how that unfolds. The four horsemen, for example, are symbols of how this whole age plays out — the time between Christ’s ascension and His return at the end of the age. The mark of the beast has nothing to do with anyone who receives a chip in their hand. The “mark” is a symbol referring to anyone who is not a genuine disciple of Christ giving their allegiance to the satanic world-system which will culminate in acceptance of the Antichrist as their ‘saviour’. In that way, it is as if Satan will have “marked” them, like a dog urinating on a tree. In the Bible, being “marked” by God on the hand or forehead by something or someone else refers to one’s spiritual allegiance rather than any physical object. The book does not merely show what happens at the end of this age but it shows how the whole of this age is a process which is being ‘managed’ by Christ who ensures that all human and demonic evil can never ultimately succeed but can only issue in its own destruction. It is very important to stabilize oneself spiritually in these truths or one will be ‘all over the place’ in one’s thinking.

SHE: “Oh, come on! It shows how the End of Days is happening right now. The whole book is about that. Haven’t you seen the TV series called “Revelations”?

ME: “I’m sorry but ‘the whole book’ isn’t about what you call “the End of Days”. You have to study the book to see what it is really saying, rather than take note of a few choice aspects of it which fit into your preconceived ideas. It covers the whole panoply of the creation, even touching on the fall of angels way back in time. That TV miniseries you mentioned, “Revelations” (2005), is the most appalling twisting and reinterpretation of the sacred texts that I have ever come across. At one stage, a comatose girl mutters some words about the “mystery of lawlessness” which are afterwards wrongly attributed to the book of “Revelations” (in fact they are from the Second Letter to the Thessalonians). That miniseries is a travesty designed to deceive ignorant people with no knowledge of the sacred texts by confirming that faulty knowledge and their prejudices, not to mention that it makes out as if humans can divert the world away from its end through Christ once more coming into incarnation as a human baby through a virgin — supposedly his second coming! It is all just hogwash and a betrayal of truth. Not really surprising since it is created and written by the same guy who wrote the “Omen” movies.

SHE: “You need to get your head out of your ass and look around you. It’s like Revelations is being acted out right now. IT’S ALL HAPPENING NOW!

ME: “The material in the Book of Revelation [singular] has been ‘acted out’ from the beginning of history, since Satan conned those first humans into thinking that God is a liar and that they themselves can be like little gods, and in particular throughout the past 2000 years since Christ’s ascension. The “mystery of lawlessness” which leads up to the revealing of the Antichrist was already operating in the time of the original apostles, as Paul reveals in his second letter to the disciples in Thessalonica (chapter 2, verse 7). The same with the “spirit of the Antichrist”, which was already operating in the gospel-writer John’s day, as he reveals in his first letter (chapter 4, verse 3). Sure, it’s all building to a climax, and that may not be too far off; but one needs a bird’s-eye view of the whole history of creation to see that in its context and why it is all happening. That is precisely what the Book of Revelation does. I’d like to recommend my book to you, “The Essential Apocalypse: Making Sense of the Book of Revelation”. I think you will…”

SHE [interrupting]: Yeah, thanks, but I’ve heard enough of your waffle. You’ve been brainwashed by the mainstream media and the government. You’re a false teacher just like we were warned about in that YouTube video. I’m going to block you!