PREAMBLE: Setting the Scene on the GenderQueer Stage

In the main image of this article above, on the left side of it, bathed in the colour red, is a man called Sam Smith. He identifies himself as something called “non-binary” and “genderqueer”, and says that his pronouns are “they/them” which, unless one has multiple personality disorder, is pretty weird as he is one person singular whereas “they/them” is plural! In a CNN opinion-piece about Smith’s recording of “I am Not Here to Make Friends” (see a still, left, from the video of that song), the writer states, “Here was a non-binary person proudly embracing their identity, and there was no sanitization in sight of their own queerness”. That is his mission, to get his emotional disturbance and sick need to cross-dress accepted and spawned by others. So one can hardly be surprised when he cavorted around with Kim Petras (now age 30, and on the right in the main image of this article, who was “the world’s youngest transexual at age 13”), at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 5th in a costume that is supposed to depict a pseudo-satanic image. I am being as constrained as I can when writing about this gender stuff right now as it needs a whole article all of its own (though the truth in it would probably get me imprisoned in these stand-everything-on-its-head times 😉). From now until the end of this age, evil crazes will sweep the world like contagions and anyone who dares to question them will be labelled as “something-phobic”. In a UK national newspaper today, the headline appeared: “What it’s really like to be a pupil today as trans hysteria grips our schools: One 14-year-old reveals girls wearing breast binders in class, teachers claiming Lady Macbeth was non-binary and ‘transphobes’ threatened with strangulation” ( ). So-called “trans” people are being eulogized en masse by woke teachers and academics as if they are almost divine avatars of society (see the image below of the noticeboard of Magdalen College, Oxford University). And this all started with the rainbow-theft nonsense. But this is just a preamble to what I really want to write. Suffice it to say that it is all indicative of the collapse of this ‘civilization’ [sic] into debauchery and the accompanying normalisation of extreme emotional disorder and even insanity. You not only need to have a psychological transformation but, above all, a spiritual one to appreciate what I am saying here. (I should also add at this point that I am not “phobic” about anything. A phobia is an acute and often irrational fear. I am not in the least bit afraid of any of these depraved contagious fads. “Compassionate repulsion” would probably be a better description of what I feel. But that is not an acute or irrational fear. To label people as “-phobic” of these deviants is not only a form of gaslighting but is also creating a strawman, a classic type of logical fallacy).

The so-called “trans” craze has come about partly as a direct result of feminists claiming that gender is merely a “social construct”. The feminists shot themselves in the foot with that one when not only did men start appearing in gender-neutral public toilets with them (much to their horror!) but they also found that so-called “trans-men” who masqueraded as women were getting into all-female facilities then raping them. Which all goes to show how corruption of Divine law (feminism) always begets further corruption (the illusion of gender-transference). When one indulges petulantly against God’s law, it will come back to bite you in the ass big-time.

This entire phenomenon — whether the genderqueer indulgence or the pseudo-satanic cavorting around at awards ceremonies on Hollywood stages — is evidence of the gathering apostasy and the degeneration of humanity, precisely as prophesied in the sacred texts of the Bible. For this comparatively brief period of time (known as “the last days”) between the ascension of Christ and His cataclysmic return is characterised by people being “lovers of themselves, lovers of money, arrogant, proud, blasphemous… unholy” (Second Letter to Timothy, chapter 3, verse 2. “Unholy” was actually the title of the song sung by Sam Smith at the award ceremony!), as part of people rejecting “the healthy teaching” (the definite article is paramount there, Second Letter to Timothy, chapter 4, verse 3) concerning the manifestation of the Christ in the flesh and all that happens because of that, and instead following deceptive spirits and the teachings of demons (First Letter to Timothy, chapter 4, verse 1). This is what we are in the middle of right now; and it is a burgeoning blight in the world.

1.  Was Sam Smith’s Performance a Satanic Ritual?

Currently, because of the performance of Sam Smith (as seen in the main image accompanying this article), there is a great deal of hysteria among professing ‘Christians’, so-called conservatives and some New Agers claiming that these acts at the Grammy Awards are evidence of Satanism and full-blown satanic rituals. They are not. Not really. They are what Satan wants you to believe is the real Satanism. But they are merely an extremely stupid caricature of quasi-Satanism. A grotesquely theatrical parody of pseudo-Satanism carried out by godless, blasphemous, Christ-hating, debauched, depraved agents of darkness. But these Grammy Award acts cannot be said to be full-blown Satanism itself. Rather, they are a burlesque façade embellished with the trappings of what is associated with Satan in the popular mind. They are satanic in the sense that they represent the corrupt morals of an increasingly debauched society, but they cannot exclusively be described as the true Satanism. What do I mean by this?

Here is a reality check for you… Satan doesn’t have horns! Boom! 🤯 Yeah, really! I know it may come as a shock and it may be hard for some folks to accept that but this is the truth. Satan is spirit, like all angels, even though he is fallen, and not some kind of horned-god — though he and his fellow demons can manifest a form for whatever suits their purpose (extra-terrestrials, ETs, spirit-guides, your dead granny, and channelled spirit-entities would be good examples of that). The horns are just a fantasy artistic representation of the idea of Satan — part of the Baphometic theatre to bewitch people with fear or idolatry, depending on your religious predilections. The idea of Satan having horns originated in their association with the many various pagan ‘gods’ which have been depicted with horns. Obviously, the ‘god’, Pan, is the closest to the popular image of Satan with goat features. But what has contributed most to the depiction of Satan with horns is the image of Baphomet (see image below), originally associated with the Knights Templar in the fourteenth century and eventually with the nineteenth century occultist, Kabbalist, and self-styled ‘Magus’, Éliphas Lévi, who was a major influence on Aleister Crowley (who featured Baphomet in his Gnostic Mass and also wrote a “Hymn to Pan”) and the whole strain of Theosophy, beginning with Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. However, the rituals that Éliphas Lévi practised were very different to what all those silly pop stars do on a stage at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Contrary to what those pretentious Hollywood stage-prancers do in public, Éliphas Lévi (via the editing of A.E. Waite) warned against the public presentation of rituals and practices (“Mysteries of Magic – A Digest of the Writings of Éliphas Lévi”, Arthur Edward Waite, George Redway, 1886, p.25). In fact, he warned that “nothing is more dangerous than to make magic a pastime, or a diversion at parties, as some make it” (ibid.). All the pseudo-Satanic nonsense you see at public entertainment events on Hollywood stages or in the opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland (which was referencing a number of local Swiss village myths and legends about the devil) is just the cavorting of dilettantes who are mere superficial dabblers on the fringes of a darkness which they do not even begin to comprehend.

There actually are terrible magical practices and rituals in which one can engage, by which one utilises forces so dreadful that they put the practitioner at great risk. In fact, involvement in such things by dilettantes (as serious occultists themselves caution) can easily result in insanity and “they may over-excite the nervous system, producing terrible and incurable diseases” (A.E. Waite, op. cit., p.24). Add to that that they can eventually also drive a person to suicide (which has also happened a number of times through the use of that demonic shamanistic brew, Ayahuasca, e.g. a leading shaman in Peru, Malcolm Rossiter, who announced his suicide in November 2018 at the top of his Facebook page: ) and you can see what a dark rabbit hole all this leads down. The revered poet, Sylvia Plath, who killed herself at the age of thirty, was another classic example. She was introduced to the occult and dark magic rituals by her husband, UK poet-laureate Ted Hughes, and the two of them would regularly use an Ouija board to contact an entity which went by the name of the horned-god, “Pan” (see “How Black Magic Killed Sylvia Plath”, and “Sylvia Plath and the Occult” ). Plath was essentially a witch who practised other rituals as well, including one designed to destroy a woman with whom her husband had cheated on her. Dark magic rituals can easily destroy those performing them, even if they are adepts. Plath has served as a huge influence on feminists and feminist witches, including this ‘priestess’ designed around “Encounters with the Dark Goddess”, . One would have to be insane to dabble in such things, let alone seriously practise them.

However, I am sharing all this filth to demonstrate that all that genuine ritual magick is a very long way from the alleged satanic rituals at public awards ceremonies in Hollywood, which are just as fake as the “biopics” and “true stories” produced there as movies. It is all caricature, theatre, parody. That is all they know about. But if it gets millions of professing ‘Christians’ and New Agers — with their very narrow and even false understanding of Satanism — jumping up and down with diversionary shock-horror, complaining about it with loads of upper-case-sprinkled posts on social media, behaving like the old chestnut Times correspondent “outraged of Tunbridge Wells”, then that alone is worth its weight in gold for the forces of darkness. It is a perfect demonstration in how to turn what should be level-headed, spiritually-minded, beautifully evangelising cosmic warriors for Christ into easily-shocked carping campaigners obsessed with pointlessly pushing for the corruption-free kind of world which can never happen this side of the second coming of Christ.

2.  What Do You Expect in a Corrupted World Such as This?

Rather than hysterically getting het-up about entertainment which has the trappings of satanic imagery for its shock value and because those people love to flaunt evil in the face of God, the genuine disciple of Christ just watches all this with bemusement, knowing Who is really in control, knowing that this is the kind of world in which s/he is living, knowing that this is a world in which the reality is that “evil people and impostors will go from bad to worse” (Second Letter to Timothy, chapter 3, verse 13), in which deception is the leading factor, and is the kind of world which Jesus clearly foretold is building up to being in the same state as it was “in the days of Noah” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 37), which was a world in which “the wickedness of man was great upon the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was altogether evil all the time” (Book of Genesis, chapter 6, verse 5). All the time! That is what this age is building towards. Presently, it isn’t yet “all the time” but an increasingly large chunk of it. What played out at the Grammy Awards was pretty tame compared to what is still to come. For that was just a few-minute-long parody pop song of predictable trash. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! But don’t expect that your hysteria will change anything. It will not. In a way, going totally over the top about a symbolic performance which is only a cheap caricature of the real Satanism just makes people think that Christians are somewhat nuts. It would be infinitely better to be thought of as ‘nuts’ for calmly, lovingly and powerfully proclaiming the glory of Christ rather than for being rabidly shocked at what this evil age produces!

What do you expect in a corrupted world such as this? That awards performance is exactly how liberal, sexually-debauched, ‘woke’ worldlings behave. The whole audience (which included many recognisable music and movie “celebrities”, such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, etc.) was clapping and hooting with delight and rising to their feet when those “Unholy” performers won an award. (See it here: ). Even the lightweight Coldplay singer, Chris Martin, was in the audience in his beany-hat cheering with all the other “stars” in support of Kim Petras announcing herself as the first transgendered person to win a Grammy. Las Vegas shows are full of it. It is nothing less than the ‘spirit of the Antichrist’. But it was not a satanic ritual enacted by serious Magi on the Lévi/Crowley spectrum. No serious Magus would do that in public. It is not a surprise that they would cavort like that in theatrical horn-garb with gross slut-dancers looking like harlots from hell, while revelling in transgender propaganda, which was the real agenda of the whole show. If you are upset about it, what are you going to do? Write to the government? That would be a sovereign waste of time, for governments are Satan’s lackies every bit as much as Hollywood awards entertainment outfits. If you are going to start campaigning against it, you would never be able to stop it. This world in its present state is going to hell in a handbasket and you will never ‘clean it up’ — especially now that the great apostasy is well underway.

Let’s face it, only sickos would actually enjoy watching that stuff, which is why it makes such poor Satanic propaganda/PR, for it only preaches to the choir. But the whole music industry is sick. A couple of decades ago or more, heavy metal music was full of lyrics actually about worshipping Satan. Sickos will do what sickos do. I am not going to waste my time trying to stop them or whingeing about them. It would be as timewasting as commanding the sun to stop rising each morning. This is a fallen world in the midst of an “evil age”. What on earth do you expect? I can assure you that the display of pseudo-satanic nonsense on the stage at the Grammy Awards is just a silly little caricature compared to what Satan is really doing in the world today. How easy it is to distract stinking rich people with some provocative lascivious theatre. Talk about “the desire of the flesh and the desire of the eyes and the boastful ostentation of material possessions” (First Letter of John, chapter 2, verse 16)!

3.  What the True Satanism is Really All About

The genuine disciple of Christ does not run around like a hysterical headless chicken each time godless, evil people indulge in extravagant fantasy productions which merely give away the depths of their godlessness. The reason for this is because there are far more influential elements of Satanism to be aware of. Grammy Award productions are not the real Satanism but are just a tiny bit of foul-tasting icing on the side of the cake of satanic evil. So what is the real Satanism? On an individual level, the likes of what was practised by genuine occultic Magi such as Éliphas Lévi and Aleister Crowley can be said to be satanic, in that it was designed to invoke dark forces that one associates with Satan. But these individual elements are still only dabblings — a small part of what Satanism really is and, in a sense, even they are a diversion for they only influence a very tiny segment of society as by far the vast amount of people would recoil from such things in fear. Thus, by far the greatest work and influence of Satan is to function deceptively as if it was being a force for good. And this is what the true Satanism is really all about: deception, chicanery, imposture, counterfeit, posing as works of light and a pretended goodness. This is why these performances which get so many knickers in a twist are not the real satanism because they do not really attract loads of people to Satanic activity and are not posing as light, which is a far more effective form of proselytising for Satan.

4.  Satan’s One Single Aim in the World & How it Pans Out

I can assure you that Satan is not hyper-engaged with Grammy award so-called ‘rituals’. Certainly, they keep the woke crowd mesmerised by filth and dilettante occultism-chic, with which he would be satisfied. But really those are just entertainment by and for a comparatively few messed-up minds which would indulge in perversion and sin-crazed nonsense even if there was no satanic influence to fan the flames. Here is the underlying reality concerning the direction of fallen humanity: Satan really only has ONE SINGLE AIM in this world… to manifest his hatred for Christ because the ‘old serpent’ has already been defeated as a result of Christ bursting through the realm of death, resurrecting and being able to give newness of life to all those who become His disciples. Everything that Satan does in this world is subordinate to that hatred. The primary derivative aim in that hatred is his despising of Christ’s disciples. All this is clearly laid out in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation, where Satan is symbolised as the dragon and the people of God are symbolised as the woman. After a reference to the ascension of Christ (verse 5), we are told that

“a war broke out in heaven: Michael [archangel] and his angels fought against the dragon [Satan], and the dragon and his angels [fallen angels/demons] fought back. But the dragon was not strong enough, and no longer was any place found in heaven for him and his angels. And the great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels [demons] with him… Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea; with great fury the devil has come down to you, knowing he has only a short time… and the dragon [Satan] was enraged at the woman [the people of God], and went to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus”. [In the square brackets are my explanatory words].

Book of Revelation, chapter 12, verses 8-9, 12, 17. You can download for free my commentary on the Book of Revelation by clicking here .

That is the subtext of everything which happens on this planet during this “present evil age” (as the apostle Paul calls it in his Letter to the Galatians, chapter 1, verse 4), which is the timespan between Christ’s ascension to heaven and His cataclysmic return to this earth, and that timespan is even categorised as “a short time” in the above text, which, comparatively, it is; though how much longer remains we do not know. There are many ways in which Satan makes war against the people of God (against the true church, the Ekklesia, as opposed to the false church of pseudo-Christianity, for Christ never came to start a religion). Apart from filling the false church with woke nonsense, sexual perverts and false teachers, one of those ways in which Satan wages that war against the people of God is to do everything he can to prevent those who are not the people of God from being part of that people. This is why he holds almost the whole world in thrall to a multitude of vile diversions, entertainments, compulsive activities and addictions to entrance people and distract them from the spiritual truth and reality of Christ. This is the real conspiracy on this planet — the conspiracy to distract the world from the truth about Christ so that they never come to a saving knowledge of that truth. Thus, that performance at the awards ceremony in Los Angeles was more of a satanic distraction than a satanic ritual.

Therefore, Satan’s one single aim in the world pans out as every single element which is being used to prepare this planet for the establishing of Satan’s kingdom on earth. Thus, it involves key developments in the world, such as…

  • The undermining of the ability to think clearly and logically.
  • The corruption of sexuality, gender and the unique roles of the sacred male and female.
  • The corruption of human morals into depravity, debauchery and licentiousness.
  • The celebration of the self as supreme (narcissism).
  • The adoration of effete, superficial pseudo-celebrities over genuine heroes and heroines.
  • The increasing use of transhumanism, gene editing and artificial intelligence as a backdoor way of becoming ‘a new type of human’ (Human 2.0) in counterfeit of the genuine working of God in the souls of those who acknowledge His supremacy so that they become “a new creation” (see Second Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 5, verse 17).
  • The infantilization of the mass of people through draconian edicts (for which the Covid debacle was just a testbed rehearsal).
  • The subservience of national governments to a global power-elite involving intelligence agencies, banks, global corporations, aristocratic families of great wealth, secret societies, military brass, etc.
  • The denigration of the Bible and the eulogization of the Gnostic ‘gospels’ and other pseudepigrapha;
  • The reduction of Christ to a mere “prophet” or guru or plain ol’ mister nice guy.
  • The creation of a corrupt visible church (full of woke folks, false teachers and sexual perverts) in an attempt to eclipse the true Ekklesia.
  • The gradual amalgamation of world religions (including mainstream Christianity).
  • The progressive establishing of a one-world government.
  • The creation of such enormous insecurity through the use of psychological operations and false flag operations so as ultimately to foster the imagined need for a world leader as a counterfeit of the true Christ — namely, the Antichrist.

These are some of the elements in this world of the real Satanism, which has nothing to do with stupid theatrical rituals designed to distract but involves deceptive strategies on so many different levels that this world has become a multi-faceted den of deception with false teachers so fiendishly clever that even God’s people could be deceived, if that were possible (which it isn’t… well, not permanently anyway, see the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verses 23-25).

5.  The Normalization of Satanic Principles

So the obsession with claiming that Grammy Award performances are full-blown Satanic rituals represents a complete misunderstanding of Satan’s work in this world. Such events are a distraction. They are not really about the performance of satanic rituals but they are about the normalization of some satanic principles. That is the real issue. Those principles are as follows…

  • That humans can change their gender.
  • That sodomy is a delightful rainbow function of love, love, love to be encouraged and applauded.
  • That there is no objective morality and no God who determines that morality.
  • That there is no objective truth as everyone has their own truth and they are all valid.
  • That goodness, virtue, purity, honour and beauty are passé.
  • That prestige, celebrity and obscene wealth are the height of human achievement.

The people performing those acts do not really believe in Satan. Not the real Satan. Because you cannot have Satan without Christ and they do not accept Christ whatsoever. Therefore they cannot be performing a ritual to the real Satan! For Satan exists as a spiritual ‘foil’ for Christ created by God to bring this creation to what it was always meant to be. Thus, Satan is the archangelic villain who is used by God for His own inscrutable purposes (even though Satan imagines himself to be wholly autonomous and even to be the real God!). But the pseudo-‘Satan’ of Hollywood performances and celebrities is a caricature of their own making which merely represents, and is a manifestation of, their absolute moral corruption and depravity.

6.  No One (Except God) Can Put a Stop to the Tide of Evil

There always seems to be something for people to get het up about. The latest thing for people to get their knickers in a twist about is so-called “15-Minute Cities”. I am told: “We have to stop them NOW while we can!” Dear friends, have you not twigged yet? Has the penny not dropped? This world is absolutely no doubt going to turn into a digitized, artificial intelligence, transhumanist nightmare over the coming months and years. So much is going to come to fruition. Soon, the UK (at an as yet unknown time in 2024) and the Schengen Zone of Europe (November 2023) are going to be turned into digital fortresses and you will need to apply online for an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA in the UK; ETIAS in the EU) to travel there, which will demand health information and even your criminal record. You will not be allowed to enter without it and you could be refused. Digitization is going to move apace in the world over the coming years. You cannot stop any of this. Gene editing will become the norm in medical work and no doubt other far more sinister applications. Draconian control will begin to be exercised by governments. And, all the while, depravity, degeneration and upside-down morality will increase like never before. No one (except God) can put a stop to the tide of evil. It is infallibly destined to occur, for only through the climax of that tide will the world prove itself ready for the cataclysmic return of the Christ like lightning flashing from one end of the earth to the other, then the Divine judgement and the subsequent new heaven and new earth which will be created phoenixlike out of the ashes of the old.

No amount of complaining about all this on social media is going to make it all go away. “As it was in the days of Noah” is how it is going to be in the run-up to the return of Christ, who plainly showed how the world is going to be descending into evil, while geophysical disturbances and other strange signs on earth and in the heavens will proliferate. Why should this be? It is because this is a fallen world and the present age of this fallen world is an “evil age” in which evil is gradually being permitted by God to reach its climax, which it will truly do so after the one (most likely angelic) who has been to varying degrees of extent necessarily “restraining” the fullness of that evil throughout this age has been taken out of the way (Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2 verses 6-7).

7.  This Present Age is an Extension of Grace

This is not some age of enlightenment in which the world in its present state is moving toward a fictitious “Omega Point” of evolutionary fulfilment. That is just a New Age fiction (pioneered by Alice Bailey and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin). Technically speaking, at Christ’s ascension, He could have rolled the cosmos up like a scroll, burned it and brought in the final judgement of the world right there and then. But that was not the plan. These last two thousand years or so since the ascension of Christ (and however much longer remains of this age) are simply an extension of grace on the planet by God so that as many souls as possible can be brought into His kingdom. That is our role right there. Not to try and bring about a world of social justice and unity. That is not going to happen. There will never be social justice this side of the new creation to come, and the only unity in this world is going to be the fake unity brought about by Satan in his kingdom-building as he generates a one-world government for the Antichrist to reign over. As the satanic stranglehold is permitted to increase as the end of this age approaches, our role is to engage in that bringing in of souls, and not to go nuts each time some seemingly-satanic normalising of insanity and emotional disorder takes place. Because such insanity and disorder are going to increase like crazy, we need to be prepared. That preparation involves being level-headed, highly perceptive and discerning, having a healthy understanding of Bible teaching, well-educated concerning spiritual deception, while “having the hide of a rhinoceros and the mindset of a world-class spy” (as my late friend, Tal Brooke, used to say)!

POSTSCIPT: Courageous Trailblazers Wanted!

This is a war of which we are in the midst — a spiritual battle for minds and souls. If we are disciples of Christ, we are supposed to be the wise ones, not the immature headless chickens I see so much of today. Christ has no use for those who call themselves His disciples if they are paranoid snowflake wimps who get bent out of shape by every little aberration in this crazy world of evil and deception and moan about it all to those in their “tribe” on social media. He wants us, by His grace and power, to be courageous trailblazers waging spiritual warfare, not by whingeing about the state of the world to those who already think like us but by showing those who do not yet know it how Christ overcame Satan two thousand years ago and that what is going on now is just a “mopping-up” operation in which we engage in a programme of “extraction”. That is a military term (also known as “exfiltration”), the definition of which is “the process of removing personnel when it is considered imperative that they be immediately relocated out of a hostile environment and taken to an area either occupied or controlled by friendly personnel”. Do you get it now? We are not to be moaners but ‘growners’ (that’s ‘own’ in the middle, not ‘oan’). Our role is to grow the body of Christ through our quiet yet resolute “exfiltration strategy”, removing those who are currently under the power of Satan — rescuing them from the dominion of darkness and bringing them into the kingdom of Christ (Letter to the Colossians, chapter 1, verse 13; Book of Acts, chapter 26, verse 18), “to an area controlled by friendly personnel” (an apt description of disciples of Christ), thereafter encouraging their spiritual growth. We are to be growners not moaners. There really is a great need for “a spirit of wisdom and understanding” in this and all the other above matters.

So, instead of getting hung up on stupid costumed caricatures of pseudo-satanic activities and then bleating to the choir about it, go all the more out of your way to apply quiet wisdom and then expose to all who will listen how the invisible forces of darkness are wielding usurped power over the world and building a kingdom of pseudo-unity in opposition to the true kingship of Christ. For the real spiritual battle is not in paying undue attention to perverts giving each other awards in the Crypto dot com Arena in Los Angeles (for that lot are lost in their own depravity), but in reaching out to those around you about why the world is degenerating and how the only way to withstand that degeneration is by praying with earnest sorrow to Christ to turn your life around and make you into His disciple, through which you will eventually become the population of the creation-to-come.

I can promise you that there is no greater prize than that! 💝


[For further reading, see my article “The Real Meaning of Satanism”. Click here to go there]



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