PREDICTABLY, THE ARMCHAIR CONSPIRACY THEORISTS are back in action regarding the Nice lorry massacre on July 14th — speculating and outright inventing reasons to “prove” that it never really happened (or only partially happened the way it was claimed to have happened) and that all (or some of) the bodies strewn down nearly two kilometres of the Promenade des Anglais were dummies (they also claim that one was actually a dead pig!) and all (or some of) the pools of blood were fake and that any alleged witnesses are crisis actors employed for the purpose of upholding the lie. As far as they are concerned, the massacre in Nice was an elaborate hoax mounted by “the Illuminati” and made to look like a real event. This is not just a question of a handful of internet nutters making these claims. The web is full of it! Even among my “friends” on Facebook I have seen these claims repeatedly in the last few days.

With each terrorist massacre it becomes increasingly vogue to claim that it was a hoax — no real deaths (or less deaths than was claimed), with the government setting up a scene using dummies, fake blood and crisis actors. This is one of the main reasons that I have repeatedly said that the so-called “truth” movement — which began after 9/11 to rightly demonstrate that it was a false-flag operation and inside job — has now been hopelessly infiltrated with spooks, agents provocateurs and shills in order to distract people with disinformation and false conspiracies so that the truth is discredited and genuine truth-tellers are made to look ridiculous by association. This is the way it works. The spooks infiltrate these movements and get people to buy into false conspiracy theories so that they end up preaching only to the choir (because no one else would take them seriously) rather than lovingly and patiently educating the mass of people, which — in case anyone has forgotten — is our real role. We are supposed to be crusaders for Truth and Light. Those who perpetuate lies and darkness will naturally do anything they can to undermine this. But once the spooks and shills take over, for those who fall for their input, conspiracy research becomes merely a masturbatory exercise to titillate people with increasingly outlandish and moronic ideas. (Flat Earth theory is another of these wacky conspiracies which is clearly a psyop set in motion by the disinformation specialists in order to sow division and discredit genuine conspiracy researchers). Now the internet is buzzing with a mass of information concerning terrorist attack hoaxes and the “fact” that the earth is flat. What a joke! Actually, it’s no laughing matter because the truth is being compromised and division is being caused, which is precisely what the power-elite desire. Allow me to go further into this by opening up the Nice massacre here.


There are many serious issues concerning the Nice attack by which any thinking person would be disturbed. For example, why was the armed national police guard on the vehicular entrance to the celebration area taken away shortly before the attack? Why was a Nice municipal police officer (Sandra Bertin) requested by the Internal Security department in Paris to prepare her statement about the lack of national police presence in such a way that it would be easily modifiable — which she later bravely revealed in a press conference (see…/nice-security-failures-unde…/7656868 )? Why was an 18-ton lorry allowed to pass through onto the promenade, where there has always been a 4-ton weight restriction? Why did the (unarmed) municipal police who stopped the van as it entered the area not search the vehicle when a young man of Maghrebian appearance in an illegal vehicle told them it contained ice-cream? Who was the injured guy by the lorry after it had been shot up who the police beat and then dragged off? Why did the French government authorities request that the city of Nice should delete all CCTV video footage of the event (which the Nice authorities rightly refused to do)? All these anomalies are enough in themselves to make any serious researcher strongly suspect that the lorry Massacre in Nice was at the very least permitted by special powers deep within state echelons in order to further the ends of the power-elite by instilling fear in the population, causing division and providing an excuse for even tighter government control. These are all concerns which would rightly arouse the suspicions of any insightful, thinking individual. One doesn’t need to inject any additional notions of a hoax into those concerns. It is already suspicious enough. In fact, to then claim that it was a hoax only undermines all those other suspicions because it is so easy to prove that it was not a hoax and thereby brings genuine conspiracy options into disrepute!


Now I realise that in addressing the hoax-claims about the Nice massacre I’m setting myself up for a lot of abuse. But that is of no concern to me. It won’t be the first time. I will be accused of being a Zionist shill, a CIA asset, a disinformation plant and many other names of an obscene nature. So before I go any further I should state right now that I am a seasoned researcher into such conspiratorial elements as the Illuminati (what I prefer to call “the power-elite”), the New World Order, secret societies, Zionism, 9/11, Middle-East wars, etc. I’ve been looking into such matters one way or another for the last 35+ years. I was exposing the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before it was permissible to say so. From the 1990s I had a private circulation, word-of-mouth e-zine with 1500 international subscribers to it. From around 2006, after there were death-threats on my young children, I pulled back somewhat and devoted myself much more to my poetry and music, a trend which has continued as that is now much more within my current artistic educational mission. I am sharing this information not as any kind of boast but to lay out my credentials clearly from the start. Many of my Facebook friends are people and family who know me in real life too and can vouch for my credentials. I have been around a long time and have long seen the traps of becoming too obsessed with conspiracy theories, especially where there is no spiritual foundation in which to ground oneself (about which more below). I now believe that some cleverly-placed infiltrators have seeded in conspiracy circles certain ideas about all terrorist attacks being staged hoaxes using dummy bodies and fake blood. It is possible that crisis actors may have been used in some scenarios — not as a whole but to provide more elaborate theatricals. It is also the case that some terrorist attacks may have overlapped with government training exercises, in which crisis actors are normally used. However, there is no way that this is the case in Nice. Because of my connections there, I believe and know that the Nice terrorist attack was genuine and deadly with as many fatalities and hideous injuries as were claimed. After all, if you run an 18-ton truck through a crowd of hundreds packed onto a promenade, why on earth would you need dummy dead people? It makes no sense whatsoever. The very idea is utterly ludicrous! So I now feel the need to redress the balance and call for some sanity in what has become an insane feeding frenzy, with more hoax claims than I’ve ever seen before from an increasingly ignorant and ever-growing group of people.


For example, on the many videos on YouTube which are making the standardised claims of a hoax, anyone who questions the hoax dogma will be excoriated (yes, that word means exactly what it sounds like — having metaphorical strips torn off them!). I have seen such aggressive responses — which appear to border on the clinically insane — to anyone who questions their theories. On one of those videos, a French guy from Nice commented that he was there and witnessed the attack and that there was no way it was a hoax. Other commentators then ganged up on him, with one sniping at him, saying the following words:

“Another dipshit 666 Satan worshipper lying mother fucker shill claiming he’s from there and saw it or knows someone that dies there and blah blah the fucking blah blah. Fuck you clown”.

Right there is the mentality of many of the hoax-claim people. They are not at all interested in Truth — only in having their own prejudices confirmed. Let me say this: One is not a genuine truth-seeker unless one is totally willing to have one’s pet ideas overturned by Truth itself. Truth is infinitely more important than any of our silly opinions! I have seen very many similar nasty comments directed at anyone who doesn’t toe the party line on the hoax theories (or flat earth theories too!). All I can say is that there is no grace there. No grace at all. And grace (an almost entirely overlooked necessity in the conspiracy scene) is most important. This is why I have warned in my last two Facebook posts (“Something to Bear in Mind”, parts 1 & 2) about the dangers of getting into conspiracy theories without being spiritually developed in some way. Someone who is not conscious or awake yet spiritually is going to get lost in conspiracy theory and become obsessed with it, treating it like a dogmatic religion in which one must adhere to certain beliefs or be damned. Another aspect is that it is so important to present ourselves in as loving a light as possible when giving a public face to what we know about the state of the world. If we represent the light in the midst of darkness, then it is our duty to BE that light. Being viciously insulting to anyone who doesn’t agree with us is not a winsome manner in which to behave. It is not the behaviour of a true Knight or crusader for Truth and Light. It shows immaturity and pig-headedness. Deeply unattractive. (I also have to mention the fact that there are certain entities of a non-human origin which thrive on manipulating people into divisive situations and becoming obsessed with false theories and mistaking them for precious truth. I will say nothing more about that here but this is a major factor nevertheless).


Well, I’m now going to say something similar to the Nice guy who got insulted in his comment on the hoax-claim video. So bring on the insults! :-)You see, I have a daughter of 27 years old who lives in Nice and has worked in the area for years. She actually had a very “lucky” escape because a friend had asked her to be at the Nice promenade celebrations but she was asked by another friend at the last minute to go to Barcelona. Otherwise my daughter would have been there. However, her friend (who I have also met) went to the July 14th celebrations and, although she wasn’t personally hit by the lorry, a girl she knows well, called Laura Borla (aged 13), was hit and killed. They couldn’t identify her body for three days because she was so badly injured (many went under the lorry’s wheels and were severely mutilated in the wheel arches and by the metal axle and chassis underneath). She went to her funeral. As my daughter told me: “The poor mum could hardly stand up at the church”. These deaths are real and were as many as were claimed. To state or imply that it was a hoax is a disgrace. There are also many genuine witnesses. I am very familiar with the promenade in Nice. The whole length of the promenade is fronted by apartment blocks and hotels with balconies which overlook it and there is no way, with all the crowds there on that evening, that a whole two-kilometre section of it could have secretly had loads of dummies and fake blood spread across it. The very idea is laughable. Anyone who claims it was a hoax with dummies and fake blood is therefore making a laughing stock of themselves — not to mention the fact that it is so disrespectful to people who have been traumatised or bereaved. At my daughter’s place of work (where she is an interior architect), they use various workmen to carry out jobs on their designs. One of the plumbers spoke to her about being at the promenade when the lorry struck. He got out of the way of the lorry and jumped over the rails and onto the beach. When he got back up to the promenade he was utterly sickened by what he saw and was in a bad state. So many hundreds were traumatised by what they saw. My daughter also said: “The people I know who saw stuff [on the promenade] have been rather shocked and even have panic attacks and nightmares so they don’t feel comfortable talking about it yet”. Those deaths were real. Those injuries were real. Those traumatisations of the injured and the onlookers were real. It was NOT a hoax.


Some hoax-claim people have made a big issue about the lack of visible blood on the front of the lorry. Suddenly, they have become Crime Scene Investigation forensic experts! Unfortunately, their pretended expertise has not brought them any nearer the truth. The principal “meme” which is circulating with the claims about the lack of blood is a three-part image, the top layer of which shows a bloody mess by a car with the heading “One body”. The second tier shows a big truck with some blood on the front and the heading “One deer”. The bottom tier shows the front of the Nice truck and the heading “84 dead, 200 injured and not one drop of blood”. It’s supposed to be ridiculing anyone who believes that people died through being hit by the truck. You can see the meme here:… . This image is a typical act of propaganda, full of lies and misrepresentation. I even have Facebook “friends” who have circulated this rubbish. What the meme-maker fails to declare is that the top image is actually that of a car which was hit by a piece of a sperm whale which exploded in Taiwan (you can see the still which has been lifted from this video at 1’ 18” and falsely used in the hoax-claim propaganda meme: ). So that accounts for the top picture. Nothing to do with a body being hit by a car at all. Deliberate dishonesty. The second picture is not really of a vehicle which has hit a deer either, even though it says “One deer”. That is a lie too. It is actually the front of a pointy-nosed truck which has hit a cow (which weighs six times more than a man) at speed on a highway. The original picture is here: . I could show you many genuine pictures of cars which have hit deer where there is no blood whatsoever. Just some damage. A collision with an animal or human will very rarely result in leaving blood on the vehicle. Go to the website: and scroll down to “Images” then tell me how many of the vehicle fronts which hit a deer have blood on them. I can’t see a single one out of the 30 images which are there (except maybe the one where the deer entered the car windscreen, presumably at speed, and ended up inside the car). Now that’s a specialist site for deer collisions and we can see very clearly that when a vehicle hits a deer, there is usually no blood. So please tell me why the creators of these hoax-theory memes are using false photos to support their bogus claims that there should be blood on the front of the wagon in Nice. Surely we are not dealing here with genuine conspiracy researchers but dishonest disinformation pushers.

The reality is that all the people hit by the lorry in Nice were clothed. The impacts were not at a very high velocity, so most injuries on initial impact will have been concussive and contusive, leading to bone/skull fractures and/or internal injuries and internal bleeding. The front of the vehicle was a large flat surface so the bodies will have bounced off and either gone to the side or under the truck to be crushed by the wheels, dismembered in the wheel arches (which is what finally slowed down the lorry so that police could shoot at it) or hit multiple times by metalwork as they passed underneath the long chassis/axle construction. The fact that the driver of the lorry was zigzagging his way along the promenade will have increased the likelihood of bodies going under the wheels and chassis. One wouldn’t expect much blood to be on the front of the truck from the initial impact but rather to be on the underparts of the lorry and on the road behind. Bear in mind also that the whole front of the wagon had been so damaged by impacts that it had come off and what one sees as the wagon rolls to a stop is what lies behind the front grill, which is the part which would most likely have blood on, were there to be any.


So I find that those claiming a hoax at the massacre in Nice — and especially whoever made that three-part meme which is circulating as proof of a hoax — are guilty of extreme dishonesty and/or an atrocious ignorance of RTA realities. Their insistence on pushing this false information so vehemently and nastily — cutting no slack for anyone who disagrees — forces me to conclude that we are dealing in origin with the work of actual shills and disinformation specialists. Somewhere, in a grubby basement office with no name on the door, a bunch of people with no morals and a wad of hate within must be employed by black ops spooks to churn out this dishonest rubbish so as to deceive a vast number of gullible people who eagerly reproduce it, as well as causing their much-desired division among the many who have seen through government shenanigans. This is why I will have nothing to do with the conspiracy scene today and will join no group, organisation or entity which claims to be part of the Truth Movement. At one time I used to be a researcher into government conspiracies. Nowadays I find I have to debunk the many false conspiracies which have proliferated to the detriment of genuine conspiracies!

One of the things hoax-claimers say is that the reason that the French Internal Security department asked Nice municipality to destroy the CCTV footage of the promenade on that night because it would have shown dummies being put in place. One has to shake one’s head at the ignorance and stupidity of these claims! The request was made to destroy the footage because it would have shown the astonishing lack of Police Nationale presence on the promenade. In France there is the Police Municipale, which are unarmed and are attached to the Mairie (town hall). Then there is the Police Nationale, which is armed. That night, there had been a presence of armed Police Nationale at the barrier where the truck entered the celebration area. But for some reason they were taken away before the arrival of the truck and were only available at the other end of the promenade where the truck was finally fired at by them. There were Police Municipale around (including plain-clothes ones mingling with the crowd) but they were unarmed. You could see them initially chasing the truck when it began to speed into the area. But they were powerless to fire at the wheels or the driver. The policewoman from the Police Municipale who was responsible for CCTV footage, Sandra Bertin, was also pressured by Internal Security in Paris for a whole hour to provide a statement which could later be modified. This she refused to do because she was appalled at the absence of Police Nationale and she wasn’t going to destroy the evidence. She then gave a press conference blowing the whistle on the Internal Security department for doing this. A very brave action. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if something happened to her as a result of that. That is the real reason behind the IS department’s request for CCTV footage to be destroyed. Nothing to do with imaginary dummies!

Another element the hoax-claim people mention is the fact that the bullet holes coming from police firing on the lorry are only on the passenger side. That is a no-brainer. It’s because the police were firing diagonally from just in front of the passenger side so the bullets passed through the windscreen diagonally on that side into the driver. No rocket science needed there!

Another claim being made as proof of a hoax is that the bodies shown in a video taken in the aftermath of the lorry’s run through the crowds are “obvious” dummies. The reasons given are that no nipples can be seen on breasts which are exposed, or navels either. That nipples and navels should not be apparent on such a video is clearly because of the atrocious smoothed-out resolution of the film used by the claimant! So no surprises there. Another reason given was the fact that a leg appeared to be detached from what the writer called “a mannequin”. That’s because the leg actually WAS detached from its human body! That body had plainly passed under the wheels/wheel arches and chassis/axle and thus been partially dismembered.

Another claim being made as proof of a hoax is that people appeared to be wandering aimlessly about, emotionless in the road after the lorry had gone drastically through. Have the hoax-claimers never had a serious accident happen to them or in front of them? Shock makes people behave in strange ways. There is an initial disbelief. I have seen people hit by vehicles who immediately got up and wandered off blithely as if nothing has happened (only to collapse minutes later down the road). All I see in those videos of the victims in the aftermath is extreme shock. It’s easy to be dismissive of that if one is merely an “armchair keyboard warrior” intent on “proving” his or her pet theories.


I could say much more about other silly claims of these hoax people but honestly I think I’ve written enough to show that their foundation is thoroughly cracked and their dishonesty is proven. I don’t want to waste any more time on this destructive diversion. It jars my soul to have to write this at all. But I will just finish by presenting some advice in the final paragraph to anyone who wants to go along with a hoax-theory about this or any other terrorist event:

It is easy to be an “armchair keyboard warrior” on the internet today; tapping away ferociously about things one knows very little about, slavishly following the aggressively-presented memes of one’s peers, then firing off on all cylinders against anyone who doesn’t agree. I have seen how certain dominant individuals can influence weaker-minded, more gullible characters with their initially-plausible conspiracy ideas about hoaxes (whether terrorist events or a flat earth). It’s easy to make such claims of hoax about terrorist events if one doesn’t live in or know the area in which it happened or any of the people who were affected by it. So my advice is this: Before you claim that a terrorist event is a hoax, go and speak personally to the parents, spouses, relatives and friends of the alleged victims, otherwise you have no right to use the word “hoax”. Rub your noses in their tears. Ache your heart with their grief. Soften your conscience with their broken lives. Feed your soul for once with compassion rather than bile. Discover first-hand (instead of from your safe armchair a million miles from their reality) what actually happened instead of subscribing to some shaky, second-hand theories dredged up by contentious characters (and, most likely, black ops disinformation agents) with no grace or spiritual succour. Above all, align yourself with Truth and Light and develop a solid spiritual foundation to your life before embarking on any conspiracy research or quests for knowledge about the dark direction of the world-system today.

© 2016, Alan Morrison / The Diakrisis Project. All Rights Reserved. 
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