TO BE A TRULY SPIRITUAL PERSON does not mean being able to practise hundreds of yoga positions, or meditate using a certain technique, or sleeping with the right essential oil under your pillow, or owning a bagful of crystals, or knowing how to travel on the astral plane, or being a Reiki master, or posting lots of quotes from Rumi, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra on Facebook. None of those things are definitive signs of being spiritually awake — although such fashionable “virtue-signalling” on social media is often mistaken for being so. However, the reality is that waking up spiritually has a huge “knock-on effect” on one’s perceptions in everyday life, which then has far-reaching consequences and can be the cause of some discomfort and surprise. For waking up spiritually will naturally involve becoming acutely aware of all the deception and skulduggery in the world. It doesn’t matter how “spiritually-correct” one appears to be in one’s projected image on social media; the fact is that a spiritually-awake soul is one who refuses to be “taken for a ride” in ANY sense — whether by politicians, mainstream media pundits, doorstep confidence tricksters, phoney gurus, new age teachers or evil spirits claiming to be of the Light (and there are plenty of those around these days!).

Put simply, a spiritually-awake person will not fall for propaganda of ANY kind. A spiritually-awake person will not hold out false hopes for the world to be “saved” by some politician, party or president pushing an agenda within the same old set-up of greed, consumerism, corruption and hypocrisy. A spiritually-awake person will not settle for perpetuating the myths and lies of the present world-system. On the contrary, a spiritually-awake person will stand up for truth in every situation, regardless of the impact it could have on his or her life. A spiritually-awake person has completely washed his or her hands of passive participation in all national political systems and structures. A spiritually-awake person has as his or her desire the complete renewing of the world through personal INNER revolution leading to a complete outer world TRANSFORMATION from its current enslavement to darkness to a liberation into the light. The spiritually-awake person knows that all the inner work which s/he does has an effect not only in his or her life but also on the whole world of interplanetary matter, for everything is interconnected. Our effect, potentially and actually, on the astrophysical plane (stretching across the universe) is one of the most important teachings one can learn. For it is this remarkable insight which holds the key to change. If that glory-thought tantalises you, then allow it to permeate your thinking in your heart and let it do its work there.

The genuinely spiritual human being knows that a fundamental part of being spiritual is seeing through (and having no part in) deception of any kind. In fact, to be spiritual actually means awakening from deception of every type. One doesn’t just wake up spiritually and then continue to believe in and endorse a dark culture through participating unquestioningly in that culture. That would be impossible as it would be a manifestation of the very cognitive dissonance from which one has escaped. For cognitive dissonance completely contradicts the integrated mind of the spiritually-awakened human. Similarly, a spiritually-awake person could not spend an entire evening gawping at a television screen, being contaminated by its corrupting programming, or watching most of the movies which come out of Hollywood (which serve to programme at a deep level the unawakened mind). Becoming spiritual means waking up from the slumber of illusion (Maya) — coming out of a state of sleepwalking through the wilderness of this world — not just in cosmic terms but also in an earthly context. For if we cannot penetrate illusion and deception on a simple physical level, how will we ever persevere with insight on the spiritual plane (where there is also much deception and distraction for the unwary soul)? That is a basic logical concept, arguing from the lesser to the greater. Thus, without becoming obsessed with (or morbidly interested in) deception, the spiritually-advancing person fascinatedly seeks to develop an awareness of how subterfuge works, where it exists and how to discard it from his or her life, inwardly and outwardly. In fact, it becomes a kind of game: Spot the illusion! 🙂 If I can put it like this… we un-Maya ourselves — we dis-illusion ourselves — we strip off all illusions, intentionally and willingly, with a cool sense of detachment from their snares. Those who wish to bury their heads in the sand or only ever think about “positive” things will not only be deceived bigtime in their lives but they will also remain in an extremely immature spiritual and emotional state while perpetuating a corrupt and largely defunct world system. In other words, the spiritually-aware person has what I call a built-in “Bullshitometer” (pronounced like thermometer) within his or her being. It is simply *not* spiritually savvy to be taken in by bullshit on ANY level, whether spiritual or worldly. In fact, it is downright foolish and irresponsible!

This is a very dark world in which we currently live. I know you may want to believe otherwise and your positive thinking guru will have misleadingly told you that you shouldn’t ever think about all this because it creates “negative energy”, bla-bla. But exposing the negative is actually positive — whether it is revealing the negative elements (darkness) within ourselves or out there in the world! This is the spiritually-mature view. For it shows us what we are really dealing with in the world, how to live in a right and authentic way while it is happening, as well as filling us with encouragement through our attainment of the Big Picture.

I said above that it is a very dark world in which we live. Progressively so. I could have said “in which we live *today*”. But really it is no darker in relative terms today than it was in the so-called “Dark Ages” more than 1000 years ago or even 2000 or 3000 years ago or more. It’s just that there are many more ignorant people now to be manipulated and used and the power elite (both human and otherwise — yes, I said “otherwise”) has had a lot longer to perfect its hegemony over the masses (generations upon generations), as well as to create the technology and mass communications in order to make that possible. The aeon through which we have been passing for some tens of thousands of years — and which is soon to come to an end — is especially characterised by conflict, brutality, acquisition, vanity, narcissism, self-centredness, manipulation, deception, idolatry, wilful ignorance, domination, fear, authoritarianism, the ruthless accrual of power, competition, dependency, dread, materialism and, more latterly, compensatory consumerism. I say “compensatory” because we feel the urge to consume materially in such a voracious manner in order to compensate for the spiritual, existential emptiness which dwells within. With so many reduced to a mere shell and living in a state of alienation from an awareness of the stupendous, unifying, miraculous core of existence, it is hardly surprising that society in the more “developed”, supposedly “civilised” (but empty) world has become so rabidly consumerist. Emptiness in the immature soul always craves to be filled but because of the associated blindness will always fill itself pathologically with worthless matter.

Of course, there is also much to marvel at within the confines of this world. Sunsets have not disappeared yet (not yet 😉 ). Fireflies still cavort luminously in the twilight. Baby elephants are still outrageously cute. Laughter (in between the tears) is still possible. The stars and planets look ravishing right now with the naked eye in the clear night sky. One can still be struck by the arrows of love (and fire them too!). Acts of kindness can still be found in the most unlikely places. And so much more! But none of that negates the burgeoning reality of an overwhelming darkness as the power-elite increasingly strengthens its hold on the world (clinging onto what it knows it can ultimately only lose) as the old aeon morphs into the new, while consciences are increasingly cauterized and the love of most grows cold on this planet. It is no coincidence that there are no great works of symphonic music being written anymore, while most of what passes as “art” in the public realm today is superficial, pretentious and meaningless — a true expression of the collective anomic consciousness of old aeon humanity. When great symphonies and other wonderful works were being written and played and great masterpieces of art were being created, they were like shafts of light bursting through the darkness. But now we are in the midst of a downward spiral of increasing velocity and madness — a maelstrom of burgeoning but necessary chaos in which many will suffer and die. “Necessary” because from out of the chaos — like a phoenix rising from the ashes (and it will be ashes) — will spring a global society of altered consciousness and frequency based on a completely different way of life and being, where government in the conventional sense will be completely unnecessary and anachronistic. There is a sense in which that new aeon society has already started subjectively in the minds, spirits and lives of many who refuse to participate in the old aeon ways any longer. Though there are tough times ahead before the new aeon comes to its completion and manifests in objective full-dimensional reality.

One needs to pull back and see the big picture here. For as far as the evil institutions and those who serve them are concerned, one can say that currently “this is their hour and the power of darkness” and has been for some while now. They are being permitted temporarily by higher powers to fulfil their dark deeds. But it will not always be so. For darkness must always come to a head in order for it to be exposed as a sham, revealed for what it is and then dissolved. Then, when this world and aeon has been wound up as easily as rolling up a scroll of parchment — having served its purpose in the movement from darkness to light — a new world, aeon and order can properly begin.

In the meantime, even if we shun the corrupt world-system with its corrupt politics, media and “education”, we do not have to be passive observers of the charade, as that would be as fruitless as being a duped participant. For running alongside the ongoing havoc of darkness, there exists in this world a global network of souls who are engaged in the very necessary education, revelation and understanding, if the inheritors of tomorrow are to become a viable force of the future. Epiphany blooms today already in the dark forest! There is nothing lovelier than seeing the Light shining in the midst of the darkness. Better still, we can actually BE that light shining through the darkness. If we do all that we can to ensure the growth of our self-awareness, insight, learning, intuition and understanding of the unique circumstances of this era, while gently encouraging others along the same pathway, then our work will be well done. Then — if we survive (as many will not) — we will be able to take our place in the completely new aeon and order which will emerge from the ashes and debris of the old.

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