A couple of years ago, I wrote these words: “A kind of madness has overtaken the world. It is not a new sort of madness; for it has been in operation on various levels and in varying degrees for centuries, even for millennia. But it is a madness which has increased hugely in intensity during the past three decades and especially in the fifteen years since the events of September 11th, 2001 in the USA. This madness has occasionally exploded temporarily prior to those events (notably in the engineered mass public response to the death of Lady Diana Spencer or the ludicrous “ticker-tape” euphoria which greeted the elections of Tony Blair as Prime Minister in the UK and Barak Obama as President in the USA as Savio(u)rs of the world. The madness about which I am speaking is far more bizarre than what one would ordinarily call “madness”. For it is contagious, striking anyone of any social class, political wing, level of intelligence or degree of sophistication. The madness of which I am speaking is completely irrational, making people believe things which are patently and provably untrue, especially those which come through visual and written media channels and which seem to send them into a frenzy of unfettered emotionalism. It is a madness which bears witness to public gullibility and human stupidity”.

That “madness” has increased exponentially in the two years since I wrote those words. But they make an appropriate introduction to this little article. Any observer of society and especially of social media today can see that there is a deep and gathering unrest across this planet. Aside from the seemingly burgeoning catastrophic geophysical or meteorological disturbances, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather conditions, there are the social upheavals, especially in Europe and the USA. Three social upheavals in particular are creating havoc in their different ways, each of them purporting to be spontaneous people’s movements, but behind the way that they pan out there is a very different origin than popularly understood. I am speaking here about 1) “Brexit”, the UK attempt to leave the European Union (“Brexit” being a portmanteau word for “British Exit”); 2) the extraordinary phenomenon of U.S. president, Donald Trump; and 3) the #metoo/#abusesurvivor movements (offshoots of feminism).

The excessive overreaction of so many in the world and on social media to both Brexit and the manifestation of Donald Trump — whose election to office culminated in a bizarre series of demonstrations in which most of the women involved wore homemade “pussy-hats”, a kind of vagina-coloured beanie hat (a reference to Trump’s famous “grab ’em by the pussy” statement, about which I will have more to say below) — have made a deep impression on me concerning the current state of the world and where it is heading. As I have said before in other places, I have had something fully confirmed, about which I’d only had intimations for a long time: That if ever I had to be tried before a higher court of law, I wouldn’t want the vast majority of people in this world to be on that court’s jury! For it seems that so many have lost the ability to think rationally and logically, allowing the analytical part of their brains to be ruled not so much by their out-of-kilter hearts but by their totally out-of-control, wayward emotionalism, prejudices and presumptions, of which the most part have been programmed into them through decades of social engineering via the education system and the media (whether mainstream or so-called “alternative”, for both are essentially tools of the power-elite).

One night I awoke with the thought that it is almost as if a worm has been eating into people’s brains, rendering them clinically insane and incapable of anything other than cognitive dissonance. My mind went right back to a science-fiction novel I read nearly fifty years ago, entitled “The Mind Parasites”, by Colin Wilson. It was set in the future (which is actually about now!) in which it was discovered that the human mind had been hijacked by discarnate beings and the book tracks the extremely naïve attempt to eradicate those beings from human consciousness. It was a kind of “H.P. Lovecraft meets post-Christian demons” type of work. So, when I pictured the present world situation as being almost as if a worm was eating into people’s brains, it dovetailed completely with the idea of some kind of mind-parasites or archons/demons — dark entities which undermine the growth and development of human consciousness on an individual and mass basis. And that is indeed what we are dealing with today, as I will elaborate below. The failure to implement this understanding in one’s thinking and act upon it is to leave oneself wide open to powerfully destructive influences. Such are the times in which we are living: Momentous times. This is what I am going to develop in this little article. So, let’s open it up…

Have You Been Played?

Firstly, The proponents of Brexit (known as “Brexiteers”) are riding on a high at the moment, chirping all over social media about how their imagined independence from the European Union is rapidly approaching and how they couldn’t care less if there is “no deal”, and how great it is going to be for “Old Blighty”, and that Britain will soon “be great again” and that they will once more ride the waves with pride and trade with the world at will as a wholly independent nation. Sorry, you St. George romantics, but I have news for you: You’ve been played! [For those who may have English as a second language, when someone is said to have “been played”, it means that they have been conned, tricked, hoaxed, deceived, hoodwinked].

Just to be clear, I am not a “Remainer” (or “Remoaner”) and am under no illusions about the European Union, which had its foundations more than half a century ago in a CIA front known as the American Committee for a United Europe. I fully understand the desire to leave the EU, even though I think it is naïve to imagine that such a thing as a clean break from it could be possible. Essentially, the European Union is one part of a tentacular global strategy to draw the whole world under an umbrella of superstates, so as to bring in a one-world government. (There are sound spiritual reasons why forging superstates, or trying to make the current world as one, is entirely misplaced but I have written about that elsewhere in this book). However, if you think that you can fight that strategy through your government holding a referendum, you are profoundly mistaken. For you do not live in a genuine democracy. You live in a country in which you are ruled by ‘socially-engineered consent’, which is a subtle form of backdoor tyranny and very different to democracy. Furthermore, your government is not, never has been and never will be independent. It is a puppet of the power-elite which really runs this world (and which has also fabricated the European Union through intelligence networks and dark machinations). Therefore, as far as being able to be entirely independent of the European Union is concerned, it is an impossibility. I have always said that it is a “Hotel California” situation: “You can check out any time you like but you can never leave”. Even if there is some kind of “deal” with the EU (though I would not yet rule out the possibility of a second “people’s vote” being held), I can guarantee that Britain will never be a wholly independent state that isn’t in hock to Brussels in some way. Such complete independence is just not going to happen.

In June 2008, the Irish people voted against the EU Treaty of Lisbon in a referendum. But that result wasn’t accepted by the Irish government or the EU. So, after a lot of waffle about what the treaty really meant and what it would mean for them not to vote in support of it, a second referendum was held sixteen months later and the “No” vote was overturned. It was a case of “you will keep voting until you vote the way we want you to vote”. Just as with the UK referendum, the people had no idea that their “No” vote was going to result in so many difficulties. When you try to opt out of the EU in any way, you discover just how nasty, mean, vindictive, avaricious and controlling that autocratic body really is. The EU (which can only produce the trashy Eurovision Song Contest) is not the real Europe (which has produced the likes of Buxtehude, Bach and Beethoven). The EU is a demonically-inspired bureaucratic organisation which operates as a putsch of individual nation-states by the power-elite, thus castrating those nation-states and rendering them powerless and subservient. Like the song says, “You can check out any time you like but you can never leave”. The whole Brexit debacle has also been a great way to keep people mesmerised by baloney. For there is always a torrent of meaningless news reportage about Brexit 24/7 on the media. It never stops!

Secondly, like the deluded Brexit folks, Trump supporters are riding on a high at the moment, boasting all over social media that the so-called “deep state” which they claim is desperately trying to stand in Trump’s way is running scared because he is so successfully destroying “The Swamp” (Trump’s buzzword for the corrupt nabobs and apparatchiks in Washington). Quelle illusion! Listen up, you conservative “red”necks, for I have news for you: You’ve been played! It is obvious to anyone with an insight into current world-developments that the presence of Trump in the position of US president is merely a temporary phenomenon which has been permitted in order to shoehorn into the world some particular developments which are desired by the power-elite and the forces of darkness, which I will expand on below.

This is why someone such as Donald Trump, who clearly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, has been allowed to come into office. For election “victories” are really nothing to do with “the will of the people” but are engineered consent, as there is no such thing as “democracy” anywhere in the world. As far as the power-elite is concerned, it is of no consequence who is the president of the USA. Republican, democrat, black, white, brown, yellow, polka dot, or whatever political ideology he or she subscribes to… the power-elite couldn’t care less. So long as they can get their job done. They just want someone who is going to do their will, or who is going to create the kind of conditions in the world which best suit their dastardly world-plan. Donald Trump would obviously not be able to perform certain aspects which that power-elite would like to see happening. What do they care? Nothing. So long as he causes division, anger, rage, bitterness, resentment, madness, lies, slander and distraction. That is all that concerns them. In a short time, he will be gone and another stooge or stoogess will be in the White House. It’s all the same to the unelected power-elite. To them, all presidents are patsies! The popular perception of presidents running the show as an authoritative “commander-in-chief” is utterly laughable. They can go no further than they are allowed and can do no more than what is required of them. If a president gets any fancy ideas in his head which could go further than what is allowed, s/he will soon be brought down through scandal or assassinated. Frankly, anyone who does not realise this has about as much discernment as a disused telegraph pole!

Thirdly, like the deluded Brexit folks and the blinded Trump supporters, so many women, especially those who because of their deliberately-unresolved issues are easily manipulated by the forces of darkness, are riding on a high at the moment, whooping all over social media about their “rage” and “wildness” (and gloating about how terrified men are of that 🙄), thinking that they are creating a #metoo-powered “revolution of rage” across the world which is going to usher in their great and glorious matriarchy. Feminists have long asserted that the evils of “toxic men” and “rape culture” are the result of what they refer to as “the Patriarchy”. They think that by “waging war on the Patriarchy” and calling out a few famous men on their alleged sexual peccadilloes from the past is going to change the world so that it panders to their personality disorders and puts a woman in the White House. The recent events surrounding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court have also played into that, and the alleged outing of Harvey Weinstein and a few others came as a gift on a platter which they hoped would prove their point about a Patriarchy. But what a deception all this is! What astonishing naivety! The power-elite must be dying of laughter. Ladies, I have news for you: You’ve been played!

PsyOps & Mind-Control Programmes

What really lies behind all this? A better question to ask would be “Why have the power-elite and their controlling forces of darkness generated and stirred-up these three particular phenomena — Brexit, Trump and #metoo — at this particular time?” To sum it up, the purpose of the power-elite in all that they do at the present time is to create havoc and chaos, insecurity and anomie, on a mass level, while individually turning people into emotionally-unstable Yo-Yos who can very easily be manipulated. They do this through mind-control programmes and what are known as “psychological operations” (PsyOps). When people become fanatical about any activity, they are always easy to manipulate because of their blinkered desperation, their willingness to clutch at straws, their obsession with their cause, and their refusal to see The Big Picture due to a fixation on their little picture. They never see the forest because their little trees always stand in the way.

Thus, the single-minded obsessions of the Brexiteers, the Trumpites and the #metoo feminists are as easy to manipulate as the noses on the inhabitants of Madame Tussauds Museum! Brexit, the Trump presidency, and the current spate of sex assault “outings” — together with the bitter, chaotic, rageful social situations which they provoke — are classic examples of PsyOps and mind-control machinations on the part of the power-elite and the forces of darkness which lie behind them. Those involved imagine that they are spontaneous revolutionary actions of “the people”; but they are carefully-staged and manipulated events with a very definite purpose. Anyone with the remotest amount of Light and discernment can see that.

The purposes behind all the power-elite’s PsyOps in recent history, including the three programmes/operations of Brexit, Trump and #metoo that are under consideration in this article — bearing in mind that the power-elite merely brings to pass the requirements of the forces of darkness which lie behind them — have been the following:

1) To cause deep and bitter division in society, to the point of rage, violence and chaos.
2) To produce in people an acute sense of powerlessness and infantilisation.
3) To generate intense feelings of insecurity about the present and future.
4) To engender extreme emotionalism (not to be confused with healthy emotions) which then give way to irrational hysteria or obsessive behaviour.
5) To induce cognitive dissonance in the minds of the people, so that they are easily able to hold two contradictory thoughts in their heads at the same time, without a trace of consciousness of any incongruity.
6) To change the character of human beings to such an extent that they will be extremely malleable and willing to give in to whatever the power-elite deems necessary to create the illusion of “security” and pseudo-peace (which for them is merely the space between two wars) and, ultimately, make them accepting of government decrees which issue in a single-world government under a single despotic leader — which is the endgame of the power-elite under the forces of darkness on this planet.

In the case of the #metoo feminist scenario, there have been some additional purposes involved in the PsyOp which has been used on them and through them. For the whole purpose behind the manipulation of women by the power-elite (and forces of darkness) in this world has not only been the usual one of causing deep division in society to the point of rage and violence (and all the other points above), but also the complete undermining of the essential and complementary characteristics of the masculine and feminine. When men and women work as one, with those complementary forces in full play — the masculine as the handsome pioneering spirit of focused consciousness in society (and cherisher of women) and the feminine as the beautiful diffuse awareness lightning rod of spirituality (and upholder of men); each playing their parts in humility and in fulfilment of the divine purpose of Truth and Light — then a more healthy community and society will ensue. Therefore, it has been in the deep interests of the forces of darkness (and the power-elite which is energised by those forces) to break that complementariness and divide men and women, thus rendering them both powerless, even though many women imagine that they are being “empowered”. Their false form of “empowerment” has become one of the greatest delusions manifested in women today. [See further information on this in Chapter II, §5, part i, under the heading, “The Modern Illusion of Empowerment”]. In effect, through feminism — which has now taken on the mantle of a personality disorder — there has been a castration of men and a spaying of women which is wreaking havoc in the world, the havoc which is so-desired by the power-elite and forces of darkness in order to more easily execute their world-plan.

That is what is involved from the aspect of PsyOps. The manipulations concerning Brexit, the presence of Trump and the #metoo/#abusesurvivor feminists have plainly been the fruit of deftly-implemented psychological operations. But there is another aspect too: namely, the use of mind-control which is experimental. When the power-elite engages in mind-control, it is always ‘experimental’, in the sense that they are continually gathering information from their programmes about human behaviour. This is the way that the forces of darkness have operated from the beginning of time. It is much easier for them nowadays, because the levels of technology and communications available mean that they can conduct mass experiments across the world and gather so much more data. For by carrying out these experiments, they not only alter human behaviour but they also — through observing that behaviour — gain knowledge about how best to alter it in the future. In other words, their PsyOps and mind-control experiments become increasingly sophisticated over time. Thus, the Brexit, Trump and #metoo PsyOps are not only the latest and smartest in a long line of such mass psychological mind-control operations but they are also transitional, thereby leading to even more devastating experiments in the future, as they accrue their dastardly knowledge. It has to be said that Brexiteers, Trumpites and #metoo women are nothing more than guinea pigs in a test-lab.

The Illusion of a Glorious Past

The irony is that these movements — whether it is Brexit, Trump or feminism — always imagine that they are going to make the world a better place and restore it to how it has been before in some allegedly glorious past. So, Brexiteers think that through Brexit they are recreating the glory days of independent Blighty, masters on the high seas, a gallant little island with a global influence. Trumpites imagine that Trump is going to “make America great again”. Feminists think they are going to replace “the patriarchy” with the matriarchy which they imagine existed in the past. But they are all as hopelessly deluded as those who have been fooled by the flat-earth PsyOp!

Firstly, no major country of today has ever been independent or “great”. Historically, they have all (especially the UK and USA) been genocidal, bellicose, colonising oppressors of unimaginable cruelty (the USA still is) and they are a zillion miles from being independent as they are merely tools in the hands of the power-elite and the forces of darkness which control it. Neither has there ever been a glorious matriarchy anywhere; that is pure mythology, just as much of a myth as the alleged “Patriarchy” (as I show in Appendix 8 in the book: “The Myth of the Patriarchy & Matriarchy”). Someone needs to remind the advocates of a matriarchy that “Wonder Woman” is just a comic strip! These three movements in society today are already so hopelessly deluded about the past that to manipulate them concerning what they could gain in the future has been ‘a doddle’ for those forces creating psychological operations and mind-control experiments. In other words, as mind-controlled guinea-pigs, Brexiteers, Trumpites and the #metoo movement have been played!

What is it that Binds Brexit, Trump & Feminism?

Is there a mystery glue which binds all these elements together? Is there an identical unifying factor behind them? Indeed, there is. For there is no way that we can approach in our minds what is happening across this world unless we realise that it has been under the control of vast invisible forces of darkness beyond most people’s comprehension. Discarnate beings — variously known as demons, archdemons, fallen angels, archons or unclean spirits — manipulate the world through secret societies, governments, intelligence networks, power structures and various international organisations, while carrying out social engineering through mass movements and cultural influences, energising the world-system through influencing or taking over people in key authority positions, creating and sustaining a corrupt financial system, influencing or taking over human minds in general, generating wars, oppression and upheaval. They can even interfere with nature to generate geophysical events and create disasters in weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. The entire corrupt monetary/political system has been created by these dark beings which lie behind the work of the power-elite in this world.

Behind all visible government on this planet (which is just a theatrical façade to dupe the masses into imagining there is such a thing as “democracy”), there is a human power-elite — unelected powermongers of select bloodlines and exclusive provenance who work behind the scenes influencing and enacting the flow of history through politics, the media, mind-control, psychological operations, corporate corruption, fiscal institutions, arms manufacturing, militaries, intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical companies, social engineering, coups d’états and wars. If one examines their role throughout history and their known connections to diabolical, archontic evil and the hubristic excesses of world or empire leaders — many of whom in the past required the people to worship them as gods on peril of death — one can clearly see that the power-mongers of this world are enabled and sustained by the forces of darkness.

For anyone who accepts that there is a power-elite or dark forces such as I describe here but who doubts the supernatural nature of this — or who feels uncomfortable with my use of spiritual language — if you really look into what lies behind their lives and influences: their complete disregard for life and humanity, their sexual perversions (especially paedophilia, which is endemic in elite power-structures and the upper echelons of all societies and which is often accompanied by satanic rituals), their prosecution of serial wars and genocides, the gross and bizarre diabolical rituals in which they indulge, you will have to conclude that there is an element beyond the merely human and natural at work here. You will also have to conclude that there is something extremely dark — I would say satanic and demonic — interfering in the affairs of this world which is the very antithesis of the workings of the true Light (even though they avidly use “light” as a front for darkness to conceal their real goals).

Demons feed off the terror, anger, fear, chaos, murderous instinct and lack of order which resides in the untransformed human heart and is projected into the collective unconscious of humanity. What do you think lies behind wars, despotism, fiscal corruption, corporate greed, toxic food produce, weapons manufacture, governmental shenanigans, mind-control programmes, psychological operations, terrorism, conflicts, massacres and genocides? A truly civilised world would have no need for hegemonic governments, with their armies, shady intelligence networks, assassinations, totalitarian control, faux-democracies, false-flag operations, avaricious taxation, colonisation, coups d’états, corruption, cover-ups, crushing of dissidents, etc. This whole world-system, from top to bottom — with its corrupt governance, fiat monetary system, financial markets, greedy business corporations, unnecessary poverty and famines, toxic food production, fabricated diseases, pharmaceutical companies, armaments manufacturers and whorish media — has been invented, developed and maintained by fallen angels (demons/archons) working hand-in-glove with psychopathic humans whose inner pathway to God is completely closed and who are thus in servitude to another master altogether, the former archangel, now archdemon, Satan. All the controlling forces of the world are the product of behind-the-scenes archontic machinations which operate in “the spirit of the Antichrist”. This should not surprise us, for, as I have shown throughout this book, we live in a world which has been ruled by the forces of darkness for countless millennia, and that darkness is also coming to its fullness in order to be ripe for its divine overthrow.

Taking over, seizing control or outright destruction are the methods and strategies used by the forces of darkness to get their way in this world. This is why I speak of them as the forces of darkness rather than “powers”. I reserve the term “powers” to refer to the Light. For darkness relies on coercion and compulsion; whereas the Light demonstrates its power through influence without duress and also simply by being the omnipotent wonder that it is. So, I always speak of “the forces of darkness” and “the powers of the Light”.

The forces of darkness actually feed off death and destruction. They revel in chaos and, at the personal level, they feed off the fears, anger, envy, jealousy and every other negative emotion in the energies exuded by untransformed humans. The familiar myth of the vampire is really a gothic metaphor — a symbolic representation of these beings of darkness, who are emotional and spiritual bloodsuckers, mind-parasites, sucking the life-force out of people (physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually), as well as attempting to take over the planet with a world-system which is bitterly opposed to the divinely-appointed one. Their utter evil, their amoral and unscrupulous mindset, devoid of even the faintest modicum of goodness, is beyond the comprehension of most people in this world. I cannot stress enough that these dark forces thrive on our undealt-with baggage. If we are walking around with a chip on our shoulder or are acting out behaviours based on old wounds, such as jealousy, envy, resentment, pettiness, fear, bypassing, despotism — all the superstitions in the world will not protect us from the demonic fallout which ensues.

To imagine that we can protect ourselves from the darkness which has come to lie at the heart of the creation (having usurped it from the beginning and now building to its climax), by burning some sage herb or surrounding ourselves with crystals is living in cloud-cuckoo land. That would be about as effective as waving garlic at a vampire! Fallen angels (demons/archons) are extremely mischievous, malicious liars and arch-deceivers. There are countless millions of them; they have been around from the beginning and do not die like humans. They behave like a pack of wolves tracking a prey. They constantly look for weaknesses and zone in on them. Those weaknesses provide them with footholds from which they can carry out their dastardly work. Demons love to cause despair and to keep human beings in a sad, doubting, questioning, fearful and uncomfortable condition. (Have you been wondering why the suicide rate is increasing so heavily?). Unlike humans, demons have no soul and they try to feed off ours, or they put themselves in the place of our souls through substitution (what is popularly known as “demonic possession”).

Unless we have reconciled ourselves with the Creator of the cosmos (who is our Creator too) and understood the significance of the incarnation of the Christ in terms of the spiritual battle at the heart of this cosmos, the forces of darkness will have complete power over us, to a greater or lesser degree. In extreme cases those forces can even take over people completely (and I have encountered a few of those in my time). We will certainly come to the unwholesome attention of the forces of darkness if we do not purge our “selves” of their falsehood (that is, the ways that we live a lie or wear a mask). We will come to the attention of the forces of darkness if we indulge in any of the extremes of debauchery and emotion mentioned in the paragraphs above. We will also come to the attention of the forces of darkness through the baggage of the traumas which have ingrained themselves into our unconscious minds and bodies and which those dark forces very easily exploit, for these leave trigger-portals by which they can enter, if we fail (or refuse) to cleanse ourselves of them.

The Place of Rage in Demonic Influence

Apart from all the manufactured division and hysteria about Brexit and Trump, the cultivation of a #metoo/#abusesurvivor movement is a major hive of demonic activity and influence. What most people fail to realise — especially most women today — is that unresolved rage is one of the major magnets for discarnate entities. Demons or archons feed off those warped emotions and, quite frankly, they are enjoying a veritable banquet these days. The stirring up of these extreme emotions through the psychological operations and mind-control programmes of the power-elite on behalf of the forces of darkness has been deliberate. In the #metoo movement, we see a circular process: First there is the outing of some belligerently sexual assaulter, which then triggers a whole load of women who have unresolved issues to begin acting out, proudly expressing extreme rage, which then attracts the attention of the forces of darkness which then encourages even deeper rage in these women. I have recently been observing on social media many normally rational and levelheaded women, who usually only post about their yoga and meditation workshops, reduced to raging harridans in recent weeks — owning their rage and revelling in it for all it’s worth, which is now #metooing itself like an exploding boiler, not stopping to realise how they are being manipulated by beings beyond their comprehension. Suddenly, they are on a roll to destroy “the Patriarchy” and acting out all over social media. You would think that after years of all their therapy and yoga, they would be clear of all their issues. But where there is no Light, demons can turn a seemingly harmless itch into a pus-filled abscess in no time at all. I will have more to say on this below.

Trump’s “Pussy” Peccadilloes

One of the classic specialisations of demonic activity is slander, calumny, lies, deliberate misrepresentation and character assassination. They are the absolute experts at it. So, it is not surprising to see so much of this kind of dishonesty in the political and public attitudes of those on all sides of the Brexit, Trump and #metoo developments. Both Brexiteers and Remainers hurl mud at each other. It is non-stop and full of the bitter divisions with which one is so familiar in political circles. Trumpites and liberals do the same. And so do the women involved in the #metoo and #abusesurvivor camps as they constantly seek to generate division and show that all men are co-conspirators with the Patriarchy. The “memes” and claims from these various sources are riddled with falsehoods and misrepresentations (as are most memes on social media), often involving photos which have been carefully chosen to paint their opponents in the worst light possible, which is typical of political propaganda and always has been.

As an example of misrepresentation and hysterical response, let us take something as well-known and universally accepted as Donald Trump’s famous “pussy” statement, which is now iconic and legendary. This has been milked for all it’s worth not only by diehard “democrats” but also by the #metoo/#abusesurvivor people as a typical example of a sexual predator, which they think means most, if not all, men. But if one carefully examines the original lengthy transcript of the discussion between radio and TV host, Billy Bush, and Donald Trump in 2005, one sees that it is not at all confined merely to a demonstration of male sexual predation. I am sharing this not at all to defend Trump but to deconstruct his actual words and demonstrate the selective, propagandist nature of people in tendentious movements. Here are the relevant words which have offended so many:

Trump: “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything”.

Bush: “Whatever you want.”

Trump: “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Those are the exact words of Trump containing the “pussy” bit. Now it’s obvious from Trump’s words throughout the whole discussion with Billy Bush that he has no respect for women and is a typically sexually-aggressive, presumptuous, personality-disordered, adulterous (he was newly married to Melania at the time), narcissistic, immature kind of guy, such as one can find in any busy downtown bar or (in different garb) in a rich “gentleman’s” club for playboys. For him, it’s all about conquest, and that’s all. This is a social realm in which men speak about “moving on” women. (Mature, level-headed women know how to deal with that, of course. But that’s not the issue here). What I want to show is that, although many women are triggered into hysterical anger by Trump’s apparent sense of entitlement to their “pussies”, they have completely ignored some of his words which reveal the real agenda behind the pussy-talk. Those words are: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything” — to which Billy Bush responds with the words: “Whatever you want”They are saying that when you are rich and famous, the women in those circles will let you do anything to them — whatever you want to do, they will let you do it. The key word here is “let”, which means allow. In other words, what Trump was saying is not really about sexual assault or rape or grabbing a woman by her vaginal area without her consent or against her willTrump was simply stating the crude and ugly truth that gold-digging whorish women (which predominate in those circles) will allow rich, famous men who “move on” them to do whatever they want to them. It is a situation of sexual consent and corrupted mutual needs being met. He already knows that they will let him do it — not because they are frightened or coerced but because those women willingly open their lips and their pussies for rich and famous men. The reason he knows that is because it is his lifelong experience. Predatory rich and famous males want to have sex with attractive gold-digging whorish women. Attractive gold-digging whorish women are eagerly willing to give sex to predatory rich and famous males, so they can get the material stuff which rich and famous men willingly give to them in exchange for the sex (and for being a pretty trophy-woman on their arm). Consequently, Trump was speaking about a consensual transaction, not a resisted or unwanted violation. The women’s marches in “pussy-hats” were therefore completely misplaced, ignoring the fact that a vast number of their own gender exploit men for what they can get out of them materially. Both predatory men and whorish women are a gross corruption of what real relationship should be about. The proper response to that is not useless public protest (with celebrity-spots for actresses to virtue-signal their selective disapproval of men), but a complete personal transformation of both men and women.

Thus, what Trump was saying has nothing whatsoever to do with “rape culture” or sexual assault. The #metoo/#abusesurvivor women will never admit this in a million years, because that will upset their applecart of perpetual victimhood, to which they will cling to the death. Trump was merely crudely voicing what all men know: That if you have loads of money and are famous, then the women in your circle will let you do whatever you want to them, and they will enjoy it! Just try an experiment: As a man, go into any casino and start winning loads of money at the tables and I can assure you that a whole gaggle of women, like mosquitoes round a lightbulb, will soon be queueing up around you, just gagging for you to grab their “pussies”. Yes, it’s gross; BUT IT’S TRUE! Or as a man, if you get promoted to be manager on a big salary with a fancy car, I can assure you that a great many of the chicks in the office will be “moving on” you like flies round a pile of dung! Yes, it’s gross; BUT IT’S TRUE! The problem is that #metoo/#abusesurvivor people are not really interested in Truth but only in the vindication of their own prejudices.

Therefore, one has to conclude that the iconic status of Trump’s “pussy” statement as an example of male entitlement to assault women against their will is based on complete falsehood. Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush was really an example of the corrupt nature of so many men and women in the way that they relate to each other. Thus, we can see that these #metoo/#abusesurvivor women will seize on anything they can to prove their point without any concern about Truth. Their desperation to present all women as being oppressed victims downtrodden by “the Patriarchy” far surpasses their desire for Truth and justice. Of course, they would claim that gold-diggers are oppressed victims of the Patriarchy too, forced to behave that way in order to gain a man’s attention. In fact, gold-diggers are ruthless and shameless exploiters of men, who only open their legs for the rich and famous. But neither party is really a victim of the other. They are both perpetrators of crass materialism, using substitute needs (the procurement of money or sex) to fill the spiritual holes in their souls. Thus, one could say that they are both “victims” of darkness and in need of spiritual counsel and transformation.

A Personal Anecdote

And here’s another thing: We have all suffered some abuse or injustice, even as teenagers and young children. Please allow me to become anecdotal here. Speaking personally, I had a pervo scoutmaster who insisted on caressing scouts’ genitals while drying them after swimming sessions at the local pool, and I spent years as a child between ages ten and seventeen in boarding schools with paedo-perverts as headteachers and teachers. For four years I was beaten with a bamboo cane once or twice a week (sometimes more) for trivialities of extreme bathos at a well-known British public school. But the idea of bleating continually about all of that with “rage” and so-called “wildness” on social media seems ridiculous to me. Writing about it all in the biographical section of this book is the first time in my life that I have ever mentioned it publicly.

I must say that none of my experiences at the schools I attended have ever seriously traumatised me in any lasting sense. This is because I have never allowed that to be the case. In fact, I was infinitely more traumatised by seeing a cat run over by a car than being imprisoned in a repressive school environment with paedo/pervo cane-wielding teachers and heads! I know it’s very fashionable these days for people to become a “professional” victim and continually claim that someone from their past has totally ruined their lives, their physical and mental health and their accomplishments (and they are even encouraged to do so). But I have never held anything against the people who mistreated me in any way as a child — not even at the time when the mistreatment was happening. Often, I would laugh at it as being absurd! In a strange sort of way, I held the perpetrators in some compassion, realising that they were somehow broken people who were stuck in a dirty groove which was all they knew. Not that this exonerates them in any way, for they are also destructive people in positions of power and trust exploiting children and young people and they should know better. But hatred and resentment are entirely counterproductive and only hurt the one hating and resenting, while never redeeming the object of the hatred and resentment.

Although I was often extremely puzzled by adult behaviour, in my teenage years, mainly through reading choice literature (e.g. Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Dostoyevsky’s “Memoirs from the House of the Dead”, etc.), I came to realise that adverse experiences happen to us in order to enable us to grow and to deepen. It is what I would later refer to as “The Alchemy of Adversity” — by which we transform suffering and hardship into something great and wonderful in our contemporary lives. We learn big lessons from it. As a child, I always somehow felt that I had landed unexpectedly from another planet and was on a frequency level outside that on which those in (false) authority dwelled. I kind of floated in a golden cloud and looked down upon the mass of goings-on as if they were happening in a strange dream with which I had the temporary misfortune to be involved (which, in a way, is true! 😉). At that time, half a century ago, my good friend John and I would play with it all, as if events themselves, even the invisible ether surrounding them, were made of a kind of Plasticine which could be moulded into any shape we wished. That perception has never changed to this day.

This curious sense of objectivity occasionally got me into trouble, as some thought I was just being insolently snooty (and some still do today! 😃), for that is how it would come across to those who could only discern their environment or relate to other people according to their own authoritarian standpoint (i.e. they always expect obedience and compliance from others, or to be able to control them). But it instilled in me the deep realisation that none of what they did could really hurt me or touch me in any detrimental way. [This was also partly due to my meeting with an influential school gardener, called Mister Jasper, who put me to rights, and who is the subject of Appendix 9 in the book: “On Meeting Mister Jasper”]. Even then, I strongly suspected that I was on this Earth to strengthen my soul and discover reality, though at that time I had no idea what that reality would be. I have always believed, even from a young age (though then in far less developed terms than now), that negative experiences, no matter how foul, always have some kind of a silver lining which we have an absolute duty to find, if we are to progress in our journey through this evil world.

The Darker Side of Narcissism

This is why I am so perplexed by the modern epidemic of having to wring every last ounce of victimhood out of an unfortunate negative experience. What is it that makes humans want to perpetually play the wounded victim to everyone rather than just let it go, resolve it, move on and grow accordingly, thus finding one’s true mission in life? It seems to me that it is really a form of narcissism to become a “professional” victim, milking one’s unfortunate past for all it’s worth, joining relevant special-interest groups to bolster one’s victimhood, constantly seeking sympathy from others for something which should have been quietly put to bed with catharsis a long time ago.

If you are surprised by my use of the word “narcissism” in this context, I believe this to be an aspect of it which needs to be understood. It is what I would call the dark side of narcissism — an inverted form of narcissism, if you will. The side of narcissism with which most people are familiar is when people see others to be used as mere pawns on their way through life, or when one is obsessed with one’s appearance or always seeking compliments and validation, thinking one is absolutely wonderful, even if all the evidence points against that. But another form of narcissistic self-obsession is to be always seeking sympathy from others, milking every unfortunate experience as much as possible to keep all the attention centred on oneself. “Look at poor oppressed victimised me” is just as self-obsessed as “Look at wonderful fantastic hyped-up me”. But even to suggest to professional victims that their self-obsession is narcissistic will elicit extreme anger from them, if not rage. It is as if no one must ever remove a reason for them to feel sorry for themselves and try to gain sympathy. The current vogue is to call oneself a “survivor” rather than a victim. However, to call oneself an “abuse survivor” is still playing the victim ticket but using a euphemism. One is not the abuse survivor of any single particular incident; one is a fluidly-changing metamorphosing human being who survives every ragged moment of this life to greet the next with courage and an openness to learn life anew. You pick yourself up, you dust yourself off and you start all over again. One does not need to make oneself into a special case, based on one or more bad experiences. Constantly playing the wounded party is an unhealthy pathological condition rather than a justifiable social reaction.

Narcissism is a Satanic Outworking

Obsession with self (narcissism) is a central aspect of a degenerating society. The “evolutionary” view is that a species only survives through dog-eat-dog ruthlessness and egocentricity — the so-called survival of the fittest. But that ignores completely the vital spiritual aspects of humanity. (It also ignores an important difference between humans and animals). True community in the human realm can only survive through altruism, unity and humility, coupled with a healthy understanding of “self” and a sense of life-changing shame for one’s wrongdoing. But the cultural tendency of this degenerating world society now involves the celebration of the self, the suppression of shame and the spawning of groups and movements which propagate division and enmity. I have already shown elsewhere in the book how these are some of the central planks of satanic strategy, when it is properly identified (for that has very little to do with what one sees in horror films, which function as a smokescreen to hide the real Satanism). In terms of the spiritual battle which lies at the heart of this cosmos, one is either aligned with the Christ as the Light of the world or one is enslaved to the forces of darkness. We are now living in the midst of a satanic society which is spiralling towards its own inevitable destruction. Not only is endemic sexual assault a despicable part of that degeneration of society but so is the hysterical self-obsessive victim-cult misandrous reaction to it. For both sexual assault and the ragingly-divisive reaction to it involve the undoing of the divinely-appointed sacred complementariness of male and female as the foundation of a healthy community.

Women seem to be extremely prone to regarding themselves as being more oppressed and more “put down” than any other category in the universe. It has almost become the assertion of “all women good, all men bad”, as if women can do no wrong. This collective gender narcissism and entitlement manoeuvre have become endemic today, and they have to keep it going at all costs. This is why feminism will never ever accept that all its grievances have been met. They have a vested interest in playing the aggrieved party… in perpetuity. They revel in their suffering. Well, at the risk of accusations of being a “mansplaining misogynist”, 😃 I say this: “Ladies, welcome to the world! You are not special. Life is all about suffering precisely because one is partaking in a fallen world”. In fact, we live in “an evil age” and if we think we can get through it unscathed then we are living in cloud-cuckoo land. Bad things are going to happen to us — sometimes really bad things that are far worse even than a sexual assault.

Sexual Assault is not the Worst Experience

Many heroic people are suffering terribly on a daily basis without them feeling the need to milk it publicly for all it’s worth. Frankly, although it is heresy to say this and, as bad as sexual assault may be, I do not believe that it is the very worst thing that can happen to a person. I fully realise the heinous nature of rape, whether experienced as a male or female, and I know the marks that such an experience can leave. But today even people who have suffered minor sexual harassment are jumping on the #metoo bandwagon. Life is wasted if one does not move on from unfortunate experiences and live it to the full. We should never allow ourselves to be defined by what other warped or wicked people have done to us, whether it is a major or a minor incident.Unfortunately, many women today — even if they have merely been brushed against by some lascivious man in a crowd — are being encouraged to start calling themselves “abuse survivors” and wallowing in sympathy for it.

I will say it again: Sexual assault is not the worst thing which can happen to human beings. The fact is that people are starving to death from birth onwards in hideous conditions the world over. Innocent people are imprisoned (and are terribly abused in prison) for years for crimes they never committed. People are blinded, maimed or crippled by an accident. People are savagely beaten up or stabbed in the street by (male or female) hoodlums. People lose everything and everyone dear in earthquakes and other natural disasters. People are kidnapped and incarcerated against their will, sometimes for years. People suffer debilitating strokes which leave them awfully incapacitated. People suffer regular seizures which limit their lives to a very narrow experience. People in their beds at night are robbed at knifepoint in their homes. If any of these “victims” are rescued or find respite from their suffering, they don’t make themselves into special cases or keep trading on it to get sympathy, or express continual rage against whatever or whoever was responsible for their suffering; but they just enjoy life to the full, filled with love and optimism, thankful that they can obtain some relief and live another day.

The Cult of the “Professional Victim”

If one says all this to “professional abuse survivors”, they go absolutely ballistic! You are trying to take away their status as the most abused person on the planet. I get the same reaction from some Jewish people when I state the simple truth that Stalin and Mao were responsible for many tens of millions more deaths than Hitler; or that three million Ukrainians, three million ethnic Poles, a million disabled people/homosexuals/gypsies, and millions of Soviet Slavs, were also systematically exterminated by Hitler’s genocidal killing machine. (Before you start slamming me with slurs of antisemitism, bear in mind that I come from a Jewish background too, but I am only interested in Truth rather than selective propaganda). It is as if “professional abuse survivors” are saying, “How dare you try and minimise the suffering with which I exclusively identify?!?” They think they have a duty to generate sympathy for themselves by keeping it in the forefront of everyone’s minds indefinitely as the very worst suffering ever.

People seem to want their own suffering, or the suffering with which they identify the most, to be infinitely worse than any other — in fact, making all others insignificant — whether that is true or not, and it must never be taken away from them. But this is not a competition and we do not need to cling onto the slights and sufferings we have undergone in our past! The truth is that we are all living on borrowed time, a very brief time; and we will all suffer to greater or lesser degrees. The trick is how one deals with that suffering: either being willing to move on with grace and gratitude (because one has learned to find the silver lining in it) or milking it for all it’s worth with undying resentment, rage and a lot of “attitude” (always looking for sympathy).

When I look around these movements, I see a lot of controlling behaviour. When any kind of fanatical “correctness” rears its head, forcing itself into human consciousness, it is all about people trying to control others in order to get them to think and do exactly like them. One sees this a great deal in the world of politics and where any “-ism” operates. This is especially the case with feminism, which now has nothing whatsoever to do with equality but is every bit as much of a divisive and destructive influence as the Patriarchy which it claims to be opposing.

Dear Ladies of today, it is time to grow up and brush off that carefully-crafted chip which sits on your shoulders, because all this chaotic bluster and rage is attracting to yourself far more than you have bargained for. What is the point of protesting against the oppressive nature of “the Patriarchy” if one then becomes collectively possessed by the “demon-archy”? One can choose to let go of bad experiences if one wants to do so, if one is motivated to do so. But that is only really possible through a profound spiritual transformation in which one ceases to cling onto harmful or unnecessary elements of the self.


I could write a great deal more about all this. But here I will stop, for I have said enough. Very few will read this. But for those who do, especially those who have been confused by all the furore surrounding these three developments of Brexit, Trump and #metoo, I hope that you will now have a clearer picture. My wish has been to show what happens when malevolent discarnate entities interfere with human affairs when fanaticism and illusions prevail, and when they are unleashed through unfettered and irrational human rage which is not a temporary state against the injustice suffered by others but is primarily a divisive egocentric reaction to buttress personal beliefs and prejudices. Demonic involvement always has the same hallmarks: Hysteria, extreme emotionalism, divisiveness (schism), irrationalism, cognitive dissonance, mendacity (lies), illogicality, calumny, slander, deliberate misrepresentation, openness to manipulation, and extreme reactions against Truth and Light.

To those who are caught up in the Brexit shenanigans, those who revere Donald Trump, and those who are the professional victims of the #metoo/#abusesurvivor movement, I say this: You’ve been played! The wool has been pulled over your eyes. (Even more so if you wear a “pussy-hat”!). The dark glue which binds together all these mind-control PsyOps is sucking the lifeblood out of you, as the image accompanying this article represents.

When a large number of people can be brought together by the forces of darkness to form a movement, then the level of influence exercised by those forces over those involved is far stronger than if it was being wielded on them individually. For the group becomes a kind of dark forcefield, a global portal which magnifies the level of darkness. This, in turn, leads to discarnate entities having even greater influence and the people becoming progressively blinded to the source of their blindness. This is tantamount to a kind of ‘group demon possession’. We are going to see this increasingly during the coming years in the build-up to the end of this age. The only way to stand in the midst of it all and to be protected, empowered (in the true sense, not the sense proffered in trendy workshops today) and made wise, is to discover who the Christ really was and is — not the fake christ of the crusades, inquisitions, crass televangelists and false church; but the Christ who is the Light of the world, who came to earth in human form two thousand years ago to overturn the forces of darkness and who will one day come again after all the hubristic insanity and mayhem that must come to pass in the apostate times before that day will come.

We are now living in those apostate times and must make a choice as to which side we are on — whether we serve the Light or are enslaved by darkness. One thing is for sure: There can be no neutrality.

[This article is a conflation of extracts from my upcoming book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: The Road I have Chosen” (which also contains a chapter on demonology), coupled with some additional thoughts about current developments in the Brexit, Trump and #metoo scenarios]

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