INTRODUCTION: The Gloves Are Off!

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve not written much for a while about the “state of the world”, its dirty chessboard, its madness or its crazy politics, or any other such nonsense. Instead, I’ve been immersing myself completely in the creation of music and poetry. That’s not only because I like it that way, but it’s because I’ve said more or less all that I have to say about it. It’s all on my blog in the articles tab, or in the book I wrote last year. I don’t bang drums for the drums’ sake. Neither would I bang them endlessly. Pointless. I don’t have an axe to grind or a chip weighing down my shoulder! I always share on a need-to-know basis. In any case, I don’t write about all that stuff as a kind of mental masturbation but as an incentive to develop a spiritual understanding of what lies behind it all — to see it as a manifestation of the spiritual battle raging across this cosmos, with Planet Earth as its central focus. However, in view of the farcical developments in the UK (🙄) and the way that so many are still so taken in and mesmerised by the whole charade (in other words, they take it seriously even though it’s all just a worthless show), I will just share some relevant material in this little piece, for what it’s worth; then I will shut up until there’s something new to say (though I know that few will read this or even care). Just so you know, I am not going to “pull any punches” here. The gloves have been removed. And if you are triggered or offended, please ask yourself why… and keep reading anyway. 😉


I will start by saying that what so many do not realise (or, rather, refuse to acknowledge) is that we live in a world almost completely immersed in fakery and deception. This isn’t paranoia or, as many would say, “negativity”; it is reality! This is why the Christ and other Bible writers went out of their way to warn people not to be deceived: “Jesus told His disciples, ‘Watch out that no one deceives you’”. Likewise, Paul said: “Let nobody deceive you with empty words”, and “Let no one deceive you in any way”. When Truth was on the line, the apostle, John, did not tell people to be “non-judgemental”, “tolerant”, to “embrace diversity”, or “all you need is love”. He was very clear when he said: “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to determine if they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world”. Fortunately, in those days, John would not have been confronted with a cackling horde of tweeters saying, “Are you false-prophet-shaming me?” 🙂 However, there were many other hostilities against Truth to contend with, such as persecution, being sent into exile (John was exiled onto the then deserted Greek island of Patmos) and even execution. Bear in mind that when John says, “test the spirits”, this was being written to disciples of Christ. If even spiritual people are prone to deception to the extent that they have to be gravely warned, imagine the gullibility of those who have not yet embarked on that spiritual pathway! For they are hyper-prone to deception. In fact, in most cases, their entire lives are founded on it. This is why Paul gave the warning to disciples of Christ: “We too were once foolish, disobedient, deceived, enslaved to various passions and desires”. Being deceived is part and parcel of the non-spiritual pathway in this life. It is also the case with those who have only undergone a merely religious “conversion” to some ideas because of an emotional experience or to find social acceptance. I am constantly amazed at the huge number of people who claim to be religious (pseudo-spiritual) yet still willingly wallow in deception and howl with laughter while ridiculing anyone who points this out to them, deriding them as “conspiracy theorists” and so on. Along with most of the rest of the world, they firmly believe what their government tells them (which is mainly lies, disinformation or pure propaganda). They deludedly have faith in their prime ministers and presidents (and even if they don’t, they’ll still carry on voting for one!). They avidly follow the mainstream media (newspapers and television) morning, noon, and night (even though at least 90% of what is served up to them is a toxic mix of outright untruth, nasty gossip, social engineering, propaganda or disinformation, while the remaining 10% is a diet of bilge for airheads). They continue to believe all the spun falsehoods about their country and the world which they were taught in history lessons in school. They believe in “the system” and encourage others to believe in it too. They even believe the video which runs inside their own heads as they look out of their eyes on this “hologram” world!

The genuinely spiritual human being knows that a fundamental part of being spiritual is seeing through (and having no part in) deception of any kind — most of all seeing through self-deception. In fact, to be spiritual means awakening from deception of every type. One doesn’t just wake up spiritually and then continue to believe in and endorse a dark culture through participating unquestioningly in that culture. That would be impossible as it would be a manifestation of the very cognitive dissonance from which one has escaped by going (as the Christ put it) through the narrow gate and stepping onto the difficult pathway to life — though that pathway is also fabulously rewarding. For cognitive dissonance completely contradicts the increasingly integrated mind of the spiritually-awakened human, whose left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. For the spiritually-awake person, duplicity is not an option.

Waking Up from Slumber

Similarly, a spiritually-awake person could not spend an entire evening gawping and giggling at soap-operas, “reality shows”, and pseudo-comedies on a television screen, being contaminated by its corrupting programming, or watching most of the movies which come out of Hollywood (which, with some exceptions, serve to programme with darkness and propaganda at a deep level the unawakened mind). Becoming spiritual means waking up from the slumber of illusion — coming out of a state of sleepwalking through the wilderness of this world. It is ironic that the (ungrammatical) word “woke” is used these days to describe people who obsess about spotting other people’s racism, sexism, and so-called homophobia, transphobia, or islamophobia, etc. The Urban Dictionary amusingly defines “Woke” as The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue”. Right on! The fact is that “woke” people are not really “woke” at all; they are simply adhering to politically-correct trends and are still wholly comatose from a spiritual standpoint. To awaken spiritually is the real “woke”. When one awakens spiritually, it is not just doing so in cosmic terms but also in an earthly context. By being “woke” spiritually in an earthly context I am not referring to people’s ability to spot other people’s racism and sexism but, rather, being impervious to deception. For if we cannot penetrate illusion and deception on a simple earthly level (e.g. seeing through the mendacity of politics, media, military, financial and corporate evil), how will we ever persevere with insight on the spiritual plane (where there is also much deception and demonic distraction for the unwary soul)? That is basic logic. Thus, without becoming obsessed with, or morbidly interested in, deception (as, sadly, many do become obsessed with conspiracies and hidden agendas), the spiritually-awake human fascinatedly seeks to develop an awareness of how subterfuge works, where it exists and how to discard it from his or her life, inwardly and outwardly on any level.

Waking up spiritually involves complete transformation of the individual by the light of Christ; and it will, at the very least, also naturally involve becoming acutely aware of all the deception and skulduggery in the world. It is as if one has been given a kind of X-ray vision into social and world affairs. So many want to appear what they think of as “spiritually-correct” by spinning their virtue-signalling image on social media through posting an infinite array of yoga poses, quoting Rumi or calling themselves a “Reiki-Master”, “Life-coach”, or “shamanic goddess”! But all of that is meaningless from a spiritual standpoint. The fact is that one of the greatest signs of the spiritually-awake soul is one who steadfastly refuses to be “taken for a ride” in any sense — whether by politicians, mainstream media pundits, doorstep confidence tricksters, phoney gurus, New Age practitioners or evil spirits claiming to be of the Light (and, believe me, there are plenty of those around these days!).

The Opening of a Portal in One’s Mind

Genuine spiritual awakening cannot occur without an awakening about all matters. It’s as if a fog lifts and a kind of portal opens up in your mind so that you are able to discern things which you were unable to do before the awakening. So the idea that one can be spiritually-awake and yet continue doing all the things normally done by sleepwalkers — supporting corrupt political/governmental systems, watching mindless films and TV programmes, exploiting or manipulating people, habitually lying, and so on — is spiritually impossible. Put simply, a spiritually-awake person will not fall for propaganda of any kind. A spiritually-awake person will not hold out false hopes for the world to be “saved” by some politician, party or president pushing an agenda within the same old set-up of greed, consumerism, corruption and hypocrisy. A spiritually-awake person will not settle for perpetuating the myths and lies of the present world-system but will see it as part of the “spirit of the Antichrist”. In other words, the spiritually-awake person has what I call a built-in “Bullshitometer” (pronounced like thermometer) within his or her being. It is simply not spiritually savvy to be taken in by bullshit on any level, whether spiritual or worldly. In fact, it is downright foolish and irresponsible! Waking up spiritually (by which I mean being awoken by the Spirit of the Christ) creates an immunity to deception and provides the perfect antidote to bullshit of every possible kind.


When the Christ said, “How narrow is the gate and difficult the way that leads to life, and there are few who find it!”, the Koine Greek word in the original manuscript which is here translated as “difficult” is τεθλιμμενη, tethlimmeni, which is literally “crushed” or “compressed”, “hemmed in”. It is from the root of this word that we get the English word “afflicted”. The idea behind the Greek word is that of being pressed-in on all sides. The gate to the spiritual pathway is narrow and, once through it, the way itself is a crushing experience. Anyone who has walked this way can bear witness to that. Although when spiritually awake and following the Light of Christ one knows a deep joy way down within one’s soul, “happy-clappy” religion is a complete fantasy! The genuine spiritual life is not at all attractive to the superficial dilettante, for the old ways of thinking and being must be broken down and a completely new self built up. One will find oneself living with a continual desire for purity and a deep sense of repentance if one falls short of that. There is the need for total dedication and comparatively few people are really serious about personal change and spiritual revelation. The genuine spiritual life is definitely not a bed of roses — though there are flowers strewn along the way as divinely-appointed “sweeteners” (what I call “spiritual nosegays” 🙂). To wake up from the slumber of darkness and become a spiritual human being is not something “lite” which one does through being persuaded into it by a slick teacher or as a sudden “decision” in a hothouse meeting or in a ten-minute motivational pep talk! One has to be ready and open and wholly prepared to “hear Christ’s voice” (that is, to receive Truth in massive doses).

The Breakup & Breakdown of Everything

The reason that the genuine spiritual pathway is so difficult, afflicted, crushing and pressed-in on all sides is because it involves nothing less than the breaking up (and breaking down) of the elements of falsehood and impurity which one has acquired over a lifetime, whether that has been a short life or a long one. This is what is being portrayed in the image which accompanies this article at the top of the page. The disintegration of the false ego; the false ideas; the false (acquired) self (which is really made up of conditioning and a concatenation of experiences); the false notion of oneself as essentially a “good person” who “didn’t need God”; the false view of the world and its phoney ways of politics, governance, and empty authority; the false knowledge of so much which has been acquired from our parents, families, schools, colleges/universities, media, books, music and almost all forms of entertainment. The religious and cultural conditioning which have infused our lives from the beginning will also break down and fall away, which is why the mainstream religious trappings with which we have been inculcated by our parents or which we “inherit” culturally — e.g. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islamism, etc. — become completely redundant when we embark on our spiritual journey and therefore have to be discarded in the interests of Truth. A religious husk is of no relevance or help to the genuine spiritual pilgrim. Similarly, the kinds of false spirituality propagated by New Age moneymakers, phoney Eastern gurus, false teachers, false messiahs, false prophets will all be seen for what they are and entirely rejected. You will see through so much that needs to be broken and made to fall away — which is absolutely necessary if one is to grow as an awake, transformed human being pledged in discipleship to the Christ and a follower of His Light. In fact, you will see through so much both within and around you that there will eventually be nothing left except that which is real. It’s like being flayed alive inwardly, utterly broken. “Woke” means broke! It will hurt like hell, but the genuine devotee will love it!

Nothing is What it Seems

There is a veil of falsehood which lies over the mind of the unawake (unwoke!), untransformed human in this world, who sleepwalks to his or her stultifying workplace and back every day, marries someone just to feel secure or to act out a plethora of neuroses left over from childhood, questions nothing, believes all government and media propaganda, and is led around by the nose like an indentured slave. In this life, nothing is what it seems. However, when one steps onto the spiritual pathway which leads to life, everything begins to be seen with new eyes which reveal the futility and madness of what is considered to be “normal living” under this world-system controlled by the forces of darkness. By “forces of darkness”, I am referring to discarnate beings known as demons or archons which control this world as it is presently constituted. This is why the apostle John said that “the whole world lies under the power of the evil one”. By “evil one” he means the archdemon now known as Satan. This is real stuff and not just fantasy. This is the very heart of what life in this fallen cosmos is all about. You may think that it all sounds like madness and that this writer has “lost his marbles”; but until one realises this vital truth, one sleepwalks through this world under that power of evil. When one wakes up to the reality of this fallen world, one no longer imagines that one can “save the planet”, for this planet and the entire cosmos (which are, in fact, longing to be transformed) will only be redeemed at the end of this age when the great cataclysm and judgement will transform them into what they are meant to be. The only solution for this world is divine salvation, not human environmental intervention! For there is far more involved in the destruction of this world than environmental negligence. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, there is a spiritual battle which has been taking place from the beginning, and only through being transformed by the divine Light of the Christ can one start to understand it. But I will say more about this later on below.

Almost Everything is Fake

It is extremely unnerving when one awakens spiritually, because one realises that virtually everything propagated by humans on this planet (and even within oneself) is fake. You may find that to be a shocking statement but if you examine it carefully and without prejudice, you will realise that it is true. Fake media, fake television, fake promises, fake politicians, wars based on fake premises, fake smiles everywhere, fake advertisements, fake fidelity, fake products, fake marriages, fake appearances, fake philanthropy, fake contracts, with masses of scams and frauds based on fakery. Mostpeople wear a mask and hide behind a plethora of disguises. That’s fakery too. It is no coincidence that the highest paid people and the most revered in the world as “celebrities” are those who pretend to be other people for a living. Hollywood is the ultimate factory of fakery! My role on this earth is not to make you (or me) feel comfortable and cosy with all that fakery. It is my solemn duty to expose the masks, disguises, lies and deception in the world and to point the way to Truth and reality. It is also my (and your) ongoing duty to destroy my (and your) own masks and untruth before I (and you) can practise what I call “the Art of Self-Unravelling” honestly. Beware though… once your own fakery is falling away and you begin to see through the fakery of this world, you will be a declared enemy of the state and of religious people and anyone else who seeks to control or destroy, whether human or demonic. Your very existence will be a threat. So be warned. Mask-wearers do not take kindly to being unmasked, as we know from personal experience!

Without the Light of Christ, this World is a Theatre of the Absurd

The genuinely spiritual person will begin to see through the dark madness of this present world in all its barbaric debasement and dishonour. S/he will see how much of what is considered “normal” is really based on a lie, so that as part of this corrupt world-system one is merely an actor in a global theatre of absurdity. When existentialist philosophers coined the term “Theatre of the Absurd”, it referred to this life and world as having no meaning. If one has no spiritual insight, and no belief in anything beyond what can be seen with the eyes — and therefore is without the Light of the Christ — then that is rightly how this life and world appears: A meaningless charade. For example, until one understands what is really at work in human affairs — a process which is rooted in a realm of satanic darkness beyond the imaginings of most — then one will indeed merely be an actor in a Theatre of the Absurd, participating in all its insanity, mostly without even realising it. When one awakens spiritually, one begins to see just how this world really works; and it ain’t pretty. Though, one must beware of merely beginning to wake up to seeing that this world is rooted in deception without having the much-needed spiritual awakening to handle that. Otherwise, one will be overcome with depression and despondency. This happens to many, who merely become obsessed with conspiracies and imagine that those conspiracies can somehow be overcome by protest or some kind of righteous human activity.


The realm of darkness which I mentioned above controls people individually through their unsanctified impulses, motivations, screwed-upnesses and actions. But it also operates globally through controlling the political and governmental affairs of this world. Let’s just open up a little bit how this realm of darkness operates globally. To imagine that world affairs operate independently of the realm of darkness is the height of naivety. Therefore, to trot along to a voting station every few years believing that you are “participating in a democratic process” and are therefore going to make this world a better place is not merely naïve but is the height of gullibility and stupidity. For there is an unelected power-elite (a secret global conglomerate of great darkness) which controls all national governments, thus making elections, prime ministers and presidents mere window-dressing which conceals the real governance. At a hidden level of earthly existence, there is an interface between the outwardly visible corrupt organisations in the world and the real elite — what I call “the powermongers of poneros” on the planet. It is this which lies behind the seeding of a kingdom of darkness on earth. This dark kingdom — a manifestation of what is known in the Bible as “the mystery of lawlessness” — has tried to assert itself repeatedly throughout human history, from the abortive attempt to “outgod God” exemplified in the tower of Babel and its ethos, through many redundant hubristic empires right down to our own day as the forces of darkness attempt to create a global government under a single leader (which the Bible identifies as the Antichrist, a counterfeit of the Christ who will appear towards the end of this age). This is what history has really been about from start to finish: the onslaught of darkness against the powers of the Light. This is not to say that this is some dualistic battle of equals hammering it out in the cosmic boxing ring with an uncertain outcome. Not at all! I have said this before, and I will say it many times again: The realm of darkness, although thinking it is autonomous, is actually a useful tool of the powers of the Light to shape history and redeem souls. This doesn’t minimise its dangers; but it shows us that the Christ, as the Light of the world, is really in control, in spite of all appearances to the contrary. [I could say very much more about all this; but I would just be repeating what I have already written in my 600-page book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”, which you can download free of charge here: ].

The Dark Power Structure of this World

The power structure of this world, as the vehicle for the establishing of the dark kingdom mentioned above, currently operates on a number of different levels. Externally, one has governments, military organisations, corporations and international bankers manipulating and pulling the strings. But at the next level down, there are the sordid intelligence agencies and organised crime cartels such as the CIA, the KGB, FSB, MI5/MI6, Mossad and the Mafia, etc. (which all work together — conniving, stealing, manipulating, assassinating — under a system of international immunity and mutual protection). Then at the next level down there are the various secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Skull & Bones, etc. At the back of all that, there are the elite dynasties — aristocratic family lines of the world which secretly control the direction of global affairs (e.g. the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Harrimans, etc.). Digging into all this is to unearth a cesspit of darkness and degradation. History is decidedly not what it is widely believed to be. The past couple of thousand years (part of what the Bible calls “the last days” — not to be confused with “the Endtimes”, which come right at the end of the “last days”, at the end of the age) have increasingly been the product of hidden agendas and Machiavellian machinations under the direction of the forces of darkness. All the terrible hotspots of recent history — including the French and Russian revolutions, the two World Wars, the so-called “Swinging Sixties” (which — courtesy of infiltration by the CIA — opened up naïve young people to a massive influx of psychotropic drugs, thus rendering them more easily influenced by the forces of darkness, not to mention widespread sexual promiscuity and moral confusion), the manufacture of the European Union (also originally initiated by intelligence agencies as one of many up-and-coming superstates as forerunners of, and precursors to, a single world government), the attacks of September 11th 2001 (a major false-flag operation and “inside job”), and much more — have been staged in the service of another “higher” goal: A global totalitarian dictatorship under the forces of darkness in which the population of the world will be a willing victim, begging for control, peace and security from a human source (from which, of course, that can never really come).

Grasping the Significance of “Psyops”

One really needs to familiarize oneself with what are known in intelligence networks as “Psyops” (psychological operations) and their function in the world today. I have had a long curiosity, going back to the 1980s, concerning “psychological operations” and mind-control programmes run by intelligence agencies at the behest of the power-elite who really control this world (or think they do, for their power is only temporarily permitted by the real Overseers of this Universe). The enforcers of the power-elite’s psychological operations programmes love to mess with your head bigtime. I mean really mess with it. They have so many ways of doing this, of which most people are blissfully unaware. In recent times, it is clear that the manufacture of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have formed a major part of their global Psyops (about which I have written extensively elsewhere). Psyops are a form of “gaslighting”. Gaslighting is a kind of psychological or emotional abuse through which someone manipulates situations repeatedly to trick the victim into distrusting his or her own memory and perceptions. The term is rooted in the title of a 1944 film, “Gaslight”, with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer, in which a husband manipulates his wife into questioning her sanity through clever actions and words. Gaslighting happens frequently in interpersonal relationships. But gaslighting is also how society functions in general. Advertisements are classic forms of gaslighting. For example, a cereal product stuffed unhealthily full of sugar is marketed as being a health supplement by packaging which portrays a beautiful scene in nature with farmboys ploughing fields with horses and infinite meadows of wildflowers. The media continually gaslights the public. For example, a whistleblower is portrayed on the news as a nasty, selfish degenerate. The people are gaslighted by governments and the media into imagining they are free, autonomous, and living in a democracy; when the very reverse is true. They are gaslighted into thinking that wars are initiated to bring peace and democracy to other lands. Even Brexit also has all the fingerprints of a well-designed Psyop, causing a huge amount of division and political buffoonery, the fallout of which has been huge. One can say that elections, too, are clear Psyops and gaslighting, as people are fooled into imagining that they are choosing their rulers. A dumber idea cannot be conceived! If you look with insight at the development of society, you will see that it is largely based on lies, deception and manipulation. Gaslighting. Consummate satanic manipulation.

Exposing the Deeds of Darkness

And so I say this: The business of the genuinely spiritual human is Truth and the dismantling or exposing of falsehood in all its forms. As an apostle of the Christ put it: “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”. The disciple of Christ functions in this world as a kind of prophet in the forthtelling sense — telling it like it is, refusing to be conformed to this world, and acting as a barometer of integrity and authenticity. The genuinely spiritual human is therefore the ultimate dissident in the midst of a corrupt and fallen world. The ekklesia (the true church) is counterculture and not at all conformist to world culture! One cannot claim to proclaim spiritual truth with any credibility if one either ignores or gives the nod to institutionalised corruption of any kind. And if you were to say to me: “Jesus didn’t expose the corruption of rulers, so why should you?”, I will respond by saying “Try reading the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 23, for one of the most blistering attacks on the corruption of rulers [those who “sit in Moses’ seat”] that one could ever read!” Christ exposed the leaders in Israel publicly, calling them “snakes, offspring of vipers”, “hypocrites”, “blind guides” and “whitewashed tombs”. He didn’t mince His words and showed that their hypocrisy was not merely religious but was also financially exploitative (e.g., ripping widows off for their houses), extortionate and self-indulgent, and riddled with self-aggrandising autocracy. Let me tell you that the offspring of vipers are just as active today as they were then. And in the book of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” (which plainly says that the originating author was the Christ Himself, through His servant John), government is portrayed as a vile and corrupted beast in the service of Satan, while the counterfeit church in this world is portrayed as an odious false prophet which touts for that satanic beast. Genuine disciples of Christ should be right up there exposing the works of darkness, no matter how far it goes up the chain of command. At the very least, they should be refusing to participate in its tomfoolery.

Don’t Just Expose “Safe” Deeds of Darkness!

It is interesting to observe how people are so easily manipulated into only protesting about “safe” deeds of darkness. For example, many get bent out of shape about petty issues involving being offended, matters of political correctness, while conveniently completely ignoring major societal and governmental evils such as assassination, warmongering and genocide. Or there are religious people who rightly raise huge objections to some local obscene cultural event while at the same time they prop up and support corrupt governments and conveniently remain completely silent about their illegal and murderous plundering wars against numerous poor societies for greed. Governments are perfectly happy for liberal conformists and religious zealots to protest the minor issues because they know they can rely on them to be their supportive sleeping partners in terms of their major agenda, which is nothing less than satanic.

The Dark Triumvirate of “Departments” Serving the Power Elite

Let me explain a little here about how the power-elite works in this present world: The law enforcement, military, and “security” services (intelligence/alphabet agencies) are responsible for implementing and enforcing the plans of the abovementioned secret global government. Then the politics (or should I say “politricks”, as I have styled it in the article’s title! 😃) that people take so seriously is simply the “entertainment division” of the secret global government which really runs your country, providing diverting entertainment for the masses, so that they ludicrously imagine they are participating in some kind of “democratic” choice of government. Alongside of this, the mainstream media is the “propaganda division” of the secret government. Thus, there is a kind of “triumvirate” of departments or divisions acting exoterically on behalf of the secret government in this world: The Enforcement Division, the Entertainment Division and the Propaganda Division. This is how they keep everything covered. The Enforcement Division involves law enforcement, intelligence networks, military and security services. The Entertainment Division involves politicians, governments, parliaments, senates and congresses. The Propaganda Division involves newspapers, journals, TV programming (literally!) and news corporations. For the real power in this world does not lie in the elected people in your parliaments and senates. A general election is the regular reality drama production designed by that entertainment division on behalf of the secret global government for the purposes of diversion, distraction and illusory participation. What the father of PR, Edward Bernays, called “engineered consent” on behalf of the secret government.

How the Power Elite Controls Politicians & Other Lackeys

Thus, elections and the subsequent workings of parliaments, congresses and senates are merely one huge charade, acted out in order to anaesthetize the mass of people into a crippling mindset of ignorance and illusion. The lower grade of politicians would be generally unaware of this and imagine they have some kind of autonomy to change the world. But the higher up the scale one goes, the more they must know very well the charade in which they are participating, for if they try to put a foot in a direction unwanted by the power elite, this will be made clear to them in no uncertain terms (what I call the “JFK Syndrome”, for obvious reasons). This is why the intelligence agencies like to obtain incriminating evidence (such as paedophilia, sexual perversions, secret sins, etc.) against leading politicians, judges, law enforcement chiefs, editors, media moguls and others in leading roles in society. (The Mossad/CIA asset, Jeffrey Epstein, who has been in the news lately, was a classic player in that game). Those leaders can then be blackmailed into enacting whatever the power elite requires. The reality about which most are in denial is that democracy is entirely non-existent on this planet and the ubiquitous pseudo-democracy is just a show to fool the people; and it has been hugely successful — the ultimate gaslighting of a gullible public!

But this is not merely about the work carried out by the law enforcement, military and security services. For the people and institutions which control the direction of this world as it is presently constituted are the banks and corporate conglomerates which superintend finance and production. Thus, the law enforcement, military and security services do not exist in a vacuum to promote only their own affairs. For their affairs are derivative of the plans and policies of the banks and corporate conglomerates, existing primarily to enforce those plans and policies. This is what “governance” is really all about. Anyone of influence who gets in the way or who tries to expose what is really happening will be exterminated as quickly and efficiently as you may swat a fly (as I wrote about at length in my article, “The Sword’s Fear of the Pen: The Assassination of Writers, Thinkers & Whistleblowers”, which you can read here: ). For death is the regular business of these organisations in their relentless and heartless accrual of wealth and power. This is why neither a conservative, liberal, socialist or communist ideology can be of any significance to world affairs. They are all used in their own way in the service of the charade, at one time or another. Right wing, left wing, liberal, independent — they are all of no consequence whatsoever but simply provide the actors in the stage production in the entertainment division of the secret government.


You may ridicule all that I write above as “conspiracy theory”, but in saying that you would merely be providing evidence that you are part of a successful psychological operation of mind-control on the part of a secret cabal, the existence of which you would be denying by your use of the word “theory”. The time has come to wake up to reality. There is a spiritual battle in this cosmos, in which the forces of darkness are pitted against the powers of the Light. This is what history has been about from the very beginning. And when the Christ appeared two-thousand years ago (predictably confronted by demons on all sides), He was not only pointing the way back to the Light (for He IS the Light of the world), but he was very clearly warning about all this deception to come (which many conveniently overlook when they quote His words). Most people only know a few little sayings of His which they have taken entirely out of context and twisted to suit the liberal mindset (e.g. “Do not judge”, or “Turn the other cheek”, or “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”, or “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. (Someday soon, I will write an article showing the real contexts of those words, rather than their popular misunderstandings). But did you know that the Christ also said the following words?

“Watch out that no one misleads you. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will mislead many. You will hear of wars and rumours of wars. Make sure that you are not alarmed, for this must happen, but the end is still to come. For nation will rise up in arms against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, earthquakes and plagues in various places. All these things are the beginning of birth pains. Then they will hand you over to affliction, and they will kill you. And you will be hated by all nations because of My name. And then many will fall away into apostasy, and will betray one another, and will hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and deceive many. And the love of the majority will grow cold because of the increase in lawlessness”.

While some of the elements in these prophecies also equally pertained to conditions during the fall of Jerusalem in AD.70, the “birth pains” to which He is referring in this conflated passage are those of the new aeon which will arise out of the ashes of this present evil age. Those birth pains manifest already in the signs to which He refers. He said all this in response to a question asking in part what would be the signs of His coming and of the end of the age. Nearly two-thousand years ago, Christ was predicting how this age would go and in what circumstances it would be wound up. So as the end of this age draws near, all these phenomena — wars, famines, earthquakes, diseases, false prophets, apostasy, widespread deception, hatred, betrayal, lawlessness and the eclipsing of love — will increase. Just think… comparatively speaking, we haven’t really seen anything yet. The worst is still to come. Unimaginable mayhem and evil. This is what happens when the lid comes off the pandora’s box of human iniquity. I should add that the apostasy which Christ pinpointed in the quotation above is of serious significance in the moral and spiritual life of humanity. It means an abandonment of faithful allegiance to something, or the renunciation of moral principles, or a complete betrayal of religious or spiritual affiliation. Alternative expressions would be “falling away” or “utter rebellion”. To apostatise represents a disintegration of moral and spiritual principles into betrayal, dissolution, debauchery, degeneracy or licentiousness. The burgeoning of these elements — a rebellion against the very idea of “God”, divine law or the truth about the Christ — is what characterises the countdown to the end of this age. This is a harrowing process. Only if one has a spiritual matrix in which to understand it, the one provided by the Christ and His apostles, can one have some peace of mind in the midst of the mayhem.

People dismiss the Bible so easily; yet at its heart is the truth about why the world is like it is. From start to finish, the Bible is about the spiritual battle which has dogged this cosmos down the ages. The climax of that spiritual battle, which Christ set out in His prophecies, is taken up in the Book of Revelation, an astonishing prophetic work written in a cave on the Greek island of Patmos near the end of the first century, mere decades after the death of Christ. The real title of the book is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”, for it reveals (unveils) His role not only as the Creator of the cosmos and the Author of history but also His bringing to an end of this age. Remember, Christ did not come to start just one more religion to add to the many (for as He said Himself: “All who came before me were thieves and robbers” — meaning spiritual thieves and robbers of the mind and soul). Note that the Christ warned that between His coming and His cosmic return at the end of this age there would be many false messiahs and false prophets (more words of the Christ about which a great many are entirely ignorant); and as we can see, one of those false prophets who set himself up as a virtual messiah has actually started a vast religion originating in the Middle-East which is not only a legalistic nightmare, enslaving millions with empty rituals, regulations and “vain repetitions”, but is also one of the biggest scams in history and a sure part of the countdown to the coming of the Antichrist on this Earth.

The Christ Came to Build a Counterculture Rooted in Light,
not a Religion which Serves the Darkness

Furthermore, the making of something called “Christianity” to be just one more religion of many has been a huge perversion of His coming and teachings. That’s why these big “denominations” are stuffed so full of nasty politicking, false authority, corruption, billion-dollar shares and land portfolios, paedophilia, palaces, empty rituals, and interfaith betrayal. Being a disciple of the Christ means infinitely more than “going to church” as a social club in your best clothes on a Sunday! The Christ didn’t come to enlist a bunch of prudish conformists in suits and ties who uphold sexually-repressed, narrowminded, petit bourgeois values (which is how those who profess faith in Christ are so often portrayed). Instead, the Christ came to build a counter-culture ekklesia of all types, nationalities, ages, dress styles, personalities and skin colours, made up of adventurers and outsider-renegades willing to live in moral purity, integrity and authenticity, even willing to sacrifice their lives and to stand authoritatively against the tide of evil so as to proclaim the Light in the midst of this doomed “civilisation”. What a calling that is! And who is up to it?


I freely confess that mostpeople (to use genius poet ee cummings’ neat portmanteau word for the clueless majority in any population) will find all this too hard to stomach — either because of social conditioning, extreme naivety, wilful ignorance, or an unwillingness to see that almost everything they have been taught about life, the world, their country and its institutions has been a lie. The whole rotten show on this Earth of deception, psychopathic politics and seemingly endless conflict will play itself out until it disappears up its own backside, as it surely will. For we are fast approaching the climax of the old age, which has been the result of a fragmented consciousness, denial of Divine law, a corrupted heart, and an ego-driven mentality — a temporary but necessary condition on this world’s pathway to its highest realization.

The faces that you see on current affairs and news programmes on your TV screens right now and on election platforms and in congresses, senates and parliaments are a manifestation of all that. The whole political scene is just one big act of trolling the public and taking it for a ride, leading it up the garden path. That’s why I not only call it “politricks” but also “trollitics! I watched a programme on the BBC recently called “Question Time”. What a fiasco it was! A panel of guests — mostly politicians plus a media representative and a token person from the arts or entertainment — bluster and pose before a carefully-chosen public audience. The panel just works the crowd to get cheap applause. All one sees are the huge divisions in society and the endless squabbling which that manifests. The sheer ignorance of the masses about what is really happening in this world is staggering. It confirmed to me that if ever I was to be tried in a court of law, I would not want any of them to be on the jury! 🙂 Where is the ability to reason and think logically today? Where is the insight, the perception, the instinct for Truth? It has all been suppressed under the weight of The Lie. This fallen world has led to a hugely fragmented human consciousness. The projection of this is the real reason behind the overtly adversarial nature of politics. The hustings, the heckling, the backbiting, the divisiveness, the political parties at each other’s throats, are all the natural outworking of a human consciousness which is dysfunctional, broken and cut off from the Creator-Source of all things, alienated from God.

Thus, what is happening currently in the United Kingdom regarding the EU referendum and the way the votes go in general elections is of no real consequence ultimately to the direction in which the country or the world will be heading. If you think that “your vote counts”, you are deceiving yourself. Governments do not exist to do your bidding but to fulfil what is required by the realm of darkness disguised as the power-elite. The major thrust today is towards a one-world government and the European Union is all part of that thrust. An election or referendum is the ultimate in Bathos. Much ado about nothing. It is, in fact, a lie, a deception. No one who cares about Truth should be at all concerned about it. To participate is to take part in a lie. That is not the pathway of the authentic human. People will say, “But many died so you could have the freedom to vote”. All I can say in response to that is this: “What a waste to die so that people can vote for politicians who have no power in this world other than to enact what is required of them by the power elite”. Elections are the ultimate in “gaslighting” the public. All the class hatred, unionised greed for big wages and pensions, tactical manoeuvres, propaganda, empty promises (that everyone knows are empty but they still vote for them anyway!), the vitriol, the party partisanship and the euphoria or disappointment (depending on whether your party wins or loses) are merely indicators of the fragmented consciousness and ego-driven mentality which fuels the world-system — beast-government. When the writer of the Book of Revelation wrote in a letter: “The whole world lies in the power of the wicked one”, he was revealing the reality of life in this world and its relationship to the forces of darkness. Why would a Truth-seeker want to participate in deceptions that lie at the heart of the “wicked” world system? Why should s/he compromise Truth by taking part in a lie?

One needs to pull back and see the big picture in all this political hoo-hah. As far as the evil institutions and their lackeys are concerned, one can say that this is their hour and the power of darkness and has been building up for some while now — since the death and ascension of the Christ, to be precise. The direction of world development is programmed to lead inexorably to a global government and a global Antichrist hegemony. The “mystery of lawlessness” of which those are a part has been working tirelessly throughout this age to achieve its goal of the founding of its dark kingdom on Earth. The forces of darkness are being divinely permitted (so far) to fulfil that work. But it will not forever be so. For evil must always come to a head in order for it to be revealed for what it is and then it will be divinely toppled. When this world and age has been wound up as easily as rolling up a parchment scroll — having served its purpose in the necessary movement from darkness to Light — then a new world, aeon and order in another dimension altogether can properly begin; as indeed it will.

EPILOGUE: The Work of the Spiritual Warrior

In the meantime, we do not have to be passive observers of this charade. For that would be as fruitless as being a duped participant. A global network of careful education, revelation and understanding is already underway. [Note to self: “Initiate a Bible study group to open up all these issues, and much more, in your city”]. But we must be careful not to become obsessed with the countless conspiracy ideas, or sidetracked by the increasingly bizarre (and often contradictory) multitude of so-called “channelled” revelations popping up today. That is just sensationalism and diversion and all part of the demonic deception and disinformation (like UFOs, ETs, etc.) which characterise the present dying age. The forces of darkness are having a field-day with the imaginations of unstable people who align themselves with phoney “New Age” channellings and delusions today. There is quite enough that is already verifiable. If spiritual “warriors” who understand the meaning of the Christ in this world do all that we can to ensure that our self-awareness, insight, and understanding of current times are fully honed and primed, while gently encouraging others to open their eyes and look around them, and themselves become disciples of Christ and followers of His Light, then our work will be done.

The last two-thousand plus years, and whatever time is left between now and the end of this age, is part of a lengthy “mopping-up” operation, during which the forces of darkness (fallen angels/demons/archons) are increasingly permitted to reveal their worst so that they will ultimately render themselves ripe for destruction while the allegiance of human beings is proven (either to darkness or to Light). This is why the Christ really came. To warn of what is to come and to gather all those who will follow in His footsteps to be transformed by His Spirit. He did not come to start a religion through which people can feel comfortable and have cosy meetings to make them feel secure. For the true disciple of Christ and follower of the Light, there is no safety or security in this broken world. S/he knows that “the whole world lies under the power of the evil one” and will continue to do so until it is transformed at the end of this age by Christ’s cataclysmic return, which will be the most astounding event since the creation of the cosmos! In the meantime, anyone who makes a public declaration of allegiance to Christ and His Light will generally be persecuted and rejected — most especially by the forces of darkness, whether human or discarnate, and then by those who imagine they are neutral and fair but who are really slaves of the darkness without even realizing it (the darkness’s perfect work).

The next number of years are going to be mindblowing in their outworking. There will be much general turmoil, chaos, geological upheaval and uncertainty but also much epiphany and visionary insight on the part of many. These are the birth-pangs of the aeon to come. Out of the ashes of the old age will spring the new; and we can become its inhabitants in advance, right now! The time has come to choose whether we want to continue upholding the forces of darkness or awaken to the power of the light of Christ, for that is the true “woke”. There can be no neutrality. May we be open to understanding all that will come to pass and have the necessary courage, love and passion for Truth on this journey in our joint quest for the fulfilment of the true destiny of humanity rather than the counterfeit which is being engineered today under the guise of political chicanery and the illusion that all is “evolving” to a utopia on this present Earth.

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