RELIGIONS are merely manifestations of megalomania posing as piety. To imagine that one is having dealings with the force that created this cosmos while reducing that to some theological rules and verbal formulae to which one must adhere or be guilty of heresy (and therefore subject to condemnation and anathematization) is the height of lunacy. Such a mentality shows religion to be a form of madness.

The logical outcome of all religions (including Christianism and Islam) is some kind of an Inquisition, with inquisitors labelling incisive questioners as heretics. More pointedly, those who profess to represent Christ’s name who root their spiritual prowess solely in intellectual doctrine must inevitably become the inheritors of the Inquisitions, believing everyone who does not follow their rigid shibbolethic pathway to be a heretic. Religion is, after all, just another form of crude collectivism (a polite expression meaning “cult”). To such people, I will always be a heretic. I regard that as the greatest compliment. Before them, I am an unrepentant heretic. And here that unrepentant heretic responds to their quasi-Inquisition.

Those systems of control create a slavish, herd-driven hive-mind in the masses who follow the religion. Churches, mosques, and temples are laughably reductionist caricatures of a real relationship with the Divine which inevitably lead to mass conformity and cultism. If one wants to commune with God (the true meaning of ‘worship’), one does not really need to visit a building of any kind (other than for fellowship), for worship is a personal 24/7 state of mind with no physical boundaries or limitations. So, I am not interested in your religious rules, or your creeds and confessions, or your theological systems, or any of your powermongering strategies which accuse me of apostasy if I do not think just like you. To hell with your vain attempts to bring me into line inside your straitjackets! Such arrogant activity is no better than political dictators with their ideological correctness and secret police. Those who set themselves up as theological police in cathedrals, churches, mosques, and temples to enforce their ideas on others are merely demonstrating the depth of their alienation from the Divine and a complete misunderstanding of spiritual development. I am not interested in your religious shibboleths or what name you give to what you imagine to be God. I am not interested in the minutiae of your belief-systems or contents of your theological tomes. I am not interested in your idolisation of whatever you call your ‘sacred book’ (for the true ‘word of God’ is infinitely more than a mere book). I am not interested in the fact that you claim to “love Jesus”, for there are many caricatures and cartoonesque “jesuses” out there based on nutty fundamentalism, medieval art works, spooky ritualism, new age neo-gnosticism, or pseudo-pietism. I am only interested to know if you are someone who has forsaken the madness of this world-system (having seen through its illusions and manipulative mendacity and thus experienced a profound metanoia, transformation, at the deepest level). I am only interested to know if you are someone whose mind and heart are being stripped bare of all their dross by the presence of the Spirit of God. I am only interested to know if you are someone who has eschewed satanic darkness (having preferred instead the company of unfallen angels) and if you are someone who unswervingly follows the Light which is in Christ the Logos, whatever the cost to your popularity, whatever the sacrifice involved, even at the price of ostracism from family and community, or even at the cost of your very life itself. That is what I really want to know about you!

Let’s be clear about one important truth: Christ never came to start a religion. So, please just ditch the religion. It doesn’t matter what it is: Judaism, Islamism, Christianism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, any ‘-ism’ you like. Just ditch them — not just the labels but all of it. They are all traps designed to provide a cover and enslavement of mind. In fact, with His coming, Christ wound up all religions of all time (saying that all who came before Him were thieves and robbers!), for He is the ‘teleos’ —  the completion of every religious and spiritual aspiration, ritual and desire that could ever have been or will be —   the Alpha and the Omega,. Christ is literally the be-all-and-end-all of any religious endeavour. After the coming of Christ and His revelation, there has been no place or purpose for religion of any kind. For any religion or anyone in any religion to continue after Christ has come is a stubborn anachronism which is merely advertising its folly and falsehood. To remain in any religion now that Christ has come is really disobedience, proving that one is not really interested in Truth at all. For He is the fulfilment of all true spirituality. As Christ said to Pontius Pilate:

“You say that I am a king. For this reason I was born, and for this reason I came into the world — to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth obeys my voice” (Gospel of John, chapter 18, verse 37).

If anyone is in any religion, if they are really looking for the Truth, they will heed Christ’s voice, recognising it as the Truth which they have always sought. They will no longer need the crutch of any religion and will simply be Christ’s disciples, obeying His voice, rather than that of any pope, imam, so-called prophet, guru, pastor or priest. This is why even the religion of Christianity is an impostor and usurper. All religions must dissolve before Christ. Once one is a disciple of Christ, clinging to any religion, cultural identity, or other cherished form of self-image is completely unnecessary, outdated and superfluous, even idolatrous. Christ is all that is necessary, spiritually-speaking. One may listen to healthy counsel from wise-ones who have well-trodden the trap-filled stage of life. But this has nothing to do with any religion or any kind of religiosity.

The very idea that there exists such a thing as ‘Christianity’ in vast denominations owning great wealth, with bishops living in palaces of all places, would make Christ turn in His grave — if He was still in it! [NB: The Church of England currently has an £8.3 Billion GBP ($10.7 Billion USD, €9.3 Billion Euros) land and investments portfolio and the Catholic Church worldwide is estimated to be worth $140+ Billion while the Vatican behind it is worth $10-$15 Billion! None of this represents the true ekklesia].

It is one thing to be a disciple of Christ; but once humans name a movement after a person then try to build it up into a hugely wealthy globally-visible entity, inevitably in this corrupted world it will itself become corrupted and something very much other than what the original person taught. This is not only because of the fact that many humans can be troublesome and deviant in organisations but there are also demonic interventions to be considered. Satan is busy planting his shills right in the middle of wherever the disciples of Christ operate — and never more so than today. Most of those shills do not even know themselves that is what they are. Consequently, the churches are a real mixed bag!

It is as if the whole wash of so-called ‘Christianity’ across the world, in its visible institutionalised power-structure, has been one vast satanic counterfeit over the last two-thousand years: Popes being adulated by millions as the infallible “vicar of Christ”, having their rings kissed and heading up a secretive walled mini-state (the Vatican), being affiliated to a bank (Banco Ambrosiano), and having known connections to organised crime and dark freemasonic cults (e.g. Propaganda Due, aka P2). Knights running around the world with crosses on their tabards massacring masses of unbelievers with their swords, thinking they are doing God a favour. Cardinals condemning countless people and torturing them in the most hideous ways imaginable in numerous cruel “Inquisitions”. Catholics and Protestants burning each other at the stake (because they crassly took the Gospel of John, chapter 15, verse 6 as something literal), and drowning ‘Anabaptists’ in village ponds because they believed something different to them. Major denominations riddled with paedophilia and even satanic abuse, of which only the tip of the iceberg has been publicly revealed. The countless other ways that the name of Christ has been dragged through the dirt and dung-heaps so that He becomes a laughingstock amongst humanity.

It is as if Satan himself has taken hold of the public representation of Christ’s name and turned it into an object of extreme ridicule. And so he has. Thus, genuine disciples of Christ who make up the true ekklesia (the only real counterculture in this fallen cosmos) have an uphill struggle if they are to portray Christ faithfully to a world which has been groomed and primed to have the utmost cynicism towards Him. One must therefore firmly hold on to the belief in faith that “those who have ears to hear will hear”, despite the level of noise raised against sound.

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