Editor’s Note: In the text below, readers will find a record of some experiences of Nathan Delver, with informative dialogues between him and the being who was temporarily named Aurora Virtue. As they do not provide any corroborative sources or references and seeing that many will be in denial concerning the veracity of what they say, an editorial decision has been taken to intersperse copious commentary, references, and links throughout the text in the appropriate places within curly brackets {} so that readers can do the necessary research. Readers who find it convenient to download the chapter in a PDF format file will find a link at the bottom of the text.

ON THE WALL of ‘The Unexpected Gift’ café, a single huge TV screen silently played the news programmes of the day. One talking head after another, in that patronising, quasi-informative expression of modern broadcasters, presented the prepared scripts from an autocue. Much of the time was spent with advertisements filling listeners’ heads with nonsense. Those advertisements looked even more nonsensical when the volume was turned down.

In one corner of the café, Nathan Delver was writing an article about the programming which lies behind television programmes, which was entitled ‘WYSIDNWYG’ — with the ‘DN’ standing for ‘definitely not’, as in ‘What You See Is Definitely Not What You Get’, based on the old WYSIWYG (pronounced ‘wiziwig’) software designer’s expression, ‘What You See Is What You Get’. He was just writing the following words,

“The big question is: Whose interests are met through television broadcasting? Many would say that the masses are being informed and entertained. I contend that they are being prepared and conditioned for a passive life in what is really a sick and dysfunctional society”.

As he wrote the words “dysfunctional society”, he quickly glanced across the café. A table which had been empty only a minute earlier was now occupied by what seemed to be a woman, for she was somewhat obscured under a cape which had a hood. In that moment, he did not pay much attention to her but carried on with his work. The second time he looked, her eyes were fixed completely upon him. It was not a flirtatious or even a curious look, but an investigative one, as if she were looking into him to read him, to know his heart, though it was all shot through with a hint of sadness. ‘Don’t get paranoid’, he thought to himself; then again carried on with his work. Hers

A few minutes later, he looked up and the table at which had sat the apparent woman with the investigative expression was empty. It must have been his imagination (as he said to himself). Twenty minutes after that, he packed up his things and left the café. As he wandered down that noisy street, with all its characters and foreign trading outlets, weaving his way in and out of some of them with a casual interest, he was overcome by a strange feeling of being observed by something uncharacteristic. Sometimes, one can be oblivious of such things; but on this day, Nathan’s intuition was on full alert. He felt that he was being followed — and as he glanced through the eyes which he had, of necessity, developed long ago in the back of his head, he realised that the one doing the following was the woman who gave him the prolonged investigative look in the café.

To his knowledge, he had only been followed twice before in his life, and he did what he had learned from a handbook on how to deal with spooks, entitled “I Spy With my Little Why”. He turned the tables on his follower by instead being the one who was doing the following. This is precisely what he did on this occasion too. When he looked in a shop window, he could see her in the reflection in the glass. She was on the other side of the road. When he stopped, so did she. So he turned around and walked across the road towards her, whereupon she turned tail and went back in the opposite direction. Realising that Nathan was following her, she quickened her pace. Likewise, Nathan quickened his. Suddenly, he had some misgivings about what he was doing. Maybe she was just out for a walk and she now felt terrified about what amounted to Nathan stalking her! He quickly cast such thoughts aside. Her behaviour had been suspicious. But he would have felt more comfortable if she had been a man.

The woman made her way in a very resolute manner as Nathan remained some fifty yards behind. She did not look back once. Eventually, she turned into the entrance of a tall, rather seedy-looking office building. On the wall outside, there were a number of empty plaque holders, with just one having a dirty plastic sign, saying: “Forward Freedom Holdings, Ltd”. Immediately, using his phone, Nathan tried to dig out some information on the company but there was no record of it, not even at Companies House. He crossed the road to where there was an abandoned building site behind some rather worn timber fencing. Secreting himself behind a disused advertising hoarding, he kept watch on the office entrance across the road. Nearly an hour later, the woman emerged, now carrying an additional bag. When she had walked some way down the road, Nathan emerged and began to follow her again. However, this time she outwitted him, and he soon lost sight of her.

When he began to think about this whole experience, it was almost as if she had wanted him to follow her to the office but not to wherever she was headed after that. He suddenly began to feel as if he was in some corny spy movie. What was going on? A mysterious woman appears in a café where he was working and gives him a meaningful look. Then she disappears. Then she seems to be following him. When he turns the tables on her by following her, she then briskly leads him to a bogus office address where she remains for a time. After leaving the bogus office address she quickly manages to shake him off. Maybe he was imagining the whole thing — at least in a spooky sense. Perhaps it was just his usual over-fertile imagination. Still, that over-fertile imagination often tended to bring deep insight rather than illusion.

He made his way to where his car was parked. When he reached it, he noticed a piece of paper under the windscreen wiper. His heart sank as he thought he had acquired yet another parking ticket, which would be his fourth that month. However, it was not a ticket but a folded note. Opening it up, it was a pink A5 sheet which had written on it in large letters: “You are on the right track, Nathan Delver”, followed by a winking emoji 😉 and a matchstick-man drawing of a guy with a shovel digging up earth, which was flying everywhere. Within a microsecond, he knew that it had been left by the woman from ‘The Unexpected Gift’ café. But why? What was going on? Why was she playing cat and mouse with him? How did she know this was his car? Had she been following him even from before he saw her at the café? These were the kind of questions which usually frustrated him, as he loved to work out mysteries quickly, and usually could. But something about this whole affair made him feel as if he wanted to allow it to unfurl in its own time and in its own way. This was one occasion when he somehow knew he could not ‘push the river’, so to speak. There was a logic here which escaped him for the moment; but it didn’t matter. He knew he was dealing with an unfolding flower and the logic would one day make perfect sense.

However, one thing which stuck in his mind was wondering what the ‘right track’ was to which the note referred. He thought about what he had written recently which had been made available to the public (for he often wrote just for his own amusement). There had been one investigative piece about the way that governments revel in, and thrive on, such developments as pandemics, exploiting them in as many ways as possible in order to control their populations. The article contended that democracy is a sham but as a rule governments are hamstrung by their necessary public pretence of freedom; therefore, as soon as an opportunity arises — whether it be wars, terrorist attacks, pandemics, etc. — they go all out to control, under the pretence that they are acting in a mandated way to protect the public. The article also proffered the concept of ‘false-flag operations’: That governments themselves have even deliberately staged wars, terrorist attacks and pandemics in order to be able to wield their desired control, which most of the time they have to disguise in order to come across as ‘freedom-loving and democratic’. Maybe it was this piece to which the note was subtly referring. The fact that she used the expression, ‘on the right track’, seemed to imply that what he had written was merely a superficial introduction and that he needed to follow the track into deeper more informative territory. He was always open to that.

Nathan smiled to himself. He loved this kind of situation. Ever since he could crawl, he had enjoyed being a detective. Uncovering the hidden was the love of his life. “Leave no stone unturned” was his motto. And if there wasn’t a solid situation for him to investigate, he could always explore something psychological just for the love of it. This quality had often got him into trouble as he asked too many questions in his bid to turn over all the stones. Serial liars, mountebanks, obfuscators, parents, teachers, government officials, and in fact most people, do not like compulsive probers, real researchers (rather than mere internet couch-potato Googlers) — people who behave like terriers gripping a trouser-leg in their teeth and never letting go until they get to the heart of the matter, the whole truth — especially if the terriers are mere children. You can be a little bit inquisitive (they won’t mind that), but not too much! People are always so ready to draw a line for you over which you must not cross — a line which Nathan had always waltzed over with glee! So this new situation pricked Nathan’s interest intensely. He had a case to investigate; so off he went.

The first thing to do would be to stake out the bogus company address, Forward Freedom Holdings, Ltd. ‘It must be a front of some kind’, he thought. ‘But for what?’ It was late in the day now, so he left that adventure for tomorrow, which couldn’t come quickly enough for him. At 9am he was secreting himself behind the advertising hoarding on the fence across the road from the office building — an office building which looked like it had only empty offices apart from Forward Freedom Holdings, Ltd. Then he looked around and realised that there was a grotty tower-block of apartments behind the disused building site and if he went up to an upper-floor with his high-power binoculars and 600mm camera lens he could get some useful eyes on the offices through a window in the stairwell. So he rang a bunch of doorbells and eventually he was buzzed-in. The lift wasn’t working of course, so he mounted the stairs until he reached sufficient height to be able to get eyes on the offices. He assumed he would be able to see through any windows into the office spaces. But he quickly realised that every window in the entire building had been blocked out with the same close-fitting panels uniformly throughout. That seemed unusual, but before Nathan could begin to think about it, a door off the stairs burst open and a thick Scots accent said to him, “And who the fuck are you?” It was a rather obese man with a shaven head and unshaven face.

“It’s okay, I’m not the Polis!” said Nathan, using his best Scots slang.

“Well what in fuck’s name are you doin’ wi’ that lot”, nodding his head towards Nathan’s equipment which was spread out across the windowsill.

He had to think on his feet now. “I’m a journalist and there’s some strange stuff going on in that building over there. Someone gave me a tip, so I’m checking it out. Are you a security guard here?”

“The fuck I am! I fuckin’ live here”.

“Ah, well maybe you have some info about that place. Have you seen people going in and out of there? Do you know what they do?”

“What’s it worth to you?”

“Ah, you mean money. Well, I’m freelance and don’t have a wad of cash”.

Nathan fumbled in his pocket and pulled out all he had. A twenty-pound note, which he stretched out towards the man. “Will this do?”

“Aye, go on”. And he snatched the note from him. “I seen many going in and out of there. No one asks any questions. At first, I thought it could a been some organised crime outfit. Loads a fuckin’ gangsters aroond here. This block’s full o’ them. Me, I keep ma nose clean. Got five bairns. Don’t want any fuckin’ trouble. But I heard a rumour that the offices are used by the army — not your regular squaddies though, some secret stuff. But like I said, I don’t want any trouble. So don’t quote me, right? If I were you, I’d forget it. There was a guy from the flats who started asking too many questions and then one day he came back banged up and white as fuck. He wouldn’y talk aboot it again. Frightened the fuck out of him, they did. Like I say, best fuckin’ leave it”.

“Thanks mate, good advice”, said Nathan, though he had no intention of leaving it. In fact, what he had just been told had piqued his interest even more.

The man went back through the door and Nathan took some photos. Then, looking down on the building he saw the woman arrive there. It was 10am. He gathered his stuff together, went down and stationed himself behind the hoarding once more. This time, he had a long wait before he saw her again. He thought what would a secret division of the army be doing in an old office building using a front in a run-down part of a grotty town like this? What was the woman doing in all that? And why was she tracking him? She didn’t look like army. Many came in and out of the building but none of them looked like army. They just looked like regular office workers or civil servants. They came and went through a heavily armoured door through which, when it opened, peering through his binoculars via a hole in the wood, he could see a couple of large men in suits standing around, presumably as security. Six hours later, the woman emerged. This time he wasn’t going to lose her. His car was parked around the corner so he ran to it, hoping he could pick up on her down the street. But when he reached the car, all four tyres were completely flat. This was not a good sign but at least it showed him that he was indeed on the right track.

He left the car where it was and sprinted round the corner just in time to see the woman right at the end of the street. He ran to catch up then realised she had gone into a car park on some wasteland. He pressed himself against a wall, waited till she emerged then noted her registration number. He had a contact who could do an almost instant vehicle trace, so he messaged the number through to him and waited. Five minutes later, a name and address came back. It was registered to an Aurora Virtue. Unusual name. Strangely, it seemed familiar to him. He looked up the address. It was about five miles away. He went back to his car and surveyed the damage. Someone had punctured every tyre. When he called the garage to change the tyres, they said it will have been kids. Nathan wasn’t so sure. He barely had enough money to cover the cost but without wheels he was going to be at a disadvantage. When all had been fixed, he drove over to the address where Aurora’s car was registered. But it was a false trail. Nobody with that name lived there. Now this was beginning to look like a strange business indeed.

Suddenly, a light went on in his brain. He remembered where he had seen the name before. It was on Facebook. One of his Facebook friends. He grabbed his phone and searched. There she was. Aurora Virtue. She was his friend on Facebook! Now the plot really was thickening. He sent her a personal message: “Hi, Nathan Delver here. I’m on the right track and I just tracked you. What’s going on? Who are you?”

One minute later, the reply came: “I don’t talk to strange men on social media. Please don’t contact me again”.

Nathan replied: “That sounds like virtue-signalling to me (pun intended). It’s you who’s been following me! You’re the one who is intruding on my life. So don’t play the innocent victim with me! Who the fuck are you?”

Five seconds later, she had blocked him on Facebook.

Now he began to get that fateful feeling which he associated with déjà vu, weird serendipity, and stark destiny. What was going on here? He remembered that it was Livinia who had originally directed him to plonk himself in a desert town and go to ‘The Unexpected Gift’ café. But none of this made any sense as it had come to a dead end, or so it seemed to Nathan in that moment. He should have learned by now that nothing ever is what it seems, and that truth is very often stranger than dreams and lurking in the shadows — especially for those who live by the dice.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated loudly. It was an SMS from a number he didn’t recognise, saying, “UG8”. He chuckled to himself. ‘I should have been a spy’, he thought. Now it all fell into place what she had been up to. He checked his watch. 7.05pm. Just enough time to head over to ‘The Unexpected Gift’ and be there by 8.

By the time he reached the café, it was almost dark outside. It closed at 10pm so that would give him two hours to get all the info which he knew she would have. He wasn’t sure of her connection to the army yet, but he felt pretty sure that she wanted to spill some beans on it. He momentarily thought about security. After all, these people kill for a living and don’t give a shit who they waste if it serves their purpose. But Nathan had long ago given up caring about what some conscienceless deadheads could do to his body. It was just a temporary convenient vehicle, like his car that was slashed earlier in the day. Once one begins to be scared about what such people can do to you, then you’ve already lost the battle and given darkness the victory. Nathan didn’t serve himself. As he would often say, “I have an infinitely higher Master than my flawed little self”.

He got there first. The place was almost empty, as usual. Opening trendy cafés in rundown areas of grotty towns is never a bright idea. He slid into the most covert part of the room, got his stuff out, then waited.

He kept looking round but no one came through the door. He looked at his phone. Then, suddenly, she was standing next to him like a ghostly spirit.

“I didn’t hear you come through the door”.

“There are many ways of entering a room, Nathan. Some are just for the fun of it”.

She said that with a wink as a casual aside, but it was a massive thing to say! Nathan could think about the implications of it for infinity. Who was this person?

She threw her things in the corner and sat down. They ordered drinks. Then she seemed to centre herself briefly and looked Nathan full in the face with the most piercing eyes he had ever seen. She was dressed rather unusually, being still in that robe or long cape with a hood. Her mousey-coloured long hair had flown around her face in the wind and remained there as if frozen in time. She had not a trace of make-up yet had one of the most ‘handsome’ faces he had ever seen. He was going to think ‘beautiful’, but it was both handsome and beautiful. Androgynously so. There was something deeply feminine about her, yet it was all couched in a powerful engine of strength and assurance. Nathan began to question her…

“So who are you, apart from being Aurora Virtue? Your real name?”

“I’m a self-employed escape artist and loving it. All names are convenient labels spun for a time, for everything here dies away into dust… well, it looks like dust from a human standpoint, but it could just as well be rocks the size of planets floating in an undoomed galaxy”.

Nathan smiled and said with a chuckle, “You’re just the kind of person I like to talk to. But this is a strange meeting. A fateful one, I feel, out of which not only good but other more harrowing things will come to pass”.

“Yes, you are right. But good is permanent and harrowing is always temporary. Remember that, Nathan”. And she winked. “Ask any questions you want, and I will ad lib from there”.

“Well, my first question has to be, why did you get into this army stuff?”

“Ok, so you’ve done your homework”.

“Not much. Just a bit of informant stuff”.

“Well, during my time there for the last two years or so, I’ve been trying to find out as much as I can about humans”. At which she gave him a look, as if to say, ‘Has the penny dropped yet?’


“Oh my gosh! Livinia is behind this. Are you working with her or for her?”

“With. But we all work for each other”. Then she smiled the most angelic smile Nathan had ever seen.

“So you’re like double undercover”.

That smile again.

“And you’re filtering a wad of information to me so that it goes out through the whole RAGS network across the world to be processed at ContraProp. But why didn’t you just come to me yesterday when you were in here?”

{Editor’s Note: ContraProp stands for Counter-Propaganda, a branch of the Reluctant Angels (RAGS) which is responsible for exposing the narrative of the forces of darkness and, where possible and advisable, neutralising it, whether on a spiritual level or an informational one}.

“I didn’t reveal myself yesterday because I needed to initiate you properly into all this. I wanted you to see where I’ve been working because you won’t get the chance again. You also need to up your game if you want to do clandestine work. I lost you twice — once yesterday and once today”.

“Wait, it was you who slashed my tyres?”

“It was”.


“Before 10am, when you were chatting to that guy in the window in the tower block”.

“Damn, that was good!”

“It was foolish to leave your car right there, just round the corner. Always park further away from where you are bivouacking”.

Bivouacking. She was a real army girl now.

Then Nathan recalled what she just said, “you won’t get the chance again”.

“Why won’t I get the chance again?”

“Because I won’t be going back there”.

“Why not? Have you quit?”

“No. But my work is done. I’m compromised now, simply by communicating like this with you, plus some other norms that I’ve violated”.

“What? Is that my fault?”

“No, it’s mine. On purpose though”.

“What will happen to you?”

“Don’t worry about me. No one does anything to me for which I haven’t volunteered”. And then she straightened her spine and took a deep breath, saying: “I could have brought the whole office block down at any time just by snapping my fingers, so to speak. But we don’t intervene like that. There is a protocol in place — a process which must come to pass. Respect for that process is paramount. We could radically change many aspects of the cosmos just by thinking about it. But we don’t. We must respect the process”.

Nathan was stunned by the implication of those words. This was like spiritual pyrotechnics 101. He wanted to say, ‘I want to be like you when I grow up’, but he kept it to himself. She would already know what he was thinking anyway. Then he sensed her look at him with like a mother’s look of deep affection. She knew. Tears came into his eyes.

He soon came to himself when she said briskly: “Listen, we haven’t got long. What else do you want to know?”

He looked at his watch. “It’s only 8.45. We have another 75 minutes”.

“I know but they will be here long before that”.

“What? They? Why?”

“Don’t be naïve, Nathan”. Then she held out her arm towards him and he noticed a little lump above the wrist.

“You’re chipped?”

“Of course. We all are who work there”.

“Well, why don’t you cut it out?”

“It’s too late for that and there’s no point anyway. I don’t think you realise the reach and capabilities of these people. Normally, that wouldn’t affect me, but I’ve taken a temporary downgrade to get into all this. Are you understanding me?”

He looked at this temporary downgrade in front of him and realised how much he needed a permanent upgrade. Then he saw her looking at an app on her phone. Some red dots were moving around slowly on the screen.

“We’re okay, so far”, she said. “Soon I will leave. Then I will contact you tomorrow for a final meeting which will not be here but will be somewhere more wild. Keep talking”.

“Tell me about the place where you’ve been working. What is Forward Freedom Holdings?”

“It’s a front for an outsourced company contracted to the 77th Brigade of the British Army”.

“77th Brigade? That’s the psychological warfare division, isn’t it? What’s that all about?”

“Control. Of everything. The official narrative needs propping up with constant propaganda”.

“So you’re saying that the British Army is being used against the ordinary people of Britain through psychological warfare to ensure that government propaganda is implanted in people’s minds rather than objective truth?”

“That is correct. But the lies are not coming from the British government but through it. Individual governments have little power of their own. As you know, there is a loosely configured central control in this world, a Conglomerate, which subjugates national governments through subversion, bribery, and fear, especially fear of being out of favour with the Conglomerate, even fear of assassination. The whole Jeffrey Epstein schtick was never really about paedophilia. That’s just the way it’s being spun for the public. It was always about controlling the power-players in society — such as Presidents, Prime Ministers, politicians, royalty, CEOs, financiers, celebrities — through blackmail and compromise via the evidence he had on them with their sexual activities on his compound. The young girls were just bait. Honeytraps. And you know what is the ultimate goal of the controllers”.

“Yes, indeed. Global government and the installation of its global leader”.

“Exactly. What is happening at the present time is simply an acceleration of that process”.

“So the use of the British Army against its own people is part of that acceleration. How many perps are involved in the whole project?”

“There are more than five hundred in the office block where I’ve been working. We are each assigned between 30 and 50 names to CyberNurture (that’s what we call it). But that is only one of many offices around the country. There are very many thousands of workers involved. The aim is tens of thousands. Maybe even fifty thousand, from what I can make out. There are just so many now. It’s a massive industry. As big as the Stasi was in communist Germany. Bigger. You can be on Facebook or Twitter, or in the comments section of your daily newspaper, and not realise that the commenter you’re wrangling with is working for the psychological operations section of the British Army. Or you become a follower of someone on social media and they are an influencer placed specifically by a behavioural alteration unit run by one of your own government’s intelligence networks which are devoted to social engineering. This is an enormous operation. The scale of it is phenomenal. The whole of social media is full of us… them. I worked my way up and got into a managerial role, which was even better for info-gathering. There have been quite a few project workers who became disillusioned with what they were doing. But to my knowledge, none of them would ever have had the courage to whistleblow. There is too much at stake. They just began to express some misgivings about privacy engagement and then they were gone. Any kind of insubordination is dealt with like a hammerblow. They all had to sign official secrets declarations under the most terrible threats. By the way, you have been under observation for a couple of years. But I managed to suppress some of the more damning recriminations about you. Livinia had already prepared me”.

“Er… well, thanks. But what about the current pandemic? Is that under their control too?”

“Oh, most definitely! It is a major part of the 77th Brigade’s remit to control the narrative on the pandemic through ramping up fear, trolling and exposing what they claim is false news. So they are posting a great deal on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to generate the fear factor and counter any whiff of insight into this whole fiasco. They not only actually create viral posts, but they also comment and engage in dialogue to change minds and influence the direction of society. This is real 1984 stuff. In my office, there is a huge poster on the wall which says, “Behavioural change is our USP”. This is like a motto. It will be on the wall of many of the offices working under the current auspices of the 77th”.


“Unique Selling Point. It’s sales jargon. Because the 77th is selling behavioural change. That is its purpose. Behaviour modification of the general public by its own army psychological warfare unit. This is unprecedented. The 77th Brigade has overtly only been publicly operational since 2015, yet its reach in social media and cyberspace is tentacular. The social media giant, Twitter, even has a 77th Brigade officer working as an executive. Its Head of Editorial in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Gordon Macmillan, is a straight-up 77th Brigade officer, though in his resume on Linked‑In he disingenuously referred to the 77th merely as “specialising in non-lethal engagement” rather than “specialising in psychological warfare”. You couldn’t make this up. Spooks and military behaviour modification units are now running the whole shitshow you call political life. I tell you, Nathan, if you knew what I know now from my two years with these people, you would have to wash your brains under the tap every night before you could sleep. Everything is so much more developed than people realise. In fact, most people just haven’t got a clue. They do as they’re told, go down the pub, waddle to some soul-destroying job each day like automatons, get married, watch TV, eat shit food, fuck like rabbits, churn out babies for the state, then send them to schools to be brainwashed and prepared for a sick society, care about nothing except their own backyards which are full of rubbish anyway, read their trashy newspapers uncritically, distrust politicians yet still do everything they’re told, live a life of whacked-out boredom and puppetry, waiting for something called retirement, while being completely blind to the wave of godless evil which is unprecedented in its global reach”.

{Editor’s Note: The word ‘spook’ is a colloquialism for spy. Gordon Macmillan’s reference to himself as being in the 77th Brigade has now been removed from his resume on his Linked‑In page, but one of the links below has a screenshot of the original description. For any sceptical readers, the engagement of the 77th Brigade on social media, including propaganda about pandemics, is not fiction but is checkable by anyone. In one of the links, you will see that the poster on the wall, “Behavioural change is our USP”, really is on a 77th Brigade office wall. Here are some relevant links:





https://www.businessinsider.com/twitter-chief-also-works-for-the-british-armys-information-unit-2019-10 }.

Nathan leaned forward onto his forearms which were crossed in front of him and screwed up his eyes a little in concentration. “Yeah, all that is sadly true. But you say that ‘spooks and military behaviour modification units are now running the whole shitshow we call political life’. I get the military stuff now; but tell me more about the spooks bit”.

“Essentially, the control of the direction of society is not being wielded by presidents or prime ministers, governments and political parties — for they have no real power — but by a Conglomerate of banks, global corporations, a handful of billionaires, a plethora of organisations with the word “World” at the beginning (e.g. World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation, World Bank), the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, some secret societies, pharmaceutical companies and their advocates masquerading as scientists and medical officers, and intelligence networks. The spooks act as enforcers mediating between the Conglomerate and governments and the public. For, example, when you see someone like Boris Johnson on TV waving his hands about while giving one of his ‘poor man’s Churchill’ imitations of a speech at a podium with a sign saying, “protect the NHS” and other such guff, he has been primed by spooks. People say, “Boris should do this or shouldn’t do that”, but Boris merely rubber-stamps what he is led to say by the Conglomerate acting through spooks (aka ‘advisers’, which is the spin-word). Same with all the politicians. Most of them don’t have an original idea in their heads of any value. I can guarantee that anyone who is being thrust into the limelight at this time of a virus emergency is either a spook or is being groomed and schooled by spooks. Who do you think has been steering Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Dominic Raab, and all the other fronting ham actors in the stage production they call a pandemic? People do not realise that for some time they have been groomed by Mark Sedwill, who has known connections with MI5 and MI6, who goes by the typically diversionary title of “civil servant” and who is also actual President of the Special Forces Club! As Cabinet Secretary and also as National Security Adviser to the government until recently, Sedwill is one of those unelected folks who have basically been running the country. Rather like the character of Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby, in your sitcom, “Yes, Minister”, of which I have watched some very amusing episodes. Politicians are all just cardboard cut-outs who maintain the Graphical User Interface with the public who imagine they live in a democracy. But the world is run by spooks acting as the enforcement arm of the Conglomerate or power-elite. It is they who guide the government into how it should act. Apparently, regarding the manipulation of government, there was an alleged power struggle (or that is how it was spun) between Sedwill and Dominic Cummings — another unelected and rather suspect adviser to the government. I wrote down something about Cummings. Where is it now?” She looked in her notebook, which was huge and fat. “Yeah, here. A journalist with deep connections in the world of intelligence, John Helmer, wrote, ‘Cummings once, and still now, enjoys the protection and confidence of the British secret services’. And the new Chief of Staff and special advisor to the government — effectively a replacement for Mark Sedwill — is a chap called Dan Rosenfield. Since 2016, Rosenfield has been a partner and global head of corporate clients at Hakluyt, the strategic intelligence advisory firm. Guess what! Hakluyt was founded by former officials of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). Essentially, Downing Street is run by spooks or spook-assets who are the real power behind the throne, and always have been. What people see on their TVs on news or current affairs programmes is a fiction hiding a cloak-and-dagger reality”. Essentially, Downing Street is run by spooks or spook-assets who are the real power behind the throne, and always have been. What people see on their TVs on news or current affairs programmes is a fiction hiding a cloak-and-dagger reality”.

“Interesting! You know what, Aurora? Whenever I survey the process of governance in Britain, I am continually reminded of John Le Carre’s brilliant novels. The dark, sordid, shabby, corrupt, dissembling, black-ops world of spooks has never been better portrayed than in his book, ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’, which was later made into a hellish film depicting the whole sordid atmosphere”.

“Actually, Nathan, this cast of characters in Britain who have suddenly been pushed into the pandemic limelight seems to be more like something out of another work by Le Carré, ‘The Constant Gardener’”.

{Editor’s Note: ‘The Constant Gardener’, is a novel by John Le Carré (and later a well-made film) based on a true story which took place in Kano, Nigeria, involving antibacterial testing by a pharmaceutical company on small children. In the film, a naïve young diplomat (played by Ralph Fiennes) involved with aid agencies discovers that his activist wife (played by Rachel Weisz) has been murdered in Africa because she uncovered a conspiracy involving deadly medical experimentation by pharmaceutical companies there, which went right to the top of the Foreign Office in the UK government, which of course had covered it all up (and also covertly arranged the assassination of the diplomat’s wife). Interestingly, John Le Carré (a former spy for British Intelligence) wrote about his novel: “By comparison with the reality, my story is as tame as a holiday postcard”. To see reviews of the film, please click on this link: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/constant_gardener

Now here are a couple of links about Mark Sedwill and Dominic Cummings:



Nathan then said: “You’re right. I’d forgotten about ‘The Constant Gardener’. Chilling stuff”.

“Not nearly so chilling as the real thing, as Le Carré said himself. In the fields of virology and epidemiology, how many ‘experts’ and institutions do you think are absolutely in hock to the pharmaceutical cartel and therefore cannot possibly be impartial or give sound health advice to the public about pandemics? There is a conflict of interests. For example, Imperial College, London, is up to its eyeballs in sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry”. She consulted her notebook. “Last year the college held an event, “Achieving Success in Drug Development Through Collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Industry”, which was funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd. Two key speakers were Sheuli Porkess, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, and Dr Mark Toms, Chief Scientific Officer of Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK. Bear in mind that Imperial College is the establishment which advised the British government in March on its anti-virus policy (which led to the disastrous ‘lockdown’), providing them with figures for projected nationwide deaths of half a million which were outrageously exaggerated, and on which they had to later backtrack. The same kind of untrustworthiness pertains to the World Health Organisation, which receives huge sponsorship from the big pharmaceutical companies, and which is headed up by Tedros Adhanom, a Sinophile with a background in a corrupt political party in Ethiopia. Then when you examine the connections between the British medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies, you can see why they are gaslighting and bullying the British public with continually changing, often contradictory orders and fearmongering, then pushing so hard for a vaccine. This is corruption at the highest level. It’s one thing to legitimately use spooks and military psychological operations units in defence of your land against foreign tyrants and malicious invaders, but to manipulate your own people on their own territory is betrayal of the highest order. As you already know, Nathan, we watch over nations and are permitted to exercise a modicum of activity in relation to protection or otherwise, according to moral principles in line with Divine law. So to see wholesale betrayal by appointed leaders is not only anathema as far as I am concerned but will only lead to the downfall of those nations. Britain is now lined up for a tremendous fall. And it will not be pretty. To continue with the hold of pharmaceutical companies over ‘experts’ and medical or political figures… take, for example, the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock. He (not personally, but through his office on behalf of the government) automatically has a 75+% share in Porton Biopharma, the pharmaceutical wing of the shady Government-run Porton Down Defence Science and Technology Laboratory which has its headquarters near Salisbury (‘coincidentally’ just seven miles from where the Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by a nerve agent), and which has always been at the forefront in germ warfare, virus and bioweaponry experimentation. I could tell you stories about that laboratory which would make your hair curl. It’s a real Doctor Death joint”.

“Yes, yes, I remember as a child watching a really nasty series on TV called “Quatermass and the Pit”, and somehow the palpable evil of that series became inextricably intertwined in my mind with that of Porton Down, which I was aware of even as a child because it had done Anthrax experiments on a Scottish island a few years before I was born”.

“Exactly, and on the same campus as this Porton Down military biowarfare laboratory is the headquarters of Porton Biopharma, in which the British government, via the Secretary of State for Health, has a 75+% stake. What do you think is listed as the main work of Porton Biopharma?” She fumbled through her notebook. “Here’s a quote from their website: “Our mission is to protect patients’ health through the quality-assured development and production of biopharmaceuticals.  We develop new vaccines…”. Matt Hancock is nothing more than a stooge for the pharmaceutical companies. He has to be, by dint of his job. Were he to betray that role, he would soon be sidelined, or worse. This is why he has publicly denied the proven efficacy of Vitamin D3 in building up one’s immune system against pathogens. Have you noticed how none of the major players I have mentioned above ever prioritise the importance of building your immune system? That’s because they want to reserve the space for their vaccine and all the many drugs available. They do not want people to be healthy but to be pharmaceutics-dependent, which is not the same thing. That is also why Hancock said, “Herd immunity is a flawed plan without a vaccine”, thus denying the opinion of world-leading epidemiologists. Hancock will continually resist all plans which are pro-health because he is working to an agenda which has been prepared for him. He is thus totally unfit to be a Secretary of State for Health from a health point of view but is a perfect one from a spook point of view. For he toes the line required by his masters and puts intelligence operatives on NHS Health Committees. (Yeah, I’ll come to that in a bit — I’m just going stream-of-consciousness here). One will know that a Secretary of State is really for Health when he initiates Wellness Centres in all towns and cities to teach people how to live healthily, eat healthy, build-up immunity and lower dependence on pharmaceuticals. That Porton Down campus is the stuff of nightmares. It has subjected the British people, on a number of occasions to being used as guinea-pigs in experiments with toxins. And some well-known people have had connections to it. Remember Dr. David Kelly, the expert in weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) who died in mysterious circumstances in 2003? Well he had originally worked as head of the Defence Microbiology Division at Porton Down in 1984 and was eventually employed in various roles by the Defence Intelligence Staff and was a regular advisor to SIS/MI6. Within 48 hours of being outed as having spoken to a BBC journalist about the dubious nature of there being Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq (and thereby undermining the false reasons given to invade Iraq three months earlier), he was mysteriously found dead with a slashed wrist and a large amount of co-proxamol in his bloodstream in a woodland near his home in July 2003. Many rightly saw that as an MI6 hit, either directly or as a contract killing. Killed on British soil, a British man, by British spooks! It is nothing for them to waste whoever betrays their Conglomerate. But more here about Matt Hancock: Towards the end of 2018, he created an NHS HealthTech Advisory Board, which of course has pharmaceutical company bigwigs on it, plus various academics and so-called health people. But included in the list of members — and appointed by Hancock himself — is a woman called Nicole Junkermann, who is described as “founder of NJF Holdingsan international finance and investment company”. This is another classic example of spook-driven obfuscation. Nicole Junkermann is actually a spy with Israeli connections and who also had a close relationship with the Mossad asset, Jeffrey Epstein. His flight manifests show that he flew with her alone on two occasions. I have seen her described as “a female James Bond”, so what on earth is she doing on an NHS health advisory board? Spooks having control on committees and being placed in prime positions to enable control by the Conglomerate is the norm now. Even the Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, has some strange spook connection, though I don’t know how much of a role it plays. I found it strange, though, to see that he comes from a spook family. His father, Ken Whitty, typically described in the media as a ‘British Cultural Attaché’ in Athens, was assassinated there in 1984 by a Palestinian hitman when he worked for the British Council there when his son, Christopher Whitty, was a teenager. For “British Cultural Attaché” and the like, I always read ‘spy’, and in this case that is absolutely true”. She fumbled in her notebook again and read from it. “As has been revealed on the Jerusalem-based Israeli Military Intelligence website, DebkaFile: This secret war [between Abu Nidal/Iraqi intelligence and the British secret service] occasionally came to the surface in the form of high-profile assassinations, such as the 1984 killing in Athens of Ken Whitty, the top British intelligence operative in Greece’. So, Christopher Whitty’s dad was a leading British spy in Greece, and presumably had been in the other places around the globe where they had lived (notably, Africa, where Christopher Whitty would himself eventually work as a doctor). Try and find out about Chris Whitty’s personal life. You will just hit a dead end. His must be the most protected personal life in the universe! Nothing whatsoever is known about it, or him. Very strange. Also, how very convenient that an epidemiologist should be appointed to be Chief Medical Officer in Britain in October 2019, right before the emergence of a purported pandemic. I noted that he had a vast amount of experience in Africa in the 1990s where so much medical experimentation has been done on poor and ‘expendable’ people with questionable drugs from the corrupt pharmaceutical companies. The Constant Gardener Syndrome. Not only that, but as a researcher, Whitty was awarded $40million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It all dovetails together. Then there is the Chief Scientific Officer of Britain, Sir Patrick Vallance. Between 2006 and 2018, he worked in various roles at the major pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, after which he was appointed as Chief Scientific Officer of Britain. He still owns 43,111 shares worth £600,000 in GlaxoSmithKline. After twelve years working in a major drugs company, how can he be objective in terms of health matters? He is a pharmaceutics man through and through, and he is leading the science in Britain. Does that suggest an agenda? Likewise, Vallance’s Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, Jonathan Van-Tam, has a background working in SmithKline Beecham, Roche, and Aventis Pasteur MSD. These chief players are all in hock to the pharmaceutical mafia. All of them. And when you examine the list of members on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), one sees the kind of names that one would expect, and then there is this, which is in the Wikipedia article on SAGE: “These meetings are also regularly attended by officials from Her Majesty’s Government. These attendees have not been named”. Of course they haven’t. You know what that means”. Aurora gave a wink. “Spooks controlling everything”.

{Editor’s Note: Here is a screenshot of the Companies House record for Porton Biopharma showing the Secretary of State’s stake in it. Underneath that you will find links in support of what Aurora has been saying in the sections above:

When Aurora speaks of Tedros Adhanom, director of the World Health Organisation, as being a Sinophile with a background in a corrupt political party in Ethiopia, she is referring to his roles in the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. You can read more about all that here: https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/04/17/the-gangster-head-of-the-who/

For info about Porton Biopharma and Aurora’s other references above, please see these and the following links: https://www.portonbiopharma.com/

The Porton Down Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, as Wikipedia states, has been known for over 100 years as one of the UK’s most secretive and controversial military research facilities”. Just as an introduction to what Porton Down is really all about, read this exclusive 2015 report, entitled, “How the British Government subjected thousands of people to chemical and biological warfare trials during Cold War”. Here is the link:

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/how-the-british-government-subjected-thousands-of-people-to-chemical-and-biological-warfare-trials-10376411.html and this: “WMD Britain: How Ministry of Defence scientists tested chemical weapons including anthrax and the PLAGUE on soldiers and members of the public — and even released dangerous bacteria on the Tube”. See that link here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3190243/WMD-Britain-MoD-scientists-tested-chemical-weapons-including-anthrax-PLAGUE-soldiers-members-public-released-dangerous-bacteria-Tube.html . Incidentally, ‘the Tube’, it is the name for the metro underground railway in London.






https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/882722/25-options-for-increasing-adherence-to-social-distancing-measures-22032020.pdf (SAGE proposals to ramp up fear in the public)



Link about the father of UK Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty: https://www.debka.com/an-mi6-operation-succeeds-and-misfires/

Links proving that Covid is no more fatal than influenza:


https://off-guardian.org/2020/10/08/who-accidentally-confirms-covid-is-no-more-dangerous-than-flu/ }.

“You may also wonder where William Gates fits into all this. Well, he is one of several billionaires who are tied into the Conglomerate. He is presented to the public as a kind of philanthropist. That’s the spin. But as you know, virtually everything propagated by humans in the public arena is fake. The world you live in is characterised by deception, dissimulation, and the wearing of masks — and I’m not referring to surgical masks! Of course, most people would say that is ‘too negative’. Most people desperately want to believe that all one has to do is ‘elect some nice politicians’, or ‘get women running the world’, and everything will be sorted. That is extremely naïve, entirely mistaken, and completely pointless. Most people have no idea that they are caught up in the midst of a spiritual battle of cosmic proportions, though they would dismiss such a concept as ‘outlandish’ or even ‘insane’. Most people desperately want to believe the everyday narrative fed to them by their parents, schools, colleges, universities, media channels, governments, etc., even though many would say that deep down they don’t trust those last two. They would rather stick with false optimism than scary truth. Beautiful lies will always captivate the masses rather than ugly truth. This is why there are so many people saying things like the following that I have seen on social media: “I vote Christopher Whitty for the next Prime Minister!” or “Chris Whitty is the man for our time, like Winston Churchill was in WW2”. They are so easily fooled by exterior guff. So when people see Bill Gates described as a “billionaire philanthropist”, they believe it. The reality is that Bill Gates has been in cahoots with intelligence networks for decades and he plays his part well. The seeds were sown at Microsoft. You cannot run a huge corporation like Microsoft which provides software like the Windows operating system which exists on one billion computers in the world without the CIA and other agencies getting involved, for obvious reasons. The same can be said for Facebook, which is yet another intelligence network data-mining front, with Mark Zuckerberg as the hapless dupe who heads it up. In 2013, it was revealed that Microsoft enabled the NSA to have access to users of its Outlook dot com email client. Microsoft is basically in bed with intelligence agencies such as the CIA and NSA and has been for years. You cannot set up a global operating system in the USA without being in hock to their intelligence/military agencies. The same goes for Facebook as social media. Any software or social media enterprise which has a tentacular global reach is going to be nobbled by the top intelligence agencies. It would be obvious to anyone with half a brain that such agencies would use software which is already planted on one billion computers! This relationship is outwardly acknowledged”. She thumbed through her notebook again. “A couple of years ago, Microsoft… and I quote… ‘secured a lucrative cloud deal with the intelligence community…worth hundreds of millions of dollars’, allowing ‘17 intelligence agencies and offices to use Microsoft’s Azure Government…in addition to other products Microsoft already offers, such as its Windows 10 operating system and word processing programs’. Bill Gates is essentially an intelligence asset who has been handed enormous clout and his Foundation is a classic front operating in countries like Africa, doing nothing except facilitating dodgy corporate interests and pharmaceutical rackets. These players — along with their friends in the pharmaceutical companies — always operate in continents like Africa, for obvious reasons, doing tests on poor people in less developed countries (The Constant Gardener Syndrome). Speaking of the CIA and Bill Gates, even the Director of Global Security at the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’, is a former CIA spook with eighteen years’ experience at the intelligence agency. All this dovetails into the fact that this whole debacle of the present time — the virus and the draconian control — is being deliberately engineered by the military, behaviour modification units, health chiefs, spooks, and pharmaceutical companies. In other words, it’s a Psyop. Most people fail to realise that the agenda of the Conglomerate power-elite — that is, those who really run your country, not your government which is always just a bunch of ball-less narcissists, posers and patsies — is complete control and that control is enforced by intelligence agencies in cahoots with corporate interests and a big part of those interests is the maintenance of the devilish pharmaceutical cabal”. She looked in her notebook again. “As a doctor working in the African bush said near the end of the film, ‘The Constant Gardener’:

‘Put $50,000 in the right hands, and you can test battery acid as skin lotion… Big pharmaceuticals are right up there with the arms dealers. This is how the world fucks Africa, Mr. Black. Blood on their hands? It’s how they expiate their guilt. Pharmaceuticals, the aid agencies, everybody’”.

{Editor’s Note: A “Psyop” is a government-run psychological operation. For those who need proof of what Aurora is sharing above, here are some useful links:





In 2017, Wikileaks revealed “Vault 7” [ https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/ ], a series of documents “that detail activities and capabilities of the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency to perform electronic surveillance and cyber warfare” using web browsers and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows. When this was disclosed, many companies didn’t respond to the flaws in their software, about which WikiLeaks stated: “Most of these lagging companies have conflicts of interest due to their classified work with US government agencies”.



https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/01/health/flu-deaths-vaccine.html }.

Aurora continued, speeding up a little as she knew time was running thin: “When medicine was a Hippocratic vocation, before it had sold out to the pharmaceutical empire, there is no way that it would have prostituted itself in that manner to a drug mafia. These days, when your doctor gives you a prescription, you cannot be sure if he is doing so on the basis of deep wisdom and concern or because she is in hock to Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Amgen, et al. We are living in an Orwellian world in which the underlying psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual causes of dis-ease are being completely ignored, so that hundreds of billions can be made by merely treating symptoms, and human beings become reduced to materialistic consumerist units. In place of bringing about a total change of lifestyle and mindset across the entire board of existence, which would seriously undermine the profits of the pharmaceutical  and food companies, not to mention transform the health and well-being of society, the widespread use of drugs — many of which are harmful — is now just taken for granted as what ‘good medicine’ consists of. But it is all based on a completely flawed worldview. A spiritually-minded world would not behave in such a manner. Healthy people are of no use whatsoever to the pharmaceutical mafia; they need people to be constantly sick and dependent on their potions. Governments are completely subservient to that mafia. Anyone who thinks their government cares about them is living in a fog of folly! Why anyone would trust any of those puffed-up hypocrites is quite beyond me! The best they can ever do is be patsies for the power-elite, co-conspirators for the Conglomerate, numpties for the non-elected quangos, assets for the intelligence agencies and the military. They would not only subject people without their knowledge to toxins and poisons if it furthered their corrupt agenda, but they also blithely send you off to fight illegal and genocidal wars and the politicians can be bought and sold (or blackmailed by the intelligence services who keep damning information on prominent people precisely for that purpose) so as to push any agenda the Conglomerate desires. And there are so many rabbit-holes that if anyone tries to fathom all this out, their mind will just play tricks with them. So much obfuscation everywhere. But this is deliberate. You already know the real background to the Conglomerate. When humans have sold their souls to such an extent, so that there is virtually nothing of those souls left by which to dredge up a conscience or empathy — and love flew out of the window a long time ago — they become the playground for you-know-who: The ones who are really behind this whole theatrical shitshow — not the human pawns and goose-stepping puppets who have a physical body but the discarnate bartenders of darkness who are pulling the strings of humans from the ether. Those archons betrayed us aeons ago and became the very opposite of what they should be. From this, we can learn the ultimate spiritual lesson: Whereas the Christos (or, as you say, the Christ) humbled himself, setting aside the fullness of his godhood for a time and taking the role of a servant on earth, the Betrayers rebelled against their own servant status and set themselves up as little gods. That exchange comparison is the greatest of all cosmic ironies! But we restrain them, Nathan. Please realise that. For if we didn’t, they would have turned this cosmos upside-down. They have already been given notice of their eviction when the Christ declared: “Now is the judgement of this world — now the archon of this world will be thrown out”. But they are obsessed, like soldiers who know the war has ended but still cannot stop themselves from firing at anything which moves. Now they are getting doubly desperate as the end of their time draws near. One of the sure signs that they are hard at work — what you call demonic infestation — is a kind of endemic confusion and deliberate obfuscation — an intentional lack of clarity, a strange whiff of darkness in which everything seems ‘off’, indefinably twisted, degenerate, unclean, leading nowhere, and all shot through with a relentless underlying fear and a crippling sense of hopelessness, all wrapped up in anomie. We see all this perfectly manifested in the way politics operates at this time. Political leaders these days want people who believe in nothing except their vague and dreadfully truncated panaceas, which right now are hegemonial scientific ‘expertise’, vaccinations, symptom-combatting allopathy, global governance, and anti-depressants for anyone who doesn’t get with the programme. You can see why politicians are working hand-in-glove with behavioural manipulators and pharmaceutical companies. Rigid psychological and chemical control is vital to any totalitarian society because it is so soul-destroying. This was why, in the USSR, anyone who disagreed in any way with the doctrine and direction of the authorities would be shipped off to obscurely placed psychiatric units and forcibly drugged up to the eyeballs. The NHS, which everyone is supposed to clap and save, has been preparatorily complicit in a nationwide programme of the systematic drugging of society with anti-depressants and tranquillisers. “Doctor, I feel so dispirited with society and so depressed with the way the world is heading. I can hardly get up in the morning for my kids and I just want to end it all”. Then the doctor (who has drug reps continually hounding him or her for loyalty to their company and concoctions) says glibly: “Here’s a prescription for anti-depressants and I’ll send a social services rep round to assess your situation” — all of which is likely to make her suicidal and get her kids taken into care by the state. In 2017-2018 in Britain, 17% of the adult population was on anti-depressants. Must be much more now. Rapidly becoming a nation of zombies. They only treat the symptoms but never unearth the underlying cause which, of course, is what everyone is running away from”.

{Editor’s Note: The saying of the Christ which Aurora quoted, “Now is the judgement of this world — now the archon (or ruler) of this world will be thrown out”,is from the Gospel of John, chapter 12, verse 31, and was declared shortly before he gave his life as a ransom for many, having entered the realm of death, then burst out of that realm into resurrection as the forerunner for all those who will follow him. Spiritual liberation! The “archon (or ruler) of this world” refers to the fallen archangel now known as Satan, leader of the fallen angels or archons/demons who had, with divine permission, usurped cosmic control. It was at that time that the Christ won his victory over the forces of darkness — a victory which those forces will never accept, and which Aurora speaks about later in much more depth in her discussions with Nathan. Because many may not believe Aurora’s statement that, in the year 2017-2018, some 17% (though most likely it will now be even more than 20%, as the percentage has doubled in the last decade) of the UK adult population are on anti-depressants, readers can see that this figure is confirmed on the government’s own website:

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/prescribed-medicines-review-report/prescribed-medicines-review-summary }.

Aurora took a deep breath, exclaiming joyfully: “Oh, these lungs are such a clever design!” Then she held her hands out in front of her. “All of it is! Despite the built-in obsolescence, it is all just miraculous”. Then she started laughing. But it wasn’t just emanating from her throat. Her whole body was in on the joke. Nathan could have sworn he saw the crockery vibrating in sympathy with her ecstatic outburst. She then centred herself and continued…

“To any diligent researcher, it seems clear that this whole pandemic mess has been masterminded by the Conglomerate power-elite solely for the purposes of control, in their gradual working towards the creation of a global government. Even if people do not want to accept that it was deliberately manipulated to this end in some dastardly secret laboratory — such as the one in Wuhan, China, which also had US money pumped into it — they surely have to admit that it has been seized upon by the ‘authorities’, including the power-players connected with virology and epidemiology, in order to fulfil their own agendas (unnecessary draconian control of populations, deliberately confusing guidelines, dependence on pharmaceutics, mass vaccinations, preparations for the eventual formation of a one-world government, etc.). Anyone who receives a vaccine for the current virus is risking the possible ruination of their immune system, as reported in Forbes and Science Magazines from The Lancet. This is a ticking DNA timebomb. There must currently be an agenda because in the Winter of 2017-2018, more than 80,000 people died in the USA of influenza, but there was no overreaction with lockdowns, and so on. More than 650,000 worldwide can die of the flu in any year. But you probably never even heard about any of this! Influenza does some terrible things to people in a bad year, but your media doesn’t go ambulance-chasing over that. Because it hasn’t been primed to do so. Tuberculosis causes a massive number of deaths across your world (in fact, in 2019, ten million fell ill from TB and 1.4 million died), but your media doesn’t make a big deal out of that. Because it hasn’t been primed to do so. All you hear about every day is how many cases there are of the current virus. But the amount of cases is irrelevant. You could have 20,000 cases per day doubling each day, and that can be spun by your politicians and media to be a terrible tragedy in the making so you need more destructive lockdowns. But if that figure isn’t broken down so that you know how serious those cases are, or what percentage are asymptomatic, or how many of those cases resulted in fatalities, then the high number of cases is just a bogeyman to frighten everyone, which is exactly what is happening. Fear is being peddled on a massive scale throughout society. This is deliberate, not only to inculcate passivity and compliance but also to promote demonic frenzy. Fear is one of the principle elements in humans on which demons feed, and they are having a banquet right now. All those names who have done their best to inculcate fear into the populace over a pathogen which is nothing in comparison to the Bubonic Plague — though they made out as if it was its equivalent, with all the photographs of people in hazmat suits and transparent biohazard tents (though, bizarrely, people can just throw their used masks away anywhere rather than in special biohazard collection points!), building special hospitals, speaking about the breaking of the NHS, and dire predictions of death rates, and so on — all of them, Fauci, Cuomo, Ferguson, Whitty, Vallance, Johnson, Hancock, et al, should be brought before the courts and tried for crimes against humanity, murder even. That is what would happen if your law was not such an ass. In earlier times, circumstances would not have been so kind. They would have been dragged from their homes and hung from the nearest tree by an angry mob. For their policies have surely led to all the deaths that have occurred, with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of bereaved relatives. They sent vulnerable people home from hospital to nursing homes where, without adequate provisions, huge numbers succumbed to the virus and died. I saw that Amnesty International wrote a damning report about this”. She thumbed her notebook. “‘Between 2 March and 12 June this year, 28,186 ‘excess deaths’ were recorded in care homes in England, with over 18,500 care home residents confirmed to have died with COVID-19 during this period’. None of that needed to happen, if the government had made proper provision, as Amnesty’s report declares. Key figures in the government, with chief medical officers, who are guilty of neglect of human lives, need arraigning on charges of negligence, murder and crimes against humanity. The Director of Amnesty International said, ‘The Government made a series of shockingly irresponsible decisions which abandoned care home residents to die… The appalling death toll was entirely avoidable — it is a scandal of monumental proportions’. Anyone reading Amnesty’s report will be in no doubt that serious criminal charges need to be brought. Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis Response Adviser said: ‘It is as if care home residents were seen as expendable. Despite thousands of empty beds they were de-prioritized when it came to getting access to hospital care, and had blanket ‘do not resuscitate’ orders imposed on them without due process. Such abuses are deeply disturbing’. Deeply disturbing? They are absolutely criminal! Why water it down? It was all done deliberately. Without any fancy euphemisms, it is murder. But no one has or will be made answerable. A similar scenario happened in New York, USA. These criminals plainly wanted (in line with the way the virus has been armed) those vulnerable ones, who they would see as superfluous and a drain on society, to be wasted or, rather, culled. But they know it will all blow over soon and then very few will care, as with all other government crimes. Furthermore, all these government characters, with chief medical officers, knowing that a pandemic would occur sooner or later, as we have been warned in the past, should responsibly have prepared for it by training the population to build up their immune systems, lead healthy lives, cut out the shit food, and take exercise. If that had been done, there would be far fewer obese people and those with cardiovascular problems, or with Diabetes Type 2 — just the kind of vulnerable people who are susceptible to these pathogens. But they didn’t. The reason is because they want you taking their drugs and receiving their vaccines. They want you to be dependent on those vaccines for immunity, and on their drugs, rather than it being your own responsibility to keep yourself strong and healthy. Then when the virus hit, they forced the population into ‘lockdowns’ (a prison term) in which you get no immunity-providing sunshine, sit around on a sofa snacking on shit food the whole time and watching shit TV, getting no exercise, being isolated from relatives who need physical contact (hugs help your immune system too), and fester at home in an atmosphere of fear and potential domestic abuse, in which the suicide rate increases hugely. You would almost think that they intended that to happen so your immune system would be even further compromised and people would be beaten down into a dependent vulnerable mess. I contend that is the case. There is no doubt in my mind that these people should be arrested and brought before the courts to answer for their crimes. We know this will not happen, but they are criminals of the highest order, culling the population so that power can be wielded, independent small businesses can be ruined (thus making even more people dependent on the government for handouts), and vast amounts of money can be made by those who are already billionaires and by their corporations. The failure to recognise this denotes a total loss of conscience and a barbarism which might have been expected in earlier times but not in the light of what is known today. The truly damning element is that all that will happen is the usual meaningless declaration that “lessons will be learned”, but nothing will change, and no one will be held responsible”.

She paused for a moment and then sighed deeply. “Nathan, the only real disease in this world — the ‘underlying cause’ to which I referred earlier — is a spiritual one, which is rooted in a refusal to see that humans have been created for a purpose and that the cosmos has a purpose. That, plus a phenomenal ignorance encouraged by government health services about how to follow a healthy lifestyle and build a strong immune system. Meanwhile, the TV brainwashes everyone into an acceptance of soulless authority and superficial banality. All of it — politics, health, social services, entertainment, religion, education, workplace slavery — involves a gigantic unconscious conspiracy to rob people of their sanity, dignity, integrity, health, personal growth, and spiritual redemption. I can assure you that you are entering — indeed you have already entered — the Endtimes or final run-up to the time of the end of your human history. It is written and it is all unfolding according to those writings”.

{Editor’s Note: If anyone doubts that US money was given to the laboratory in Wuhan (as Aurora stated above), please read this: https://www.businesstoday.in/current/economy-politics/shocking-us-gave-37-million-to-chinas-wuhan-lab-that-conducted-coronavirus-tests-on-bats/story/400831.html . To consult the damning Amnesty International report to which Aurora referred above, accusing UK medical/government leaders of murdering the elderly and vulnerable, please see the following link:


Aurora also refers to reports in Forbes Magazine, Science Magazine and The Lancet (one of the world’s leading medical journals) about the potential dangers of a vaccine for the current virus. Here are the relevant links:



https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)32156-5/fulltext }.

A strange kind of pregnant quietude descended on the café such as one experiences at dusk, just after the birds have stopped singing but before the mantle of darkness has fallen on the shoulders of the earth. Even the few other customers in the café seemed to be in suspended animation in their hushed conversations.

Nathan noticed that Aurora had closed her eyes and had slipped into what appeared to be some kind of trance. He felt a deep sense of peace emanating from her. He savoured the moment and put the proceedings in suspension until interaction had been resumed. Maybe two minutes had passed by before her eyes flickered open and with them she gave Nathan a look beyond description which he held in his heart for the rest of his days. But that did not prevent him from awkwardly saying, “Are we running out of time?”

She smiled beatifically and said, “For this, there is always time — recalling where one is truly from and where one is surely going”.


“I hope you realise that there isn’t just me and Livinia. There are very many of us. Countless numbers of us bivouacking here for a time”. She smiled at her military wordplay. “We have done this from the beginning…” and then leaning forward as if to emphasise the solemnity of her words, “…for we exist to assist you. That is the essence of our purpose. Do you know that, Nathan? Do you realise it in all of your heart?”

Another look on the face of Aurora which could have melted an asteroid in outer space.

“Never forget what the Letter to the Hebrews asserts in chapter 1, verse 14, and chapter 13, verse 2. You should know those verses by heart. All of you should”.

“Oh I do, I do. You mean these verses: ‘Isn’t it the case that all angels are spirits sent on a mission of service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?’ and ‘Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, because through this some have unknowingly received the company of angels’”. Looking at Aurora, it came home to him how true that is. There she was, sitting right in front of him. He became so overwhelmed that he nearly wet himself.

Aurora consulted the screen on her phone. The four red dots moving on there seemed to be coming together.

“I have little time now. But let me finish with some important reflections: Do not be a follower of any of the spurious big names on your earth who convince many that they are spiritual avatars. This is a message you must get across to the whole RAGS network, lest some deceiver sneaks in, as briefly happened in Lithuania a couple of years ago. There are impostors who present themselves as being almost like messiahs or people of the Light. But they are false ones, wolves in sheep’s clothing, pied pipers who have been energised by the forces of darkness to lead astray those who could be attracted to truth and light. Often exhibiting Gnostic tendencies, they are in the same category as those who claim that beings from other galaxies are channelling information to save the planet. This is part of the great deception which now grips your earth. I have seen these claims many times when monitoring social media, which is what I’ve been doing for the past couple of years. They speak of ‘Reptilians’ and ‘Pleiadians’ and other such beings, but these are invented impostors themselves. The agents of Satana are the real enemy who are presenting themselves in many guises on earth to the minds of wishful thinkers and the gullible. All the talk about ETs and UFOs is a sidetracking diversion invented by those agents as a way of gathering followers to themselves. I can assure you that the Conglomerate is working behind the scenes with agents of Satana to utilise technology beyond anyone’s imagination, some of which is mistaken for UFOs. But hear this: There is a sure way of determining who speaks truth and who is an agent of Satana. You know this, but I will say it here for your recording, and in emphasis. If a human seeking a following and presenting his or her credentials as some kind of messianic saviour never speaks about how the Christ has come in the flesh to destroy the works of Satana, then that human is an impostor. This is how you can distinguish. While there have been many wise ones down through the ages, there is only one Emissary from the Creator who has come to earth to overturn the countless aeons of the deceptions of Satana. This is who you call ‘the Christ’, though that is just a description rather than the real name, which I will not utter here. That glorious Emissary has been counterfeited and reduced in stature in countless ways by religions. Even the organised religion which humans call ‘Christianity’ has hijacked the label to lend its counterfeit agenda some credibility. You must know that the brutal, evil, Christ-hating empire of Rome has never really disappeared. For it is still enshrined scurrilously and covertly in the Vatican, which will one day reveal its true colours”.

Aurora then took a deep breath, as if gathering her thoughts, and continued…

“Nathan, never fall into the trap of the many slanderers there are today, under any circumstances. By all means, call out or expose those who can genuinely be shown to have furthered the cause of the forces of darkness, but beware of people who make unfounded accusations against others. Such types abound on social media, spouting about the terrible deeds they claim certain people have committed; but when you ask them for evidence as proofs of their slanders, they will become angry and start accusing you of siding with the alleged miscreants! This is how you can know they are slanderers rather than truth-seekers. Similarly, beware of speculators. Such types also are legion on social media, full of their suppositions about what will come to pass in the world in so many details, with no respect for true prophecy, whose aims appear to be generating sensationalism and fear, as well as gathering admiration for themselves. Remember that such slanderers and speculators could be agents provocateurs — controlled opposition — or influenced by such. Therefore, always ground your dark exposés in truth and base your conjectures, inferences, and extrapolations on sound prophecy, for that is your strong suit. If you do engage in any kind of hypothesis or speculative thoughts, always ensure that people know you are doing so to stimulate deeper thinking and that you are not writing any of it in granite. Finally, dear Nathan…”

And here she sighed deeply before continuing…

“People often speak of the ‘persecution of Christians’ as being a feature of the Endtimes. But as the label, ‘Christian’, means very little these days, many of your average churchgoers need have no fear of persecution because they are not part of a counterculture (as the true ekklesia should be), they tend to conform to the societal norms of consumerism and materialism without any discernment whatsoever, they do not expose the works of darkness (as the true ekklesia should), and they have little interest in contemporary Bible prophecy. Their twee sentimental ideas concerning their soft version of “Jesus, meek and mild” are of no threat to the beast-system on earth which has been established by the forces of darkness working through the Conglomerate power-elite. For the real threat to that system comes, first, from those who wage spiritual warfare with their very lives, exposing darkness, living as a counterculture in the world; second, from those who apply Bible prophecy with sound hermeneutics devoid of sensationalism and speculation; third, those who proclaim fearlessly that the Christ came in the flesh as the saviour of the cosmos and of human souls. Those three things are what really rattles the forces of darkness, whether in the spirit or on a human level. Each are hallmarks of a disciple of the Christ, and it is these actions which will bring the hammer of persecution down on one’s head rather than merely bearing some religious label. Bear in mind though, dear Nathan, that there are many who are not yet his disciples who see through many aspects of the beast-system and who also see through the counterfeit nature of organised religion, who accept many of the elements of Bible prophecy (such as a one-world government and even an Antichrist figure, without even realising that those are prophesied in the Bible!), and who are attracted to the Light and repulsed by darkness. You can work with these souls without hindrance for, as the world tumbles into the darkness that is to come, many of them will be brought by the Spirit into a life-changing realisation of the pivotal nature of the Christ in this battle that they can plainly see is raging on earth. They are currently what we can call ‘disciples-in-waiting’ and thus they are our allies, and they should be nurtured with, compassion, understanding and love. You will not need to find them. They will be brought to you, and you to them”.

{Editor’s Note: Aurora uses the name, ‘Satana’, for the fallen archangel we call Satan. She tends to use certain names in Koine Greek, as they appear in the manuscripts of the New Testament. Thus, you will find Satana for Satan, Timotheo for Timothy the young shepherd who is the recipient of two New Testament letters, and Paulos for Paul the apostle. Furthermore, when Aurora uses the term “beast-system on earth”, this is a reference to the way that antichrist-style government and faithless organised religion — which culminates in a one-world government under the Antichrist — are depicted symbolically as a composite brutish wild beast in chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation. It is clear that they are part of a whole system of totalitarian madness, in which the Antichrist attempts to establish a kingdom on earth and counterfeit the true Christ}.

In a final word of the evening, Aurora leaned forward with a look of urgency and said: “Nathan, you must open up the Book of Revelation to the world. It is the Master’s last word to humanity and all that humanity needs to know right now is contained in there”.

She held Nathan in her gaze momentarily, who nodded slowly in awe. Then she deftly gathered her things, slid out of the seat, and wafted out of the café. Just as she was moving away from the table, without even looking back, she said: “When they come, just tell them the truth. You need not fear. I’ll be in touch”.

As he sat there alone with his head swimming from an overload of information, Nathan noticed that there was an envelope amongst his things on the table. He opened it. Inside there was a wad of cash and a note saying, “For the tyres”, with a hand-drawn flower next to it. ‘What an angel!’, he thought, and put the envelope in his pocket.

He looked around at the café entrance beyond which he could see four figures outside. Two of them entered the café, a man and woman. Both were heavily built and had tags on a long cord around their necks. The man was wearing fatigues on the lower half of his body with Doc Marten style “bovver” boots and a fleece jacket. He had a completely shaven head. The woman was buxom with short hair and looked like Desperate Dan, wearing the same kind of fleece jacket. Nathan thought he detected stubble on her face. She also looked like someone who had been a playground bully in a back-street school. They spoke to the few people in the café, reaching Nathan last.

There was a time when such people would have put the shits up Nathan, but not anymore. He saw players like this as pawns on a chessboard being manipulated by unseen hands. One cannot be fearful of ignorant gophers, especially when one has angels on one’s side.

“Aw’rite, pal? Seen a woman in ’ere in a cape?” He had a thick Manchester accent.

“Who wants to know?”, said Nathan.

“Your bleedin’ mutha! I’m askin’ the questions, ya fuckin’ smartass!”

The woman, who stood behind him a little bit nudged him in the back, as if to say ‘Behave!’

“Well, since you ask, there was such a woman in here, yes”.

“Yuh don’t need to tell me that, pal. The others already grassed you up”.

“Grassed me up”, said Nathan, acting dumb just for fun.

“Yeah, they said she wuz sat ’ere with you for quite a while”.

“It’s a free world, my friend. Anyone can sit anywhere”.

“Yeah, they can. But you was all cosy with ’er, so they said”.

“Well, she was very interesting”.

“Really now? I bet she was. What did she say to you”.

“She told me she was an angel and that she had a special message to share”.

The man clenched his fists and looked as if he was about to whack Nathan. Again, the woman nudged him.

“Don’t fuckin’ get clever wi’ me, pal”.

“I’m actually telling you the truth. But your speech tells me you are not from round here. From where do you hail, may I ask, young man?”

He clenched his fists even harder. Nathan braced himself for a pre-waterboarding smack in the gob.

“So where did the bitch go then?”

“No idea. She told me to tell you the truth, then she just vaporised, like angels do. And you aren’t even worthy to tie that bitch’s shoelaces”.

The man looked at Nathan open-mouthed, as if his brain circuitry had been challenged. “Uh you a fuckin’ headcase, or wot?”

The woman said “C’mon, let’s fuckin’ get out of ’ere”, with a glottal stop on the words “get out”, so that the “t” did not exist, which Nathan always found especially lazy and irksome. “We’re wastin’ chase time”.

“I’ll not forget you, smartass. It’ll be your turn soon”.

“Oh, I don’t doubt that”, said Nathan, with a chuckle in his throat.

Reluctantly, with a scowl, he about-turned as if on parade and they dashed out of the door.

Nathan breathed a proverbial sigh of relief. The others in the café were looking at him. “Yeah, thanks, guys, for grassing me up to those thugs!” He laughed but they all quickly turned away. He was glad he had put the wad of notes in his pocket before they had got to his table. Heaven only knows what they would have made of that. Imagine if he had said, when interrogated about the provenance of the wad, “It was for four tyres an angel slashed on my car”. He laughed out loud and the café people all turned to look at him again. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t laughing at you, though I jolly well should”. They quickly looked away again.

Nathan gathered his things together, paid the bill, and gingerly left the café, looking left then right to see if he was going to be ambushed. No. All was clear. Actually, everything was becoming super-clear, in every way. He could hardly wait till the next meeting, which she had described as being “wild”.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After a night of tossing and turning, for something profoundly disturbing was jarring his spirit — plus anticipating today’s ‘wild’ meeting — Nathan awoke at 8am to an SMS on his phone. “Layby at Woburn Trails 11”. A half-hour drive from the grotty town in which he was staying.

By 10.50am he was sitting in his car in the layby. At exactly 11am, Aurora’s car pulled in next to his. It was a fancy sports model. As she got out through a door which opened vertically, she said, laughing, “It’s not mine. Everything I have is a loan-job. I’m just a temporary feature”.

Nathan said, “I wish you weren’t. But I was wondering why we are here and what for?”

“I’m just cleaning up, rounding off, closing the circuits, shutting down, in a location where I call the shots”.

‘Shots? What shots?’, thought Nathan. He didn’t ask that but instead said, “Shutting down what?”

“Me. This hunk of flesh you call Aurora. There’s a limit to it”.

Nathan still wasn’t sure what she meant by that. But it sounded ominous.

She spoke to him gently. “Let’s go into the forest a little and find a place to sit down”.

She held out her arm for Nathan to link with and they walked together in a pregnant silence for some minutes, their paces synchronised with each other. Eventually, they came upon a little clearing with two convenient tree stumps about two metres apart. They sat down. It was very quiet. Aurora closed her eyes and breathed deeply. “It’s nice here”, she said, smiling, and sighed, not even opening her eyes.


Then she opened her eyes slowly and began to speak. Nathan made sure he was recording.

“Yesterday, we talked about some of the crazy things that are happening in your world at this present time. Today, I want to put that craziness in its wider context — give the big picture. So here it comes… I want to say, first, that the fuss people are making about 5G is a complete red herring planted into the mix as a diversion. It’s not at all the story to run with. The real story is far more complex than that, even just from a social or psychological perspective, nevermind a spiritual one. So many people are losing it — going wildly paranoid over red herrings. For example, the same people who fuss over 5G also claim that temperature guns are being deliberately aimed at people’s foreheads in order to wreck the work of the pineal gland in the brain to mess them up and even to make them less spiritual. This is typical internet hysteria in action. Such mad times on your earth right now! Temperature guns themselves emit nothing. To think otherwise is where the error lies. Just because the weapon called a gun emits a bullet doesn’t mean that temperature ‘guns’ emit deadly rays! Temperature guns merely measure with a lens the infrared emitted from the person and then translate that electrically into temperature measurement. But they will not believe you if you try to explain that and will think you are a brainwashed sheep or even that you are working for the government! They are more interested in feeding their paranoia than in hearing plain facts. And you know who is behind that kind of influence. Or I should say, you-know-who”.

Nathan nodded, sighing. He had seen how so many paranoid eccentricities had sprung up, with falsehoods being deliberately fed into cyberspace by bots working for the dark side.

“What this pandemic is all about, Nathan, is just a part of the gradual preparation for a global hegemony based on pure hubris and hatred for the Divine such as the world has never seen before. It is a practise-run to engender subjugation in the populace. Many would find that ridiculous. But have they ever wondered how a feudal peasant/master society like Russia so easily became the USSR with a vast secret police service under Stalin? Or how a ‘civilised’ country like Germany, the so-called ‘home of The Enlightenment’, became a Nazi power machine with vast Schutzstaffel forces under Hitler? Or how East Germany became a terror regime under the Stasi? Or, fictionally, how Oceania became an Orwellian nightmare under Big Brother? There were years of secret preparations, involving intimidation and fear-inducing psychological operations, assassinations, false-flag operations, coup d’états, — not to mention those despotic regimes being bankrolled by some financial institutions of so-called democratic societies in Europe and the USA — through which the mass of people sleepwalked. Some had their silly voting every few years, to give them the illusion that they lived in a democracy, believing in their governments, which were really just puppets for a secret banking/corporate/intelligence infrastructure which nobody wanted to acknowledge and which the mainstream media had willingly ignored. Nathan, whatever you think this is, I can assure you that it is far, far worse than that — far more developed — far more deeply established, whether from a social standpoint or a technological one. I have seen terrible things I haven’t ever told anyone about. The sub-system that they have in place now is gargantuan. People just do not realise. They’ve been preparing this for decades. If you know your Bible, and I know that you do, you will know exactly where all this is heading”.

“Oh, yes. the symbolic Seventh Trumpet and beyond”.


“Nathan, just so you know… I am finished here. My work is done”.

Nathan looked at her quizzically. “You mean here in this situation or on earth in general?”


He made as if to move towards her. He suddenly wanted to hold her. But she held out her hand towards him defiantly. “You must keep your distance now. They are soon going to take a headshot. And you don’t want to get in the way of that”.

“What? Are you serious?”

“Well, I’m not being melodramatic. I know what they are capable of and what they in fact do and I know what is coming. It doesn’t matter to me. They gain nothing out of it. And I lose nothing from it. But you must know that they cannot be stopped. Only the very naïve would imagine that this process can be reversed. It has all gone way too far for that. One can only educate, which is the most meaningful and lasting thing that any human can do right now. This is why I am passing some ideas on to you in a verbal testimony to record. It is for encouragement. On the spiritual level, one can run rings round them. But on an earthly level, they have the advantage. But that does not really matter to us. They can destroy written testimony — just make it go down the memory hole. But when you hold all this in your head, and process it in the spirit, they cannot know all that you have. Eventually they will cauterize your brain, so to speak. That will come in time. But for now, you can pass all this on to others, widely, right away — put it into their heads — not for sensationalism or to make people paranoid, but so that they will embrace the higher spiritual powers that you and I know and love, grow in strength and faith, and jettison all trust in earthly powers. For it is a battle of the powers, darkness against the Light. The more we can encourage people to embrace that Light, the better that will be. But you know this already”.

“Yes, but don’t worry about the security of the recording. It’s all heavily encrypted and streamed straight to ContraProp. We’ve got so many geek hackers in RAGS now it’s crazy!”

“Good to know. And they won’t take you just yet. They think you can lead them to others. So, they’ll keep you around for a while. But you know where all this leads, as it must”.

“Yes, yes, indeed. That ‘mystery of lawlessness’ coming to its head”. Then they both smiled whimsically — Nathan, at the madness of it all; Aurora, at the perfection of it all.

{Editor’s Note: When Nathan says ‘mystery of lawlessness’, he is referring to the profoundly prophetic passage in the Bible’s New Testament: The second chapter of the second Letter to the Thessalonians, which speaks of the way that the cosmic cataclysmic return of the Christ to bring this age to a close and initiate the new age had first to be preceded by two watershed events: A great apostasy — a global rebellion against divine law and spiritual truth — followed by the revealing of a fateful human being as a global leader who would be the personification of lawlessness, human narcissism and divine usurpation, and all empowered by satanic energy. Those last two words are precisely what is written in the New Testament Koine Greek text in reference to this character: “ου εστιν η παρουσια κατ ενεργειαν του σατανα” — “hou estin hē parousia kat energeian tou Satana” — “whose coming is according to the working (energy) of Satan”. “Energeian tou Satana”. Satanic energy working through a global leader to whom the vast and ignorant majority of people in the world will be looking for guidance and direction. All the while, throughout the whole of human history (as the prophecy clearly unveils), there had been the preparatory “hidden power of lawlessness”, anomie, operating as a mystery in human society at all levels. It then says: “το γαρ μυστηριον ηδη ενεργειται της ανομιας” — “to gar mysterion ede energeitai tes anomias” — “for the mystery of lawlessness is already at work”. This ‘mystery of lawlessness’, which was already at work, literally ‘being energised’, in New Testament times, as the text shows, has operated from well before then, right down to our own day and beyond, as demonic forces work through the powermongers and elites on the planet, empire after empire, millennium after millenium. The lawlessness energised in this mystery is not so much in defiance of human law but of Divine law. The ‘mystery of lawlessness’ can be seen at work in the plethora of conspiracies building to a climax as darkness strives against all that is good and Light. This is why it is so important to uphold truth regarding conspiracies and not be led away into the huge number of false, diversionary ‘conspiracies’ being so avidly propagated on social media today. They are diversions designed to sidetrack, and are either the product of paranoid imaginations or they have actually been fabricated by the satanic disinformation specialists to whom Aurora was referring. Bringing this leader to global power has been the goal of the fallen angels (demons), who Aurora calls “the Betrayers”, from the very beginning of human history. But you will not hear the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury, or any mainstream churches speaking about all this (though you might hear some savvy pastors and insightful Russian/Greek/Eastern Orthodox monks do so). For the church as an organised world religion is the ultimate counterfeit, an impostor, part of the working of satanic energy to divert people away from truth. In fact, the false church, led by the Vatican and other costume-wearing characters, will be sponsoring this global leader, who the Bible identifies as the Antichrist}.


Aurora’s face became even more serious. “I must stress to you, Nathan, please do not allow the poison of QAnon to infect any of the RAGS groups. This really is a toxic influence which completely flies in the face of Bible prophecy. In fact, it has become more or less a cult. The notion that Donald Trump is some sort of spiritual saviour sent to rescue the world from the Conglomerate and defeat the so-called “deep-state cabal” is the height of arrogance and ignorance. And I should say here that the fact that I regard Trump as being unworthy of leadership does not mean that I implicitly approve of any other candidates. On the contrary, none of them are fit for leadership of any kind — though they are perfectly suited to a corrupt and deeply sick society which is going to hell in a handbasket. The folly of these people in thinking they can save the world is utterly ridiculous. Satana has been progressively building his kingdom and he and his foot-soldiers are not going to be deflected from that path by any human endeavour. The Christ does not build a kingdom on earth, but Satana is permitted to do so by the Lord over all. It is his destiny, which must be fulfilled so that his kingdom can be torn down and all those rebellious angels, the Betrayers, and their followers can be sent to oblivion. No human can stand in the way of that. All human development, especially at this time, is moving towards that. So Satana has concocted what looks like an overthrow of evil, under the guise of the teachings of QAnon. It is fiendishly clever. I have been observing it on social media. You know that the real source of QAnon is likely to be the equivalent of the 77th Brigade in the USA. It is a Psyop. No power-player will be at all concerned by QAnon because they know it is phony from top to bottom. Have you tried talking to its advocates? It is like bathing in molasses! You can get nowhere. Even after none of their notions have happened, they will still claim that it is all going on in secret through Trump. I knew many humans were stupid, but I had not realised that some could be this stupid. Please, Nathan, do not let RAGS become infected with the QAnon virus! The whole QAnon phenomenon and all other claims like it are, in a way, secular versions of Dominion Theology, which believes that if the Christ is truly victorious over the forces of darkness, then he must be seen to be victorious on earth or it will be a hollow victory. So, it’s like a question of pride. After all, in their thinking, if the ‘goodies’ have won, how come it still looks like the ‘baddies’ are winning? For those who claim to be disciples of the Christ, this is primarily a matter of faith, which I will speak about in depth shortly. With QAnon, good must be seen to triumph over evil. It’s all about appearances. That’s why so many people calling themselves ‘Christians’, but who lack true faith or are ignorant about the nature of prophecy, are attracted to QAnon. Here is an extract of a popular description of QAnon that I discovered doing the rounds on social media:

“QAnon is a group of spiritual, faith-based warriors that share the mission of spreading God’s light into the world. This world has been run by wicked Satan worshipping lunatics for centuries and humans are joining together to expose the dark truths and take this world back to reclaim our divinity here… The silent majority is getting louder, and more are coming together in truth and love. Our vibrational frequency is increasing, the tables have turned, and the stage is set for the greatest story ever told. It’s victorious.”

Where does one even begin with such delusions, which are a mixture of quasi-Christianity and New Age baloney? We are not mandated to “take this world back to reclaim our divinity here”. That very statement is one which could easily have been cobbled together by the very ‘Satan worshipping lunatics’ who the QAnon cultists claim to be overthrowing! Human beings cannot “reclaim their divinity” for they never had it. They are created beings, created by the Lord over all, but they are not gods. Humans foolishly playing at God, imagining they can be God, has been the big problem from the beginning. It was Satana himself who suggested to the first humans that the Lord over all was depriving them in some way and that they could be like gods if they would only follow him instead. It’s all in Genesis, chapter 3. Do these pseudo-Christians not know their Bibles? Neither do we “take this world back”. The world has already been taken back from the usurper, Satana, by the Christ two-thousand years ago. That was why he came to earth in the flesh. And the “taking it back” does not involve putting an actor like Trump into the presidency and arresting a bunch of paedophiles. By all means, arrest paedophiles; but you will never reach the real sexual deviants who think they run this world. You will merely arrest some of their low-level minions down the line. For the very fabric of your Conglomerate power-elite involves sexual degeneracy of epic proportions which will only be overthrown at the end of this age. It is not our place to “take this world back” right now. What can really be taken back right now is souls from Satana’s grip. It is a spiritual taking-back, not an earthly one by earthly means. The Christ referred directly to this ‘taking-back’ when he spoke about the fact that he was going to tie Satana up and “plunder his house”. I will go much more deeply into these precious matters with you shortly”.

{Editor’s Note: Aurora’s reference to the Christ tying up Satan (a symbolic image) comes from the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 12, verse 29: How can anyone enter into the house of the strong man and take away his things unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house”. As the context shows, Satan is the “strong man” and the plundering of his house and taking-away of his things is the liberation of souls from enslavement to Satan and the spiritual death which he and his fellow fallen angels (demons) brought to humans on earth}.

“Nathan, it is so important to debunk the cult of QAnon because it strikes at the very heart of spiritual truth concerning why the Christ came to earth, plus it brings together pseudo-Christians and New Age neo-gnostics in what will be a very easily influenced mob who will fête Antichristos when he is eventually revealed. They believe that the so-called ‘deep-state’ is being overthrown by their Trump (whose pseudo-Christianity was actually fashioned by Norman Vincent Peale, in whose church he grew up, and not by the Christ). Many ‘Christian’ types think that Trump is one of them and many New Age types claim he is an emissary from alien hives such as the Arcturians or Pleiadeans, or that he originates from the constellation of Orion and that Melania comes from the star of Sirius. It is all just so warped and crazy!”

Then she opened her notebook and pulled out a piece of paper. “Here is a screenshot from Facebook of the kind of fabrications these people are spreading among the gullible”.

{Editor’s Note: Here is the actual screenshot which Aurora showed to Nathan:

And here is a link to an article typical of the crazy claims being made about Donald and Melania Trump coming from other galaxies or constellations to save the planet, as Aurora has above highlighted: https://www.debbiesolaris.com/post/trumpstarorigins

To know more about Trump’s pseudo-Christian ‘spirituality’, which so easily fools the so-called US ‘Bible Belt’, and which is really what was known in the nineteenth century as ‘New Thought’ — a precursor to New Age thinking — check these links here:



https://theconversation.com/why-you-should-know-about-the-new-thought-movement-72256 }.

Nathan surveyed the paper screenshot. “Oh gosh! What a web of lies! This is such a gargantuan false prophecy. Imagine all these ‘Christian’ types falling for this. I know that so many of them climb on bandwagons very easily: The ‘pre-trib rapture’ bandwagon. The ‘speaking in tongues’ bandwagon. The ‘Judaizing’ bandwagon. The ‘liberation theology’ bandwagon. The ‘Jesus Freak’ bandwagon. The ‘Health ’n Wealth’ bandwagon, and a huge truckful more. But this! My first thought is that your demonic counterparts are having a ginormous laugh while taking all these gullible people for a ride”.

“Exactly. Genuine disciples of the Christ should keep their counsel carefully and avoid all bandwagons as if they were the plague. People are so easily fooled by the popularity of something — especially if it occurs in their peer group. If everyone they look up to believes in something, then that something must be true, so they think. But the Master said with great emphasis that what is highly esteemed among humans is a complete abomination in the sight of God. He meant untransformed humans, of course. That is how radically different the divine mind is from fallen human consciousness. If something in your world is hugely popular it is very likely to be harmful for the soul. That is the way of your world”.

{Editor’s Note: When Aurora speaks here of what “the Master said”, she is referring to the Gospel of Luke, chapter 16, verse 15, “That which is exalted among humanity is utterly detestable in God’s eyes”. The Koine Greek word translated as “utterly detestable” or “a complete abomination” actually implies something which is accursed or which stinks to high heaven. This is because the ‘engine’ which drives fallen human consciousness, and therefore makes something universally popular among those who have not been transformed in the spirit, is nothing other than ‘the mystery of lawlessness’. Thus, those universally popular elements in the mass of humanity can only ever promote anomie and further alienation from the Divine and from divine law}.

Aurora centred herself, closing her eyes briefly, then continued…

“So many people are so desperate to hear about only good things, and only ever want to know about ‘positivity’, that they are rabidly willing to entertain fantasies as if they were reality. One can understand such fripperies coming from those who only live in the physical — those who have no awareness of themselves as created beings and who therefore reject the Divine. But these delusions are even taking hold of many who claim to be followers of the Christ. One of the reasons for that is because they have no real faith in the reality of a life empowered by the Spirit. They live only in the physical realm and falsely imagine that good things are only happening if life is stable in the physical. They must have evidence before their eyes as proof of the goodness of the Divine working. This is a classic fallacy of the faithless. The whole thrust of faith is that you KNOW that the Divine power is really in control even if everything on the physical level appears to be just chaos, brutality, and destruction, as did all those disciples who were martyred a couple of thousand years ago by the brutal Roman empire. They didn’t have to invent a victorious Maccabean-style revolution, such as Judas Iscariot would have preferred, in order to convince themselves that the Christ was the victor over Satana! Even as they were crucified, or beheaded, or fed to the lions in an arena in front of a vast crowd of the mindless masses, they knew that the Lord over all is still in control. This is the essence of faith in the midst of a crazy fallen world. Oh, Judas Iscariot would have loved the equivalent of QAnon in his own time, because he hated the fact that the Christ looked like such a loser to faithless eyes like his. Similarly, there are so many today, the majority in fact, who are false disciples — fairweather followers — Judases, in fact. They go on and on about some character of their own invention called “Jesus”… so long as he seems to be giving them goodies and healing them and fixing the world as it looks to them. But this is a counterfeit — one of many forms of counterfeit in the world today. Just like the new age positive thinking brigade, these false disciples cannot bear what appears to them to be ‘negativity’. If their phony ‘Jesus’ isn’t conquering the world visibly right now, then their fairweather-faith falls apart. That is because it was never true faith to begin with. All true disciples are gifted by the Spirit with faith. This is a fact! They do not need to witness the Christ visibly neutralising all evil across the world right now in order to know for sure that he is the real victor over it. Oh, I have so much to say about all this, because conditions in your world are going to deteriorate to such a degree that only a supernatural faith will be able to withstand it. Anything less than that will fall. The stark reality is that the true nature and extent of Christ’s triumph will only become visible at the end of this age and not before… but I am running ahead of myself now”.

Nathan listened patiently. Although he was aware of much of what she was sharing, he loved the way she brought it all together; and could see how she builds up her case, binding seemingly different elements into one unified whole, leading to revelations that he had never before conceived. He looked at Aurora attentively. Then her expression changed as she slowly intoned the next sentence.

“Do you know, Nathan, that the only genuine pandemic virus on this planet is extreme gullibility — much of which is caused by human wilful ignorance. So many people immediately accept absolutely anything they see on the Internet which supports whatever divisive stance they have already taken. Even if you prove to them that it is false, they will still continue to believe it and they will then ostracise you. However, once a human puts personal preference above truth they have already sold their souls to the forces of darkness and will become a playground for those forces. My counterparts from beyond the wall, the Betrayers, have been ramping up their mind-bending of gullible humans with all that channelling from fictitious alien races. How fiendishly clever it all is! Some bright-eyed and bushy-tailed New Age girl in Sedona or Mount Shasta who believes that thinking processes stand in the way of her enlightenment — hence her extreme gullibility — hears a voice in her head claiming the cabal is on the run and all the Pizzagate players are being arrested by Trump’s forces and it’s only a matter of time before a number of key people who fought the cabal but who faked their deaths, such as JFK, Lady Diana, Elvis and Michael Jackson….”

Nathan’s eyes must have popped out of his head, because she interjected: “Yes, this is what I have read that they claim, many times!” Then she went on…

“that they will be revealed as actually being alive, having just been in witness protection all this time! Then that airheaded New Age girl writes all this up on social media and then the process of reinforcement in other minds by the Betrayers takes place, and then the parallel process of suggestion does its thing, and within no time at all a mass of channellers are claiming to hear the same thing. Really, the Betrayers have got this off to a fine art. They can move through the minds of humans like a wind through a forest of trees on the side of a mountain. Once those minds have abandoned common sense and logic — denying the good use of their God-given brains — and made themselves into a mass of non-judgemental jelly, you have a playground for the demonic realm infusing them with massive deceptions, such as this fake triumphalism. But what they do not realise is that there is going to be no taking down of the Conglomerate by human forces. Until this age has been completed — and here we come to the heart of the matter — the work of the Christ is being energised secretly as a mystery throughout your world. This is the mystery of holiness to which Timotheo referred. You know the place where that is in the writings. It is in direct contrast to the mystery of lawlessness. These two mysteries are the underlying energisers in the world for good or evil. Whereas the mystery of lawlessness works like some toxic cloud forcing its poisonous way through the human creation and leading to deception, anomie, insanity, suffering, misery, violence, brutality, and hegemony, the mystery of holiness is like a subtle aroma which osmoses and diffuses wherever it finds a soft membrane through which to pass, leading to forgiveness, redemption, rejoicing and a peace which passes all understanding. This is the heart of the spiritual battle, Nathan: Those two mysteries at work. Thus, in this divine schema, receptive souls are being redeemed secretly, as it were, on a spiritual level (the mystery of holiness), while evil runs amok visibly on the physical level (the mystery of lawlessness) — which is why it always looks like a victory for evil to those who rely only on their physical eyesight when surveying your fallen world. This is why Paulos referred to the present aeon as “this evil age”. This is an age when evil is being visibly permitted to come to its natural climax, and that evil will eventually be completely unrestrained for that climax. Let me assure you, Nathan, that there are certain of us who have been holding that ‘mystery of lawlessness’ back, for rebellion against the Divine is like a volcano in which the magma of evil is continually pressing to burst forth and engulf the world around it. If we had not, so to speak, kept the lid on that volcano to a certain extent, it would have overflowed in all its fullness before its time. But everything is perfectly timed in the schema of the Divine. So those of us who are restraining the full horror of that volcanic evil are by command from on high now loosening their hold on it. This is what so many do not understand: The purpose of this present age is not yet for the earth to be cleansed, but to allow it to be overrun by evil — to let human and demonic evil run its course and reveal its true colours in a climax of naked hubris instead of hiding behind the lace-net curtains of a phony ‘civilisation’. For only then will the final judgement be seen to be justified.

Aurora closed her eyes, straightened her spine, then continued…

“Only when that climax of hubris has been reached will we step in, alongside the Master, to shake the heavens and its galaxies in an unprecedented upheaval of cataclysmic cleansing, by which the new aeon will be initiated in a transformed and cleansed cosmos. Thus, all those Betrayers and opposers of the true Light will be judged, and then the great redemption started on Calvary two-thousand years ago will thus be complete. Therefore, victory will only be visibly ratified at the conclusion of this age and not before. Between the time of the Master’s resurrection and the moment of his cataclysmic return, there is this strange anomaly of a victory over evil which has not been seen to be enacted visibly in a way which untransformed people expect. But the reason for that seeming lack of enactment has been a necessary delay in the wisdom of the divine plan so that the full nature of the evil of this age can be properly revealed, rather than it hiding behind all the pretence and fakery of human existence. Thus, in the Book of Revelation, shortly before the end of this age transpires and the new age begins, one of my counterparts calls out: “There will no longer be a delay!” And then John reveals that, “the mystery of God is completed”. This delay before the visible ratification of the victory of the Christ is all part of that “mystery of God”. So many think that victory can only be shown through warriors for God rampaging across the earth putting everything right. But that would be completely out of keeping with “the mystery of God”. The only way that this victory is being authenticated and validated before the close of this age is through the secret redeeming of souls through the mystery of holiness rather than through any outward public conquest of evil. This is an age of evil and it will remain so until that evil is overturned after its climax at the end of that age. However, it is outwardly an age of evil, but it is also an age of covert spiritual transformation underneath all that. It is the height of ignorance and even arrogance to believe that the victory of the Christ over the forces of darkness can only be real if all aspects of evil are publicly overcome at this present time. Yes, faithless people will mock that victory because they — in all their spiritual ignorance — can see no visible proof of it, and they can physically liquidate the disciples of the Christ at the drop of a hat. That convinces them that the Christ is a myth and that they can do whatever they wish with no fear of any blowback. But this is not only an age of evil but an age during which faith must be exercised in promises which appear to have no substance so far from a visible standpoint, and which cannot yet be seen as a physical reality. This is the very essence of faith, which sorts out the wheat from the chaff. True faith relies entirely on divine promises rather than on what the eyes can see. For this is a world steeped in a level of deception which is beyond the untransformed human mind’s ability to discern. The transformed mind can see evidence of the Christ’s victory in the transformation of souls, for that is the level on which that victory currently works during this age of evil — the mystery of holiness at work. So many do not understand this. But evil as the force driving this world will only be overcome in the timing of the one who is the Lord and power over all, at the end of this age. Do you know, Nathan, the Betrayers are so fiendishly clever in their hold over the mass of minds of humans that they will have almost the whole world thinking that the ‘man of lawlessness’, the Antichristos, when he will be revealed, is the pinnacle of goodness and a sure sign of human victory over evil. This event will be the greatest irony and one of the deepest deceptions in the history of your planet. Yet, the paradox of spiritual truth is that the full ratification of the victory of the Christ can only be fulfilled after evil has reached its climax. Thus, the climax of evil in that ‘man of lawlessness’ could only be seen as a miraculous manifestation of goodness by those who believe the Lie and in whose hearts there is not even the tiniest space reserved for a love of the truth”.

{Editor’s Note: The claim by followers of the QAnon cult that JFK, Lady Diana, Elvis, and Michael Jackson, plus many more are still alive, and that they have even been spotted attending Trump’s rallies, is going viral on social media. Here is a link which attests this: https://conspiracydailyupdate.com/2020/06/12/still-alive-and-with-trump/ . Aurora mentions the Book of Revelation saying, “There will no longer be a delay!” and “the mystery of God is completed”. This occurs in that book, chapter 10, verses 6-7. Aurora also refers to those she calls “The Betrayers”. These are the angels who originally fell into rebellion with the former archangel, Satan. This is how they are regarded by the angels who did not fall for that lying spirit. She says that those Betrayers live “beyond the wall”, meaning that there is an impenetrable gulf between them, and the wall signifies the fact that (unlike humans) there is no redemption for fallen angels, who we now call archons, demons, or unclean spirits. They are the lawless mischief-makers behind all the evil of this age and those ages before it, empowering and energizing individuals, as well as being the force behind the power-players of the world and their hegemonial structures. Aurora referred to them earlier in the chapter as “you-know-who”, and “the ones who are really behind this whole theatrical shitshow”, and “the discarnate bartenders of darkness who are pulling the strings of humans from their place in the ether”. The ‘mystery of holiness’ to which Aurora refers occurs in Timothy’s first letter, chapter 3, verse 16: “Beyond all doubt, great is the mystery of holiness: The Christ was revealed in the flesh, vindicated by the Spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed among the nations, received by faith in the world, taken up in glory”. This is the ‘mystery of holiness’ (or devotion, or godliness, as some have translated it). Aurora’s whole point is that whereas the ‘mystery of lawlessness’ forces itself visibly upon your world and into the lives of people, the ‘mystery of holiness’ diffuses itself quietly and secretly into the hearts of those who are receptive to it. Faithless people, who see only matter and live solely in the physical realm, have no awareness of this ‘mystery of holiness’ transforming souls across your world. Thus they can have no conception that this is the astonishingly miraculous way in which evil is being overcome in this world during this evil age. Just as the Jews awaited a fancy king to liberate them in the time of the Christ — missing completely that a poor and humble man was their Messiah — so the faithless today, including all QAnon’s followers, expect to see evil overcome in a spectacular visible physical manner rather than in the spiritual transformation of souls. The faithless of all ages live by the outward visible rather than the inward invisible. Aurora’s reference to “this evil age” is a quote from Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, chapter 1, verse 4, which speaks of the Christ “rescuing us from this present evil age”. When Aurora speaks of “certain of us who have been holding that mystery of lawlessness back”, she is referring to what is mentioned in the Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verses 6 & 7, which state that the ‘mystery of lawlessness’ has been restrained from its full outworking, and the ‘man of lawlessness’ has been prevented from being prematurely revealed, thanks to some divinely-appointed power. One presumes that is a benign angelic power (as Aurora asserts), and we see elsewhere that this sort of restraint is indeed exercised by angels (e.g. the Book of Revelation, chapter 7, verse 1). In the same way, we can discover that even fallen angels who have been restrained from carrying out their evil work can be released temporarily from that restraint in order to rain down necessary judgemental mayhem on humanity (e.g. the Book of Revelation, chapter 9, verse 14). When Aurora speaks about this being “an age during which faith must be exercised in promises which appear to have no substance so far from a visible standpoint, and which cannot yet be seen as a physical reality”, she is referring to a text in the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 11, verse 1: “Now faith is the assurance of things being hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”, which is the essence of true faith, which often has to hold fast in the face of a terrible visible reality. When she mentions the Antichrist as seeming to almost everyone in the world to be “the pinnacle of goodness and the sign of victory over evil”, this is a reference to the prophecy in Paul’s Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, in which the Antichrist (who Aurora refers to with the Koine Greek, ‘Antichristos’) is spoken of as coming through Satan’s energizing “in every kind of power and signs and pseudo-wonders”. Thus, the Antichrist will be a pseudo-spiritual, hyper-deceptive figure accepted as a wonderful saviour of the world by everyone except those who have received the ‘mystery of holiness’ diffused by the Christ, for they see right through such pseudo-victorious triumphalism. His revealing will be a crunch-point for humanity, sorting out the wheat from the chaff — revealing the gulf between those who love the Lie (of Satan) and those who love the Truth (of the Christ). In other words, Aurora is suggesting that the people who follow QAnon in his purported triumphalism under such a hollow ‘New Thought’ narcissist as Trump are just as deceived as those who will dissemblingly see the Antichrist as a triumph of humanity over evil — a terrible reckoning, if ever there was one}.

Nathan looked carefully at the being who was before him. He still kept having to pinch himself to realise that she was not only well-informed about world affairs, but she had an overview which was well beyond his paygrade. “There is so much chaos now”, said Nathan. “Crazy plans are being made. I even heard on the grapevine about a number of militia groups coming together for a strike on Washington with rocket launchers and AR-15s”.

A serious expression overlaid Aurora’s face. “Such plans will fail disastrously. Those who have usurped planetary power cannot be stopped — especially not by violent means. The resources of the Conglomerate are endless and merciless. For this is now their hour and the power of darkness. The time is coming for the forces of that darkness to move rapidly towards their crescendo of evil. They do not know it but with each action they take, they are digging an even deeper grave for themselves”.


Then Nathan was astonished to see and hear what happened next with Aurora’s face and words. He had sometimes seen it before when Livinia spoke. It was as if the mousey-haired minefield of information before him had turned on some sacred light which almost blinded him with its intensity. The trees around them began to rustle loudly, as if a storm was approaching, and beneath his feet the ground began to vibrate. This was not in his imagination. Nathan felt a kind of fear well up inside him that was not like any other fear he had ever known. It was based on awe, as if a curtain had been drawn back to reveal elements in the cosmos that no one should normally see, or a trapdoor in the sky opened to give a glimpse of the supernatural power working behind the creation. She took a deep breath and began to speak in a voice which seemed to come from another place, pacing from side to side like a woken giant. Now he did not see a woman anymore. But neither did he see a man. He saw a being beyond description; and her words were terrifying. Continuing to speak about those humans who have insanely usurped the reins of power from their Creator (or so they imagine), she said:

“I could turn their picnic into a bloodbath in a micro-instant. We all could”.

Nathan wondered who the “we” was to whom she was referring. Presumably, it was the “many of us” to whom she referred earlier.

“But that energy is not yet ripe. Up till now we have been holding back what you call satanic power from its full working. Soon there will come the time when we will be commanded to give the untamed souls of those who have no love of truth the unfettered exercise of their godless whims. If you think you have witnessed the full force of human evil, I can tell you that after we stop restraining evil on this planet, you will realise that up till now you have seen nothing yet. Just some amateur dress rehearsals. Caligula, Domitian, Nero, Commodus, et al, the Dark Ages, all the terrible wars, the USSR, Nazi Germany, the Stasi, and so much more — these were mere warm-up practice-runs for what is yet to come, for what must come to pass as surely as the sun will rise in the morning. This is not something which can be reversed by any human schemes. You are powerless to prevent it. It is out of your hands. There is the force of impending judgement hanging over it all. The cup of evil is being filled up by necessity. This is not meant for human interference. When the moment comes for our restraint to be removed…”

… and here Nathan had no choice but to fall to his knees open-mouthed as he realised the full importance of the word “our”…

“… blood will flow like rivers in the streets. The cries of the tortured and slain will rise up to the heavens like incense from a cathedral crypt. For then there will be great suffering unlike anything that has happened from the beginning of the world until now, or ever will happen”.

{Editor’s Note: In that last sentence, Aurora is quoting exactly the actual prophetic words of the Christ in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 21: “…then there will be great suffering unlike anything that has happened from the beginning of the world until now, or ever will happen”. To those who try to claim that those words only refer to the downfall of Jerusalem in AD70, I say this: Anyone who doesn’t have a vested interest in downplaying those words of the Christ can see that they must refer to the end of this age because the ransacking of Jerusalem was only local and not unprecedented, whereas this incomparable “great suffering” will be planetwide and utterly unprecedented}.

Nathan slowly rose to his feet. It was as if the very atoms of the air were buzzing with some kind of acute anticipation. His hair was standing on end as if he were about to be struck by lightning. There were tears running down the face which spoke in front of him, which now addressed him intimately with such urgency that he was riveted to the spot.

“You must tell the world, all those who will listen, about what is coming upon it in the future. This is your calling, your role as a delver. Your name is your role, Nathan Delver. Dig deep. Share your findings. You know all this. Tell them about the soul-healing power of the Light which came in the Christ which is here to be manifested by the Spirit and absorbed right now. Tell them that however dark the world may seem — and it will get darker still — all that evil will be blasted into oblivion when the Christ blazes through the heavens to the earth once the terminal point of darkness has been reached. There will be an end to it all and then the cosmos will be healed and there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Do not keep this to yourself. Shout it from the rooftops. Lead, Nathan, lead! You have reached the stage in your life where you have nothing left to lose and everything to live for in full ! Be the warrior  that the world hates and that your Master loves. Be accommodating where necessary, when the truth deserves it; but never compromise it for anyone or in any way, for that is what betrayal is made of. Again, I say, lead, Nathan, lead! You will lose your bodylife in this world in the process, but those who have ears to hear will hear. Death is not the end but the beginning. All of this is but a mere brief prelude”.


For the first time in his life, Nathan realised completely the full enormity of the creation of the cosmos, along with its downfall and redemption. He looked intently at Aurora and mouthed the words, “Thank you”. He clearly saw how the essence of redemption is at the heart of the creation and is, in fact, its very purpose. He now knew that there can be no personal human or planetary spiritual development without the understanding and experience of redemption, and how, once realised, this can never be taken away. He saw how no one would understand what redemption is, or grace, or mercy, unless there was a creation and humanity to be redeemed. Closing his eyes, expecting to pray, he suddenly recalled a conversation earlier in the year with an acquaintance — a quite well-known poet, in fact — who insisted that she had no need for redemption by anyone or anything else and she was ‘perfectly okay, thank you very much’. This was a claim he had heard from many: “I don’t need saving. I don’t need redemption. I am complete in myself”.

Nathan had replied, though with a kind and gentle tone: “You need redeeming from your own imagined autonomy. It’s a satanic illusion. Only when you’ve submitted your stolen soul to its rightful owner and Creator will you know true peace and see the truth about the universe and then receive the supported autonomy which will be yours. Sure, you can free yourself psychologically from some trauma-induced neuroses. You can free yourself psychologically from a victim mentality. You can free yourself psychologically from dependence and insecurities. But you cannot free yourself spiritually without first submitting to the Power who created you and this whole show”. The last words he said gesturing wildly around him at the whole show. “The naked truth is, as the Christ said of himself: ‘Without me you can do nothing’. By that, he meant nothing of any deep, lasting spiritual significance”.

A wave of anger passed across the woman’s face as she exploded at Nathan like a child caught in the act of stealing from the cookie jar. Nathan responded, “If my words were untrue, you would not have behaved in that manner but would merely have smiled quietly to yourself at my ignorance”. This elicited yet more anger from her, and Nathan quickly removed himself from the situation before it got out of hand. But casting pebbles on the waters always involves making ripples. One might have to wait years for those ripples to appear. They might not even appear until after the pebble-thrower has left this earth. But in this case, three weeks later, Nathan received a message from that woman which went like this:

“Dear Nathan, I owe you an apology. After you spoke to me recently, I couldn’t shake off what you said. It was as if your words were tattooed on my heart in indelible ink and burned into me relentlessly. I was thrown into terrible anguish. I have known dark nights of the soul (though I never even believed in a soul), but not like that one. It was the word ‘creator’ which niggled me the most. It is something I have naturally rejected but never really thought about. Suddenly, I was confronted with it and had to grapple with it. To cut a long story short, I crazily found myself doing something which I always found ridiculous. Praying. I didn’t call it that at first, but I was like having this dialogue which started off as a monologue, with me saying stuff like, ‘If you’re there, then show yourself to me!’ I was persistent, believing that nothing would happen, and I would be the victor. But then something snapped, and I broke down like a little child and I found myself crying and a wave of weakness came over me such as I’ve never known before. I felt that the power at which I was shouting made me experience that weakness as a way of showing it was there, while at the same time bringing me face-to-face with vital truths about myself. I realised that all these years of my life I have been ‘toughing it out’, feigning independence, putting myself on an imaginary pedestal. I had no one who truly supported me as a child, so I built up this barrier of what you called ‘imagined autonomy’. I realised that parents are only in loco parentis for the true parent, the creator, for life cannot just have happened randomly from nothing. To think that, I now realise, is the height of stupidity, and I have been so stupid for so long. I also realised how easily the possibility of a relationship with the parent-creator gets messed up by one’s relationship with one’s childhood parents. I am amazed to be even speaking like this, but it is as if a veil has been lifted from my mind and my perceptions, and each epiphany I have leads on to further epiphanies, and so on. As a poet, I’ve always taken the classic atheist/agnostic stance and thought that was really cool. But it’s not at all cool to wear one’s ignorance on one’s sleeve like some kind of  cursed talisman! Now I just wanna know more about all this. Where does the Christ you mentioned fit into it all. I have a feeling that is the big question. Can we meet? I promise I won’t get mad at you again! LOL!”

Nathan came back to himself from his microsecond of reminiscence and opened his eyes. The air had grown still, and Aurora stood there quietly with a beatific expression on her face. She then spoke almost in a whisper:

“You are going to see two kinds of reactions developing in the immediate future. Many will harden their hearts against spiritual truth and, lost in a welter of self-centredness, will become marionettes of the promised world order, sycophants of the godless, spook-driven system and pawns in the hands of the Betrayers. At the same time, like the woman you just thought about, there will be those who will eschew the idea of imagined independence and have a whole supernatural world open up for them as they realise that they are created beings with a destiny to be fulfilled, which most likely will involve martyrdom as the world spirals into a vortex of Creator-despising human evil coming to its climax. Thus, while evil proliferates as far as the naked physical eye is concerned, those with inner eyesight will discern that a silent spiritual revolution is being stealthily enacted across your earth behind all the scenes of evil. The Light of the Christ is continually at work. The Spirit never sleeps. So, a radical body of disciples is being raised up throughout this evil age in the form of what the Christ called “my ekklesia”, against which he said that the gates of Hades can never prevail. This is the truth, Nathan Delver. Now I thank you with all my heart for our brief meeting. These last years here have shown me things I would never have known had they not been granted to me. I have seen many crazy things, many hideous things, but above all, I have witnessed the process of human spiritual metamorphosis; and, as you know, we love to look into these things! Now I must depart. But we will meet again, and you know when. Till then, discharge your mission without fear or doubt. Livinia will contact you soon”.

{Editor’s Note: When Aurora says, “as you know, we love to look into these things”, she is echoing a phrase in the sacred writings, where Peter (in the twelfth verse of the first chapter of his first letter) speaks about the prophets having not served themselves but that they serve all who will listen, about the process of redemption and spiritual transformation, and how much “the angels long to catch a glimpse of those things”}.

Aurora then gave him a look which could have etched itself into the rocks, placed her hand on her heart, then said with great emphasis: “I love you”. She turned to one side and walked off into the trees. Then he heard a helicopter nearby and after less than half a minute, a shot rang out, echoing through the forest. Nathan ran in the direction in which Aurora had walked. It was the path back to the road. But after reaching the spot where she most likely would have been when the shot was fired, there was nothing there. It had only taken him fifteen seconds to get there. He walked a little further, then back to the spot. He looked around in a kind of bewilderment and began to search the area. Then he saw it. Nestling under a bush was Aurora’s fat notebook. He opened it and there inside the cover was a note saying, “WYSIDNWYG, though I was real”, and her little drawing of a flower with some tiny writing by it saying, ‘The Unexpected Gift’.

“She must have just dematerialised”, he said to himself with astonishment, for he could find no other explanation for the lack of a body and not a trace of blood. There had been no time to remove it. Then he remembered that she said, “No one does anything to me that I haven’t volunteered for”. He tried to get his head around how she acquired a body in the first place. But he quickly realised that was outside his paygrade or, as he thought, ‘upgrade’. In any case, headshots from a sniper are not pretty. The whole head just peels open like a banana-skin. He was glad he didn’t have to find that. He was in a state of shock from what had taken place over these last two days, though Livinia had prepared him somewhat. But he was also extremely elated from having her notebook in his possession, which he would ensure fell into the right hands. He walked back to the car park. When he got there, her car was gone, and his own car had four flat tyres. This time, it wasn’t Aurora.

A note was on the windscreen. It said, “It’s your turn next, smartass. You was warned”. Nathan smiled. In fact, his smile turned into laughter. No fear was in him whatsoever. After all, what could humans who had chosen a pathway of doom do to a crazy man who walked with angels?

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