THERE IS AN EVIL COMING UPON THIS EARTH which will be beyond your wildest imagination. Far worse even than what has been envisaged in any extreme ‘science-fiction’ literature. To put it in the most basic terms, research and development groups and laboratories are planning to intrude into your body and brain in ways that will bring fundamental changes to the human species. They will claim it is for the benefit of medicine (nothing new there). That is the front — always made to look like something beneficial. But you know very well that it will be used in more macabre ways than that by the unscrupulous forces of darkness which think they control this world.

You may not realise it but by recently allowing the pharmaceutical cabal to penetrate your body with an experimental liquid, you are paving the way towards much more serious and mindboggling alterations of your unique God-given constitution. The current pseudo-vaccine is certainly experimental pharmaceutically. But much more importantly it is also experimental psychologically (naturally, because it is part of a psychological operation, a psyop). If you have been compliant with that, then you will more than likely be compliant with whatever else they have in the pipeline for you — and, believe me, they’ve hardly even started yet with their skulduggery — beginning with a pill containing a microscopic digital tracking system [see & ] and going on from there to make unthinkable incursions into your body, psyche and even your soul.

Your compliance with government ‘fear projects’ which use ‘atrocity propaganda’ to manipulate you is what has been taking place for the past sixteen months: The testing of human compliance with governmental intrusion into every aspect of your lives… from telling you who you can hug, where you can go, and for how long you should wash your hands, to frightening you into grassing on your neighbours and receiving a fluid into your body with as yet unknown long-term effects — while they themselves behave just as they wish without any constraints, when you are not looking, for obvious reasons. 😉 This playing at God by godless authorities will soon begin to morph seamlessly into the creation of a global government of totalitarian proportions (under a leader about which I will develop in a later section) which will make Hitler’s and Stalin’s efforts seem like a girl scouts’ garden party. This godless totalitarianism is graphically portrayed and prophesied in the Book of Revelation as working like a yeast through this present age then climaxing towards the end of it. Never before at any point in human history have all the elements in the world been sufficiently in place to enable this to happen; but now they are: Instant global communications, outlandish scientific developments and experiments, hideous weapons systems (the most recent being the upcoming “Sword of Armageddon” intercontinental ballistic missile system), directed-energy weapons (to be used as a means of generating social compliance), the complete control of corporate mass media, vast corrupt corporate monopolies, international intelligence operations (bridged with the various mafiosi and organised crime), military forces (including a massive number of military contractors and special forces), and a secret power-elite controlling everything.

What we are witnessing is not merely aspects of human folly which people imagine can be adjusted through political elections and similar interventions. It goes way beyond that. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle of gargantuan proportions involving angels and demons (archons). The fact that such a statement would be regarded by most as being outlandish, extremist, and crazy shows how far humanity has strayed from Truth and has loved the lie. About two-thousand years ago, a cosmic event took place which meant not only that the gauntlet was thrown down in the spiritual battle but also that the battle was technically won. (How it was won will be the subject of a later section). I speak of the “dropping in” to this earth of the Christ, who proclaimed shortly before His execution (in one of the most important central verses of the Bible), “Now is the judgement of this world. Now the ruler of this world will be cast out [literally, evicted]” (Gospel of John, chapter 12, verse 31). That phrase “the ruler of this world” (in Greek, “ho archōn tou kosmou”) was referring to the archangel (and arch-archon) Satan who usurped that rulership long ago in the distant annals of time (as we will see in §4 below). He and his forces of darkness (fallen angels) have been vainly fighting against that ever since. So, these last two-thousand years (and however much longer remains before the end of this age) constitute a lengthy ‘mopping-up operation’ (to put it in military terms) during which the satanic realm has been under some restraint (to prevent the premature formation the satanic empire) while souls who become the disciples of the Christ have been, and are being, gathered into a people who are far more than dumbly human, now being indwelt by the Holy Spirit. As is revealed in the Book of Revelation and other prophecies in the Bible, at some stage, that restraint will be completely removed and then all hell will be let loose in one final futile sortie by the forces of darkness on earth.

This is where the Book of Revelation comes into its own. For it reveals what is really going on by pulling aside the back-curtain of the world’s theatre so we can understand the complex machinery which operates the stage props and the spiritual script (of darkness or Light) which prompts the actors on the stage. That, my friends, is what apocalypse is all about. Revelation. The revealing of the work of the Christ and His angels behind the scenes so His disciples on the temporary stage of this earth will fully understand what is happening on that stage and beyond it and thereby be encouraged by it. For only those who endure to the end as His disciples will be saved (His words, many times). That takes faith and courage to withstand that ride. Such qualities are nurtured in the pages of the Book of Revelation for those who grasp it with their whole being.

[The above material is extracted from various bits of my rapidly growing book, currently standing at 70 paperback pages with 23,000 words, on the Book of Revelation. So far, I’m up to chapter 6. Only another 16 chapters to go 😊].

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