IF I WERE TO TELL YOU that some crucial knowledge had been deliberately kept from you, would you be intrigued to find out what it was? I know I would! So, today I’m going to share with you some such knowledge. However, it comes with a caveat: Once you have received that knowledge, it will be like having the key to your eternal future, for better or for worse. For you can chose to take it on board as the truth and then it will be to you like an everlasting spring in a desert. Or you can choose to reject it all as absolute poppycock and then it will be to you like a black hole from which there can be no exit. So I hope you will read on after the first sentence in the next but one paragraph. I can promise that for many of you this will most likely be information that you have never heard before in this kind of detail. Yet, it is knowledge which is actually in the public domain. But it is knowledge that has been deliberately kept from you. So far. Now it will be yours. So please read on…

I am not being dramatic. When it comes to this information, I do not have to be. It carries its own stagecraft, tragic or triumphant. I will not be banging on about this incessantly because, firstly, I’m not selling soap powder, plus I don’t want to come across as a fanatic and thereby jeopardise what I want to achieve by sharing it. I just want to make sure that in this world of (often deliberate) obfuscation and deliberate lies, I bring some hard but beautiful truth onto the stage.

Manufactured Reasons for Rejecting Spiritual Truth

So first I’m going to speak to you about the extraordinary being commonly called “the Christ”. You may want to roll your eyes and say, “Oh no! Not that stuff again!” I can understand that reaction. It’s hardly surprising. Many people vehemently reject the very idea of even a historical Christ because of an earlier unfortunate collision they may have had with false ideas about Him. Maybe they went along to a church and were marginalised there because they didn’t dress ‘correctly’, or they wore a shark’s-tooth necklace which some spiritually-paranoid folks there deemed to be ‘demonised’ “because it came from India” 🙄, or maybe they were judged because they didn’t dot every doctrinal “i” and cross every catechistic “t” which was required of them, or maybe they were psychologically abused (as happens to many who naively hang out in those institutions which falsely call themselves “churches” today, for there are many counterfeits). Or maybe they had a nasty ‘educational’ experience with some cruel nuns in a convent as a child. Maybe they encountered a pervert priest who promised them ‘absolution’ with a dose of ‘unction’ if they would let him have his wicked way with them. Maybe they had fundamentalist parents who tried to brainwash them with rigid religiosity, legalistic regulations, unloving strictness, and misplaced prudishness. Maybe they studied history and saw how cruel and unChristlike so much of what has professed to be “the church” has been, with its state power, popes, inquisitions, bloody crusades, witch-hunts, endless sectarianism, theological squabbles, doctrinal perfectionism, spiteful judgementalism and fanatical ‘error-spotting’, power struggles and perversions. Maybe they have observed the huge number of cultish “churches” indulging in recommended wacky behaviour (such as speaking gobbledegook in a so-called “private prayer-language” or laughing hysterically and falling down when a ‘pastor’ zaps them on the forehead), or propagating the satanic ‘New Thought’ notion that spirituality can be measured by how much wealth you can attract and how healthy you are. Maybe they studied so-called “theology” in a liberal institution and realised that it was just godless philosophy. Maybe they watched some nutty “rapture” movie, or heard someone explaining the Book of Revelation as if it was all to be taken absolutely literally and entirely futuristically. Maybe they went along to a so-called “megachurch” and wondered what the Sunday entertainment could have to do with ‘worship’. Maybe they wondered how a “Christian” denomination which owns billions in stocks and shares and massive tracts of land — not to mention fancy outfits costing thousands and highly ornate cathedrals and gilded baubles — could remain uncompromised and reflect “the simplicity which is in Christ”. People can uphold a vast number of reasons why they should find the very idea of Christ to be obnoxious. Sad to say, those reasons above are valid and understandable (though they are still excuses because Truth should always defeat any misrepresentations of it). It’s a tragedy, but not an unexpected one, as I will show below — for all those above situations have been a very clever way of keeping vital knowledge deliberately hidden from you by providing an excuse not to believe.

The Misrepresentation of the Christ is All Part of the Spiritual Battle

What if I was to tell you that the public misrepresentation of Christ and the Bible have all been part of a spiritual battle that began aeons ago and has rippled down the ages until our own day and will do so beyond until the end of this age? What if I was then to tell you that the reason for all the bad stuff in this world — war, violence, conflict, disease, geophysical and meteorological catastrophes (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, global temperature changes. etc.), inequality, fractured relationships, greed, selfishness, narcissism, hardness of heart, and even death itself — goes right back to a rupture which took place between the Creator of this cosmos and human beings? What if I was to tell you that this took place because of the interference in the human world by discarnate entities from another dimension — angels who, with an archangel that we call Satan, ‘fell’ from their position through pride and thus became known as ‘demons’? What if I was to tell you that the being which we call “the Christ” (which comes from the Greek word meaning the one who has been anointed, in the way that kings used to be) was specially sent to this earth to deal with that demonic realm and overthrow it through the most astonishing battle strategy ever pulled off in the history of this cosmos? What if I was to tell you that the reason why that demonic realm wants you to think that Christ and the Bible are outmoded mythical nonsense is so that you will not discover who He really is and what the Bible really teaches? For this is the knowledge which has been deliberately kept from you.

This is like some outlandish science-fiction story, only it isn’t fiction. It is reality. In four particular sacred texts, it is stated very clearly why the Christ had His mission to come to earth and how He Christ would overthrow the demonic world-system which had been in place for aeons. Here they are:

  • “The whole world is under the power of the evil one” (First Letter of John, chapter 5, verse 19). The “evil one” here is that fallen archangel that we call “Satan”, and we see that everyone born into this world, without exception, is under the power of Satan and his realm of demons (fallen angels). Most people are ‘sleepwalking’ through their lives and will be entirely unaware of that influence over them. The fact that they will just continue to be brainwashed by the many facets of a broken, God-denying society is enough to keep them from waking up to truth and reality. So well-programmed are they that if someone tries to reveal spiritual truth to them, they will instantly deny it and regard those who do so as insane (as many will do about what I am writing in this article).
  • “The Son of God [the Christ] was revealed to destroy the works of the devil” (First Letter of John, chapter 3, verse 8). The “devil” is just another name given to the fallen archangel, Satan. But this shows very clearly the real reason for Christ coming into this world. There is no other way to be released from being under the influence of Satan, other than by Christ. You can burn all the sage in a ‘smudge’ that you like, recite whatever ‘incantations’ you want, try any old superstitious routine that you can muster. The reality is that the Christ was manifested to destroy the satanic realm of archons and all its works. Nothing and no one else. Ever.
  • Christ said before His death: “Now is the judgement of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out” (Gospel of John, chapter 12, verse 31. The fallen archangel, Satan, had come to be the “ruler of this world” though the trickery he exercised against the first humans. He had known that a special One was coming to destroy him and he did everything he could to anticipate that down the ages. When he discovered that the Christ had been born, he even instigated Herod to “put to death all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under”. But, try as he might, he could not succeed in eliminating the Christ (who is the real ruler of this world). When Christ went to His death, that is what caused Satan to be “cast out” from his usurped rulership of this cosmos. I will develop this later in this essay.
  • Christ said before His death: “The ruler of this world is coming; but he has no claim on me” (Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 30). This is really the heart of everything. Satan having no claim on the Christ is the very reason that the cosmos continues at all even now, and it is the reason that human beings can find a way out of the spiritual trap in which they find themselves. I will explain all this further below.

You see, for aeons the world has been stuck in a satanic nightmare of decay, corruption, and death, due to Satan’s original interference in the human creation on earth. The demonic realm then gained a foothold in this cosmos and has been since then attempting to create an earthly empire across the globe which is all part of a vast spiritual battle. The story of the Tower of Babel was a notable event in that battle, as a confederation of peoples tried to make a name for itself and set itself up against the Being who created this cosmos, who we call “God”. But it was divinely broken up. Since then, the Creator has been restraining that satanic empire from coming to its fullness; but there will come a time when those restraints will be taken away and all hell will be let loose on earth as the satanic empire comes to its climax in a one-world government on the back of a global merger of the world’s religions — by which I principally mean Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and even the pretended religion of “Christianity” (for the Christ never came to start a religion, and the Vatican, Canterbury, and the major denominations do not really represent Christ and are a satanic counterfeit) — all for the pretended goal of “peace and security”.

This climax of ‘civilisation’ is prophesied in the Bible; yet so many ridicule or detest it because of the lies they have been told about it. Many eagerly believe that a one-world government is coming but they will not believe the real reason why that should be: Human and demonic evil naturally coming to is head. There are even many who will willingly believe that the primary institutions of this world under the force of the ‘power-elite’ are inspired by Satan, yet they will not recognise that this is all prophesied in the Bible — neither will they accept that the Christ is the Being who was sent by God to defeat Satan. It is highly illogical to believe that there is such a thing as Satan if one refuses to believe in the Christ who was sent to defeat him! It is also prophesied in the Bible that this global governmental-religious confederation will be headed up by a satanically-energised human to whom the sacred texts refer as “the man of lawlessness” (Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 3) and “the Antichrist” (First Letter of John, chapter 2, verse 18). His revealing will be the culmination of what the sacred texts call “the mystery of lawlessness” (Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 7) and “the spirit of the Antichrist” (First Letter of John, chapter 4, verse 3), both of which have been operating throughout human history in preparation for his being revealed, and are still operational today more than ever before. So, if you want a framework in which to understand all the many conspiracies which one can see happening all around us, this is it! Actually, the real conspiracy of conspiracies is the one to keep you ignorant of the fact that the Christ came as God in the flesh to overcome Satan. That is the mother of all conspiracies, so that the knowledge about Christ and the truth of His mission has deliberately been concealed from you.

All of this is revealed in the Bible; yet most still ridicule those ideas and think that the Bible is just some dodgy bunch of random writings cobbled together by a rigid religious quango in either the fourth century or the seventeenth (or both). Nothing could be further from the truth. Once one takes religious associations out of the way, the Bible can then be seen as an extraordinary document more amazing than any science-fiction literature or movie. This, again, is knowledge which has been deliberately kept from you in order to render you spiritually ignorant.

On at least two occasions (as we see in the four key quotations above), Christ referred to Satan as “the ruler of this world”. The fallen archangel has been the usurper “ruler of this world” in ways far beyond what most people would be able to imagine. Because they cannot physically see any evidence of him or his forces of demons (which is what fallen angels are), they assume that it is all mumbo-jumbo. But the satanic realm has not only been interfering in all possible facets of human behaviour, interaction and relationships, but also in state institutions and structures, organisations of governance (both national and global), wars and pandemics, geophysical cataclysms and mass upheavals, even interfering in the deaths of humans, for he thinks he has claims on all those who he has enslaved throughout their lives in his web of deceptions and whose minds from which he has deliberately kept the knowledge of truth and which he has darkened in their understanding, thus retaining them in a state of ignorance and wilful stupefaction. To be enslaved to Satan through our moral failure (Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 34), means being held captive under the power of darkness (Letter to the Colossians, chapter 1, verse 13; Book of Acts, chapter 26, verse 18), and subjugated by the one who holds the power of death, Satan (see the Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 2, verse 14), which is why he is described as “the destroyer” (Book of Revelation, chapter 9, verse 11). That is a real cocktail of slavery and dominion, and it affects every member of the human race, unless we undergo the necessary personal transformation, which I will be going into below. Again, this is knowledge which has deliberately been kept from you.

God Was Not Taken by Surprise by the Fall of Satan or that of Humanity

It should here be emphasised that all this satanic madness has not been something which took the Creator of this cosmos by surprise, so to speak. It is all part of the Divine plan to restore the world from demonic control, destroy that satanic realm, then take this cosmos to another level altogether in what the Bible calls “the new heaven and new earth”, in which “there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things will have passed away” (as it says in the Book of Revelation, chapter 21, the penultimate chapter of the Bible). God knew very well that through freewill, there was the potential for pride and imagined autonomy, in both His angelic and human creations. For the cosmos in its present format is not the finished product. When this present aeon has come to an end and the cosmos has been transformed, there will be no more satanic realm and those humans who will pass into the new creation will no longer have the potential for a Fall. This whole show is just a temporary ‘stepping-stone’ designed to teach us some huge lessons, which I will outline below.

The Need to Be Realigned with the Divine

If you want to find a way out of this whole satanic mess and revolutionise your life in a welter of transformation, the only way is through the true spiritual pathway opened up by the Christ. Not the pseudo-spiritual paths which promise you “enlightenment” or “self-actualisation” or “discovering your own divinity”. Quite frankly, those are satanic scams designed to deliberately conceal the truth from you. I have watched people chase those will-o-the-wisp goals throughout their whole lives but, apart from the virtual-signalling and pretended ‘coolness’, they were no further on after decades of trying. I trod that path myself for a while many moons ago, until I saw through it. The phony gurus and New Age teachers who peddle this stuff get richer and richer while the devotees become more addicted to their clever philosophies. For that is all it is: Philosophy. They look convincing with their robes, beards, and clever jargon. But it is all empty talk designed by the realm of darkness (posing as angels of light) to deliberately keep you from receiving the real knowledge. For the promised enlightenment is false, a phony treadmill for you to be distracted from what should really be happening in in your life. Satan has had a heyday through selling these ideas. I mean what better way to inveigle the world than to convince them that they are going to be reincarnated over and over again. And billions believe that! It’s another chimera, as is proven in the book, “Stripping the Gurus“. These gurus and teachers are numbered among the “false christs” and “false prophets”, which the Christ warned about with great seriousness, and which began as soon as He had ascended to heaven. First up were the Gnostics, which gave rise to a huge flood of wacky teachings involving Demiurges and Pleromas and hell-knows-what-else deliberately designed to distract people from the truth about Christ, the real Christ and His life-giving experience on the cross. Even today, the husk of Gnosticism has found its way into ‘New Age’ teachings through such characters as Helena Blavatsky, Annie Besant, and Alice Bailey. This twisted the true Christ into a false one — which in New Age jargon is referred to as “the Christ within”, as if anyone, regardless of their comportment, can plug into that through meditation. Thus, they are peddling a mysticism which is deliberately concealing knowledge of the truth from you. In fact, to claim that spirituality is all about “finding the Christ within” — which essentially denies that Christ came in the flesh to overthrow Satan on the cross — is what John calls “the spirit of the Antichrist” (First Letter of John, chapter 4, verses 2-3). It is the ‘spirit of the Antichrist’ which has been deceiving the world for aeons. So, the way out of this satanic mess is not to be found in pseudo-spirituality or philosophy.

Neither is the way out of this satanic mess to be found in social change or political action. There may be some minor ameliorations to be had from a social standpoint, but the way will not be found to get out of this satanic mess. So that is just another distraction. Therefore, I want to explain, as clearly as possible, what happened two-thousand years ago which was a game-changer in spiritual terms, and which reveals to us the true ‘spiritual path’ to which I referred at the beginning of the previous paragraph. That pathway involves discipleship to the Christ — not the false Christ of pseudo-spirituality or the counterfeit churches (of which there are many), but the real Christ who is the true Ruler of the cosmos and King of this world. This pathway and this true Christ is knowledge which has been deliberately kept from you, as part of the ages-long spiritual battle. Let me open this up even more.

First, it is important to understand that the real problem with human beings is their alienation from the Divine. This was the main element which came about as a result of wandering down satanic paths a very long time ago. For after the ‘fall’ of angels, there came the ‘fall’ of humanity who were deceived by those fallen angels, which resulted in not only human beings but the entire cosmos being shifted by their Creator into a lower dimension — the seemingly ‘solid’ matter that is now wracked through with death, decay, corruption, geo-physical or astronomical catastrophes, disease, conflict, grief, and anomie. This is the kind of ‘judgement’ which happens naturally when people reject the will of the Divine and begin to imagine that they can live a life of autonomy based on their own narcissistic preferences. And before you ridicule that idea, think about the way that so many today are perfectly okay with the notion that “Mother Nature”, or “Gaia”, brings catastrophe on the earth if humans go against the laws of nature. So why not also accept that the Divine Being that we can call “God” will also deal with humanity in such a cataclysmic way if they refuse to walk in the pathway of His laws.

The Real Meaning of ‘The Wrath of God’

Really, this is what the so-called “wrath of God” is all about, which I should explain here before going any further as it has been grossly misrepresented. We should not imagine an angry ‘god’ waiting to be appeased like in the realms of mythology. It is not about human-style anger but is just a natural consequence of being out of sync with the Divine being, for that brings disastrous consequences — just like the New Age environmentalist idea of “Gaia” or “Mother Nature” serving up catastrophes if humans do not respect nature. Let me put it like this: God is like a timeless ‘Cosmic Vortex’ of inconceivable energy which is as incandescent as love magnified an infinite number of times; and within that ‘Cosmic Vortex’, there is no place for anything which is impure to continue in its impurity. It will have to undergo a total transformation, for better or for worse. To try and put something impure into that vortex would be like throwing faecal matter into the Sun. It would instantly be vaporised. And that is the issue with humans. Their ‘impurity’ has gone off the scale, resulting in alienation from the Divine.

From a space-traveller’s viewpoint, that ‘Cosmic Vortex’ would be interpreted as ‘hostile’. It reminds me of some daft Hollywood movie when a huge alien entity arrives in Central Park or similar venue in a nebulous swirling mass, assumed to be threatening (which it is, but only to those who are hostile to it); and the army farcically turns up with all manner of weapons, such as standard artillery guns and rocket launchers (to the sound of virile march music), assuming it to be hostile, and fires at it, only for each hapless soldier wielding a weapon to be sucked into the alien’s vortex and vaporised. Well it’s like that with God. If you regard God, the One who created you, as a hostile entity and start taking ‘a pop’ at Him, living contrary to His will for you, ignoring His natural and Divine laws, putting yourself on a pedestal, ridiculing or persecuting His disciples, there will be a fallout of your own making. Now we have a metaphorical (and metaphysical) matrix, simplistic though it is, through which to understand the meaning which lies behind the term, ‘the wrath of God’. Please understand that I am not implying that God is an impersonal blind force with no compassion, love, benevolence, or mercy. For that could not be the case or Christ as a person would never have manifested (as I will show below, for He is the human ‘face’ of God). I am simply using a literary device to communicate an image of ‘the wrath of God’ so that we can better understand it.

As Christ Himself said: “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. Whoever rejects the Son will not see life. Instead, the wrath of God remains on him” (Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 36).  From these words, we can see that anyone who rejects the Christ is already living under “the wrath of God”, which simply means being totally out of sync with the Divine being and therefore unprotected by Him and subject to the same force of opposition which we saw happened to those soldiers above in my illustration of the ‘Cosmic Vortex’. If one continues to reject the truth about the Christ in totality (especially the truth that He was manifested in the flesh) for the whole of one’s life, then “the wrath of God remains on him”, for such rejection is part of what I referred to further above as “the spirit of the Antichrist”, which involves the height of impurity.

However, when one follows the Christ who is the Light of God (I do not mean merely verbal or mental assent but a life-changing belief in everything He represents and stands for at the very heart of your being), a massive change occurs. Instead of being out of kilter with the ‘Cosmic Vortex’ of God the Creator, you will be aligned with it, in tune with it, flowing with it, and will thus not be subject to what we can call its ‘frequency-fury’ which ultimately leads to the death of the soul but will instead “have eternal life”. You will find that the ‘Cosmic Vortex’ of God will assist you in your own life-process. You will become a partaker in that vortex in your own life. This is a very beautiful thing — to be working alongside that ‘Cosmic Vortex’ instead of being crushed by its perfect forcefield.

So, through this image of a ‘Cosmic Vortex’, we have a way to understand the reality of ‘the wrath of God’, if that is useful for you. That ‘wrath’ is the natural result of impurity being unable to remain unscathed by the very existence of the Divine ‘Cosmic Vortex’ of Purity and Love. It must simply disintegrate and vaporise. This is why it is said that “it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 10, verse 31). As Christ Himself said: “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 10, verse 28). Indeed. Just let those words roll around in your hea(rt)d for a little while.

Maybe you think of yourself as “doing perfectly okay without God, thank you very much”. You may say “I am an atheist and I think that Jesus is a myth, but I’m not crushed by any silly vortex”. Ah, but the crushedness may not show itself fully until either one’s death occurs (after which there is a personal judgement) or Christ returns (at which there is the global judgement). Ultimatel, resisting that ‘Cosmic Vortex’ is futile. Either way, there are those who will experience God as Light and those who will experience God as a consuming fire. If a human being is open to do so, the glory of God will appear as Light; otherwise, God will be seen and experienced as a consuming fire. Heaven and hell are not so much three-dimensional situations but rather the way that God is experienced by those who love His glory and those who do not. Those who believe in and follow the Light of God in Christ will be purified and empowered by it, whereas those who reject that Light will be burned-up and destroyed by it. This is the great message of the Christ, the embodiment of the Light of the Divine for our time. For hell is not a specific geographical location where God, in His wrath, sends people, as if in a fit of pique or temper. The fiery ‘Cosmic Vortex’ of God is a joyful and transcendent experience to the one who is transformed by it and who seeks to be a partaker in it and who wishes to be cleansed of all impurities. But it is a bottomless pit of outer darkness, despair, torment, destruction, and complete spiritual alienation for the one who rejects it. The former is the way to life and the latter is the way of death.

Truly, when we reject God and His Christ, we bring a whole raft of darkness down on ourselves. It’s not as if there has been no warning. After the Fall of humanity way back in time and the subsequent judgement, it was as if the Creator was saying to us:

“Okay then. Have it your way. You think you can do without Me and live your life as if it was not a gift, and then invent your foolish philosophies, scientific hubris, and religious nonsense. So now you will learn the greatest lesson of all: That without Me you can do nothing of any real significance”.

Thus, the whole experience of being in this world is one for our learning. That is what we are here to do: To learn from our Creator, if we will take it on board. If we are the learners, then that can only mean one thing…

God is the Ultimate Teacher

It is not as if God is some nasty, spiteful judge. He is actually a Teacher of the highest order — the very best — and real teachers use three different methods of teaching in their work. The first is by example (for which we primarily have the Christ). The second is by actual instruction, known as ‘didactics’ (for which we have the Bible and those who interpret it well). The third is known as ‘heuristics’ — whereby one allows the pupil to learn through their own experience, even if it can sometimes be bitter experience. It takes a highly perceptive teacher to carry out that last method. At a very basic level, such a teacher (which could be a parent too) might allow a child to touch a hot radiator in order for that child to understand why s/he should not touch it. Obviously, this always has to be done responsibly.

Now imagine that God is the teacher and humans are the pupils. He had put this world into this condition of death, corruption, and decay as a way of teaching us through our experience what a mess happens when we separate ourselves from Divine law and imagine that we are autonomous. Such is the seriousness of that. Yet, how many are willing or open to learn that lesson? What do you do when you are a child and a parent gives you an eye-opening lesson? You are filled with sorrow, and you apologise. Now, if you apply that to the Divine, the sorrow and apology is going to be with the whole of one’s being. I’m talking like throw oneself to the floor and realise what a mess one has made of things on one’s own account. Feeling that longing to be back in sync with the Divine. When you were a kid, think how nice it was to be ‘in your parent’s good books’ with all of you getting along because you weren’t behaving like a moron. Now magnify that an infinite number of times and you get some idea of how glorious it is to be aligned with God and His will and His wisdom. It is life-changing in every sense. Yet, the majority utterly reject the notion of Divine law and are hellbent on doing things entirely their own way, whatever the cost; and therein lies the reason for the rupture in relationship with the Divine. There is a name for this. Sin. I know… it’s a loaded and old-fashioned word, so let’s deconstruct it to see what it is really all about.

Deconstructing the Idea of “Sin” (so that it makes perfect sense)

From the early New Testament manuscripts (which were written in Koine Greek), the word ‘sin’ is an English translation of the word ἁμαρτία, hamartia, which is derived from ἁμαρτάνω, hamartano, which means ‘to miss the mark’ (as in missing the bullseye of a target with a bow and arrow). These words are derived from the negative prefix “ἁ” coupled with μέρος, meros, meaning a part or a share. Thus, what really lies behind the word translated as ‘sin’ is a moral failure, failing to hit the target in one’s life in some way and thus losing one’s share in which one should rightfully have a part. That, in turn, is merely a symptom of something far deeper. There is no point in merely being sorry or regretful about a single act of moral failure if what caused that act in the first place — the underlying cause of it — has not been dealt with. It is that underlying cause which is the problem, rather than any individual sins themselves. When the underlying cause has been dealt with, then the propensity for moral failure will diminish accordingly. Thus, one does not need primarily to ‘repent’ of each of our individual sins as that could go on forever! Instead, one needs to be completely transformed in the renewing of our minds and hearts so that everyday sins, moral failures, become far less prevalent in our lives. That involves re-establishing a relationship with one’s Creator. For that is the underlying cause behind all moral failure, behind all the many ways that one misses the mark with one’s actions, ‘sin’ — call it what you will. When a person truly rediscovers his or her Creator and begins to understand that alienation from God is the root cause of moral failure, then s/he will naturally and humbly ask for forgiveness from the bottom of his or her heart and will begin to live in tune with the Divine law which has been established by the Creator at the heart of this cosmos. This way, inevitably, there will be an individual personal transformation of gargantuan life-changing significance. And this transformation is the true meaning of the word ‘repentance’, which is a translation of the Greek word, metanoia, which I will also now deconstruct.

Deconstructing the Process of “Repentance” (so that its beauty can be seen)

An extraordinary process is at work when this Spirit-driven metanoia first occurs. I say “first occurs” because, once started, metanoia is a never-ending process of life in this world for a disciple of the Christ, follower of His Light, and devotee of the true God. For you discover the astonishing fact that as soon as you begin even slightly to turn away from putting yourself on a pedestal, grasping the fact that your life up till then has been a sham, and realising the centrality of the Divine power behind the whole creation, and feeling the urge to run towards that power with great sorrow in your heart, and feel as if you are falling in love with that power, then that power will begin to run towards you faster than the speed of light! This is the truth (and is the meaning behind the parable known as ‘the prodigal son’, Gospel of Luke, chapter 15, verses 11-32, especially verse 20)! Thereafter, in the wake of such a transformation, you will no longer be alone with all your former desperation, hellish stress, and nightmarish fears; but you will find yourself in the company of others the world over who are going down a similar spiritual pathway. This is the ekklesia, the true church, and not the counterfeit one which you can see all around you in a myriad examples (about which I will have more to say below).

So, the repentance of the initiate disciple of Christ involves a life-changing alteration of the human being at the deepest level — a realisation of the folly of one’s previous path of moral failure and a complete dedication to the new spiritual pathway which the Christ will reveal. Repentance begins with a deep sense of shame before God. Shame for one’s blindness, egocentricity, and hardness of heart. But how many are ashamed of anything today or are even willing to engage in honest self-examination? “Love yourself as you are” seems to be the slogan of this civilisation. But shame at one’s foolishness and moral failure is something which comes naturally to the person who is genuinely coming to Christ, and it is the start of a spiritual process of insight lasting over a lifetime. People speak derogatorily about ‘shaming’, as if there is something wrong with being ashamed of behaving irresponsibly or antisocially. They want to act with impunity and be ashamed of nothing, a sure sign of the narcissistic disintegration of ‘civilisation’. But reason tells us that even at a societal level, the system of ‘shame and honour’ in society leads to increased order and a healthier society. When people stop being able to feel shame when it is appropriate, society degenerates into a welter of narcissistic chaos. It is an uphill struggle today to encourage people to understand the essential need for metanoia, as they are not even willing to entertain the preliminary idea of their own moral failure and the need for shame. By ‘shame’ here, I am referring to a creative shame which seeks to move on in a spirit of metanoia and a resultant forgiveness, rather than endlessly wallowing in self-pity. It is a shame which has a purpose: that of cleansing. Cathartic shame.

Such deep repentance or metanoia is the highway to spiritual growth. In the wake of this repentance you will be, as it were, ‘fast-tracked’ on many different levels. Fast-tracked on your spiritual pilgrimage. Fast-tracked in your inner growth and development. Fast-tracked in your discernment. Fast-tracked in your epiphanies. Fast-tracked in having your ‘karmic debt’ (to use a trendy phrase) repaid by Christ (which I will explain below). Fast-tracked in your conquest of death (spiritually speaking, for your earthly body still has to die physically). Fast-tracked to your place in the new restored universe which will eventually be created out of the ashes of the present one. I came to realise over the years that when I am most in tune with all that, then my soul is most at ease, which would still be the case even if I was being hideously tortured, whether by religious inquisitional fanatics or governmental contract killers (and it won’t be long before that begins, if it hasn’t done so already).

Thus, the full interior process of repentance, metanoia, before God is this: 1) Shame and sorrow from the heart for behaving in ways which dishonour oneself, humanity, Divine and natural law, coupled with a realisation that this has its roots in alienation from the Creator of the cosmos, which then leads towards 2) Repentance, in which one humbly sees with clarity the truth of one’s destructive behaviour and vows from the heart to change, which then leads to 3) Renewal, a higher form of living which is acknowledged rewardingly by others who have walked in your shoes and which is also rejoiced in by angels. This process can only happen fully in someone whose heart is being transformed by the Spirit of Christ, though there are those who will begin that process even before they have consciously discovered Christ, as I can personally attest. I call such ones “disciples-in-waiting”, and I believe there are many. Thus, repentance, metanoia, is not merely a one-time event related to a particular peccadillo, but it is an ongoing process of humility before a pure and glorious Creator in which many other repentances (mini- or massive) will take place along the way.

Such a transformation is what happens naturally in someone who realises their alienation from the Divine and sincerely wishes to re-establish those relations. When that realisation happens, whereby one perceives it as the underlying cause of all moral and ethical failure, then one’s propensity for such failure diminishes accordingly. The self-awareness which results from being in step with God (known as ‘walking in the Spirit’) is all part of this transformative metanoia, repentance. Then there will be a burgeoning level of discernment in one’s heart concerning the depths of evil in this world. You will develop an almost sixth sense about the subtlety with which the demonic realm operates. You will have an even more revealing set of sunglasses than the main protagonist in the film, “They Live!” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntns8Xp3-rA). You will scent the aroma of goodness and you will sniff out the stench of evil. You will naturally expose all works of darkness within your radar. You will come to see that much of what passes as religion in this world (including a great deal of so-called ‘Christianity’) is as enslavingly satanic as wiccan feminism and as insane as the most extreme cult you can imagine — though all dressed up in a folksy respectability. You will learn much about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Thus, here is the absolute bottom line: All so-called ‘sin’ or wrongdoing, moral failure, is based on one cardinal fallacy — imagining that we are isolated lumps of consciousness, entirely autonomous and not answerable to a higher being for our actions in any way — basically, making ourselves into little gods. Thus, ‘sin’ is simply the result of separation from the Divine and alienation from God. To be alienated from God means being “darkened” in one’s understanding “and alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in [one] due to the hardness of [one’s] heart… Having lost all sense of shame…” (Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 4, verses 18-19a). So the apostle, Paul, could say to the ekklesia in Colossus: “Once you were alienated from God and were hostile in your minds, engaging in evil deeds” (Letter to the Colossians, chapter 1, verse 21). This is the central issue in life, in the world, throughout the cosmos. It is the essence and meaning of ‘sin’. Separation and alienation from the Divine is what lies behind every act of moral failure in this world, whether on an individual or societal level. It is what leads to individual human acts of moral failure and also the building of societal structures which are extensions of that moral failure — by which I mean systems of government which oppress, and which lead to tyranny, injustice, cruelty, ruthlessness, bullying, subjugation, absence or lack of empathy, maltreatment, hardship, poverty, persecution of the ‘underdogs’, and so on.

Therefore, the only way to deal with one’s personal moral failure is to confront oneself, to repent of it all truly and fully from the bottom of one’s heart and then cry out to Christ to bring you back into relationship with God. This He will do without fail. For He is right there, waiting for your cries. This is the real meaning of ‘salvation’, which is the restoration of relationship with God and the annulment of separation from the Divine. This is not fanciful nonsense. It is the catalyst and inauguration of the human being as a new creation. It is how one steps onto the pathway of the genuine spiritual life. The one who has truly stepped into this genuine spiritual life will naturally comport himself or herself in the way of life, love, grace, and faithfulness. There may be lapses, and it will not at all be a lifetime experience of perfection, but the truly spiritual person is self-aware enough, and aligned with God’s will enough, to see through his or her own stupidity time and time again. One will become the magnet for spiritual attacks by the demonic realm, but that is designed by God for one’s learning and growth. One will thereby find that one will begin to smile inwardly at one’s repeatedly discovered follies and overcome them. This should decrease as time goes by, as one grows in wisdom and understanding.

How is such Spiritual Transformation Made Possible?

Now we can go even more deeply into this. For what is it that has enabled such a spiritual transformation even to be possible? First, we must visit the root problem which lies behind all others. The root problem today is this: Human beings are living in spiritual darkness, wilfully ignorant, either inventing a ‘god’ in their own image or making a little ‘god’ out of themselves, refusing to believe in the true God and Creator of this cosmos, refusing to accept that there has been a catastrophic ‘Fall’ of humanity which has led to the state the world is now in, refusing to believe that there is such a thing as the demonic realm, while also rejecting the idea that God has sent to earth the panacea to all these issues — namely, the incarnated Christ.

Essentially, as soon as the Christ “dropped” into this world, He functioned as a ‘litmus test’ or ‘touchstone’ for the authenticity and spiritual integrity of any human with whom He came in contact. Everywhere He went, people revealed their true selves, in all their darkness or light, merely as a result of His presence being among them. This provided a perfect opportunity for their learning and their spiritual growth if they would take it. But if they refused to accept His authority as the Christ who had come in the flesh and wilfully refused to learn the lesson that His presence imparted, this would be to their detriment. To set oneself up as an enemy of God is the height of stupidity. Christ still functions as that ‘litmus test’ and ‘touchstone’ today. He may not be physically present for now (as we are living in a comparatively brief hiatus between His first and second comings), but He is absolutely present through His Spirit. It is no exaggeration to say that one’s attitude to Christ is the true revealer of one’s spiritual condition. Those who automatically reject the Christ are in an unhealthy and potentially calamitous spiritual condition and those who willingly receive Him into their lives are in a healthy and blossoming spiritual condition. It really is that simple.

For the Christ came to unearth the true nature of humanity and restore that out of its corruption if one will follow Him. Everywhere He went, He exposed hypocrisy and pseudo-piety. He exposed works of darkness. He epitomized and personified truth and justice. He functioned as the intermediary between God and human beings and He could not be bought off by anyone. He fingered people’s individual moral failure just by His presence. He demonstrated real authority and genuine spirituality, thus exposing false authority, pseudo-spirituality and religionism. He became a focal point for attacks from the forces of darkness, which built up to a climax in the naked evil of the cross. Frankly, there was and is no place in a world such as this for such a Man as that. Thus, it is the world which must be changed; and it will be, by Him, in time.

He came here so that He could be treated as the scum of the earth who was betrayed by all and who even His closest disciple would deny. His humiliation had to be complete: crucified on a stinking rubbish dump, utterly forsaken, for out of that humiliation would come the pinnacle of redemption. When Christ said in the Garden of Gethsemane, in reference to the authorities (and the discarnate entities behind them), “Now is their hour and the power of darkness”, the mass forces of darkness assailed Him in every way possible. Those evil powers, both human and discarnate, concentrated their venom on that one innocent man, who even the Roman state had declared to be innocent of the charges (Luke, chapter 23, verses 13-15). On Him, all the darkness of the world — human and discarnate — would amalgamate and congeal into an inconceivable mass of evil and destruction focused solely on one innocent Man. No mere human can understand the full extent of that assailment and no mere man could withstand it. For a time, Christ (from a human standpoint) was utterly crushed by forces of darkness, the might of which cannot even be conceived. This is what the Father had prepared for Him, and this is what He came to experience. On the cross, for all the world to see, the perfect Christ became the focal point of all evil, both human and demonic. Such forces would have crushed an ordinary man. Even the Christ, for an instant, knew what it was to experience in the soul complete separation from the Divine. We cannot conceive how this could be possible, but we have the proof of it in Christ’s exclamation, “My God, why have you forsaken me!” In other words, Christ knew what it is to experience “the second death” — that utter desolation of soul which will be the experience of all those who die having wilfully and completely rejected any desire for a relationship with the Creator or with His Son, the Christ.

Now… the big question is this… why did He undergo all this hellish experience? The answer is this: It was a vicarious act. He experienced this on behalf of all those who would be His disciples, so that they could become such. It was not for Himself or on His own part. But “God made Him who knew no sin to be sin [like a sacrificial sin-offering in the Old Testament] on our behalf, so that in Him we might be accepted as righteous by God” (Second Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 5, verse 21). The same idea is in the Letter to the Galatians, chapter 3, verse 13, “He became a curse for us” (see also the Letter to the Romans, chapter 8, verse 3). That completely sinless, perfect being was treated as if it were He who was guilty of our moral failure. But it was all so that we who follow Him would be regarded as being righteous. That is what the oft-heard saying means to be “washed by the blood of Christ” or by “the blood of the Lamb” (e.g. Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 1, verse 7; chapter 2, verse 13, First Letter of Peter, chapter 1, verses 2 & 19; Book of Revelation, chapter 1, verse 5; chapter 7, verse 14, chapter 12, verse 11). “The blood of Jesus” or of Christ or of the Lamb is simply a ‘buzz-phrase’ in the Bible referring to His vicarious experience on the cross, though it does need explaining if it is to be understood by those not familiar with it. He was the sacrifice on our behalf. He took upon Himself what should really have been our experience at the hands of the demonic realm and in that ‘Cosmic Vortex’ of Divine ‘wrath’. It is a hideous but beautiful exchange. Because of what Christ has done — sacrificing Himself to be treated venomously by all the forces of darkness as the moral failure that He was not, and undergoing all the pangs of satanic oppression, plus experiencing the ‘second death’ — those who follow Him are therefore treated as righteous by God. Our unrighteousness was accounted to Him, and His righteousness is accounted to us who follow Him. Beautiful exchange, lovely contrast: He was made into the epitome of moral failure and as a result of that we who follow Him as His disciples are made righteous through His purity. We are made righteous in two senses: firstly, we are regarded as righteous if we are bonded with Christ, solely on the basis of what Christ did for us in exchange, which I will explain more about below. Secondly, after we become His disciples, we have the Holy Spirit cleansing us and purifying us on a practical everyday basis. It is a win-win situation.

It is clear that there is a deliberate link between sacrificial offerings for sin in the Old Testament and the sacrifice of Christ. But we must not think that the purpose of sacrifice in the Old Testament was to appease an angry god, such as it was with pagan religions. It was not about appeasement, as if a sacrifice would sort of ‘change God’s mind’ about us. Christ even plainly said “Go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice’” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 9, verse 13, quoting the Book of Hosea, chapter 6, verse 6). The purpose of sacrifice in the Old Testament was to bring an awareness of one’s moral failure and a restoration of relationship with the Divine. This is precisely the purpose of Christ’s sacrifice also. Sacrifice was never really about wrathful retribution (as it is sometimes styled) but about Divine restoration. Many people imagine that God is some kind of invisible ‘dragon’ who is just itching for the moment He can ‘breathe fire’ on any hapless “sinner”. This is a very common delusion even among people calling themselves “Christians”. It is yet another example of people making God in their own image. For one very often finds that such folk are themselves very censorious of others, waiting to spot their ‘errors’ and are extremely hypocritically judgemental. Frankly, if one perceptively examines their backgrounds, one will often find that they themselves were treated harshly when they were small and have not worked that out of their system. If such folks become pastors, they will inevitably be fanatically obsessed with adhering to “sound doctrine” (imagining that this is what true spirituality consists of), and they will be rigidly authoritarian and even spiritually or psychologically abusive (though all hidden behind a pious presentation). Independent churches are full of such pastors, and they are a blight on their congregations. Healthy teaching (which is the real translation of the Koine Greek which is sometimes translated as “sound doctrine) is necessary; but not as a stick with which to beat people into conformity to a church eldership or its catechism, but rather as a pathway enabling growth in love, grace, and truth. Healthy teaching makes one more beautiful and whole(some) rather than judgemental and loathsome.

What God is Really Like

So, if God is not some ‘fire-breathing dragon’, what is He really like? That is very easy to discern. The Christ gave us a perfect way of knowing that when He said: Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father (Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 9). In other words, if you want to know what God is like, just examine the life and deeds of the Christ. Watch the way that He worked and responded to people, dealt with them. Christ was not censorious towards ordinary people struggling in their lives, no matter how much they messed-up. In contrast to the religious leaders of the day, He always tried to get people who messed-up to examine themselves, discern the ways they have fallen short, and thereby have a restored relationship with God (e.g. see Gospel of Luke, chapter 18, verses 18-23; Gospel of John, chapter 8, verses 2-11). His censoriousness and disapproval were mainly reserved for the religious leaders of the day — the Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees (and, sometimes, the Essenes, as we see in such implications as the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5, verse 43). All these sects had variously descended into either legalistic hypocrisy, or deliberate misapplications of the Old Testament, or obscurantist asceticism, arrogance, and personal greed or ambition. Thus, the righteous anger of Christ was poured out on such characters, who He called “Offspring of vipers!”, “progeny of the devil!”, “Whitewashed tombs!” and so on. Whether it was His compassion or fury was determined by His love. God IS love. He does not punish in the way in which humans understand. He chastises. There is a vast difference. Human-style punishment is solely about retribution; whereas Divine chastisement is for teaching, to lead the person into a better way. If you work with God in His programme of chastisement, then you will be superlatively blessed. But if you wilfully reject His chastisement, then you will fall foul of Him and find yourself spiralling into a welter of self-destruction such as I mentioned in relation to the ‘Cosmic Vortex’ of which I spoke earlier in this essay. This is not at all an unjust situation, for you will have brought that destruction upon yourself.

The Healing of the Cross

This brings us right back to what happened to Christ on the cross where, as the sacred prophetic text says:

“He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the chastisement that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed. We all like sheep have gone astray, each one has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid upon Him the iniquity of us all”.

Book of Isaiah, chapter 53, verses 5-6

On that Cross, God permitted His Christ to be assailed by all the forces of evil, both human and demonic, as they all converged on Him with their lies and vituperation, plus the experience of the “second death”, complete conscious separation from God — being “pierced” not because of His own transgressions but for ours! He was there in the place of all those who would be His true disciples. To put it in modern vernacular, He was “taking one for the team”. That was “the chastisement that brought us peace” and will bring us peace if we follow Him as His disciple. The Hebrew word translated as “chastisement” there is מוּסָר, musar, which means discipline, correction, or moral instruction. That is God’s primary way of working. He is not really willing that any should fall into destruction (perish), but that all should come to that wonderful state of metanoia (see the Second Letter of Peter, chapter 3, verse 9), which we discussed above. Even when He was permitting Christ to be “crushed for our iniquities”, it was designed to be a lesson. For, by the “stripes” which He received, we are healed, if we will enter into that New Covenant in Christ as His disciples. It is not enough merely to believe with one’s mind intellectually. That may be a start, but it is only when we immerse ourselves in Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength that we can become His disciples. When we follow Him and become His disciples, with a thoroughly penitent heart, that is the trigger for the healing of the cross to be enabled in our lives. Part of that healing is that the disciples of Christ, those who are guided exclusively by His light, discover that their former wayward lives have been forgiven and the slate wiped clean. We are given a new start (and a new ‘heart’) and thus begins a journey which will take us not merely to death but through death and beyond, into the new creation. Those who are Christ’s disciples will be those who populate the new heaven and new earth in the new aeon. However, the work of Christ through His death and resurrection is not merely about forgiveness but is about wiping out the dominion of moral failure and Satan over our lives. For “Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil”. That is the beauty of the cross. It is a two-pronged victory for those who will cling to the coat-tails of Christ for the rest of their lives in the wilderness of this world. It brings the complete forgiveness of our former wayward lives and also overthrows the power of Satan over us.

It should also be loudly stated here that this overthrow will also mean the healing of the entire cosmos. For, as it is revealed, “the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. We know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until the present time” (Letter to the Romans, chapter 8, verses 21-22). That is an extraordinary thought: That the entire cosmos is also filled with a deep longing to be released from its state of corruption and decay — one of the by-products of being made of ‘solid’ matter in a three-dimensional matrix. When Christ returns to wrap up this present age, world, and cosmos, the new cosmos — “the new heaven and new earth” — will then be inaugurated. All of this… our own wayward nature and the corruption of the cosmos is what has been dealt with by Christ on the cross. We can begin to be healed of that nature right now; whereas the cosmos will have to wait until Christ’s return. Even the angels are watching this process with great interest (see the First Letter of Peter, chapter 1, verses 10-12)!

Thus, once that utter condemnation of the pure Christ had been poured out on Him in our stead, there came a point when it was over, for it could ‘hold no water’ over Him. The payoff of moral failure in this world is death. That is stated as a fact (Letter to the Romans, chapter 6, verse 23). But as Christ was guilty of none and thus Satan had no claim on Him (as written above), death could have no hold on Him. Thus, Christ could cry out on the cross, “It is finished!” (Gospel of John, chapter 19, verse 30). For death and darkness can have no hold over a human who is without any stain of moral failure, and there has only ever been one such human. In fact, it is said that “God raised Him from the dead, releasing Him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for Him to be held in death’s clutches (Book of Acts, chapter 2, verse 24). That is why Satan’s blasting of Christ with all the power of the forces of evil which had been permitted by God could never gain any traction. As Christ had said (and as we mentioned earlier), “the ruler of this world is coming but he has nothing on Me”. When people die who are not bonded with Christ and restored into relationship with God, having deliberately rejected Him, Satan has a lot ‘on them’ and they are only deserving of “the second death”, which they will have brought on themselves. Thus, it was in this way that Christ overcame Satan.

This was a superb strategy to outwit the evil powers, both human and demonic. Our lifeblood is tainted with the corruption of moral failure and, ultimately, spiritual death. So because humans are made of flesh and blood, “Christ too shared in their humanity, so that by His death He might destroy him who holds the power of death, that is, the devil, and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death” (Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 2, verses 14-15). No mere human being could undo the power of moral failure and death. But Satan’s crazy and uncontrolled rage against Christ blinded him completely from comprehending the real scope of God’s plan of redemption for this cosmos, planet earth and its inhabitants, and the part that the Christ would play in the shadow of the cross. In other words, the satanic forces of darkness had no foreknowledge that it would be the death of Christ which would bring about the destruction of their world-system, so they went ahead and killed Him, thinking they would thus be getting Him out of the way! But in doing so, Satan and his forces of darkness simply brought ridicule upon themselves. There is an interesting corroborative statement about the secrecy surrounding this genius coup d’etat in Ignatius of Antioch’s letter to the members of the ekklesia in Ephesus, written only seventy-five years after the death of Christ: “Now the virginity of Mary, and he who was born of her, were kept in secret from the ruler of this world [Satan]; as was also the death of our Lord; three of the mysteries the most spoken of throughout the world, yet done in secret by God” (Ignatius of Antioch, Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 19).

Satan Made Himself into a Laughing-Stock

Thus, Satan, by his own inadequate strategy, brought about his own downfall. As Paul the apostle put it: None of the archons of this age understood it. For if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory” (First Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 2, verse 8). This is the mysterious and hidden wisdom of God, which He destined for our glory before time began” (First Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 2, verse 7). Satan was not only completely out of His depth in taking on the real ruler of this world, the Christ, but he was also on a hiding to nothing! The usurper pseudo-ruler of this world was coming, but he had nothing on Christ. In this way, Satan was fooled, and Christ was victorious, because the inevitable outcome was resurrection as “death could not hold Him”, no matter how much He was assailed by the forces of darkness. In this way, God “forgave us all our trespasses, having cancelled the debt ascribed to us in the decrees that stood against us. He took it away, nailing it to the cross!” (Letter to the Colossians, chapter 2, verses 13-14). It is so important to understand this, for it is knowledge which has been deliberately kept from us all our lives. So many do not know that Christ was the overcomer of Satan, thus making him a laughing stock across the cosmos. As the sacred text specifically says: “Having disarmed the powers and authorities”, God through Christ “made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross” (Letter to the Colossians, chapter 2, verse 15).

Christ our Forerunner

Christ thereby became “the forerunner” (Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 6, verse 20), the holy harbinger, the trailblazer, for all those who are bonded with Him through their life-changing metanoia, and who are therefore restored into relationship with Christ. To those who become His disciples, eternal life and the cleansing of righteousness are credited to them as a result of that victory over Satan and his darkness. Here is the bottom line: “This is a trustworthy saying: If we died with Him, we will also live with Him” (Second Letter to Timothy, chapter 2, verse 11). To die with Him reflects this saying of the Christ, “For whoever clings to his life will lose it; but whoever relinquishes his life on account of Me will save it” (Gospel of Luke, chapter 9, verse 24). That is what it means to die with Christ: That we give up our previous life which is lived solely for ourselves and we live to serve His will for us and thus serve others. We will then be in a sacred union with Him: “For if we have been united with Him like this in His death, we will certainly also be united with Him in His resurrection” (Letter to the Romans, chapter 6, verse 5). One basically buries oneself in Him, having finished with one’s former life and taking on a life ‘in Christ’, and then reaps all the spiritual benefits of the fact that He was/is our forerunner! As it is said: “I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me” (Letter to the Galatians, chapter 2, verse 20). Yes, He gave Himself up for all those who will follow Him as His disciples. That is what He came to earth to do: To destroy the works of the devil and to bring us out of a life of moral failure and spiritual delusion “into an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, reserved in heaven for you” (First Letter of Peter, chapter 1, verse 4). That is what we are all called into, if we will accept it with our whole being. Such acceptance will totally transform our lives if we follow that call.

Epilogue: Simple but Profound Knowledge

Through His miracles and sayings during the three years that remained to Him, Christ revealed what He was really all about in relation to the work He will do in us, if only we will follow Him. He healed physical infirmities to reveal Himself as healer of the soul. He confronted religious authorities to reveal their insanity and spiritual void, while showing the meaning of true spirituality. He deliberately broke certain aspects of the Jewish law as interpreted by the wayward religious authorities (e.g. He healed on the Sabbath) to reveal their hypocrisy and show that at the heart of that law was love rather than rigid legalism. He revealed Himself as having been “sent” by God on a rescue mission to earth to overcome Satan, yet He also revealed that He Himself is Divine (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 9, verse 2; Gospel of John, chapter 5, verses 22-27; chapter 8, verse 58; chapter 10, verses 30 & 38). He healed congenital blindness to reveal Himself as the One who gives spiritual eyesight to those who are spiritually blind. He raised Lazarus from the dead to reveal Himself as the one who gives new life to those who desire it with all their hearts. At one stage, after healing a paralysed person while telling him that his sins had been forgiven, He said to the Scribes who accused Him of blaspheming, “Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk?’” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 9, verse 5). Only God can forgive sins, the implications of which He knew very well when He said that. His entire ministry was a Divine metaphor for the work that He, as God, will do in the repentant soul who cries out to Him for forgiveness and transformation.

The spiritual victory over Satan was won in those darkest hours on the cross. You may ask why Satan has still plainly been able to go round doing mischief even since then. The answer is that the last two thousand years since Christ’s ascension to heaven have involved a lengthy mopping-up operation in which Satan has been under some restraint while souls are being rescued from the forces of darkness and brought into the kingdom of God. This continuance of an enemy to fight is what often happens in wartime. The victory has been won but some diehards continue to fight despite the victory. Satan does not accept the victory of Christ and thus he and his demonic cohorts continue to fight, especially against the ekklesia (Book of Revelation, chapter 12:12, 13-17). He will continue that mad fight until the end, at which time he will have put his chosen man (the Antichrist) on the throne of the world over a global government, which will then soon provide the signal for the cataclysmic return of the Christ to be witnessed by every eye across the earth, the hideous splendour of which which will make the Aurora Borealis look like some cheap disco lightshow.

All that I have written above is simple but profound knowledge which has been deliberately kept from most people in the world, even though it is all already out there in the public domain. There has been a (literally) concerted effort on the part of the demonic realm to keep all this from you. They do not want you to realise the simple way that you can find your way out of being stuck in this hellhole of manipulated darkness into the beautiful protected ekklesia of Christ. So they make it all very complicated or obscurantist or get you to spend your entire life chasing unattainable fantasies of ‘enlightenment’, or making you think that you can actually become ‘God’. What a total con! Or they will fill your head with falsehoods about Christ and the Bible. Or they will make you think that because such a great part of the church is the very opposite of what Christ intended for His people, therefore anything to do with Christ is suspect. I apologise for this, but chillingly even Christ said that a vast number of those who profess to be His people will really be impostors (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 7, verses 21-23; chapter 13, verses 24-30, 36-43; chapter 22:11-14). Truly, “many are called, but few are chosen”.

Ultimately, He gave Himself and “laid down His life for His friends”. He then took all the power of the forces of darkness on Himself, knowing He could burst through the cords of death because Satan had nothing on Him. It was impossible for death to hold Him thus He was inevitably resurrected and after that ascended to heaven to prepare the way for all those who will follow Him. There is no other way. Now is the time to ensure that one is on the right side, whether one will be alive when Christ returns or not. Just know with all your heart that you wish to follow the Christ, that you truly want to turn your life around completely and walk in tandem with Christ and be reconciled to God. I hope that this little treatise has gone some way towards your fulfilment of that adventure — for that is what it is. Of that, I can assure you!

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