[TODAY, the Diakrisis Project is privileged to conduct an exclusive interview with Truth, who, as you will be aware, is very difficult to pin down in this world. It is one of the most extraordinary interviews we have ever conducted. So, without further introduction, here is a transcript of the interview]

DIAKRISIS PROJECT: We are deeply grateful for You agreeing to this interview. We’ve been trying for years to obtain this. What caused You to agree now?

TRUTH: There is a simple answer to that. Although I have been pilloried and denied almost from when your species first came into being, the assault upon Me has never been so globally virulent as it is today. Ordinarily speaking, I contend with humans on a low-key basis. This is because most of them are so tuned-out from what I represent that there is no point in Me asserting Myself to the full as it would be a complete waste of energy as they do not have any idea of who or what I am. It is always an uphill struggle, but I press on, nevertheless. However, now that there is not only the global passive resistance to Me which there always has been but also an active open denial of My entire existence, I am forced to take off My gloves and get down to a real knuckle-fight with no holds barred.

[At that point there was a kind of an earthquake feel under the feet of the interviewer and the ground shook momentarily]

DIAKRISIS PROJECT: I was wondering why you would not give a video interview as we originally wanted.

TRUTH: There is a simple answer to that. If you were to see Me in full, it would be too much for you. You would not be able continue to remain in your present form as your experience of yourself would disintegrate. You see, your perception of yourself is like an illusion. You are not at all what you imagine yourself to be. This is temporarily necessary so that you can complete your circuit in this form. Therefore, your receiving of Me — no matter how much you may desire it — has to have its limitations so that your earthly form can survive. For now I cannot say more to you about that. You will have to wait until your earthly body ceases to function — which its built-in obsolescence will accomplish — before you will fully understand what I am saying.

DIAKRISIS PROJECT: Somehow, I thought that’s what you might say, and I find that extremely exciting. It reminds me of something God said: “No one can see me and live”.

TRUTH: Correct. In my pure form, I am actually a major facet of the true God of humans, though most of them would not recognise Me even if I bumped into them on the staircase of a theological college! I was even epitomized and personified in human form a couple of thousand of your earth years ago, but even then, I was ridiculed, tortured, and killed (as it seemed from a human standpoint), just as I have been many times over since then.

DIAKRISIS PROJECT: About that, I am deeply sorry. Now I want to give you a platform to bring yourself before the world, those that will listen.

TRUTH: I can assure you that I do not need anyone to “give Me a platform”. This entire cosmos is already My platform (well, one of them). But I am very happy that you are so eager to be an outlet for My heart, which has been bleeding into this world for aeons. Many have drowned in My blood when they resisted or rejected it. Those who do not resist will drink My blood and their lives will be enhanced and their eyes will be open to so much more.

[There was then a pause, with a gentle rumbling under the feet of the interviewer]

TRUTH [continued]: Governmental authorities have always lied or, at the very least, been ‘economical’ with Me. Although the people were duped by those lies, that is all that they were required to do. Be duped. For example, when it was desired to go to war with Iraq in 2003, the mass of people had to be convinced about the lie that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction being housed there and used by the President, Saddam Hussein. (Your human wars always involve the duping of the people with lies). As usual, your mass media participated in perpetuating that lie and therefore there was mass support among populations to go to war. I know that you wrote about that at the time, proclaiming it as a lie, and you were also ridiculed. No surprises there. Standard human response to Me. It was only later that it was shown that the war was based on a lie under the pretence of “false intelligence”, by which time nobody really cared anymore. Honestly, I marvel at the propensity of your species not only to lie but to be eagerly taken in by lies. It seems that most people prefer the lie to Me, as it has been from time immemorial. However, even in the midst of that Iraqi debacle, all that was necessary for the people was to be duped. Nothing further was required of them. Now it is very different. I will not spell it out here as everyone should realise to what I am referring and I do not want to fall foul of your pathetic human censors laughably called “fact-checkers”, LOL, to use your vernacular. But today, the lies being perpetuated across the world about the current situation not only require the mass of people to be duped but they are also being heavily coerced into having their God-given internal health system undermined and reprogrammed by a fluid produced by corporations empowered by the pretended nemesis of greed, corruption, and the father of lies. This is a game-changer in the realm of Truth. It is for this reason that I spoke earlier about the need for a “knuckle-fight” above and beyond what I have been compelled to do previously.

DIAKRISIS PROJECT: So what ARE the main differences between previous global lies and the current ones?

TRUTH: The answer is simple. During the Iraq debacle one could publish material exposing the lies without being censored and without having one’s material removed. Although only patsy reporters were allowed to be “embedded” there, some independent journalists did operate there, though they took their lives into their hands. Non-consensual material would be ridiculed and (as usual) lies would be told about the person doing the exposing. But the truthful material would still stick around on the internet. Social media as we know it today was not yet operational. Therefore there was less opportunity for censorship. Now there is a concerted (and it IS being concerted) campaign to eradicate even all appearance of Truth and immediately flush it down the memory hole (to use a phrase from one of your more insightful human books). No longer is the memory hole a work of fiction. It is reality. Governments and the mass of people have always been afraid of Me. But the greater the lie, the more the fear of the Truth about it. And the current lies are so immense that the fear of its exposure is equally vast. Most people cannot allow themselves to receive the Truth about the current campaign of lies as it would reveal the fact that their entire lives have been based on the collective lies of governments and mass media. This is despite the fact that their health is being systematically destroyed and they are being reprogrammed to fit into the agenda of dark ones who are really running your world on behalf of the one who fathered the lie in your world in the first place. Therefore, my righteous anger has been aroused more than ever before.

[Once again, there was the feeling of an earthquake under the feet of the interviewer and the whole room started to shake]

DIAKRISIS PROJECT [holding onto the table]: Hey, you know I love you more than anything else! I would do anything for you. What do you suggest that we do?

TRUTH: First, you must be very careful. The evil afoot in the current web of lies is murderous more than ever before. By bringing about the deaths of many (and I am not only speaking about pathogens but about the experimental fluid which is being intruded into so many over and over again) the forces of darkness believe they will deprive many from coming to a proper knowledge of Me and those many will therefore pass into the state of death without that knowledge and thus belong to them. It is a kind of spiritual genocide. This is such a vast lie across the world that the lives of those who expose it are in danger. I know that you are not afraid of death because you have made your peace with Me. But nevertheless, you and your kind should take care so that there are still people alive who can counteract the lie with the Truth. You must carefully and diplomatically bring Me before people in whatever way you can. For you know that the current campaign of lies is only the tip of an iceberg which involves the covering up of the Truth which sets one free. Secondly, you must show how people are programmed to receive medical lies so that they will never come to a knowledge of the Truth on any other level but will be locked into untruth. Lies are more contagious than Truth because so many prefer to believe them so that their delusions will not be disturbed. You must be a Disturber, regardless of the unpopularity which that will bring! There will come a time when you will be killed for this. But there is still time before that for you to bring as many to Me as possible. Thirdly, you must show how this (and all assaults on truth and any upholding of the lie) is really a spiritual matter, for souls are ultimately at stake. This is the case anytime that humans are being programmed to be resistant to Truth and open to the lie. It is then all about the subversion of the spirit. Now that the lie has become the new god of humans, it is time to act in powerful and concerted ways. At one time, the spreading of spiritual Truth could be entrusted to small groups who could testify how Truth had come to Earth personified in one Man some two thousand years ago. But now that much of what people call “the church” has descended into social clubs, sacerdotal spectacles, rigidly authoritarian sects, entertainment shows, snake-oil salespoints, liberal mish-mash, or compromised agents of the state, the time has come to bring to pass new ways of doing ekklesia. You and those like you will need to be creative and courageous, for you are on the cusp of dangerous and crazy times which will make the regimes of Hitler and Stalin seem like a girl-scouts garden party. What is happening now is just the very beginning of what is being planned as a way of completely suppressing Me and anyone who loves and shares Me. Have you understood all that I am saying?

DIAKRISIS PROJECT: Wow! That is a lot to take in. But yes, I follow you completely.

TRUTH: Remember never to be cowed by anyone, no matter how nasty they will be towards you. For much nastiness (falsely posing as ‘truth’) will be hurled at you and those like you. Always respond in Truth with grace. Reserve the bulk of your compassion for those who have been lied to and duped but keep your full firepower for the real pedlars of lies. You must always distinguish between the victims of lies and the propagators of them. It is an extraordinary thing that the forces of darkness have been able to make those who have been duped by the lies believe that it is those who are resistant to lies, such as yourself, who should be blamed rather than the forces of darkness who perpetuate the lies. This is an astonishing coup, and is yet another reason why I have stepped-up being proactive in my knuckle-fight. Have no fear, I will always defend you. Remember also that there are few who you can trust. Many will discover that they have been betrayed by their own families and friends. This is the world you are in (though one day you will find yourself in a new universe wherein there can be no corruption or decay, or lies, and wherein there will be no need for Me to engage in fisticuffs with liars or those duped by lies, for Truth will be all there is). I will stop this interview now as you have enough to continue with from here. Besides, I have to go and deal with some fallen angels in a parallel dimension. The fact that the mass of people would call you mad if you passed this information on to them is an indicator of how far the apostasy has penetrated into world culture. You know who and what is coming next as the climax of the mystery of lawlessness. But as has been said before in history, “Now is their hour and the power of darkness”. But remember, it is only ‘an hour’, not an eternity 😉

[There ends the Interview with Truth, though He sent me a message a short while after, saying “Be assured that I am with you always, even to the end of the age”]

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