AS ANOTHER WATERSHED YEAR WINDS DOWN — having once more shown the true colours of many institutions, organisations and people, and as a new year looms into view — what could be better than living by a code of sanity which immediately sets one against the rising madness of this world. You can see such a code in the image accompanying these words. It promotes some qualities which are less common today, such as honour, duty, honesty, gallantry, diligence, fidelity, cherishment, self-scrutiny, valour, steadfastness, charity, grace, empathy, compassion, etc. Some years ago, I found what was a very brief but pithy 1000-year-old medieval English Knight’s Code of Chivalry which, over the years, I have substantially adapted and built into the code you see here. I have sworn to exercise it with conscientious dedication and to live by it, to the best of my ability. It is not a charter for mere virtue-signalling, for it demands the highest dealings between one human and another and between oneself and one’s conscience. In many ways, I think it sorts out the wheat from the chaff. I hope you find this helpful and encouraging and that you can even adapt it for yourself. I wish you a very fulfilling and growthful year of 2022.