LAST NIGHT, I completed the book on which I’ve been working for the last 9 months. Perfect gestation period for a baby! (Though it has been building in my soul for many years). So now I have a first draft with 622 large-format paperback pages (6″ x 9″) containing 202,000 words. That’s the reason I’ve been holed up for months in ‘self-imposed exile’ in a hovel-on-a-hill in Cornwall. The provisional front cover which I designed is attached to this post. The image on the cover is from the 3rd century ‘Papyrus 47’ manuscript of the Book of Revelation showing a fragment of the uncial Greek text with the highlighted letters denoting the Greek numbers for 600, 60 and 6, the famed number of the beast and number of humanity, 666. There has been so much wild speculation about this number 666 and also the ‘mark of the beast‘. So I hope I have infused some sanity and clarity into the midst of that.

Very soon, my text will go to proof-readers for scrutiny. Any able volunteers for this role are welcome! I’m sure you’ll find the book to be an interesting ride. Then the final copy will be made into a fully interactive e-Book and placed on my website for free distribution. Then, after feedback has been received for a time, the final-final edition will be made into a physical hardcopy printed edition (thanks to kind sponsors), because many actually love a real book to hold in their hands (me included).

So, my project is just about over. It’s been a gas! I’ve learned more in the last nine months (about absolutely everything) than in the whole of my life previously. Well then, what is the next project going to be? Serious question. After all, I’m only just beginning… and the world is getting interesting. Where to go? What to do? How to use my time wisely? Pregnant questions of ardour from the heart. (“Ardour” is my new favourite word). Love to you from me… 💝