I just posted a passworded link to download a first draft of my book on the Book of Revelation. It was only meant for a limited number of proof-readers to whom I privately gave the password. Unfortunately, some of you managed to bypass the password to get into the post and 11 people have downloaded the file and they are not the permitted proof-readers. So I have deleted the post. I don’t know how this happened. But when it was specifically stated as only being for proof-readers why would anyone else download the file, unless they lack integrity? It has a draft watermark all over every page, plus it is an unfinished book so it is not what I want to be falling into the wrong hands. It is in fact a pirated copy. If you are one of the illicit downloaders, I would just ask you to have some integrity and delete the file right now. When the proof-readers have finished their work and when I have decided on a final draft, I will put an official copy of the book on the website.

Thank you.