THE EMOTIONS are the playground of the manipulator. That is the level at which all human manipulation occurs. It makes no difference if it involves blackmail, gaslighting, social engineering, or conditioning. It is always the emotions which are being manipulated, through fear, deception or reinforcement. All the phony gurus and ersatz New Age teachers do not manipulate people spiritually, even though it may appear that way. They manipulate people at the level of the emotions, for those emotions masquerade as spirituality. There is nothing spiritual about phony gurus or ersatz New Age teachers. They generate emotional experiences in their dupes and clients which make them imagine they have had a spiritual experience. It is the same in ‘happy-clappy’ religious meetings where lengthy singing sessions and arm-waving take place. The resultant spike in endorphins makes the congregations imagine they have had a “meeting with the Spirit”. But it is purely emotional (hormonally-induced) — [though I do not doubt for a moment that the true Holy Spirit can work for real in a genuine soul even through and despite a manipulative human situation]. It is all surface stuff which operates superficially at the emotional level. But getting ‘blissed-out’ has nothing whatsoever to do with being truly spiritual, even though so many have been bamboozled into believing that it has. Rather, seeking to be ‘blissed-out’ is superficial narcissistic self-indulgence at the outer level of manipulated emotions.

A huge field in which the emotions are manipulated is that which involves what I call “Emotional Correctness”. What do I mean by that? Well, people must now be aware of the term “Political Correctness” — an influence which has developed rapidly in the Western world as a subversive neo-Stalinist mindset and has cast a subtle swathe over every aspect of social development. Political Correctness involves a socially-engineered attempt to suppress truth. It has asserted itself in order to prevent the human mind from freely discerning the difference between truth and falsehood. Political Correctness militates that there is only one acceptable way to think on any given subject. Political Correctness dictates that dissension from that “acceptable” way to think is a crime against humanity and a breach of human rights. Political Correctness prepares the collective consciousness of humanity to be passively conditioned by forces which mendaciously masquerade as “democratic”, “free-thinking” and “sensitive to human rights”. Political Correctness is the dictatorship of the few over the many, in order to avoid offending those who cannot stomach the truth. Political Correctness is actually an insult to human individuality and intelligence.

I could write about Political Correctness all day. [In fact, I have… in my as-yet unpublished “Little Red Politically-Incorrect Handbook”. Watch this space!]. It is an influence which needs revealing for the fascist conspiracy that it is, so that it cannot possibly continue to fool people into thinking that it is an outworking of “tolerance”, “diversity” and “equality”. But Political Correctness is not the only way in which people are being coerced into conformity by an external force. For there is another far more insidious form of manipulative mindset which has crept into common usage by politicians, social engineers and psyop developers today. I am speaking here about what I call Emotional Correctness. Emotional Correctness has always been at work on a microcosmic level — i.e. within families, schools, organisations, etc. I remember teachers telling me that I had an expression of “dumb insolence” because I could see right through their stupidity and smallminded natures and just regarded them as the fools that most of them were. If I’d had a $ for every time that a teacher said to me, “Wipe that smirk off your face, boy!”, I would have been a rich lad. 😊 I was expected to adopt the hangdog expression of an enslaved soul, for that was deemed to be emotionally correct, as schools are merely preparatory social conditioning units.

An example of Emotional Correctness in the family would be the way in which one is forced to adopt a sombre, po-faced expression at a funeral while speaking in a hushed tone, where to crack a joke or look as if one was at ease and unpained would be deemed emotionally ‘incorrect’ — even if the deceased would have joined in the fun. 🙃 Even a woman who has been married to an arrogant husband is expected to look suitably ‘bereaved’ in the weeks following his welcome departure from this world! Another example of this Emotional Correctness would be in a place of work where every employee was expected to look overjoyed at the promotion to boss of the biggest jerk in the office. The wrong facial expression or undesirable labial twitch could cost you your job! Another example would be if you were to sit slumped in a corner with a tortured expression of existential angst at a party where everyone was cavorting about and ‘having a good time’ (whatever that might mean!). You would be ‘breaking ranks’ and would be approached by many who would moronically say to you, ‘Cheer up, it may never happen!’, and then try every trick in the book to alter your expression — from telling you silly jokes to trying to pour alcohol down your throat. Even in the Bible there is a notable example of Emotional Correctness which occurs when the prophet, Nehemiah, was spotted by the king with a long face instead of the smiling countenance expected of those who serve in the royal court — a crime which could be punishable by death (Book of Nehemiah, chapter 2, verses 1-2). So there are occasions when emotional incorrectness could even cost you your life!

Royal courts, Emperors’ palaces and despots’ dens have always been places where Emotional Correctness has lurked in order to exert a massive control over potentially troublesome apparatchiks. In Solomon Volkov’s lucid memoirs of Dmitri Shostakovich, entitled “Testimony”, the Russian composer recalls how Stalin always stipulated that his symphonic codas had to conclude with a bombastic flourish in a major key in order to deter any ‘bourgeois introspectiveness’ in the audiences. The workers had to be fired up with a dose of joy, even if they had lost half their family members in the Gulags! [As a sidebar, it may surprise you to know that at least 62 million men, women and children were killed in the name of revolution in the Russias between 1917 and 1991. It may also surprise you to know that Stalin was a far more prolific and inventive mass murderer than Hitler ever was. See Rudolph Rummel’s book, “Death by Government”, Transaction Publications, 1997, for copious statistical information on this].

Consequently, Shostakovich’s astonishing 4th Symphony — what he called his ‘problem child’ and which has one of the most introspective (emotionally INcorrect in Soviet Russia) endings of any piece of music ever written — did not receive its first performance until the Edinburgh Festival in 1962, nearly thirty years after it was written and subsequent to Stalin’s death, as the composer increasingly feared assassination (leading to him sleeping at the top of the stairs in the apartment building so that if the secret police came for him his family would not be disturbed). That ending was not emotionally correct. Emotional Correctness. The pinnacle of artistic manipulation by intellectual pigmy despots.

However, the beguiling blackmail of Emotional Correctness has, in recent decades, stepped outside the cosy confines of Royal Court, workplace and family to take on a draconian global significance. A profound example occurred with the assassination of Diana Spencer (widely known as Lady Di). For days after her killing, every emotional aspect of culture had to be made to conform to the ambience of bereavement. Long faces abounded. Smiles and laughter were outré. Even the popular classical music radio station, Classic FM, played non-stop sombre music throughout the day after her death. To refuse to be swept up with the irrational wave of public grief and despair was tantamount to heresy. It was ‘emotionally incorrect’ to want to get on with your life instead of falling under the spell of the mind-controlled mendacity of the media. Those who did not feel moved to hold a candle in the wind with tears streaming down their faces while saying “I don’t know why I’m here, but I just had to come” outside Buckingham Palace were deemed to be extreme deviants. Such is the power of Emotional Correctness.

The same was true in the stage-managed wake of the destruction of the World Trade Center and Pentagon in the U.S.A. in 2001. Not to be in a state of mourning about it every September 11th is deemed to be emotionally incorrect and will lead to severe castigation from all quarters. Similarly, to opt out of the vast national wave of po-faced, emotionalistic, flag-waving, freedom-toting jingoism is seen as ‘breaking unity’ or causing disharmony. As an emotionally correct response, even the famous “Last Night” of the BBC Promenade Concerts — instead of majoring on the usual doses of “Land of Hope and Glory” and “Rule Britannia” — altered its programme to include sombre music, such as Samuel Barber’s mournful heartrending “Adagio for Strings”, so as register ‘solidarity’, while casting a pall over the global audience to whom it was televised.

Bear in mind that Emotional Correctness is not about REAL feelings. It is about espoused feelings. It is about the SHOW of feelings that one makes. It is about what is SEEN to be felt rather than what is actually felt. This is what is today known as “virtue signalling”. It is about the enforced or coerced outward conformity, in one’s expression of affection, to a prevailing norm — whether or not that norm is based on anything rational or unreservedly desirable.

Incidentally, it is far easier to pretend to be Politically Correct than to pretend to be Emotionally Correct. The politician or writer who wants to pass himself off as Politically Correct merely has to pay lip service to the cause in order to be acceptable. No effort is required for that except a few extra phony words. Whereas to pass oneself off as Emotionally Correct, one has to become a full-time Oscar-nominated thespian, pretending with every fibre of one’s being to be what one is not! (Of course, one learns this acting skill from an early age in school, pretending to look interested in what one’s inevitably boring and coercive teacher is drivelling on about). With Political Correctness, it is only one’s ideology or philosophy or outlook which has to conform to a predefined norm. However, with Emotional Correctness, even one’s clothes, facial expressions, physical gestures, inflexion of the voice and body language must conform to what has been laid down by the dictatorial power. Whereas Political Correctness requires only an ideological conformity, Emotional Correctness requires an additional ontological conformity. Every aspect of one’s being must conform to the required norm with the suppression of God-given individuality. It is the same norm as that which lies behind the New World Order, with its contrived call to “unity and global harmony” and the abandonment of sovereign states. With Emotional Correctness, there is no room for personal individuality. In the New World Order, there is no room for any kind of individuality. The whole world must appear to be as one, whether in reality it is or not.

Another classic example of this is the wearing of the red paper poppy on one’s clothes around November 11th in the UK. Any public figure who fails to wear it is ‘outed’ as being disrespectful “to those who gave their lives for our freedom” and is mercilessly attacked on Twitter and the like. In fact, military events are major scenarios for stiff-necked po-faced emotional correctness, in which the lie has to be perpetuated that war is somehow a noble thing serving a noble cause worthy of much forced gravitas, when in reality it is primarily working class men being used as frontline death-fodder for the ruling classes plundering other countries round the globe.

What lies behind all these ‘correctnesses’ is a completely phoney unity. No one must be seen to be behaving or thinking in any way which is different to what has been deemed to be the ‘correct’ way to do so. Two years ago, when so many were standing at their front doors, windows or on their balconies like monkeys to “clap the NHS”, those who did not were deemed to be traitors to the cause and being disrespectful to those who had died from the disease (most of whom died, in fact, because of governmental refusal to provide first-line treatment with widely available cures which they mendaciously labelled as worthless or toxic). Anyone who breaks ranks is judged to be guilty of breaching the desired unity and causing disharmony. This is all part of the general false ‘Oneness’ which is being generated across the globe in order to prepare the world for conformity to the coming dictatorial global government which will ultimately be under the despotic leadership of a man whose true identity will not be recognised by the vast majority of the population of the world.

It is a grand irony that the Political Correctness which is now so readily espoused by the lily-livered liberals of today actually has its origins in the totalitarianism of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist ideologues! “Your thinking is not korrekt, Dmitri Dmitriev. You need some time in our gulag or our psychiatric hospital”. Is that just a paranoid Soviet dream of the past?  How long will it be before Political Correctness in the Western world is not merely something which is preferred but it actually becomes required legally? It seems that even now the police spend more time trying to spot online the ludicrously named “transphobia”, “islamophobia” or “homophobia” rather than investigating real crime such as burglary. Political Correctness, when mingled with the neo-Gnostic mysticism of the New Age and the conspiratorial illuminism of the New World Order, naturally gives birth to Emotional Correctness in the despotic desire to bring about complete conformity on all levels from the political to the emotional. “Not only is your thinking inkorrekt, comrade, but your feelings are also out of order. You need some time in our Reprogramming Centre”.

But this is not paranoia about the future. For the world — through the increasingly staggering major events which are being brought to pass in it — is right now already a vast reprogramming centre in which people, by forces which they have not even begun to comprehend, are being controlled into thinking and feeling exactly as the dark forces behind world developments requires them to think and feel. The hysteria raised by so many in the world against those who refuse to submit to such reprogramming is a practical demonstration of the effectiveness of its work. It is the duty of every authentic person who has a love for the Truth and a thrill at the thought of unshackled minds to stand up to these forces and resist their insidious progress. Better still if they become disciples of the Christ rather than remain as mere rebels. Those rebels think that the divide in this world is between, on the one hand, “truthers” who see through the deep state and the power-elite and, on the other hand, the “mindless sheep” who believe in and follow their governments in every way. Church people think that the divide in this world is between Christians and non-Christians. But calling oneself a “Christian” these days carries no real meaning as the majority are so in name only. The real divide in this world is between those who are disciples and followers of Jesus the Christ and those who are not. This is what prophecy clearly shows — that when the one-world government is finally established and the head of it is revealed (who the sacred texts show to be the Antichrist), only true disciples of Christ will expose him for the counterfeit that he is, while the world’s religions and the New Agers and the transhumanists and all those who have been awaiting a saviour to make his kingdom on this earth will receive him gladly with open arms. Then the pogrom against Christ and His disciples will begin in earnest and be seen to highlight the real divide in this world. We are just now in the preparatory stages for all this; but if you do not believe me now, you definitely will when the final debacle of this age kicks off for real. [I may well be long gone by then; but you will remember this little article and you will see how all that it is saying has come to pass].

Christ warned His disciples of all this and counselled them to resist, not with manmade weapons but with the steadfastness of their minds and the stalwartness of their faith. He said: “They will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 9). That “tribulation”, when it finally comes in all its fullness (cos we ain’t seen nothing yet!) will be heavy and will stretch family loyalties beyond recognition in a treacherous manner far worse than the Nazi Youth Movement ever did. As the Christ put it to His disciples: “Now brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake…” (Gospel of Mark, chapter 13, verses 12-13). But do not be depressed about this, for the comfort zone is in His words which follow: “But he who endures to the end shall be saved”. That spiritual “enduring“ in the face of the suffering is the real resistance.

I have spoken for many decades about the need for a courageous spiritual resistance against the power-elite and their New World Order (or whatever else they call it now) through exposing that darkness, which goes way beyond anything which most modern churches appear willing to take on board, and many will just roll over before the Antichrist like subservient dogs with their masters. As we engage in education to neutralise ignorance, use encouragement to counteract dejection, and the dissemination of Truth to thwart the welter of lies and disinformation in the world (how much mightier is the pen than the sword!), that resistance will grow. It will never be victorious in an earthly, political sense, and the grand spiritual benefits which will be reaped lie temporarily beyond our comprehension. For the disciples of Christ do not resist in order to bring about some kind of utopia or golden age, for that cannot happen as evil has to come to its head in order for the lie of civilization to be revealed and for Divine judgement to be enacted justly and righteously. The sole reason that they resist is because the power-elite and New World Order serve Satan and his Antichrist rather than Christ.

But one day — after the last Cataclysm of this present age, when the whole cosmos lies in ruins and a new cosmos takes its place — the Truth will be vindicated and laid out plainly to be seen by all. So let us manfully resist this imposed “correctness” in all its forms, political or emotional, and instead enact righteousness, goodness, genuine peace and a profound vein of Truth in this preparatory period before the storm finally breaks and the Christ will be seen by all for who He really is.

[If you want to know more about the revelation of Jesus the Christ, please go and download my free eBook on the Book of Revelation, entitled “The Essential Apocalypse: Making Sense of the Book of Revelation” . Click on the title to get the book].