IT IS ALWAYS GRATIFYING to see a phony conspiracy theorist brought to book and shown to be the hornswoggler that he or she really is (see above video). In this case, the greedy, obese ‘controlled opposition’ ranter and extremely unattractive human being, Alex Jones, has been forced to admit that his claim that the Sandy Hook massacre of children was a hoax was untrue when he was confronted in a court by those children’s parents (who Jones had originally claimed were paid crisis actors) and he now has to cough up $45 million. He claims to have little money but is really worth up to a quarter of a billion. I am a great believer in truthfully exposing genuine conspiracy (and I do not believe that one should make money out of it). One minute the guy is apologising to the parents in court, the next minute he is outside the court ranting about how he has been set up. It isn’t pretty to watch. There is something totally ‘off’ about this guy and I have never warmed to him but always had a check in my spirit when I see him going on with his motormouth.

I’m currently working on a 150-page eBook about conspiracy threads of various kinds connected with the activities of the CIA, involving mind-control, sorcery, cults and religions, and even the worst aspects of Satanism (and a lot of woke folks, church people and New Age types will not like a lot of what it reveals 😉). But I am SO fed up of these phonies who undermine the credibility of genuine conspiracy researchers, which even this court debacle has done, with Jones playing his part to a “T”. The awful thing is that millions of gullible conspiracy idiots (what I call “Conspridiots”), who are more into emotional sensationalism than unadulterated truth, will continue to follow him believing that he has been unjustly treated. I don’t know who is worse: him or the Conspridiots who lap up phony conspiracies with obsessive zeal. I know that many others have also perpetuated the lie that Sandy Hook was all a hoax because so many have to believe that everything is a hoax. People need to learn to die on the right hill.