AT THE FOOT OF THIS PAGE, you will find a download button to a free eBook entitled Discerning the Signs of the Times: The CIA & Subversion through Mind-Control, Satanism, Sorcery, & the Use of Religion & Cults as Tools of the New World Order. It is a fully-interactive PDF format electronic book of 210 pages in large-format paperback size, consisting of 65,000 words with 340 footnote references. It is now on v.2.0. It can be read on a smartphone, but this is not the most ideal way to do it. Best by far would be a desktop/laptop computer or a tablet/iPad, where you can click on the bookmarks icon in your PDF reader to bring up all the chapter and section headings in a clickable list on the left-hand side of the screen. All the weblinks are clickable too, as are the headings in the Contents pages at the beginning of the book. The file can also be imported into a Kindle device or a Kindle Reader on a computer.

Above, you can see the cover of this book, which has an ’abstract’ giving a summary of the contents. If you were to think that this is “just another conspiracy book about the CIA”, you would be sorely mistaken. It is so much more than that. In fact, I can guarantee that you have never read a book like it before. Superficially, a lot of it does reference the CIA and other influential agencies, but only to demonstrate the way that the satanic realm goes about establishing its kingdom in this world and how this process has accelerated to a massive degree during the last seventy years. Above all, my overall intention has been to place all the activities reported in the book into a spiritual context. Thus, the first 25 pages of the book are devoted to showing why it is necessary to expose the works of darkness and to demonstrate unequivocally that it is not a negative thing to do so but is actually very wholesome and helpful to one’s understanding and even one’s spiritual growth. That section also shows how infiltration and impostorship have been systematically carried out throughout the past two millennia and are hugely active today, both in the wider world and even in the visible “Church”. Here is an image of the full contents pages so you can see for yourself what is contained therein:

In the book, you will discover many surprising elements, such as: The CIA’s involvement in the creation of the European Union and why. The connection between the CIA and the World Economic Forum. The CIA’s control of the drugs market. The CIA’s control of the media. The CIA’s tentacular use of mind-control programmes and their purposes. The connection between the CIA and Nazism, The CIA and Carl Jung, the CIA and Billy Graham, etc. The CIA’s use of religion, cults, churches, movements and missionaries. The CIA’s meddling with Satanism and its use of psychic powers and other sorceries.

As well as the research within the book, there are also two detailed Excursuses on “The Thread of Satanic Religion from Antiquity to the Present” and “The Cult of Subjectivism vs The Truth Which Sets You Free”. There is an Author’s Preface, in which I set out my stall at the outset. And the book is concluded with a section revealing the interface between the CIA and the demonic power-elite and showing how everything in the book is part of a much wider spiritual battle. Please peruse the contents pages above to see what I mean.

Really, the CIA aspect is just a peg on which to hang the hat of my real intentions in this book. It is not concentrating on darkness but is continually providing encouragement that the satanic realm is so rabidly active because it knows that it has been overcome. If I can put it this way, I want to drive my readers to Christ as a sheepdog drives sheep into the safety of the pen. For we are in the midst of a furious spiritual battle which Christ won 2000 years ago, and the years since then have involved a spiritual ’mopping-up operation’ during which the evil of humanity is coming to its head and showing its true colours while souls are being rescued out of the world by the Spirit of Christ. All of this is prophesied in the Bible and it is going to get a whole lot worse and to be forewarned is to be forearmed. (All this is dealt with in detail in my book on the Book of Revelation, which I completed just three months ago, which you can also download on this website free of charge).

Here is the bottom line: Without the protection of Christ one is at the mercy of the forces of darkness. After reading this book, I hope you will be convinced that the building of Satan’s kingdom on earth is real and that the kingdom of God is real too, and that Satan’s kingdom is doomed, whereas the Kingdom of God is eternal.

So, I here present to you this little book about the importance of Discerning the Signs of the Times. The download button is below and the book is yours free of charge. I hope you find it as helpful to read as I have found it to write. Remember to read all the footnotes and the external pieces to which they refer, if possible, as they add an important dimension to the text of the book. May God bless you.

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