I HAVE COME TO THE CONCLUSION that the time could well be almost nigh to live way outside of cities and towns and probably even villages and find something, somehow, somewhere in the middle-ish of nowhere but still within X miles of some facilities. I have lived in isolated-ish situations before. I love nature and — with a few exceptions — I prefer to be ensconced in nature with birds and animals as my friends rather than people (sorry but not sorry, 🙂 ). It was good to have that preference confirmed in a recent report in the journal, Nature, “Experiment Reveals what One Hour in Nature Does to the Human Brain”: https://www.sciencealert.com/experiment-reveals-what-1-hour-in-nature-does-to-the-human-brain . If just one hour can do that, imagine what years will do! Cities have become to me as repulsive as Babylon. Apart from classical concerts (if one is fortunate to live in the vicinity of a great concert hall), they have nothing with which I am in sync. And when one is extremely intuitive and empathetic, being surrounded 24/7 (even in an apartment block) by people with chaotic minds who live on baser instincts is debilitating — emotionally and spiritually draining. I do not mean that in a snobby sense but more in terms of aesthetics, vibes and needs and… well, either you know what I mean or you don’t. 😉

So I have always loved to retire from ‘public life’ from time to time for a rechargement or to engage in concentrated writing periods. But now I feel that more than a mere recharge is required. I need to spend my final years on this planet — maybe even the final years of the planet itself, should I be granted that time — ‘far from the madding crowd’ and immersed in what beauty there is left of this creation. I don’t think I could yet live completely off-the-grid (e.g. no electric, no water supply, only growing and living off one’s self-produced food, etc.), although the time may will come when that is inevitable. One should certainly have one or more powerful generators in any case. Also, one would need a shortwave transmitter/receiver as the time may will come when the internet goes down and global communications will have to be sought through other means. By the way, this doesn’t mean that I’m an orthodox ‘prepper’. There is no panic here or hoarding; just laid-back longing. For I can sense a mighty cranked-up darkness closing in. If the last two years of ludicrous imposition and baseless hegemonic tyranny have seemed intrusive, let me tell you that was just an amateur warm-up! Frankly, I am totally done with paternalistic government interference, unjustified trespass, and their deliberate negligence of what it means to be servants and protectors. As I wrote in my poem, “Just Leave me Alone” in April last year, in which I imagine myself in a situation where I am accosted by some state jobsworth apparatchiks who try to oust me from a park, where I am just relaxing on a bench in the sunshine, and they say:

“You think that you’re different to everyone else?
Well, I’ve got news for you, son, so listen up, see?
No matter what you feel, or think you can be,
you’ll always be subject to authority.
Now show me your papers and then your ID.
Show them right now. For you are NOT free!”

“Why should I?” said I. “You’re not from my woods,
with all of yr “do’s” and yr “don’ts” and yr “shoulds”.
“Please mind your own business and leave me alone. 
I ask you for nothing. You’re invading my home.
Stop harassing me from your make-believe throne”. 

Yeah, just leave me alone. In fact, I’ll pre-empt that by going somewhere where they will leave me alone, until such time as they can’t bear to let someone slip through the net. Then isolated awkward dissidents will really start paying the price (but only in the physical 😉).

I’m waiting for the mother of all EMPs/CMEs from the Sun to strike, which would very likely be the result of a Divine judgement, for many such judgements will be coming. Believe me! The human and demonic power-elite think they run the world because their icy, self-deifying hearts cannot perceive that this cosmos has been created by the same Power who rules over it — though for a long period that Power permitted a fallen archangel to play at being ‘ruler’ so that evil can come to its head (the same pseudo-ruler which empowers the satanic world-system of governance), while human ‘ingenuity’ shows its true dastardly colours, as indeed it is doing, despite hiding behind the stained skirts of philanthropy and democracy. There will be no “Great Awakening” (as the “Truthers” imagine) or “Global Shift” (as the New Agers claim) to save the world. For this world in its present condition is not salvable. In fact, the whole cosmos “has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until the present time”, awaiting the moment when “the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God” (Letter to the Romans, chapter 8, verses 21-22). Amazing to think that this entire cosmos is somehow conscious of its present limitations as a result of the Fall of the first humans and is actually “waiting” with bated breath for the resurrection and its own transformation. But there it is! For this present corrupted (though still beautiful in parts) creation is merely the educational revealing preface to the creation which is to come at the end of this evil age.

Currently, the forces of evil are on the cusp of hideous acts of folly which will open Pandora’s Box and bring the Sword of Damocles down on this world. By way of example, I mean things like this: https://iflscience.com/a-third-of-ai-researchers-think-ai-could-cause-catastrophic-outcomes-on-par-with-nuclear-war-this-century-65430 , and this: https://interestingengineering.com/science/cia-genetic-mutation-mammoth-resurrection , which are tips of the tips of the tips of that iceberg of evil. Artificial Intelligence and genetic meddling of scientists under the controlling force of intelligence agencies and globalist organizations are the two wildfires and flashovers which will ignite irreversible chain reactions in nature far more hideous than the genetic nightmare of the Nephilim in the time of Noah. I use that comparison deliberately because Christ said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 37). In other words, the state of the world in the run-up to His cataclysmic return “like a flash of lightning” from one end of the cosmos to the other (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 27) will be very similar to how it was after the monstrous genetic mutation of the Nephilim had been generated as a result of demons impregnating human women before the Flood was visited by Divine intervention to wipe them all out (Book of Genesis, chapter 6, verses 1-7). I tell you now: the Power which created and sustains this universe will intervene in ways beyond human imagination — although one gets substantial hints of it in the Book of Revelation.

If Christ warned “those who are in Judea [to] escape to the mountains” before the Roman emperor’s son, Titus, entered Jerusalem and its temple in AD70 and had it all utterly destroyed (described as “the abomination of desolation in the holy place”, Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verses 15-16), it would be sensible to do something similar in this run-up time to the coming one-world government under the Antichrist, who will also “oppose and exalt himself above every so-called god or object of worship” and “seat himself in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God” (Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 4). Like much else in that 24th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, the “abomination of desolation in the holy place” has more than one reference. That whole discourse of Christ is a masterpiece of dual-prophecy depicting two barbaric events (the ransacking and destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans and the future installation of the Antichrist) which frame this era. Prophetic double-meanings weaving themselves in and out of each other like an epic tapestry straight from the mouth of God

Somehow escaping to the mountains seems like a good thing for God’s people to do at this time (unless they are specifically called to remain in cities as forthtelling prophets). If cities are Babylon, then mountains are the nearest to heaven one can find on this earth. Governments, global organizations and health bodies set up to further the ends of the New World Order have paved the way during the last two years to establish even more authoritarian, tyrannical, paternalistic oversight, surveillance and control. Truly, the time could well be almost nigh to live way outside of cities and towns and probably even villages and find something, somehow, somewhere in the middle-ish of nowhere, to grow in quiet wisdom and with a bird’s-eye view of the desperate ways that humans do everything they spitefully can to avoid admitting who and what they really are, as their wilful spiritual blindness is established, corroborated, ratified, and finally sealed for eternity.