[Below is a brief extract, pages 119-123, from my recent 212-page book, “Discerning the Signs of the Times: The CIA & Subversion through Mind-Control, Satanism, Sorcery, & the Use of Religion & Cults as Tools of the New World Order”. Details of how to obtain the book as a free download are at the foot of this extract]

“Here we need to understand the fundamental importance of the global developments which took place in the 1950s and 1960s in relation to the world of hallucinogens. Until the 1960s, LSD use was unheard of in public places. The smoking of “dope” (also known as cannabis, marijuana, weed, or ganga) had largely been confined to jazz musicians and hardcore beatniks. The only LSD which had been used was in US government agency laboratory experiments, as revealed above in earlier sections. But at that time, the CIA flooded the streets with this manufactured hallucinogenic drug, and it had a massive effect on the youth of the day, just as it was designed to do. A new counterculture was formed which opened up the youth of that period to a massive infestation of demonic, New Age and antichrist influences. Central to this was the use of hallucinogenic and mind-altering drugs such as Marijuana, Cannabis resin, Lysergic Acid Dithylamide (LSD), di-Methyl Tryptamine (DMT), Mescaline, Peyote, Psilocybin and other fungal concoctions.

The use of these substances on such a scale — which is still a vast growth industry to this day — brought countless millions of young and impressionable people under the sway of a number of influences which were to be of fundamental importance to satanic strategy at that point in history. The net effects of the infiltration of hallucinogens into youth culture were as follows:

1) It enabled people to alter their consciousness at will and thereby enter states in which they could more easily come into contact with evil spirits which masquerade as benign beings who claim they have come to assist in the birthing of the New Age/New World Order, e.g. “The Ascended Masters” and other channelled entities masquerading as being from other star-systems, such as the Arcturians, the Anunnaki and the Pleiadeans. It is all deception on a vast scale.

2) The use of such drugs propagated the notion that ‘ordinary’ faith in, and discipleship to, the Christ is of a lower order than the rich mystical experiences which were possible through such an alteration of consciousness — which amounts to a New Gnosticism. Eventually it was discovered that certain meditation practices could bring about the same effects as the drugs, which had merely paved the way for these ‘deeper’ religious experiences which in turn would bring young people under the influence of the demonic realm.

3) It compounded the concept of both Theosophy and Eastern religion that one can tap into the alleged “God within” through such activity. (I have already utterly debunked that false notion of “the God within” in the pages of this book).

4) It brought about a realisation of people-power through encouraging rebellion against Divine authority and God-given morality, thus paving the way for ‘situation ethics’ enabling the hedonistic sexual revolution and such ‘democratic human rights’ as abortion on demand — a world in which one does not have a God-given body but it is “my body, my choice” in every way — the ultimate narcissism.

5) The 1960s psychotropic drug culture perpetuated the notion that the long-desired Golden Age of peace and justice could be established on the earth — that it was possible, in the words of one psychologist who advocated such developments, “to stay high forever and bring home the New Jerusalem, the Whole Earth”. [John Heider, “Catharsis in Human Potential Encounter”, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, No.14, 1974. Quoted in John Rowan, Ordinary Ecstasy: Humanistic Psychology in Action, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1976, p.103].

Even at this time, the feeling was that the movement was going to bring about a massive global change to usher in the New Age. The accent was on ‘blowing your mind’. One chart-topping song of 1967, entitled ‘San Francisco’, made the claim that “All across the nation, there’s a new generation, such a strange vibration…”. And “strange vibration” it was — largely inculcated deliberately by the massive influx of psychoactive drugs courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America.

The 1960s and 1970s represented the grand harvest of the occult-gnostic revival which had begun almost one hundred years earlier with the inception of the Theosophical Society and its offshoots. During those two decades there was a drug-induced global outburst of psychic activity which proved to be a watershed in the development of humanity in the cause of the New World Order.

In fact, the “psychedelic” era which was machinated by the CIA as a grand ‘designer-event’ — as shown above in numerous proven examples — turned out to be a watershed in the manipulation of consciousness on a grand scale. For good communication between the demonic realm and humanity, it is necessary that the ‘inner life’ or imaginal capacity of a person should be ‘expanded’ to its maximum, thus creating an openness to manipulation of the mind in the naïve and ignorant. It is important for us to realise that the main interface between the demonic realm and humanity lies in the sphere of the imagination, through the use of self-hypnosis or mind-control. This was achieved through the flooding of psychedelic drugs among youth by the CIA on such a vast scale, and has been cemented through the trendy practice of so-called ‘channelling’, which brings people in touch with discarnate entities. A complete naivety about the way that consciousness is manipulated from ‘the ether’ by the demonic entities which control it has led to the proliferation of those two influences. The ignorance about this “evil age” involving a morass of deception and subterfuge, especially at the level of the subconscious, has led to unprecedented incursions of discarnate entities into human experience across the globe. This truly is part of the ‘Occult Revival’ and involves a quickening in the satanic chain of events that will lead to the formation of a one-world government under the ‘World Leader’ anticipated by super-channeller, Alice Bailey, which disciples of Christ will recognise as the Antichrist. There is a thirst in the life-force of the demon for a control of human affairs, manifesting itself at its mildest level through simple manipulation of specific thought-patterns and behaviour; while at its most severe, it seeks to work through complete control of the life of the human creature — full-blown possession, which does not involve foaming at the mouth and seizures as popularised in movies, but makes those thus controlled seem deceptively like ‘highly-evolved’ beings, false teachers masquerading as ‘angels of light’.

Here we come to the crux of all that is being said in this section of my book: Through the influence of CIA founder and Director, Allen Dulles — himself being the protégé of the deceptive C.G. Jung (as shown in an earlier section), who was simply a neo-Gnostic occultist, channeller and manipulator of consciousness — coupled with the dark angelic vision of Captain “Trips” Al Hubbard and the crusading psychedelia of Aldous Huxley, the CIA through its LSD psyop was thus involved in the deliberate opening up of humanity to a demonic influx of global proportions which had global consequences that have continued to this day. It was plainly done deliberately, and thus I have no hesitation in calling this a conspiracy of grand proportions. This is why I say unashamedly that the CIA is a satanic organisation rather than the protector of national security, which is its pretended public image.”


[The above is a brief extract, pages 119-123, from my 212-page book, “Discerning the Signs of the Times: The CIA & Subversion through Mind-Control, Satanism, Sorcery, & the Use of Religion & Cults as Tools of the New World Order”. This book (v.1.7a) can be downloaded free of charge here: ].