LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #94: “Out Here on the Ledge”. Here’s a video I made in my… well, not actually my living-room as it is too resonant, but in my bedroom! It’s a song I just wrote after the title has been ‘in a drawer’ in my head for around one year. This is its first “sing-through”. It’s about where and how I live. See if you can identify what the ledge is. 😉 Here are the lyrics:

You say that I’ve been out here far too long
and how it’s time for me to trim my wings.
But if I do your bidding, there’s no song,
nor all the liberty which my heart sings.

You see, when wand’ring round this crazy sphere
I need to stay far from the madding crowds.
The altitude and purity out here
are perfect, while my soul can kiss the clouds.

[Refrain #1]
Out here on the ledge,
no one pulls my strings.
To my Lord I pledge
all that my voice sings.

Although the air is thin and icy cold,
I fill my lungs with more than mere O2.
I live a life that’s free and uncontrolled;
there’s no mere human who I’m subject to!

To those who think escapism’s out here,
this ledge is not without its bloody banes.
If every day your love of truth’s sincere,
your rebirth will be plagued with labour pains.

[Refrain #2]
Out here on the ledge,
nothing interferes.
Perched upon this edge
takes away all fears.

There’s one thing I’ve not shared with you before:
I’ve had to overcome my vertigo
to live life on this ledge and then explore
the things one can’t encounter down below.

So here I am, deployed out on a limb,
with just a ledge between me and a fall.
And so I write this song (well, it’s a hymn)
to show I value freedom above all.

[Refrain #3]
Out here on the ledge,
no one’s in my head.
Up here I can fledge —
use my wings instead.



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