ALTHOUGH MOST PEOPLE just bumble along with their illusions about the future of the world — imagining that some political magician will somehow make everything alright, or that ‘evolution’ [sic] will sort it all out — the crunch point will come with the advent of one particular event at the end of this age (which may be closer than one may realise): The revealing of the Antichrist at the head of a global government (and the latter is already gradually falling into place — it will only take one more hyped-up pandemic or other global catastrophe to clinch it). When that revealing happens, the hearts of all people will be revealed for what they truly are. For just as the Christ is the benevolent Divine axis on which the whole creation hangs; so the Antichrist, energized by Satan, is the evil human kingpin around which all lawlessness in that creation climaxes. Thus, the many who are duped will welcome the Antichrist as the saviour of the world — even treating him as the returned Christ.

This will be a critical moment for New Age folks, who have been so thoroughly deceived by the likes of Alice Bailey, whose writings have prepared them for a ‘World Teacher’ who will actually be this Antichrist. It is my heartfelt prayer that many New Age folks will suddenly have a ‘Eureka’ moment in which they realise that this character will be an impostor and that all they have believed up to that point has been the teachings of demons and they will then seek spiritual counsel about the true Christ. For many New Age folks are just spiritually-seeking people who have conveniently latched onto what sounds like “love and light”. Personally, I love real “love and light”. For God is love and Christ is the Light of the world! But the ‘love ’n light’ which the New Age folks have latched onto is darkness posing as light (false light), by which Satan and his fellow-demons pass themselves off as ‘angels of light’ through ‘channelling’, ‘spirit guides’ and other deceiving media.

When the Antichrist is finally revealed (which is where every development in this world is heading), it will be the cosmic trigger which will quickly result in the true Christ returning to earth in a cataclysmic blaze of light (Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 8; Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 27). However, it will only be the disciples of Christ who will realise and declare the true identity of the Antichrist. In this way, his being revealed will actually work against him. For surely it will also be the tipping point for many previously-confused spiritual seekers to finally understand the true nature of the spiritual battle and, rather than pay homage to the Antichrist, they will gladly give themselves to the Christ as His disciples. In fact, that event will be a litmus test on very many different levels! The revealing of the Antichrist will truly open Pandora’s Box. Let me develop this some more…


Many New Age folks refer to satanic activities allegedly happening among the ‘elites’ of this world. The thing is there can be no Satan without Christ! Satanic activity (as permitted by God) only exists in this world as a foil to Christ as the Light of the world in order to bring God’s goals to fruition. At this point, one has to ask oneself, “Why would a group of people be so ready and willing to attribute activity to Satan yet avidly deny the truth about the Christ of the Bible as God manifested in the flesh?” The reason is because the New Age scene is the natural inheritor of that old satanic enemy from the first few centuries of the Ekklesia, Gnosticism, which has been revived in part via theosophy as a form of neo-Gnosticism, aka the New Age Movement, which has gone from strength to strength in this depraved and lawless world. I was writing about all this more than thirty years ago in my book, “The Serpent and the Cross”, not only demonstrating an occult revival going ‘mainstream’ in the twentieth century but that this occult revival had also penetrated the visible church en masse via the “Prosperity Gospel”/“Name It & Claim It” movement, the wacky so-called “speaking in tongues” phenomenon (which has nothing whatsoever to do with the miraculous actual languages spoken in the Book of Acts, chapter 2), the phony falling-down misnamed “Baptism with the Spirit” experience, and much more in the way of church shenanigans. Now, thirty-five years later, all this madness is even more mainstream and is established in both the world and in the visible church.


I said above that New Age folks deny that Jesus the Christ is God manifested in the flesh. They do have their so-called “Ascended Master” called Master Jesus — one of a group of alleged entities who have reincarnated themselves to “enlightenment” and service to humanity. But these ‘masters’ are merely a fictitious counterfeit extrapolation in theosophical literature (from Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, in mid-nineteenth century onwards) designed by the forces of darkness to deceive the naïve and unwary. As a sidebar here, the Ascended Master known by them as Lord Maitreya — who has traditionally been identified as the World Teacher who would come to earth to take initiates to the next level (a scene counterfeiting the second coming of the true Christ) — is said to have been ‘retired’ from that role which has now been taken over by their Ascended Master, Master Jesus. Obviously, one is dealing with smoke and mirrors with these people, so everything that they come out with is total nonsense (I can think of a considerably more appropriate word but some snowflaky folks get bent out of shape when I use it 😉). But this is what is now being claimed by many occultists as a result of ‘revelations’ by Elizabeth Clare Prophet (see Nasrin Safai, “Gifts III From the Masters of Light – Journeys Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness”, Waves of Bliss Publishing, 2005, p.29). Whether their alleged ‘World Teacher’ is their Lord Maitreya or Master Jesus is irrelevant, for the whole thing is a multi-faceted demonic deception. The reality is that the New Age scene (along with all the world’s religions) is awash with ripples of expectation of a coming ‘Great Awakening’ and a World Teacher (aka the New Agers’ so-called ‘Master Jesus’) who will come to earth to lead the world into a golden age of enlightenment. (You can read more about this on pages 321-376 in my commentary on the Book of Revelation, available for free download here).

This expected Ascended Master/World Teacher will very obviously be what disciples of Christ can identify as the Antichrist. This is the next major event on the prophetic landscape to which all world developments are leading (a so-called “pre-trib. Rapture” is not the next prophetic event as that is a fiction touted among the Plymouth Brethren sect in the first half of the nineteenth century and from there influencing C.I. Scofield and his wretched bible notes which have infected US churches to this day). Paul the apostle clearly said that the cataclysmic return of Christ (the true Christ) cannot happen until two major developments have occurred: The great apostasy and the revealing of the Antichrist (see the Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verses 1-4). The New Age Movement is plainly part of that great apostasy, designed to undermine the truth about the real Christ, preparing the way for one who is not really a wonderful World Teacher but will in fact be the Antichrist. They have been so brainwashed to avoid any kind of ‘negative thinking’ that what I have stated in the previous sentence would be unthinkable. They think everything is ‘love and light’ and so a one-world government is, according to them, not an act by the forces of darkness in the climax of the spiritual battle but an amazing vehicle for global unity by which their World Teacher can be ushered into a position of influence across the planet to transform the world.


The thing is that while almost the whole world will be fooled by this — as can clearly be seen in the sacred texts (e.g. Book of Revelation, chapter 13, verses 3-4 & 8) — could it also be that many will suddenly realise that everything which those ‘nutty Christians’ had been warning about all along is turning out to be true? I would like to think that this would be the case. The reason that I think so is because many New Age folks are already realising with a mixture of horror and relief that their beliefs and practices come from the dark side rather than the ‘love ‘n light’ which they had been assured was the case.

Just yesterday, someone told me that they had been “very much seduced by the new age and occult practices”, but that they have now seen through that and had “thrown out all my crystals, books and angel cards. My gosh I was deceived in a big way”. That is a mindblowing realisation about the emptiness of superstition and the vulnerability of being deceived by dark forces into seeking advice from beings posing as ‘angels of light’ and one which an increasing number of New Age folks are experiencing. However, ‘crystals, books and angel cards’ are just the tip of the iceberg. For the real issue with New Ageism is that it is all based on comfort-seeking subjectivism, narcissism and a denial of objective truth. It’s all about ‘feelings, man’ (in fact, just like those in the church ‘charismatic movement’, where the same subjective priority prevails, e.g. “I feel the Spirit moving in me, making me drunk”). Or, if you are a New Age person, put your hands on a tree and feel its vibes. Wow! Cool! Avoid someone like me because you feel I give off ‘bad energy’ (subtext = he frightens you with the truth). Pay exorbitant fees to practitioners so you can get ‘blissed-out’ and feel yourself undergoing a ‘shift’ with an aural massage or some other dubious therapy. It’s all about me, me, me seeking one experience after another, imagining that being blissed-out and going to a myriad workshops is pushing me further towards an illusory ‘enlightenment’ which never comes. In my almost three-quarters of a century lifetime, I have known what must be thousands of folks going down that ‘enlightenment’ rabbit-hole yet not one ever found it. It is a carrot-perpetually-in-front-of-the-nose ghost-train to nowhere encouraged by unclean spirits who know only too well how to tie humans in knots while fostering in them the illusion that they are progressing. All the gurus who promise that (while making out as if they are ‘enlightened’) are nothing more than charlatans who have long ago sold their souls to the devil, for whom they are tools, either knowingly or not. See “Stripping the Gurus” (click here) to discover how dozens of the best-known gurus are really sexual predators, mountebanks and deceivers. Then you may not be so ready to quote ‘OSHO’ (aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Ramakrishna, or Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in your Facebook posts! The same applies to the massive number of Yoga teachers outed as sexual predators and worse (click here, and here). There is nothing wrong with plain physical exercise; but there is a hidden propagandist agenda to Yoga which the naïve have fallen into like lemmings off a cliff. I could say more, but this needs an article all of its own.

I know that many have had doubts about what they are into but it is not easy for them to be ‘unmesmerised’ and most do not know anyone who, with God’s help, can show them the way. For there is a demonic attachment to false teachings and the various New Age artefacts which one can buy (cos it’s all a bizness) which is not easy to slough off. The demonic discarnate entities behind all this are orchestrating the build-up of conditions for the kind of world which will make way for the one-world government which will usher in the reign of the Antichrist. Really, there is only one way to deal with having been seduced into New Age thinking and practices: To renounce all involvement in them — ditching any related artefacts in one’s possession — then having utter contrition and sorrow before God, with tears, if necessary, for one’s involvement in them and for entertaining such thoughts, and then to ask Christ (who really is right there) to receive you as one of His disciples. He will never turn away anyone with an authentic confession. And so will begin a remaining lifetime of spiritual discovery which is infinitely more clean, deep and rewarding than anything you could discover in the New Age body of teaching or practices.


The reality is that a number of New Age folks are not really into the “making loadsamoney” aspect of their movement through exorbitant “Cleanse your Chakras” workshops, “Meet your Spirit Guide” sessions, or “Discover your Aura” tutorials. They are simply seeking spiritually. But the New Age foundations seemed to them to be much more rewarding than the religion of Christianity which, let’s face it, has been a corruption of the spirituality and simplicity of Christ, a hotch-potch of madness down the centuries with its cruel Inquisitions; crazy crusades; a power-wielding and corrupt Vatican; the many ‘megachurches’ being led by ‘evangelical’ wackos, devil-dealers, and snake-oil salespeople; the many mad beliefs and practices of so many churches; all the sects and cults of para-Christianity (e.g. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Scientology, etc.); all the archbishops and bishops prancing around in theatrical outfits and weird hats every Sunday, etc. There is also the hideous stain concerning the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches being riddled with paedophilia and sexual perversion. I remember realising the extent of this when I saw a shocking headline in a national newspaper in the UK which said, “Chaplain to the Archbishop of York Caught Importuning in Public Toilets” who, just four weeks after his conviction had been outed in the News of the World, he was ‘enthroned’ as Bishop of Durham in 1994, (and he was even a member of the House of Lords!), and he later covered up the acts of paedophiles, click here. And if you think that couldn’t happen today, try this, and this, and this,… well… just Google “paedophile vicar” for yourself and you will see the mountain of examples. Oh, and bishops too (click here). And, of course, the corrupt Roman Catholic church (click here). It is rampant. The visible church today, with a number of exceptions, is a cesspit of corruption, false teaching and physical and spiritual abuse. If you were to expose it all in a book, you would find yourself in a whole lot of trouble, for many of these people have power and behave like the mafia. Corrupt people who pass themselves off as “Christians” and obtain high office in churches are ruthless. (This is also surely all part of the great apostasy). Believe me, I have encountered some of them, especially during my years as a pastor. They do not take kindly to being fingered or opposed.

It seems that the true “body of Christ”, that Holy-Spirit-inspired multitude of genuine disciples of Christ across the world, has now been superseded visibly on a public level in the world by this false religion of Christianity (which is all part of the great apostasy I mentioned above). So no wonder that spiritually-seeking people would run a mile from that motley jumble of corruption and depravity straight into the magnetic arms of people espousing ‘love and light’ through the likes of Alice Bailey and Marianne Williamson, ‘abundance’ through the likes of Shakti Gawain and her many disciples, the one-worldism of the Lucis Trust in the United Nations, and the mesmeric pull of satanic religion through westernised Eastern mysticism and blissed-out meditation.


Since I first embarked on my fascinating, often challenging, always rewarding, sometimes surprising ride as a disciple of Christ back in the mid-1980s — after a fifteen-year association with the writings of Alice Bailey, threads of theosophy branching into the teachings of Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and a dalliance on the fringes of Anthroposophy — I have tried to reach out to New Age folks by communicating the truth about the Christ in a non-religious manner, placing emphasis on the fact that He never came to start a religion but a spiritual way of life and discipleship out of which those disciples would be made the population of the creation to come, which is the REAL ‘new age’ (for this present creation is just a temporary ‘placeholder’ for that ‘new heaven and new earth’, as revealed in the Book of Revelation, chapters 21-22). I have also tried to show that many New Age teachings are twisted renditions of what is in the sacred texts of the Bible and are plainly the result of the forces of darkness generating deception, about which they are improving continuously, for those demons (fallen angels) have been around for a very long time, as they do not die. If one can get past all of this as appearing to be ‘negative’ (something at which New Age folks recoil), then the penny has more of a chance of dropping.

My ‘ministry’ (if I can call it such without seeming presumptuous) has been to attempt to reach those who are deep-thinking and spiritually-searching misfits — the seemingly disenfranchised — those who do not easily fit into middle-class, pietistic, prim-and-proper, holier-than-thou, elitist church life, which is not what any gathering of disciples should really be. For the true Ekklesia is radical and counterculture and it does not exist to provide a cosy, comfortable space for escapists who essentially conform to the world-system but it exists to provide spiritual succour and communion for genuine disciples of Christ in the midst of a world-system which is under the power of Satan (First Letter of John, chapter 5, verse 19). New Age folks are among those misfits who I seek to reach with my writings. One of the things I am doing here in Mexico is trying to get alongside the many New Age folks who have come here from more ‘developed’ countries to plug into what they misperceive as the glory-days of Mexico with the Mayans, whom they imagine to be among the forerunners of New Age thinking. To do this without appearing to be supercilious is no easy task. But the time is short and there is now an urgency in the world which demands action. Those who have ears to hear will hear.

So, if you are reading this and you have begun to have doubts about what you are into spiritually and you want to talk to someone who will not try to ram religion down your throat (for there isn’t an ounce or milligram of religion in him!), and who has been where you are, and who really can offer you love and acceptance (for you as a human, that is, but not for any of your dubious thoughts and practices! 😊), and who will befriend you along the way, and who has a sense of humour, who is serious without being pompous, who really does care… then do not hesitate to contact me wherever you are. Throw your questions at me. I am ready for them. My main email addresses are or . My website is , where you will find 300+ articles and 5 books that may help. I would especially draw your attention to an article there which I wrote, entitled “Knowledge Which has Deliberately Been Kept from You”, which you will find here. My whole heart is in that article. It builds on what I have written here and, I hope and pray, opens up the pathway to true spirituality.

Love to one and all. 💝 Blessings & best wishes from me. Please share this article with as many as you can.



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