A while back, I wrote a letter to you asking some questions and sharing a few thoughts about the way the world is going and your part in it (and, ultimately, the end of you). You didn’t reply. So here is an updated edition of that letter.

Of course, I don’t know if you’re reading this, but… actually, that’s not true… I know you ARE reading it (for everything written on Facebook is monitored for you through Akamai Technologies Inc. and ends up in your Open Source Center on that faceless industrial estate in Virginia where your vast team of so-called “Vengeful Librarians” vet its content). So this is a personal note from me to you. From my heart to yours (if you still have one left after all the skulduggery and dissimulation in which you’ve been involved over the years). Please don’t just add this to all the other things you’ve logged which I’ve written; because this is different to the rest. Whereas all my other stuff has been pilfered by you without my permission — and no doubt wrongly interpreted and misappropriated in your paranoid, one-dimensional view of the world — this one is being deliberately written to you.

For some years I have known that you have been filtering my musings here online along with many millions (billions?) of others. The pretence, on your part, that you have to take such draconian measures of surveillance in order to track terrorists, is — to put it politely — complete bullshit. As if terrorists openly announce their evil moves on social media! You must think that we (and the terrorists) are completely stupid. (In any case, you already control the major terrorist groups in the world, for you actually started them all, as a minimum of honest research reveals). Social media (so-called) have a great many narcissists and insecure people wanting vain confirmation of themselves but there is not a single terrorist in sight. The only possible reason that you would want to listen (or make out as if you’re listening) to all these people is in order to exercise social control, intimidation and subjugation. There can be no other reason. You are plainly monitoring these media for any sign of dissidence or failure to go along with their official government line (which is always either outright lies or the distraction of disinformation). The fact is that all the work you do in connivance with governments, military, paramilitary contractors and organised crime syndicates is so evil that you have to spend your time listening in to the population’s private conversations and looking at their social media profiles in order to be able to exercise damage control and monitor who knows what, and how much, about you, your partners-in-crime and your dastardly acts.

Today, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of what you and those with whom you work are really all about. They are no longer fooled by the laughable pretence that you are beefing up security to protect us all. They see right through your endless proclamations about “our way of life being threatened” by nasty, jealous terrorists from the East. They know that’s just baloney. In fact, an increasing number of folks feel more terrorised by YOU and your military/paramilitary friends/contractors and your black ops and false flags than by any “terrorist”! They know that whatever genuine terrorists there are, they only start to be terrorists because of the serial wars, assassinations, coup d’etats, monopolisation of the drugs market and other manipulations and atrocities which you commit around the world. What is more, most of the terrorist acts on this planet are actually carried out by YOU — either transparently through the military serial wars you promulgate and enact, or covertly through your actual control of terrorist groups, in which you either instigate terrorist acts or, despite your prior knowledge of the planned events, allow them to happen!

Osama bin Laden, for example, was one of your own assets to be used by you; yet you held him up to the world as if he was an autonomous out-of-control source of never-ending evil in order to intimidate the masses. In another example, virtually every single act of terrorism on US soil this century has been instigated by the FBI. This is a verifiable fact as anyone can check for themselves. Even the mainstream press has reported on this (naively presenting them as “sting operations” rather than deliberate terrorist incitements), though mostpeople either don’t notice or couldn’t give a damn. [Examples are here:
1. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/29/opinion/sunday/terrorist-plots-helped-along-by-the-fbi.html?_r=0
2. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/21/government-agents-directly-involved-us-terror-plots-report ].
These are just the tip of the iceberg. It is YOU who are the terrorists and the controllers of terrorists! And you do all this for no other reason than generating fear in order to amass power and thereby enact your global delusions-of-grandeur master-plan.

An increasing number of people also know only too well that you are harvesting all this information from the general population so that — when the time comes for you to drop your pretence of caring about security and instead openly starting to pursue your totalitarian intentions — you can then round up for detention all the freethinkers (or just plain old thinkers, for you regard anyone with an incisive mind as a threat), intellectuals, dissidents, whistleblowers, writers, artists and other creative people who resist your evil with imagination and insight. For this is how all dictatorships begin.

For a long time, anyone who has been a threat to you in any way — because of their perceived power or the extent of their worthy influence over others — has been publicly ridiculed, defamed, calumniated, denigrated, slandered, discredited, maligned, stigmatised, traduced, disappeared, forced into suicide (or killed and made to look like suicide) or plain old-fashioned assassinated. I have a huge list which I have been compiling for many years. It is like a Who’s Who of Heroes and Heroines of the World. Yet when they were active or alive you made out as if they were mad, bad or undesirable people. Shame on you! You are a disgrace to humanity.

I am certain that hidden within your ranks there could be some otherwise moral and honourable people who have got in over their heads and now somehow can’t get out (especially as they know what you would do to them if they tried to remove themselves from your clutches). It’s easy to see how some naive, idealistic young person could be tempted to join you on the mistaken basis that they would be policing the planet and protecting the world from evil. But it wouldn’t take a person of integrity long to find out how awfully mistaken they had been and that the reverse is true. How disconcerting it must be for a young person to suddenly discover that s/he was not on the side of good after all but actually working for evil masquerading as good. I often think of such people and their dilemma and my heart-hope is that they will find the courage to do what is good and right, despite the hold you have over them. I am always ready to talk to such people, just as I did with high-ranking honourable military personnel who were disillusioned when the war on Iraq was waged in 2003.

One of the primary reasons for writing this missive is because it is my duty to tell you — in fact, I am charged to tell you — that you will not finally succeed with your diabolical plans — even though you will be allowed to make some considerable headway with them (for this is your hour, temporarily, and the power of darkness). Every evil thing you do is only increasing your culpability in the destruction of this present “civilisation”, while digging for yourselves a deeper grave (figuratively speaking). Here is the reason for your eventual failure: It is because there is an infinitely higher power than yours which monitors your every move every microsecond of every day and night from a control centre outside this present space-time continuum of which you have no real knowledge (though you think you do) and over which you have no control (though you will no doubt imagine that you do). IT IS ACTUALLY *YOU* WHO ARE UNDER 24/7 SURVEILLANCE by a spiritual power which you can never overcome. This is a very beautiful thing which puts a knowing smile on my face (though I’m sure you’d love to stamp on it with your boots forever).

This higher power not only keeps track of your every outward move and conversation but even monitors your innermost thoughts. Continually. Imagine that! It is just the kind of power which you have always wanted to exercise but which you will never be able to accomplish. Yeah, I know you’ve developed daft espionage programmes using alleged psychics and telekinesis to read minds and move stuff around, not to mention hideous weapons using transmuted energy; but you’re like kids playing with dynamite. You might as well give a chemistry set to a toddler! Such powers in the hands of low-order, old-aeon people such as yourselves represent the worst kind of malevolent sorcery rather than any gracious spiritual advancement of the human mind. The use and harnessing of invisible energies becomes dark sorcery when it is carried out for personal gain or power-grabbing. That was apparently one of the reasons for the downfall (destruction) of Atlantis and other earlier civilisations. Soon, this present “civilisation” will be dismantled too; and you with it. Then a new aeon can begin (though, I realise, not after much prior earthly devastation) — a new aeon which is founded on insight, courage, self-sufficiency, cooperation, service, wisdom, transparency, commonality, selflessness, humility, fruitfulness, altruism and harmony instead of the ways of the old aeon to which you adhere, such as ignorance, naivety, materialism, fear, dread, dependency, manipulation, domination, accrual of power, competition, narcissism, vanity, acquisition, conflict and every other base quality of your dark and twisted world.

There is a covert sense in which that new aeon has already begun; but old aeon people, such as yourselves, are fighting against it with all your might under the dark control of the powers who pull your strings. Let me tell you that you will not succeed. You will be as effective in your aims as was King Cnut of Denmark when he commanded the tide to halt. King Cnut has received a bad press over the centuries; but what many do not realise is that he was doing it to prove his allegiance to a higher power. As soon as the sea washed over his feet, he is reputed to have said: “Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings; for there is none worthy of the name but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws.” Whereas you carry out your actions in arrogance and rebellion against all spiritual good, King Cnut commanded the sea-tide to stop coming in so as to prove to the world the complete emptiness of the power of human rulers and their cohorts. This is something that you cannot see: That your power is, in reality, nothing — a vanity and puff of wind — and has no good standing in the realm of spirit. For you merely fan the flames of the fleeting death-bound human ego and deal in death itself. The dark masters you serve are, like you, mere pawns on a vast cosmic chessboard designed to show the futility of the flesh and the glory of spirit. If you fully realised that, your mission would change in an instant.

As for myself — in spite of all the sunsets and moonfulsome nights; beckoning seascapes and mountainous heights; birdsong and sunshine and little kids’ smiles; wings, good intentions and walks down the aisle; flowers and poems and autumnal sighs; great joys and dreams and my answerless whys; natural mysteries and cold mountain rills; velvetskin fleshness and orgasmic thrills; cheesecake and ice cream and warm apple pie — I no longer care if I live or I die. I am nearing the end and there is little left for me to live for in this sewage-civilisation of gathering darkness. So you can do with me as you wish. It is of no consequence to me. I am nothing here already; therefore returning to the no-thingness of everything would be a most fitting event.

However, let me finally tell you this: I, and all those who think like me (and we are many), couldn’t give a damn if you survey us, tap our phones, watch us as we go about our business, intimidate us, discredit us, attempt to control us, suppress us, repress us, arrest us, detain us and torture us, waterboard us, disappear us, suicide us, put us in your concentration camps and kill us. Not because we’ve got nothing to hide (which we haven’t); and not because we are beyond suffering, pain and hardship (for we know that you can inflict that on us to a terrible degree). But it is because our allegiance is to that higher spiritual power which you detest so much and work against so fanatically. This is what makes us infinitely more powerful than you will ever be. It’s all a question of light. Spiritual light. You can trash our bodies and break us through inflicting unimaginable pain on us; but you can never destroy that part of us which is connected to the essence of the cosmos from which you — in all your political hubris and personal arrogance — have alienated yourselves.

Thank you for listening. I look forward to any genuine responses…

Yours very sincerely,

Alan Morrison
(Troubadour, Universal Citizen & Wordsmith Warrior)

© 2015, Alan Morrison / The Diakrisis Project. All Rights Reserved. 
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