A Little Lesson in ‘Psyops’

We live in an age of deception. Governments specialize in it. Political parties excel at it. Corporations tout it (known euphemistically as “PR” and “advertising”). Military and intelligence agencies are outstanding at it. The media are the servants of it, deliberately keeping truth from the masses while daily pushing outright propaganda and maintaining our interest in superficial claptrap, diversionary nonsense or pretentious blather. Our own silly egos — if not imbued with wisdom and insight — willingly swallow and wallow in it, given the least opportunity, in order to maintain a falsely optimistic and exlusively “positive” outlook on life. Such deception travels under many names besides outright lies: Propaganda, disinformation, chicanery, hoax, imposture, fraud, subterfuge, artifice and so on.

In this little article, especially in the light of the vast raft of organized propaganda being used today to manipulate the masses, I want to provide a model from recent history of how this deception works on a mass scale so we can apply it to many other areas of life and become enquiring questioners (which basically means dissidents in this day and age) rather than gullible dupes.

On March 18th 2003, an article brazenly appeared in the Times newspaper in the UK with the headline “See Men Shredded, then Say you don’t Back War”. It was written by Ann Clwyd, a Labour Party Member of Parliament in the UK and one of Tony Blair’s Special Envoys on Human Rights. It claimed that Saddam Hussein’s regime routinely put people through an industrial shredding machine, along with other similar atrocities. This story really did the rounds, coming as it did in perfect propaganda time to spread the word as to why war should be waged against Iraq. The same article was published at the same time on the U.S. State Department International Information Programs website. At the time, many people avidly and triumphantly sent me details of this shredder story, asking me — as I had written many articles exposing the disingenuous and mendacious nature of the proposed invasion of Iraq — how I could possibly be opposed to the invasion after reading it. All I could do was lament the gullibility of so many, as I still do today. Every day.

The many reports appearing years later (and too late) on the injustice of the invasion of Iraq have focused primarily on the lies about weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). (Remember that every one of the mainstream media originally plugged the “WMDs in Iraq” line fed to them by their controllers instead of going out of their way to investigate the truth, which is what journalism should really be about). But what we have not heard much about is the way that psychological operations — known in military intelligence circles as “Psyops” or “Psywar” — played a key role in mesmerising the world into submission to the USA’s hegemonial intentions. In other words, the media — after they learned that they had been duped into telling the world lies about WMDs — failed to investigate properly how that could have happened. They suddenly started changing the story without confessing culpability or sincerely investigating cause.

Although atrocities plainly did happen under Saddam Hussein in Iraq (as they do in most countries — even in many countries supported morally and financially by the USA and even in the USA itself!), it is clear that this story of Saddam’s industrial shredder was apocryphal, designed purely as propaganda, having no basis in fact. It was a kind of Histoire au Grand Guignol created to “shock and awe” the masses into following the government line on a warring invasion. A classic method of propaganda is to smear the enemy with beyond-belief crimes of this nature (e.g. “They eat babies”, etc.).

What the U.S. State Department reprint of Ann Clwyd’s article failed to reveal is that Clwyd also happened to be President of a British organisation called “Indict”, which was set up supposedly to bring abusers of human rights in Iraq to justice under international law. To any fearless researcher, it was a standard disinformation outlet and money-waster. It was awarded $3 million from the U.S. State Department under the Iraq Liberation Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1998. Britain provided political support, and financial aid came from another unnamed nation (most likely Kuwait). In its 5 years of existence (it ceased operations in 2003), it did not achieve a single result and articles appeared in the UK press calling for Clwyd’s resignation. It was embarrassingly obvious that “Indict” was just a puppet organisation for the USA security services — one of many, I might add. This is “Psyops” in action. Psychological operations — about which most people today are completely ignorant.

The shredder story was again reproduced at the time by a gentleman known as Rev. Kenneth Joseph, who was reported to be an Assyrian pastor. He was said to have been originally a passionate and dedicated anti-war demonstrator who was acting as a human shield in Iraq and while he was there he allegedly discovered so many atrocities — about which he made fourteen hours of video interviews with Iraqis — that he claimed he had given up the peace movement and subsequently supported the war. Now this guy came back (as it is claimed) from Iraq on 22nd March 2003. The story about him then broke as a United Press International (UPI) report on 22nd March and subsequently on 23rd March in the Washington Times, which is a disinformation outlet for CIA asset Sun Myung Moon (the cult-leader of the Moonies), who owned both the newspaper and UPI where the story originated. The thrust of the article was that an anti-war peace activist had been shocked back to reality by his realisation that Saddam was a monster and that the war was therefore justified. Kenneth Joseph himself had written an article, entitled, “I was Wrong”, documenting his alleged experience.1

The original UPI article about Kenneth Joseph was written by right-wing pundit Arnaud de Borchgrave, who is widely regarded as having been a CIA asset for decades. He was Senior Editor of Newsweek (another CIA mouthpiece) for thirty years, was President of UPI from 1999-2001 and was Editor-at-Large with Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times. He was also a member of the board of directors of the right-wing disinformation propaganda outlet NewsMax, and was Senior Advisor and Director of the right-wing think-tank with five-star intelligence/ military connections known as the Center for Strategic and International Studies,2 and also a member of the senior advisory board of “Diligence”, an “information and security” organisation “founded by former American and British intelligence officers”.3 He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations — one of the shadow government components of the New World Order.

These are the credentials of the man who first brought to public attention, in an article for UPI, the “Reverend” Kenneth Joseph’s alleged involvement and supposed subsequent abandonment of the anti-war movement. And people had the temerity to send me his trashy article as if it was a revealing poem written by a child! Do people not understand the need to exercise due diligence when confronted with such an overtly propagandist piece? Do they even care? In his 1877 essay, The Ethics of Belief, William K. Clifford rightly stated:

“The danger to society is not merely that it should believe wrong things, though that is great enough; but that it should become credulous, and lose the habit of testing things and inquiring into them, for then it must sink back into savagery”.

This is the situation in which we find ourselves today, where most people are so credulous that they believe what they are told by authorities and ridicule or even oppress those who dare to enquire, do the research and test everything. This is surely one of the main reasons for the world’s sinking back into savagery — as indeed it is.
In the wake of the UPI/Washington Times article, the Rev. Kenneth Joseph was also eulogised fulsomely by other neo-conservative disinformation outposts such as Pat Robertson’s media network and the ironically named “Accuracy in Media” — another right-wing propaganda organisation with intelligence services origins.4

Many are also fooled by the right-wing credentials of these organisations. They imagine that right-wing equals “right” and “respectable”. What they fail to realise is that it matters not a jot whether a think-tank or other organisation is right-wing, left wing or any other wing. In the mainstream political arena, where power is the issue, there is no real difference between left and right. They are merely different sides of the same bent coin. The question to ask about an organisation is “whose interests does it serve?” The organisations we have mentioned above may put themselves across as being right-wing and conservative so as to appeal to conservative America; but in reality, wittingly or unwittingly, they serve the ruling elite, the dark players who run this world in shadow government format — the New World Order. They have no allegiance to any wing. To them, left and right wings are merely complementary puppets to be used to spread their disinformation and propaganda.

To anyone with the minimum amount of discernment, the whole story about Kenneth Joseph and the way in which it was disseminated to the world reeks of a classic Psyop — a very slick disinformation propaganda campaign in order to a) undermine and discredit those who opposed the invasion of Iraq and b) bolster the US claims that Iraq must be invaded in order to destroy Saddam Hussein, the “Butcher of Baghdad” (although Saddam himself was also originally a CIA-hired thug and assassin and came to power in a CIA-created coup d’etat!). Let’s go into this a little.

There is an account in a forum on the internet from the REAL Iraq human-shield people who said that they had never even heard of a Rev. Kenneth Joseph as a human shield. They wrote:

“We were pointed by many people to a story originating from Arnaud de Borchgrave — a rightwing veteran writer for the Washington Times and other newspapers — about a pastor Kenneth Joseph, who claimed to have been a “human shield” or has travelled with a Japanese group. They also claimed to have shot 14 hours of video with Iraqis. The Rev. Kenneth Joseph, ‘a young American pastor of the Assyrian Church of the East’, said the trip to Iraq ‘had shocked me back to reality.’ Some of the Iraqis they interviewed on camera, he said, ‘told me they would commit suicide if American bombing didn’t start. They were willing to see their homes demolished to gain their freedom from Saddam [Hussein]’s bloody tyranny.’ The story has been cited by many pro-war columnists on the internet and in newspapers around the globe. We (human shields) have never heard of this Kenneth Joseph. I asked everybody who returned from Baghdad and more. Nobody did. We would like to meet Kenneth Joseph and see the 14 hours of video. Until then the whole story is false”.5

To my knowledge, the supposedly horrifying fourteen hours of video footage have still never been seen by anyone, ever. You would think that if such footage existed it would have been sprayed around the world, with excerpts being shown endlessly on prime time television to ram it home. But nothing has been seen or heard of it.

Kenneth Joseph has his own website calledwww.assyrianchristians.com from where he puts out his writings and propaganda. From the moment I heard about this story and especially after examining Kenneth Joseph’s website in 2003, I became convinced that he is a classic Psyops agent with CIA/Mossad connections, designed to discredit and neutralise those who opposed the war on Iraq and to propagandise the US party line on Iraq and similar issues. Very effective it was too. I must have received hundreds of approving e-mails about this man at the time. Most people do not have a clue concerning how propaganda and Psyops work. Maybe they need to realise that this is a PsyWAR rather than mere Psyops. My friends, World War III has already started and it is not a war with conventional battlefield weapons but a battle for the mind through the use of mind-control and psychological propaganda.

Intelligence agencies have always used Psyops to further their ends — playing around with people’s minds, either through some form of psychoactive or psychomimetic drug, hypnotic manipulation or through mental or spiritual deception. This has been enacted in a massive way by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America, as I have shown in another article. Additionally, the whole field of religion has provided extremely fertile territory for the extension and practice of psychological operations.

Religious missionaries are often used as a cover for secret service agencies to carry out their dastardly work — especially in the field of propaganda and mind control. Security agencies use religion easily in order to further their propaganda and control minds. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the religious scene as a whole has been manufactured for this very purpose.

In just the same way that the much admired neo-conservative news agencies “Debka File”,6 “Honest Reporting” and “Middle East Media Research Institute” (MEMRI) are really Zionist propaganda nodes for the Israeli intelligence network, Mossad, and thus cannot be taken at all seriously as unbiased, honest news outlets, so there are also many nodes acting as propaganda for the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA. Not only does this involve media organisations but missionary organisations too.

There are many links between the CIA and Christian missionaries, who are often CIA assets or actually funded by the CIA. This has been demonstrated by numerous researchers.7 Nearly forty years ago, CIA Director William Colby acknowledged that religious missionaries play a significant role in U.S. intelligence activities throughout the world.8 It provides a superb cover as they can travel to many lands without suspicion. Kenneth Joseph, for example, on his own testimony, did not have to obtain State Department clearance to enter Iraq because of his “invitation as a religious person and family connections”. Missionaries are truly in a unique position to be either operatives or assets for intelligence agencies. This is recognised by the intelligence agencies themselves. On a Mormon website, it is stated:

“CIA recruiter Charles Jackson told the Salt Lake Tribune that returned missionaries possess several qualities that make them valuable agents: foreign language ability, experience living abroad, a ‘sense of conformity and respect for authority [learned] as missionaries’ and abstinence from drugs and alcohol. These factors, coupled with the Church’s traditional support of government service, have encouraged many former missionaries to accept jobs as agents”.9

This widespread recruitment of missionaries by the CIA is common knowledge amongst those who are familiar with the way that intelligence services operate. “Recruiting its agents from almost every sector of the private domain, the CIA turned students, missionaries, and journalists into spies abroad”, says one researcher.10 Kenneth Joseph and his Assyrian pastor ‘front’ provides a classic example of this, having been cleverly touted around the internet scene as an “antiwar activist” who went to Iraq as a human shield and left there disillusioned with hours of videotapes of interviews with Iraqis who hated Saddam Hussein and welcomed US intervention. But it was all a chimera created for the occasion. He must have been quietly waiting for this moment to arrive.

In a CounterPunch Special Investigation, entitled “Wag the Kennel? The Kenneth Joseph Story”, reporter Carol Lipton spells out the fact that this man is not what he is presented as in the media or on his website.11 This is an important article. She shows that prior to his initial public appearance supposedly back from Iraq as a human shield, there is no record whatsoever of his having been a peace activist — no reference to an anti-war stance in any of his writings. In fact, his whole background is shrouded in mystery.

If you add all that to the many propagandist elements on his website, to the way that his unsubstantiated claims were spread uncritically around the neo-conservative disinformation news networks with intelligence connections, to the way that those claims were used as another justification for an unjust, murderous war, then you may begin to get an idea of what he is all about, of who he is working for and where he is coming from.

As Carol Lipton states in the final sentence of her article: “There’s only one thing Kenneth Joseph doesn’t mention [in all his Japan Times articles]: the videotapes”. I too have yet to meet a soul who has seen the footage of these videotapes. Yet I continued for years to receive e-mails from people pointing to this man as a hero who had the guts to back down from being a peace activist when he learned the “truth”. Most people, unfortunately, are very gullible and have no clue whatsoever how they are being manipulated.
The invasion of Iraq has been one of the most blatant instances of massacre and unjust warfare since the Vietnam debacle. The US government was able to get away with it because most people remained silent. The time has come to speak out and expose these Psyops agents for who and what they are. A report in the UK Daily Telegraph on 24th October 2003 stated:

“America is stumbling into what appears to be a new imperial mission which puts a premium not on firepower but on ‘psyops’, or psychological operations, according to a growing number of historians and strategists”.

But there was no “stumbling” involved. The lies about weapons of mass destruction and Saddam’s capability were part of a deliberate psychological operation to engender fear and the mass of people were fooled by it. Only a mentally impoverished, utterly dumbed-down population could be so prone to such propaganda. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and refuse to be counted amongst them for, since then, the use of psyops has increased hugely with the global so-called “war on terror”, about which I have already written much elsewhere.

Things have moved on since then. The Psyops “community” has now had many years to perfect its techniques, using mass experiments in mind-control to gain understanding of which techniques are most effective. This is where it starts to get interesting and distinctly weird. A certain Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Aquino was a leading figure in the development of the U.S. military’s psychological operations and has long connections with intelligence forces. He was one of the masterminds of the MK-Ultra mind-control program of the CIA (portrayed so vividly in the film “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson). Aquino is a former member of the Church of Satan who left Anton LaVey’s temple to establish his own Temple of Set in the 1970s, which describes itself in its own literature as:

“An Initiatory organization dedicated to the Prince of Darkness and to exploring Black Magic in all its facets. One of the main focuses of the Temple is the Word of the Aeon of Set — “Xeper”, an Ancient Egyptian word meaning “to become” or “I have come into Being”. This is both a watchword and an initiatory focus – to become the best individual one is able to be, to become like unto Set — an eternal independent entity, rather than the immersion of consciousness as proposed by white magic and associated religious and philosophical schools”.

Aquino is also a Nazi-sympathiser who caused a furore when he carried out a black magic ritual at Wewelsburg Castle, which Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler had used and who Aquino had been trying to invoke in the ritual. He was also co-author of a major report (now available on Amazon) entitled “From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory”, which advocates the usage of Electromagnetic fields, ionized air, and ELF waves to control mass populations. This is the direction in which Mind Control has been heading.

In case you don’t believe these claims that a leading self-confessed Satanist and high-priest of a satanic temple was also the founding-father of modern psychological operations and mind-control for military special forces, check out his own curriculum vitae, which Aquino has published here:http://www.xeper.org/maquino/nm/AquinoVitae.pdf . Another page on his website displays his satanic credentials: http://www.xeper.org/maquino/ . Really, you couldn’t make this up!

Aquino’s book was used as a how-to manual by the US military in the war in Iraq. It is seen as the foundational work in psychological operations. I’m sharing this so you know just what darkness we are dealing with here. Everything I have referred to in this piece in terms of the waging of wars — whether physical or psychological — is rooted in a battle which lies way beyond what we can see with our eyes. This is what I call the real Third World War. The battle for the mind. The mainstream media as well as social media provide the perfect conduit for this, as images and situations of an extreme nature, designed to generate sentimental, emotionalistic reactions in the world’s populace, are being staged regularly to generate chaos and misplaced passions. This is very easy to do in the minds of people who are already primed to engage in false emotions, believe anything and act in an almost hysterical manner when the right buttons are pressed.

So now you can see how important it is to be able to stand back and look down on all that is happening in this world and see the hidden reality rather than be taken in and swept along by the false fronts presented to us in the media. In the same way that politics and parliaments represent the diversionary entertainment division of the dark powers controlling this world, the mainstream media represents the disinformation department of those same powers.

The Gory Tale of the Ghastly Shredder in Saddam’s armoury was just a very unsubtle, cheap form of mind-control, endorsed by The Times newspaper, to gain support for a war which exterminated millions (and still counting) of innocent lives. And Ann Clwyd is still serving as a Labour Party MP today! Which just shows that you can tell as many lies as you like in politics — even if they lead to millions being killed — so long as they are the “right” lies!

A vast number of experiments have continued to toy with the malleable minds of the masses. Even the current “refugee crisis” is being manipulated — and has been from the start through the Psyop creation and control of ISIS by Western powers — in order to justify illegal intervention in yet another Middle-Eastern country’s business. Watch this space because I’ll be presenting a separate article on what lies behind the refugee issue in a forthcoming update. There is so much more to come, as we build up to the cataclysmic climax (and downfall) of this present evil aeon.

We live in interesting times.

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