I’VE BEEN WATCHING WITH GREAT AMUSEMENT the farce surrounding the President’s Club dinner party in London and the decision by Formula One race organisers to stop having those pit-stop “Grid Girls” at motor races. It was claimed that at the private party (attended mainly by rich people and celebrities) a number of young women were hired as “dolly birds” to serve drinks and look pretty. They received a job description from an agency, signed up for it and were paid for it. Then the Financial Times did a “sting” and sent an undercover journalist to show how “sexist” it all was with some girls having hands put on them, etc. (When are journalists ever going to do REAL stings by exposing big corruption in politics, industry, the military, the church, etc., instead of going undercover at a party to see if a man’s hand goes on a girl’s ass. There is no real investigative journalism anymore; only the pretend made-up journalism of the film, “The Post”!). Sounds like a normal private party for rich people with pseudo-Bunny Girls in attendance. Many of those girls sign up deliberately to try and bag a rich guy so they can bask in his glory, gold-dig his wallet and sit in his Bentley afterwards. I read that a number of the girls went back to hotel rooms with the guys. Of course they did. It all goes with the territory. Not shocking at all. It was pretty obvious from the job description what was involved. They were asked to wear “black sexy shoes and black underwear”. Now there’s your red flag right there. If a girl doesn’t like the look of it, then don’t do it! Or don’t do it again. Or walk out during the party if you’re that upset. Ah, but then you wouldn’t get your £130!

Obviously, I would never behave like some of those men apparently behaved. I wouldn’t even approach a woman I’ve never met before, or with whom there is no connection through a mutual friend or acquaintance or work aspect. I find parties like that to be a long way from who I am. But so long as no one is harmed or debased, surely people can do what they want at a private function. It’s called Freedom. Remember that? Yet, even attendance or association in any way with that party, or even just being on the invitation list, is now resulting in a hysterical wave of denunciations, resignations, sackings and demotions! It’s like the purges of Mao’s China or Stalin’s USSR! People are queuing up to say how horrified they are by such jamborees in order to curry favour with feminists and look correkt. Even the UK Prime Minister had to do the statutory denunciation!

Then we discover that the organisers of Formula 1, also bowing to political correktness, have announced that they will no longer hire those girls in bikinis, hotpants and champagne-soaked T-shirts to hang out and look pretty in pits and on podiums at race rallies.

Now what’s interesting is that the pressure to stop all this comes from mostly educated middle-class feminists (or multi-millionaire motormouth “celebrities”) who disapprove. Yet they never say anything when Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady so-called Gaga, et al, dress like sluts (yep, that’s right, I said “like sluts”, shock-horror!) for obscenely huge amounts of money and perform in satanic rituals masquerading as “dance routines” in front of even children, with millions of men presumably slavering over it. Apparently, they are merely “exercising their rights over their own bodies” and indulging their so-called “wildness” (yawn!), “empowerment” (bigger yawn!) and “strong independent womanhood” (even bigger yawn!). Yet when an unknown and physically-attractive working-class girl from Dagenham or Dalston takes a job at a Formula 1 rally, looking far more wholesome than Madonna, Beyoncé or Lady so-called Gaga (if I may say so), so she can make herself attractive to rich guys in the hope of maybe bagging one for herself, or getting noticed for for a modelling job, then she’s “demeaning the cause of the sisterhood”. Hypocrisy much? Incidentally, those “Grid Girls” are lining up now to say how much they loved the work and that they never felt demeaned. Whatever happened to “their bodies, their choice”? 😉

Every week, women are queuing up in clubs somewhere in the world so they can grab the ass of a Chippendale-style stripper. Tru dat! Hen-Parties see women falling about the streets drunk as lords, accosting guys in bars. But there’s never a word from the sisters about that. Apparently, it’s only when men, the enemy, are enjoying the company of unknown women that their rules of political correktness apply.

Fact is that the politically-correkt enforcers are only interested in outward form — with the way things appear. But you don’t change entrenched non-criminal attitudes though legislating or bullying people into behaving how a minority pressure-group wants them to behave (so as not to trigger the symptoms of their personality disorder). Men are hardwired to be attracted to women and to flirt with them. Perfectly normal. In unawake undeveloped men, this can be corrupted into wantonly ogling at women’s body-parts and even making unwanted physical advances. Non-neurotic women have always known how to deal with that: Through firmness and boundary-setting. They don’t feel any need to play the victim like so many of today’s snowflake females. Woman are hardwired to want to attract men, especially those who seem to be the most protective and powerful. In unawake undeveloped women, that hardwiring can be corrupted into serial gold-digging and even slutty whorish behaviour. Non-neurotic men know how to deal with that: Avoidance at all costs!

Many women today think that we are on the brink of a new golden age when the “casting couch” has been banished, men keep their hands to themselves and never even look at a woman’s body. Casting couches and wandering hands are plainly corruptions of masculinity (just as feminism, gold-digging and misandry are corruptions of femininity). But men looking at women’s bodies in a non-neurotic manner is perfectly natural. They are beautiful to behold! (As a side-note, I regularly see women surreptitiously giving a sly little glance at my genital area when I meet them or even pass them in the street or in a supermarket. Yes, girls, I notice! It’s all part of their unconscious hardwiring. Even feminists do it, 😊. I ain’t gonna get my knickers in a twist about it though! It’s just part of life’s little stuff. But it’s so predictable and funny — though they would deny it if you mentioned it. Which reminds me, whatever happened to HUMO(U)R? 😃). There is no imminent golden age of the sort that the feminists envisage. You can’t have a golden age riding on the back of misandry, hypocrisy and hysteria. Heck, they don’t even respect chivalry from a man! Nothing will truly change until both men and women have self-respect and are transformed inwardly. At present, the only thing that is being changed by them is that the majority of men are being coerced into becoming subservient wimpish beta-males who have no sense of pioneering or adventure left in their souls. Instead of men discovering the meaning of true masculinity and women revelling in their true femininity (and the sacredness of both), the baby is being thrown out with the bath-water on all sides.

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