“LOOK AT THAT SCENE! IT COULD BE FROM A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE OR DISNEY!”, said a TV commentator as the newly-weds in an open horse-drawn carriage swept down the “Long Walk” between St. George’s Chapel and Windsor Castle. Indeed it could. For there are many connecting points between Hollywood, Disney and the British Monarchy — the most notable of which is the mesmerising of the masses with celebrity. One can tell a great deal about people when one knows who their heroes are. Mostpeople’s heroes in the world today, whether they admit it or not, are so-called celebrities, even scraping the barrel with “Z-List Celebs”! In this respect, the Royal Wedding was on a par with the Oscars ceremony in Hollywood — a tasteless, gawdy display of plastic people with little talent other than pretending to be someone else, who like to show off in highly expensive “designer” goods while they virtue-signal themselves as champions of social justice: The pinnacle of both irony and narcissism.

The mere reading of my words in this article (if they read any further than this) will make a lot of people angry. I will be accused of being “a killjoy” or “moaning Minnie” or guilty of “negative thinking”. People will say that I should just “feel the love” and see how valuable the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be to the British economy! But all I am doing is attempting to strip away the phony veneer of love, light, peace and happiness to reveal the truth behind it. Truth is always ugly to those who would rather live in a lie and so they avoid it as much as possible. So let’s continue…

Royal Weddings are a breed of “psychological operation” (Psyop, method of mind control) designed in the deeper corridors of power to mesmerise the masses with a heady cocktail of misplaced love and bonhomie so that they will continue to be blind to the reality of this debauched and demented world. Thus, one sees newspaper headlines around the world which state: “Royal engagement provides much-needed shine for gloomy Britain” (Sydney Morning Herald, November 28th 2017). In that article were many vox-pops from people saying such things as: “I actually think a royal wedding will do us good… It will give us a chance to forget our worries for a while and just relax”, and “It’s lovely to hear some uplifting, good news that gives us all hope for the future… It gives us hope in a world full of atrocities, so even in the darkest moments there can be light”, and “It’s good to have something on the news rather than Brexit or doom and gloom”. I read all this in many other publications too. This was the view everywhere — that the Royal Wedding will mask the reality of the world and what a good thing that will be.

Now, you may say, “Well, what’s wrong with that? Isn’t it good to have a good time?” Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love to enjoy myself; but not if it is a phony enjoyment in which I am not doing something myself but merely passively gawping at glamour through proxy-living the apparent dream-lives of others. This is why the Oscars and Royal Weddings take us for a ride and lead us down a garden path of fantasy. We are not actually enjoying ourselves through our own wholesome actions and experiences but through having the mere fantasy of enjoyment by rubbernecking the glamorous expensive lifestyles of the rich and famous as if they were our own (which they never will be). This is the trap when one follows celebrity. A person who is leading an authentic life cannot be what I call “a glamour tourist” (living a nomadic secondhand life through the dubiously glamorous achievements of others) but instead derives fulfilment through self-actualisation and the accomplishment of his or her own talents and potentialities.

The power-elite in this world do not want you to be a fulfilled human being. They want you to be passive, cowed, fearful, anxious — a pale shadow of what you could be. For in this way they can best manipulate you with their mind-controlling social engineering projects and their psychological operations. They do not want you to realise that this world is being manipulated behind the scenes through the media, education and governance. They do not want you to realise that you are a mind-controlled slave who needs far more in life than a treadmill of trashed hopes and shattered dreams. They do not want you to become a freethinking and insightful human being who would not be taken in by hypocrisy and lies. They want you to be stupid, pliable and dependent on them. Thus, they manufacture dreams for you via the world of celebrity, so that you think you are enjoying yourself and becoming a better person by looking in on their world; but it is all a chimera in which your imagined fulfilment is based on the tawdry glamour of others. For Meghan Markle to step off a C-list soap-opera set into a role in the monarchy is home from home for her. It’s all an act and she has carried it off superbly. But others do not need to live the secondhand life of a second-rate actress or “Hooray-Henry” “nice-but-dim” member of the Royal Family. We can do waaay better than that!

If you break down the veneer of the bastions of glamour — Hollywood and the Monarchy — you will discover the kind of things which can get you killed for knowing too much about them. I’m speaking here about paedophilia and satanism. How ignorant we are of what is really happening behind the trashy glamour of these two institutions! I’m not going to go into these here as that is not my purpose in this brief article but there is plenty of evidence out there from reputable sources if you are willing to look. On the odd (fitting word) occasion that I’ve stooped to watch the Oscars, I just see plastic smiles and poses in insanely expensive outfits disguising one of the great bastions of corruption. The Harvey Weinstein debacle and #metoo campaign have very cleverly masked the real issue in Hollywood… paedophila and the related satanism. That sounds too far out for mostpeople to crack open. But if they did so, it would lead to many other revelations about similar developments in other social institutions such as government, the UN, charities, the judiciary, law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies. What a cesspit this world really is, when seen without its fancy designer clothes!

One has to create one’s own beauty and light in this world and draw a big line around it, rather than trying to plug into the phony aesthetics of the superficially “beautiful people” of Hollywood and the monarchy.

As well as being a manipulative tool to mesmerise the masses with phony fantasy-glamour and proxy-dream-living, the Wedding was also a classic exercise in pure imperialism — a show of the gaudy opulence of empire. The two mainstays of empire are materialism and militarism. The Wedding was little more than a show of tasteless wealth and military might. From Harry and William wearing Savile Row-tailored phony military outfits of phony officer rank to all those marching bands and Gurkhas (remnant of empire in India), we were being treated to an opulent exercise in imperialism. Even Harry’s “Invictus Games” is more than a nod to imperialism. I think it is wonderful that physically-challenged people have a place where they can overcome those challenges and fulfil undreamed-of achievements. But the intention which lies behind those games is to justify the armed forces illegal proxy-wars around the world. Many of those young men and women who take part in those games have suffered terrible injuries in warfare through being sent to Afghanistan, Iraq and other places where the British armed forces had no right to be. It is one thing to defend one’s own land from invasion; but to invade other countries with complex issues because the power-elite desires a regime change is essentially a war-crime. Thus, those servicemen and women who were unfortunately injured in Afghanistan and Iraq were participating in war-crimes organised by the governments which sent them there and on whom the responsibility lies for all the deaths and injuries which have taken place. It may just look like a noble charity but the creation of the “Invictus Games” and similar events are essentially justifying imperial activities overseas and glossing them over, for which no blame is ever laid at the feet of governments, defence corporations, intelligence agencies cooking up lies or the bellicose individuals who initially incited those wars.

As for the obscene wealth displayed at the Royal Wedding… well, if one could tot up what the event cost plus the value of all the jewellery, costumes, fascinators and cars of the attendees, what does that tell you about “all the love present” which people keep nauseatingly mentioning? Really, I struggle to call people “humanitarians” who gallivant around in €250,000 Givenchy wedding dresses, a €600,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV and a €400,000 Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero sports car that looks as if it came out of Thunderbirds (all worn or used by the Happy Couple on the Day yesterday). Does the word, “obscene” come to mind? Those luvvies may rabbit on about helping the poor and oppressed, drinking “green detox smoothies”, being feminist, and posing in various yoga positions in magazines, bla-bla; but at the end of the day it is all classic champagne/caviar socialism, in which one bleats on about those things but, in reality, lives a selfish, opulent, overblown, privileged life which belies them.

The Royal Wedding has been just as much of a psychological operation as the assassination of Harry’s mother. The manipulation of the emotions of the masses is the name of the game. I’ve been reading everywhere on social media about how so many people who “weren’t really that into the wedding” started watching the ceremony out of curiosity on TV yesterday and then said they “got hooked on all the love” and then “watched all day” and “couldn’t take their eyes off it”. Of course they couldn’t. That was the idea. That’s what a Psyop is all about. Like all those people who turned up at one of the many shrines to Lady Di and then said they didn’t know why they were there but knew they had to come. These Psyops are very compelling experiences. They are designed to weaken your discernment and leave you wide open to manipulation by dark and disreputable forces.

“But Alan, aren’t you just being cynical and denying others their experience of love?” If only people knew what love really is! Once you’ve seen through the complex dubious foundations on which so many human relationships are formed (dictated mainly by dysfunctional childhood experiences, sexual attraction and various manifestations of gold-digging) and you’ve seen through the Myth of Romantic Love, you will not be so easily taken in by these propagandist occasions. I can assure you that if Harry had been a cleaner at Meghan’s yoga classes in Toronto, she would not have given him a second look and she would still be a single C-list actress in a cable-TV soap opera called “Suits”. And if Meghan had worked as a cleaner at the Savile Row tailor where Harry’s doeskin faux-uniform (with the phoney rank of Major) had been made, he would have been completely disinterested in her for anything other than an oat-sowing one-night screw.

“Someday my Prince will come” is every doe-eyed gold-digger’s dream. But so many men and women also become fantasy gold-diggers by the proxy-living of gawping at the glamour of vapid celebrities in Hollywood and monarchies. That is a secondhand life which wastes our talents and potentiality. We should have higher aspirations than the admiration of empty actors (people who are merely good at pretending to be someone else) and empire-building royals (people who hide obscene wealth and uphold the savagery and violation of international military plunder behind a veneer of glamour and “humanitarianism”).

The time to restructure our lives away from glamour-chasing proxy-living fantasy to authentic self-actualisation is now!

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