IT’S A BUZZ SAYING TODAY: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”. But, seriously, when was America ever truly “great”? To find out when what we now call America was “great”, one would have to go back in history a very long way indeed. Long before its government began to roam the world (from 1846 to the present day) subverting foreign governments, running coups d’états or changing overseas regimes through vicious proxy wars (while always playing the victim in classic bullyboy behaviour). Long before the evil CIA (power-elite enforcer) was created out of the OSS in 1947. Long before the OSS was created in 1942. Long before America’s corrupt financial system had been gradually established between 1790 and 1913. Long before the dregs of European society emigrated there and created “the Wild West” (now romanticised in cowboy “Westerns”). Long before there was a violent revolution there and long before it supported violent revolution in France (or later in Russia, for that matter, when Wall Street financed the Bolshevik revolution!). Long before there were any “settlers” (immigrants) there from overseas and long before representatives of the puritan cult sailed over there. Long before the massacres of Indians between Christopher Columbus’ invasion in 1492 and the twelve or so wars against Indians up till Lord Dunmore’s War in 1774. Long before there were numerous American Indian tribespeople (now over-romanticised by SJWs as noble indigenous heroes) fighting each other across the tract of land now known as America. In fact, in order to make America great again, one would have to go back to before there were any people there at all. What people today call America was only “great” when it was a vast area of virgin territory, with rolling prairies, snowy peaks, rivers, lakes and dramatic desert terrain and not a single human soul inhabiting it — owned only by the ravages and ravishment of nature in glorious wilderness. Then it really WAS great. Right up until the very first immigrants from Eurasia invaded it across the Bering land bridge between Siberia and Alaska some several thousand years ago. So, if you want to make America great again, just turn the clock back some 12,000 years and that will remove every human from its territory and leave its gorgeous nature pristine and alone.

Or, alternatively… just stop imagining that Amerika has ever been great and deluding yourself that it ever can be “great”, because it is and always has been merely another corrupt country in a fallen world. Just ditch the jingoistic patriotism and open your eyes to the fact that no matter who you imagine to be “in power” as a result of all the “engineered consent” in sham elections, all presidents and prime ministers — whether of the left, right or centre — are mere celebrity figureheads (e.g. Lincoln, Kennedy, Clinton & Obama) or punchbags! (e.g. Nixon, Reagan, Bush & Trump). None of them had or has any power beyond that which they were or are permitted by those forces of darkness behind the scenes which really run this world (and I’m not speaking about Soros, or Bilderberg, or Prescott-Bush, or Koch, or Mars, or Rothschilds, or Harrimans, or Rockefellers, or Van Damme, De Spoelberch or De Meviusany, or any other merely human entity, for there is something far darker than that which fashions the development of society in this world).

Instead of making much ado about nothing in the bathos-bathed illusory world of politics (which is just a theatrical sideshow to mesmerise dysfunctional or barren minds), just quietly embark on a pilgrimage to discover the Truth about why you have been given a human existence at all and what you are really supposed to be doing with it. (And while you are on that pilgrimage for Truth, if you have been created as a Man, then find out what manly things you must accomplish; if you have been created as a Woman, then find out what heights of femininity you are meant to attain). If the discovery of Truth is truly your goal, then Truth you will truly find. If you long for Light to shine into your heart, then shine there it will. If pursued without preconceived notions, and if every gem gathered from its wayside is treasured without a trace of peer-pressure while resisting the trap of being a person-pleaser, then such a pilgrimage is a quest which will bring a flurry of revelation and a never-ending epiphany-fest. Then we will discover what greatness really is. [HINT: It doesn’t lie in anything that we are by nature, and it cannot be found in any of the rudiments of this world]. 💓

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