THE WORD “WOKE” IS A SLOGAN applied to lefty liberal folks (for want of a better label) who think they are consciously awake because they espouse and support trendy causes and regard themselves as “social justice warriors” (very often confined to being merely keyboard “warriors” and demonstration patsies). As far as I am concerned, such a use of the word “woke” is a misnomer applied to a counterfeit awakening in which a person sees everything through a lens of victimhood, resentment, and a misplaced desire for historic revenge (so-called “cancel culture” being a classic example).

So, what is the real wokeness? If we rightly say that mostpeople in this world are sleepwalking in a kind of hypnotized haze of social conditioning and repression of soul, then truly awakening from that slumber involves an expansion of consciousness so that one not only sees things anew all around oneself but one also vividly realises that one has indeed been asleep. Such an expansion of consciousness happens in two distinct stages — one material and the other supernatural — which are usually consecutive but could be embraced at the same time in more advanced souls.

The first stage of genuine wokeness — what I call ‘the material stage’ — involves the realisation that so much that one has taken for granted as authentic in this world is actually fake. Much of what one has been taught about history, about social development, about empire and governance, kings and queens, about heroes and heroines, even about good and evil, is complete balderdash and has merely been a mixture of propaganda and glamorized hagiography. In this first stage of genuine wokeness, one has to unlearn so much, and it can be quite shocking as one discovers that so many of the conspiracies about which one had accused those who espoused them of wearing tin-foil hats are actually true. This first stage of awakening can be quite scary for people as the carpet of (false) security is pulled out from under them. Unless one progresses to the second stage of genuine wokeness, one can become extremely distressed, disorientated, and even suffer a breakdown as one becomes obsessed with and even paranoid about the dastardly ways of the world along with all the attendant lies, plotting, skulduggery, conspiracy, genocide and sheer wickedness.

The second stage of genuine wokeness — what I call ‘the supernatural stage’ — involves the realisation that all that one has been taught or has thought about the world is rooted in reductionist materialism and has completely ignored the supernatural. It is as if one has been gaslighted by nature in all its splendid physicality. This second stage of genuine wokeness involves realising that what one discerns in the first stage is happening in a much broader context which goes right outside the realms of perceived physical life. In this second stage, one becomes aware that the reason for all the madness and chaos on earth is a spiritual battle which is being fought in heavenly places every bit as much as in the physical realm. One becomes aware that this is a transitional fallen world in a temporary stage of development, and that there are angels, both dark and light, directing proceedings from behind the veil which ordinarily occludes their etheric world, and that they have done so almost from the beginning of the creation. One then discovers that there are forces of darkness — both discarnate and embodied in flesh— which are hellbent on building a kingdom of darkness on earth (the culmination of which is a one-world government under an autocratic leader) which masquerades as a benign global administration of light. In this second stage of genuine wokeness, one cannot become bogged down in obsession about conspiracies or be fanatical about “stopping the rot”. This is because one realises that there is a Big Picture behind everything and that the march of this dark kingdom is unstoppable from a human standpoint and can only be eradicated by powers of Light beyond one’s comprehension, as many prophecies clearly show. One realises that one must align oneself with these powers and work with them and on their behalf, for this is the power which lies behind the whole creation. This “working with them and on their behalf” is what the so-called Church should have done were it not (in the most part) so corrupt and inept, having diluted true spirituality, lost itself in theological intellectualising, made an idol out of a sentimental Jesus”, indulged itself in sacerdotalism, literalist fundamentalism, and rampant sectarianism — morphing itself into a religion which avidly conforms to the agenda of the world-system of the kingdom of darkness instead of following the simple directions of the Christ more than two thousand years ago. For the second stage of genuine wokeness involves realising that one is part of a worldwide counterculture which exposes darkness and extols Light. Whereas in the first stage of genuine wokeness one feels alienated and somewhat lost — overwhelmed by the madness and anomie — in the second stage one realises that one has a family on this earth (and beyond) and it involves both humans who are similarly genuinely awake and the angels who minister to them. This is why it is so vital to follow on to the second stage of genuine wokeness from the first, or one will not stabilise and one will be incomplete.

I could write a whole book about this. Some may say that I already have. But, for now, suffice it to say that genuine wokeness comes in two stages. Maybe you are reading this and have not yet even embarked on the first stage. Maybe you have embraced the first stage but have not yet progressed to the second. It is my fervent wish that you will not only embrace genuine wokeness, if you have not done so already, but that you will go on to embrace the second stage of it as a confirmation of completeness — though I am aware that even the second stage is merely a precursor to countless epiphanies which lie beyond that stage and which will take us into a regenerated creation in a new aeon.

So, you can see now that genuine wokeness — the state of being awake concerning the madness and lawlessness of this world and seeing what really lies behind it all — is ultimately a supernatural / spiritual matter. One’s perception of the origin and outworking of evil and their roots in what lies beyond the merely physical depends on one’s openness to spiritual awakening. Such perception is a gift. The beauty of it is that if, from the bottom of one’s heart, one asks the creative power behind this cosmos for that spiritual awakening, no matter what stage one is at, one’s eyes and heart will indeed be opened. This is not just a promise but a law.

[The above paragraphs are extracted from the final part of the article on which I am working, entitled “You Have Been Spooked!: The Role of Intelligence Assets, Sensationalised Statistics, Psychological Techniques, and the Farmasootickal Mafia in Official Policy Against Coveyd”. If you want to know more about all this, please do not hesitate to contact me. That is what I’m here for.]

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